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A Week With My Sister Part 2

The next day...
A bright ray of sunshine on my face woke me up the next morning. It only took me a minute to recall what had happened the night before, my beautiful and sexy sister Kate had walked in on me jacking off to a porno and ended up giving me my first blowjob and 69. I would have thought it all a dream had Kate not been lying there next to me in the bed naked and facing me, still asleep. I stared transfixed at the sight of her plump round breasts moving up and down with her breathing. After a minute though, I couldnt take just watching anymore. Quietly and subtly as to not wake her, I leaned in and started suckling on her nipple, gently kissing and drawing circles around it with my tongue. Kate let out a little sigh, but showed no signs of waking. I kept on, moving from her nipple into her cleavage, letting my face be swallowed up by her tits to the point that I could barely breathe. After spending a few minutes that felt like an eternity like this, I came up for air, and saw that Kate had woken up.

"Morning Mikey, someone sure is eager this morning," she said grinning. "Did you not get enough last night?"

"Well of course I did, but I've slept since then Sis, I always wake up horny, but all I've ever been able to do is jack off. When I finally wake up with a beautiful woman lying next to me, you can be damn sure I'm taking advantage of it."

"So I'm just some woman to you now?" she replied teasingly. "One night and we're not brother and sister anymore?"

"Well, things will never be the same, you know that..."

Kate put a finger over my mouth, silencing me. "We will always be brother and sister, that will never change silly." She moved her finger and kissed me lightly on the lips. "But," she kissed me again, "who says we can't be lovers too?" She rose out of bed after saying this, allowing me to see her pussy in the morning light for the first time. "I'm gonna go take a shower, want to join me?"

She didnt need to ask me twice, I followed Kate into the bathroom and into the walk in shower, letting the hot water cascade over both of us. We started making out again, and Kates hands moved slowly down my chest and stomach, and before long was holding my dick in her heavenly hands. Returning the favor, I started rubbing her pussy, gently at first but picking up speed, all the while she was giving me a great handjob. I then inserted one finger inside her clit, slowly until it was buried all the way up to the knuckle, then put my middle finger inside as well. Feeling her warm, wet, tightness completely sent me over the edge, and I came all over the shower floor. Only a few seconds after I finished, I felt Kate approaching climax as well. Her muscles tensed up even tighter and she moaned loudly and closed her eyes as her orgasm overtook her. I took my fingers out and put them in my mouth, tasting her sweet pussy juice. We kissed for a few minutes before turning off the shower and drying off.

Kate cooked some eggs and we ate breakfast in bed. I had hoped to stay there all day, but by eleven o clock, the scorching Texas summer had turned the apartment into an oven, and the one air conditioning box wasn't enough to cool the whole place down. Because of this, Kate suggested we go to the apartment's pool, which I happily agreed to.

I put on my swimming trunks while Kate put on a tiny red bikini she had just bought. I still couldnt get over just how sexy she was. The bright red fabric hugged her chest and ass tightly, showing off all her curves and leaving very little to the imagination, not that I needed to imagine anymore after seeing her naked. I can't believe I never noticed her sexually like this until this summer. Once changed, we left the apartment and went downstairs to the pool. Wanting to avoid the screaming kids of the big pool, we went to the smaller adults only pool, where the only people there were a cute blonde sunbathing and a large black man doing laps in the pool. The blonde looked up as we walked in and waved.

"Hi Kate," she said. "Who's this?"

"Hey Sara. This is my br, boyfriend Michael," she replied, correcting herself midsentence. I smiled at this introduction.

"Boyfriend? Girl, when were you planning to tell me about this? How long have you two been going out?"

"Not very long actually, but it feels like I've known him my whole life," Kate said, winking at me as she said it. "I see Dean is the same as ever," Kate said, gesturing at the man swimming in the pool. 

"Yep, he sticks to his workout schedule like a religion. Hardly leaves any time for me nowadays." 

"Sorry about that Sara. Good thing Michael doesn't workout," Kate joked.

A little bit offended, I replied "I workout plenty, uh, you've just never seen me." The girls both burst out laughing at this. Blushing, I looked around for a distraction and noticed Dean had gotten out of the water and had walked over. He put his arm around Sara and whispered something in her ear, at which she giggled and whispered something back. She turned back to us.
"Hate to leave you guys here but we're heading back to my place." The girls exchanged an understanding look before Sara and Dean left. Me and Kate just sat there for a few minutes in silence, enjoying the sunlight.

