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A Week At My Cousins

I remember when I fucked my cousin
Hi, I'm James. I'm a male growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I'm 17 years old when this takes place, 5 foot 10 inches, 155 pounds with a runners physique, with light hazel eyes that the rest of my dark brown eyed family is jealous of. This is the story about how I came to have sex with my cousin. The story is as made up as you think it is. ;) Enjoy

It was early summer, school had just let out and everyone was excited for sleeping in, staying up late, and other standard summer activities. Mostly I was looking forward to being able to relax in my pool. I climb in for the first time for the summer when my parents come up to me, "Hey James, we need to talk for a moment." So I push off and swim to the side of the pool closest to them, "Yeah?" I asked. "We're going away for a week, you're Dad has a business trip, and I'm tagging along." Awesome I thought, I've got the entire house to myself for a week! They continued, "However, you're going to go stay with Aunt Megan, Uncle Andrew, and Kathy." "Seriously?" I interjected, "I'm 17, you can't trust me to not burn down the house in a week? You know I'm not the kid that throws parties." "Sorry James, but you're going to go stay with your cousin." "Just great," I thought to myself, "there's nothing to do over there, I mean, I like hanging out with Kathy and everything but for a week? We'll exhaust potential activities the first night." I sighed, my parents are always locked in with their decisions, there's no changing their minds, so I went inside and started to pack stuff up. I grabbed a weeks worth of clothes, my PS2, and couple of games. A couple of minutes later I walk out of my room and scream, "Alright, let's go!" to whoever is caring to listen. Seemingly out of no where my hand reflexively reach up to grab something out of the corner of my eye, I look at what I snatched out of the air, "Car keys?" I ended up thinking out loud. Then I noticed my dad was looking at me with a vaguely proud look in his eyes as he said, "You got that famous Robynson coordination. By the way, we're letting you take the Subaru out to your cousins."
Confused I accepted, they won't trust me to stay at home, but they'll trust me with their car? "Just drive us to the airport, then head over to your cousins."

After dropping off my parents at the airport, and the 40 minute drive to my cousins house, I was there. I rang the door bell and Kathy answered the door, "James! Come in!" she said excitedly as she gave me a hug, "We haven't seen each other for 6 months now!" "Yeah, we need to get together more often... hey, why don't we go head out for dinner somewhere? My parents gave me the car for my staying here... oh yeah, where's your Mom and Dad?" I asked in a mildly hurried pace, reacting to this she responded how I always do when asked multiple questions. "Okay. Sure. Awesome. Out. Where were you thinking of going?" "That BD's place is pretty good, and plenty of Vegetarian food for myself." So we went out to BD's, we were talking, laughing, and having an all around good time when her friend that happened to be there at the same time walks up to us. "Hey Kathy, I thought you didn't have a boyfriend, and how come I haven't seen him around school yet?" Kathy didn't look a annoyed as I was at the accusation that we were dating. "Boyfriend? Ha ha ha. He's my cousin. Terra meet James; James meet Terra."
We introduced ourselves and had a couple minutes of conversation before Kathy and I left. Until the car ride home I had never thought of Kathy as a partner in any way shape or form, but the way Terra came up and said that made me realize that Kathy is everything I want in a girl, she's smart, she's got an amazing body, best of all, she's able to tolerate how nerdy I can get on occasion.

We arrived back at her house later in the evening, my aunt and uncle were still out. I decided I would take a shower tonight and sleep in tomorrow so I ran upstairs and got into the bathroom. Still thinking about how great it would be if Kathy and I weren't related, that's when I noticed I was getting an erection, "Wow, just from thinking about Kathy?" I thought, "I could act on it, no one would know, I'm by myself in the bathroom taking a shower." I did it, I masturbated to the thought of my cousin while in the shower. My beautiful cousin, 16 years old, 5 foot 6 inches, 110 pounds, blonde, with eyes just like mine. I thought about what I would do, how I would do it, and how long it would be; it was the best masturbation I've ever done, almost on par with the real deal. After cleaning myself up I got out, toweled myself off, and as I was putting my clothes on, that's when Kathy opened the door saying, "Mom and Dad won't be back unt- SORRY!" she saw me standing there, stark naked reaching for my clothes on top of the sink. As if her body seemed to lag behind what she was trying to do, it took her a couple of seconds to close the door. I finished getting dressed and went downstairs. I saw Kathy sitting on the couch so I walked over and asked, "So you were saying?" "Mom and Dad won't be home until tomorrow afternoon, they weren't very specific with their reasoning. They said 'Don't burn the house down and what not,' sadly I think that's too tall of an order for the both of us" she joke, I took the opportunity to make a dirty joke, "Their reasoning is obvious! Wild animal sex obviously, because with me staying here you're bound by genetics to abstain for the night. It's a form of torture" She laughed and said, "Yeah, genetics." Until now I hadn't thought about what room I'd be staying in. I asked Kathy, "Oh, stay in my room, I'll sleep downstairs on the couch." I quickly offered to take the couch, but as with the rest of my family, you can't change Kathy's mind once she's made a decision.

