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A Very Special Love 8: 20 Years Later

Brother and Sister: 20 years later.

This single chapter story is the sequel to the recently completed 7-part story "A Very Special Love."

This sequel sub-titled "25 Years Later" covers the period that took place 25 years after Bill and Jessica's first incestuous encounter at their parent's summer home. For Bill and Jessica are now a happily married couple for the last 20 years and are the parents of a beautiful child of incest, a daughter named Jessica Jr.

I would hope that you will enjoy reading this entire series as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I would like to thank all the readers for their comment of support and their admiration for my fine work that is this series.

Yours Truly,



Well here it is 25 years after I had my first incestuous encounter with my brother Billy and 20 years after not only my graduation from college but also my forbidden "marriage" to my own brother and the birth of our lovely daughter Jessica Jr. Today, the three of us share a wonderful home in Bloomfield where we continue to enjoy the beauty of incestuous love.

Our daughter, Jessica Jr. is 20 years old and attends the same University of Hartford that her parents went to two decades ago. Jessica Jr. is studying to be a computer programmer a skill that is required in today's working world. Jessica Jr. has made us proud with her smarts, her hard work and her sense of dedication to being somebody. Jessica is also a member of the cheerleading squad for the men's basketball team, the same position that I had when my love for my brother turned hot and serious.

But when it came to sex however, Jessica Jr. didn't have to find a young man on campus or anywhere else to find her man. She enjoys all the sex she wants at home. That's right, the three of us, Billy, Jessica JR. and I have our own little 3-way family orgy at home. The sex is awesome and wonderful.

Father-Daughter, 3-way or Lesbian, our sex life has plenty of variety and we enjoy ourselves very much.

To give you an idea on how it all started let's go back to the beginning two years ago....

It all started on the day that Jessica Jr. turned 18, this meant that she was now a full-fledged adult. For her birthday, the three of us ordered a large pizza together and together we had a wonderful birthday celebration topped off with a nice ice cream cake to celebrate her milestone birthday.

After it was all over, Billy and I took Jessica Jr. aside and it was there that we told her our long repressed secret to her.

"Jessica," I began, "there is something that your father and I must tell you right now."

"What is it?" Jessica asked.
"Well, Jessica, your father and I we're more than just husband and wife. You see..."

"What you mother is trying to tell you is," Billy interrupted, "is that we're brother and sister. I'm your mother's brother as well as your husband."

"You've got to be kidding me," Jessica Jr. said.

"No we're not," I said, "we're brother and sister who just happened to fall in love with each other and got married."

Billy then brought over our birth certificates as proof that we were telling the truth.

"These are our birth certificates." Billy said, "this is proof that what your mother said to you is true."

"Well I'll be!" Jessica Jr. said.

"That means you're not mad at us for hiding this from you?" I said.

"Mad? Why should I be mad?" Jessica Jr. said, "I think this is very cool."

"Really?" Billy said.

"Sure, why not?" Jessica Jr. said. "I know a few girls who have had sex with their brothers. They say that it's cool."

Both Billy and I felt a real great sense of relief that our daughter had such an open mind regarding our incestuous love and marriage. The fact that incest was no big deal to her was like lifting a huge weight off our shoulders. We have never been so prouder of our daughter than at that moment when we told her the truth about our relationship.
I was too, after we had our little family talk I went over to Jessica Jr. I picked her up from the couch, put my arms around her and began to kiss her. The kiss felt so funny at first but as time went on the kiss became ever more romantic, more sensual and more deeper than that I haver experienced.

Billy then joined in and he too kissed our daughter passionately. We then removed the shirt from her top and there it was: A nice chest with beautiful C-cup tits and a beautiful smooth skin to lick and touch. Billy and I loved to fondle those nice big tits with Billy sucking one tit and me sucking the other one. Jessica Jr. loved this attention moaning in perfect ecstasy.

Afterwards, we both took her pants down and her panties with it and there it was: A beautiful pussy with plenty of bushy hair all over it. Both Billy and I took turns licking that beautiful hairy pussy. We were both licking and sucking away at this beautiful piece of snatch until both of our tongues went numb together.

"Maybe I should shave my pussy after this is over," Jessica Jr. said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Heck, all the girls are doing it nowadays," Jessica Jr. said.

Caught up in the heat of the moment, Jessica Jr. then proceeded to return her father's passionate kiss with one of her own. Jessica Jr. kissed up quite a storm with such passion that it wasn't even funny. Jessica Jr. then proceeded to pull down Billy's pants to suck on her father's huge and engorged cock. Jessica was amazing us with her fine skills in sucking cock with her fast up and down motion. Then she came to me and removed both my top shirt and bra and sucked on my own tits. I returned the favor by sucking on her tits.

Then the two of us now completely naked went down on the floor for a 69 session that was out of this world. Both Jessica Jr. and I both found the true meaning of lesbian incest as both of us were becoming an intimate couple. 

