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A Very Special Love 4

The Holiday Break
As the non-conference portion of the season schedule wore on, the team jumped right out of the gate with a 6-1 start. The entire team, offense as well as defense, was clicking on all cylinders and Billy was clicking along with the team, beating such non-conference schools such as Dartmouth and Yale by wide margins.

Not only was he leading the team in points but also in rebounds and Points Per Game's. Billy was twice named America East Player of the Week and was named the league's Player of the Month for November. Already NBA scouts from about five teams were looking over him as a possible pro prospect for their clubs. Billy was on his way.

As Billy's play improved, Billy himself was getting stronger physically. The brother I once knew as a scrawny looking kid was now a big and hulking young man with beautiful muscles and the most sexy abs that I have ever seen. His legs were also bulking up from years of running and jumping.

As The season progressed, I was busy cheering him on from the sidelines. One of the great things about being a cheerleader cheering on you own brother's team is being so close to the action. But in the case of my brother there was more than pride involved. There was love also. For as Billy was physically improving, my horny feelings for him gradually increased. My pussy was feeling a lot wetter and my body was lusting for his beautiful body even more. I was anxiously awaiting the end of every game so Billy and I would return to our campus apartment for more hot and passionate sex. My love for Billy was getting to be more serious and special than ever before and I was determined that we would be lovers beyond school.

In early December, the team took a week off from playing for exam week (Billy made the dean's list again for scoring 100% on his exams). When exam week was finished the team went back on the court and was 4-2 during the period before the holiday break.Billy and I were looking forward to holiday break very much not only as a chance to enjoy the Christmas/New Year's Day period with our parents but also as a chance to recharge our batteries for the crucial period of the season when inter-conference play begins.

And so on December 21st, we left our campus apartment to return to our home in Rocky Hill. When we got home our parents were themselves in the driveway of our home returning from some holiday shopping. When our car pulled up to the driveway, our parents were surprised and shocked to see us.

"What the heck are you two doing here?" our father asked.

"We come to spend the holiday period with you, mom and dad," I replied.

"So," our mother asked Billy. "How is our player of the week doing?" 

"Fine, Mom," Billy replied. "I'm doing just fine."

"Well, let's not just stand out here in the cold, let's get into the house," Dad said.

And so all four of us went into the house with Billy and I carrying our bags inside. When we got into the house we proceeded to our bedrooms. I unpacked and immediately got settled in. It was a wonderful feeling to be in your own bedroom in your own house even after just two months of living on campus.

When I left my room I walked past Billy's bedroom. When I saw my own brother unpacking and settling in his own bedroom, I felt a special wet sensation going through my body. Then, Billy started to take his clothes off and the sight of that strong athletic body in all it's glory made me start to get hot all over. Next thing I knew I started to put my finger inside my moist pussy. As my finger started to move up and down inside my wet pussy, I immediately felt the sensation of wanting to get it on with Billy all over again. It didn't matter to me that Billy and I were brother and sister, I just wanted to once again have his beautiful cock inside my hot and wet pussy. 

After a while, I began to cum inside myself. After I came, I ran into the bathroom to clean myself off. After this I was determined to have another go round of sex with my brother. And I was going to do it on Christmas Eve.



Christmas Eve, December 24th, arrived at last. The tree, all decorated, was all lighted up and was quite a beautiful sight in the family dining room. The whole family went to church for the 7:00 P.M. Christmas Eve Service a family tradition that went back to when Billy and I were little kids before we went home and both went to be earlier in the hope that Santa would come early with our presents.

Mom and Dad dropped us off at the house while they went to a Christmas Party at the home of their friends. Once we got inside the house, I plugged the lights on the tree back on and Billy came over and joined me.

"Merry Christmas, Jessica," Billy said.

"Thanks, Billy," I answered.

"Sis," Billy went on, "Now that we are alone in front of the tree together, how about we...?"

"I was just thinking about that," I shouted.

And with that I pulled down the zipper on Billy's pants, took out his big cock and began to suck it in my mouth. It tasted sweeter than ever.

"Oh, Jessica, you're quite a cock sucker," Billy said.

"Thanks," I replied.

I was now getting the hang of it. I was getting to be an expert in the field of cock sucking. Not only did Billy's cock get bigger with time but also very delicious. It's huge size only added to the fun and excitement of sucking cock.

Then we immediately removed both of our clothes and Billy went on to suck my beautiful tits. My tits were something that would intimidate any other man. But with my brother they were the most wonderful sets of boobs that any man would like to suck on. Billy loves to take my tits and give them a beautiful sucking job that any man would ever give a woman.

"Oh, Billy, you make me so horny!" I shouted to Billy.