I went upstairs and started to unpack my stuff when I noticed an oddly shaped pink object stick out from behind a row of books on the bookshelf. Curious I went over and picked it up, it was a giant pink dildo. I stood there for a moment when Kathy starts coming up the stair, "I hope you're getting settled okay," she said right before pushing the door open enough to see me standing there dumbfounded by the dildo. Cutting to the chase, I said, "How the hell do you fit this thing in there?" Kathy suddenly looked embarrassed, "Oh... um... uhh...." she stuttered. Being facetious I said, "Well? How does it fit? I'd have to see it to believe it." Apparently she missed that I was joking because she turned around and closed the door, then locked it.

Before the gears were finished cranking in my head, she was sitting on her bed with her hand down her pants gently massaging her vagina. I stood there in awe as she started masturbating in front of me. After a minute or two she grabbed the dildo out of my hand and place it on her bed next to her. She unzipped her pants and slid them off. The whole time, you could hear both of our hearts beat. Time seemed to slow down. She took off her shirt and snapped off her bra as she started to play with herself even more. By now I had an erection that was practically tearing my pants off, I was hoping she wouldn't notice the 7 inch "gun" in my pocket. Finally she slid off her panties and was completely naked in front of me, no longer than two hour ago I had thought about just this moment when I would see her naked.

She grabbed the dildo and spread her legs far apart revealing her dripping cunt to me. She slowly started pushing it in, just a little bit at a time. That's when I decided it was now or never, I walked over and started to rub her clit, she looked shocked but didn't interject. I kept slowly moving my hand around as moved my other hand up to her breasts. That's when she said, "Stop, if you're going to do this right, you can't have your clothes on. And you said genetics would keep be abstinent for the night" I stopped and took my shirt off revealing my six pack. I unzipped my pants and slid them off with my boxers at the same time. I stoop up straight with my 7 inches pointing towards the sky. I went back over to Kathy and started to suck on her breasts. Eventually I worked up the nerve and I kissed her, open mouth. We started to make out, both naked, that's when my hand went back down to her pussy and removed the partially inserted dildo. I started working my hand down there making her gasp for air. I broke contact with her lips and laid her down on the bed. I licked her body all over in an explorative way, I got down to her pussy which was gushing with fluids, she was obviously enjoying this. I started to lick her vagina as a strange almost 'citrus' like odor filled my nostrils, it was wonderful. As I started to eat her out when she had to crack a joke about my vegetarianism. I ignored it and kept at it, spelling out the alphabet with my tongue, she gasp for air and her face completely flushed, I had made her cum. With this, I went back up and started kissing her again. I grabbed my throbbing cock and started to bring it towards her vagina when I hesitated. Kathy knew exactly why and said, "Don't worry, I'm on BC." With that I plunged into my cousins warm, soft, wet pussy. Slowly at first I started to thrust into her while missionary style, the whole time, not breaking eye contact except to kiss passionately. We got up and rearranged ourselves and continued to have the most passionate fucking ever. Finally after 15 minutes of penetration I came, squirting everything I had into her 16 year old pussy. The pleasure was only boosted for the both of us with the social taboo of what we were doing. We didn't care, all we knew is it felt good to have me pounding her.

After we finished I said, "Maybe staying here won't be so bad." "Yeah, and why didn't we do this earlier" Kathy agreed. With that we both fell asleep, naked, in her bed.
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Posted 18 Jan 2012 09:58
Love the story, Hope there is a Part 2,,,5 Stars +
Posted 13 Feb 2011 09:09
I am so Hard!
Posted 03 Sep 2009 20:38
good story! i really enjoyed it :)
Posted 22 Aug 2009 04:48
Cool story. Sounds real.
Posted 19 Aug 2009 20:27
Felt good to jack off to this hot story

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