"Why, Jessica, I didn't know you enjoy being with girls!" Billy told her.

"I'm bisexual Dad," Jessica Jr. said, "as much as I love men, I also love women."

"Nothing wrong with that," Billy replied. 

"Nothing like the best of both worlds," I said.

Jessica Jr. then proceeded to perform a 69 on her father as well. While Billy licked and played with her clit, Jessica Jr. proceeded to give her father another blow job with her mouth. Her sucking on her father's cock was even more aggressive and more powerful then ever. Jessica was virtually on great big vacuum cleaner as she sucked the living daylights out of her father's cock giving him pleasure that he enjoyed so much.

"Oh Daddy," Jessica Jr. said, "you're the best lover I ever had."

"Thank you, Jess," Billy replied."

Then came the moment that was the highlight of the evening. I took out two strap-on dildos assembled together by me for use between my daughter and I. We both put them on with eager enthusiasm. Then we proceeded to do another 69, this time with our two strap-on together. We were sucking our fake cocks with Billy watching with absolute lust and horniness. Billy loved watching both his wife and daughter perform this act of lesbian incest with gusto as he was jacking himself off in the process.

After we 69ed for a few minutes I fucked Jessica in the ass as well as pussy area by inserting my strap-on dildo into each hole. The experience was the thrill of thrills for the both of us. The thrill of fucking my own daughter and then my daughter fucking me with our dildos was something to savor for a long time.

"Oh, Jessica, I love you very much," I shouted, "I want you for my soul mate forever!"

"Oh, mom," Jessica Jr. replied, "you and dad have given me the best birthday gift anyone could ever enjoy."

"I love you, my darling Jessica," I said.

"I love you, too," Jessica Jr. replied.

After I fucked our daughter, Jessica Jr. fucked me in my pussy. It was clear that Jessica was a fast learner in sex for she was the consummate pro giving both her mother and father the kind of hot sex that only an expert pro could give.

"That's it," I screamed, "give it to your hot mother!"

"I will, Mom," Jessica Jr. said, "I will!"

And then came the ultimate in 3-way incest, while I was fucking my own daughter with my strap-on, Jessica Jr. went to her father and once again began sucking his cock. It was the ultimate thrill in our session together, our daughter sucking her father's cock while getting fucked strap-on style by her own mother. It was something that any other person could only dream about. But here it was happening right before our eyes.

But the big moment was about to come. Jessica Jr. then decided to remover her strap-on and have her father slip his cock into her fine pussy while I took my strap-on dildo from her pussy to her ass. For the next few minutes, the three of us were engaged in the ultimate act of full family incest. Billy, my husband/brother and Jessica Jr.'s father was fucking her using his real cock while I her mother was fucking her using a strap-on. It was incest at it's ultimate best and Jessica Jr. let us know about it.

"Oh, dad, this is great! Keep on giving it to me!" Jessica Jr. screamed.

"Oh my darling daughter," Billy yelled, "I love you from the bottom of my heart!" 

"Love me, daddy," Jessica Jr. yelled.

"I will, Jessica, I will," Billy replied.

"Oh mom," Jessica Jr. screamed, "you're making my ass feel so good."

"Am I?" I asked.

"Oh, mom, you're so good doing me in the ass!" Jessica Jr. said.

"Thank you," I replied.

Then Billy took his cock out of Jessica Jr's pussy and shot a load of cum way inside her giving Jessica Jr. a cream pie worthy of the name.

"Oh Jessica," Billy screamed, "I'm going to cum all over you!"

"All right!" was all Jessica Jr. said.

After that, I removed my strap-on and Billy proceeded to fuck me too. While that was going on Jessica Jr. masturbated with herself and continued playing with herself until a few moments later when she, too, came.

"Oh my gosh," Jessica Jr. said, "I'm about to cum!"

And with those words, Jessica Jr. let out a big moan as she came all over her insides. I could tell that she really liked it.

Meanwhile, Billy continued to fuck me relentlessly until he too came once again shooting his big load all over my chest. I took his cum and spread it all over my body and my tits as well. I came myself a few minutes later.

When it was all over, we all agreed that this one heck of a way to celebrate Jennifer Jr.'s 18th birthday. Our family 3-way was not only beautiful but it brought us closer together.

After that, the three of us continued our family 3-way every night of the week. Jessica Jr. was fast becoming an expert not only in straight sex but also in lesbian sex as well. Our sessions were not only beautiful but also erotic and meaningful. Jessica Jr loved getting it in both her ass as well as her pussy.

One Evening during our nightly 3-way session, Jessica Jr. started to feel faint and began vomiting all over the bed. In a simple case of history repeating itself, we rushed her over to the hospital. After an examination lasting about an hour the doctor came out and said the same words that were last spoken to us 20 years ago:

"Jessica is pregnant."

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 19 Dec 2011 23:16
Good story, not enough detail. Everything is too cut and dried.

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