"I dont know about you Sis, but I could really use a cool down. How bout you?" I asked.

"Sounds good. Last one in is a rotten egg!" Kate yelled as she jumped up and ran toward the water. I followed and jumped in behind her. We started splashing each other and yelling in the water, and for a moment I forgot about our sexual relationship and was brought back to when we were just little kids, playing in the pool while Dad cooked burgers. Kate interrupted my little trip down memory lane with a big splash in the face. I couldnt let her get away with that, so I launched myself out of the water and tackled her, bringing her underwater for a while before we came up to breathe. Kate struggled to get free, but as I was much stronger, managed to keep a hold of her easily.

She kept struggling, but her efforts got weaker until she gave up and just stood there in my embrace. Feeling her body like this had gotten me horny again, and my dick was hard in my swimming trunks, and I knew Kate could feel it against her lower back, we were pressed so tight together. I crouched down a little bit and stood up, doing this repeatedly so my dick rubbed between her ass cheeks, with only our swimsuits as separation. Kate reached down in the water and slowly pulled my shorts down, and they sank in the water to my ankles. As a response, I started playing with her pussy through her shorts, then started slipping my fingers underneath to get a better feel. Kate was obviously loving it, her face was twisted up in pleasure. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear

"Wanna go back to the apartment?"
I was a bit taken aback when she replied "no" but then she reached down and pulled her bikini bottoms down to her knees. "Here. Now," she said commandingly. "Put it in me Mikey."

Here it was at last, the moment I'd been waiting for. I had a moments hesitation and asked Kate "What if you get pregnant?"
"Dont worry Mikey, I'm on the pill, just hurry up and put it in." I happily obliged, guiding my dick towards the grand prize and rubbed the head on her lips without pressing it in. "Fuck Michael quit teasing me!" Kate said and threw her hips backwards, sinking my dick all the way into her pussy. I had given my sister my virginity, and she was willingly taking it. Her pussy felt even tighter around my dick than my fingers. I began thrusting my hips slowly until only the head stayed inside, then going back in all the way. "Faster Michael, come on," Kate moaned. I picked up the tempo, rapidly slamming in and out of her. "Yea Mikey thats it, fuck your big sister, bang your sissy baby brother," Kate said. I loved the way she talked dirty while we were fucking, it only turned me on more, especially since I'd never heard her curse before this. I continued at this pace for a while, and we were making huge waves in the pool while we made love. I'm surprised we didn't spill the whole pool over the edge. The fact we were doing it in a public place like this for anyone to see added to the excitement.

It wasnt long before I could feel my own orgasm coming and told her between gasping breaths, "Kate, cumming..." "Hold on Mikey, I'm almost there." I fought back my desire for another moment until it was impossible, and just as I came, Kate let out a great scream and I could feel her pussy tighten in orgasm as we climaxed at the same time. After we finished, I remained in that embrace with Kate while we caught our breath. I left my dick in her just enjoying the feel of her warm tight clit until my dick went soft and slipped out of her. She leaned in and we made out for a few minutes. "That was the best orgasm I've ever had Mikey, you were amazing," she whispered in my ear. Having had enough of the water, we pulled our bottoms back up just in time before a group of five or six guys came through the gate and into the pool area. Having no desire to hang out here anymore, we grabbed our stuff from the chairs and walked back to Kate's apartment arm in arm.
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Posted 30 Dec 2013 00:31
that was so fucking hot. My dick was so hard while I read this.
Posted 26 Sep 2012 09:40
great story can't wait for part 3
Posted 24 Jun 2011 07:44
great story so far, look forward to reading more!!
Posted 23 Jun 2011 00:28

Posted 22 Jun 2011 23:38
So far, great! But, keep it real please. There has to be SOMETHING they disagree on. And makeup sex after "The Discussion" would be so hot! (Hint Hint) :-)
Posted 22 Jun 2011 16:57
please continue
Posted 22 Jun 2011 13:45
Is a 4some with Sara & Dean coming next?
Posted 22 Jun 2011 12:35
Posted 22 Jun 2011 12:06
Great. Now you are truly a man. She has taken your cherry and now being inside her pussy for the first time. you are hers forever. "V5+++." Not only as sister & brother, but as Lovers.

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