"Oh, Jessica, you're making me hot and horny!" Billy said.

The two of us, now completely naked, fell down to the floor together. We immediately went into a 69 position. Billy expertly licked my cock while I resumed sucking on Billy's huge cock.

 Billy and I 69ed together for about a few minutes before I gave him my Christmas surprise

"How would you like to try something different, Billy?" I asked.

"Sure," Billy replied.

"Well," I said, "here it is."

It was a big beautiful strap-on dildo attached to a pair of underpants. I put the dildo-attached pantie on me and I was going to surprise him with some of the hottest most kinkiest sex he had ever seen.

"What the heck are you doing, Jessica?" Billy asked in total surprise.

"This is my surprise to you, Billy," I replied. "Well how do you like it?"

"What are you trying to do to me?" Billy protested.

"I thought that I would liven our sex session up," I replied.

"Are you sure?" Billy asked rather skeptically.

"For heaven's sake, Billy, it's all in fun," I protested.

"Well, all right, Jessica." Billy moaned.

And so I forced Billy to suck on my dildo. At first he found it a little awkward. But soon Billy found his stride and Billy was sucking my dildo up and down with wild abandon.

"Oh, Billy, that's it!" I moaned.

Billy kept up the pressure. He immediately increased his pace and soon I was feeling excited all over my body.

Then I decided to try something really daring: I went and shoved my fake cock into Billy's ass. Yes, that's right, I took my fake cock and shoved it inside his rear end.
To say that Billy was taken by surprise would be an understatement. Billy was screaming as he felt the huge monster of my fake dildo glide through his tight ass.

"What are you trying to do to me?" Billy screamed.

"That's all right," I tried to reassure Billy. "After a while you're going to love this."

And after a while Billy got used to it. this Christmas surprise that I pulled on my darling brother was one of the most offbeat thrill of sex that we both have enjoyed in such a long time. Billy was taking it like a pro. He was enjoying this newfound sexual position to his liking.

"Well, Billy, how do like it now?" I asked.

"Hey, sis," Billy replied. "This is not so bad after all."

"Don't knock it until you tried it," I responded.

For the next few minutes I was giving my brother the most wonderful fuck that I have ever performed. Licking his ass and sucking his cock are one thing but fucking him with a dildo was something else. It was an incredible adventure in itself and Billy loved it.

"Keep going!" Billy cried out to me.

"I will, I will!" I cried.
Our unique session lasted for a few minutes. After being reluctant to try it, Billy wanted to keep on doing this even though it was time for us to fuck the conventional way.

I then proceeded to remove my dildo and proceeded to fuck Billy cowgirl style. Billy and I were going like crazy up and down with Billy fondling my big and beautiful tits while I gave his cock one heck of a good fuck.

"This is for trying to make a homo out of me!" Billy shouted.

"Billy, you're still considered a real man to me. I was just playing around!" I screamed back.

"You're quite a joker, Merry Christmas, Jessica!" Billy yelled.

"And a Merry Christmas to you!" I screamed back.

 Together Billy and I fucked in sexual bliss for about 20 minutes. And then suddenly I was about to cum. I could feel it inside of me as I started to cum inside my body.

"I'm going to cummmm!" I screamed.

That feeling of cumming inside felt wonderful.

Sensing that Billy was going to cum next, I got up off of him and sucked his monster cock once again. I kept on sucking and sucking on it until that magic moment when Billy started to cum.

"Oh my goodness," Billy screamed, "I'm going to shooottttttt!"

And just like that, tons of Billy's love juice shot out like a rocket from his monster dick. Cum shot all over his body. I took some of that cum and spread it all over my tits.

"Cum helps make the tits grow a lot bigger," I said.

"Says who?" Billy said.

"I say it," I said.

"Merry Christmas, sis," Billy said.

"And a Merry Christmas to you, too, brother," I said.

After our little sex session, we both got up off the floor, took our clothes and went upstairs together, we cleaned up and then we slept together in Billy's bedroom. What a way to celebrate Christmas.


On Christmas Day, our family opened the presents together and the afterwards we had breakfast and enjoyed the entire day full of good holiday cheer. We even had a nice turkey dinner. It was a fun reunion and it would be short. The next day, December 26th Billy and I would have to return to our campus apartment for Billy's team would spend the entire New Year's period on the road with games against La Salle and Albany to kick off the America East Conference portion of the schedule.

But Billy would return home quickly to help open the home portion of the schedule against New Hampshire and I was looking forward for more basketball and incest.

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Posted 05 Nov 2011 14:08
Great story. What happened next? Does Jessica finally let Billy cum in her pussy & have a incest kid(s)?

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