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A Worthwhile Risk

Note: I wasn't planning to write an incest story, but due to many requests, I thought I'd give it a shot.  Feedback is welcome.


     Every year Erin's parents go on a trip on their anniversary.  In earlier years they'd leave Erin and her brother with a babysitter, but since Erin's seventeenth birthday, the babysitter was no longer required.


     The autumn air was rather chilly, and Erin wrapped her quilt tighter around her shoulders.  She sat in front of the cozy fireplace, her slender fingers wrapped around a mug of hot chocolate.  She swept a lock of long brown hair from her hazel eyes, and pulled her quilt around her.  Her thoughts seemed terrible but strangely appealing, and she was sure she'd go mad before the night was done.


     Her brother was out with his girlfriend, and would not be home for several hours.  Tom was definitely a great catch.  His shaggy brown hair was forever falling into his sparkling hazel eyes, but he always refused to cut it.  His torso was tan from the many hours he spent in the sun, skateboarding with his friends.  He was around six feet tall, and while he was not quite a sculptured god, any idiot could tell that he took care of himself.


     Erin took a sip of her hot chocolate, contemplating her dream.  Their bodies were moving against and inside each other's in a way that made her cheeks flush in embarrassment and arousal.  Tom's hand slid down her thigh to her...


     The front door slammed hard, jerking Erin out of her mind and into reality.  Tom stomped into the room, looking angry and upset.  He kicked off his shoes and shook his hair out.  Erin noticed that his clothes were wet, and looked at the nearby window.  Why hadn't she noticed it was raining tonight?


     Tom took of his wet shirt and tossed it into the laundry basket sitting next to the door to the basement.  He stretched out on the couch, and Erin found herself staring at his muscular arms and chest.  But the look in his eyes wrenched her yet again from her arousal, and she asked in concern, "What's wrong?"


     "Cyndi's been sleeping around," Tom answered gruffly, and grabbed the control.  He turned the TV on to an action flick that Erin had never seen.


     "I'm sorry Tom, that sucks," Erin stood and walked to the couch.  She sat down next to him.  From his closeness she could see the goose bumps on his arms.  She wrapped part of her quilt around him, and moved so her body was touching his.  "You deserve better than that slut."


     He chuckled and turned the TV louder, a clear sign he wanted Erin to shut up.  They sat in silence for a while, and during this time, Erin had made her decision.  It was a risk that she had to take.  She reached up with one hand and ran her fingers slowly through his shaggy hair, to his neck and shoulders while the other rubbed his crotch.  His sharp intake of breath aroused her greatly, and she slung one leg across her brother's lap, grinding herself against him.


     "Erin, what the h-" Tom started to say before she pulled his face to hers.  The kiss was electrifying, sweet and seductive.  Better than any crazy fantasy of her dreams could have foretold.  No longer protesting, Tom pulled her up so that she was straddling his lap.  Erin immediately recognized why he was so eager as she rubbed herself up against him, feeling the desperate hardness of him.  She could feel his hands on her back and in her hair, and his scent and taste was suddenly everywhere.  Erin finally broke the kiss, gasping for air.


     "Erin, what are we doing?"  Tom's eyes were locked into hers.


     Erin continued rubbing herself against him, "Each other."


     Tom held her hips in place, "Would you quit that for just a second please?  I can't think right."  Erin stopped.  "I can't, Erin.  You're beautiful and hot and sexy, but you're my sister, it's not right."  His eyes were full of regret, but Erin's heart was filled with pain.  She slid off her brother's lap, leaving the blanket on his shoulders, and started out of the room.


     "Fine," she said, her control over her voice failing.  She ran into her room, feeling like an complete fool.  How could she have done something like that?  How could he have rejected her?  She remembered the way his gaze had lingered on her body, how his hands had roamed on her back and how his lips and tongue made her tingle everywhere.  She looked in her mirror, sadly wondering what he hadn't seen in her and if their relationship was badly damaged.  What would he think of her in the morning?


     Erin wrenched herself from her self-pity and stripped off her clothes.  She slid into a light blue cotton shirt and her black boyshorts underwear.  She climbed into bed and flicked off the lights, settling under her warm covers, trying to think of Tom as she did when they were both kids, but whenever she closed her eyes she felt his touch and tasted his kiss.  After an hour of fighting with these conflicting images, she finally drifted off into a light sleep.


     Erin was barely asleep when she heard her door creak open, she thought it was her parents checking on her, so she maintained deep and even breathing.  But instead of shutting the door and walking away, whoever it was entered her room and shut the door.  Oh great.  Either it's a dream and I'm being murdered, or it's reality and I'm being murdered, she thought.  She felt someone pull back the covers and climb into bed behind her.  Erin quickly flicked on the light and turned around to see..."Tom!" she gasped.  "What the hell are you doing in here?  It's so late," she began babbling.


     Tom silenced her with a kiss, and Erin felt herself become dizzy with his intensity.  He climbed on top of her, spreading her legs and wrapping them around him.  Erin gently pushed against his bare chest, and he immediately stopped, saying: "I thought this is what you wanted."


     "I thought this was what you didn't want," she countered.


     "I'd thought so too, but when you left you looked all hurt and I felt bad.  Originally I was going to make it up to you by getting you a toy or something.  But I started thinking about when you were rubbing against me," he rocked his hips a little, and she could feel his erection through his pants.  "I couldn't stop thinking about the way you kissed me, and I thought, to hell with conventional morality.  We're two people, and we want each other."  He met her gaze.  "Do you still want me?"


     In answer, Erin wrapped her legs and arms tighter around him, and kissed him again intensely.  She shoved him over so that she was lying on top.  Trailing kisses, licks, and gentle bites, she worked her way down his body, undoing his jeans.  He eagerly helped her take them off, clearly more excited than he was earlier.


     Having attended the same school, Erin had heard more than her fair share of rumors about the size of her brother's penis from not-so-subtle people.  She found the rumors of him to be true.  He stood at attention at a full eight inches with considerable girth, but she found she could hold it without a problem.  She stroked it slowly, watching him while he watched her.  She fluttered her tongue across the tip, loving the fire burning in his eyes.


     Without any more preamble, she took him back into her throat, loving the way he gasped her name in a breathless whisper.  She stroked him with her throat and hand, swirling her tongue around the tip when it wasn't in the back of her throat.  Tom's breathing shallowed, and turned to small gasps of excitement.  When Erin rested his cock on his stomach, and pressed her tongue flat against the underside of the shaft, working her way up, his gasps became full out moans.  She cupped and played with his boys and restarted her trail up his shaft again.


     "Wait Erin," Tom gasped, and Erin looked up.  What had she been doing wrong?  Tom  lifted her up and laid her out on the bed, her dark hair in a fan on the pillow.  He nuzzled her ear, and kissed her jaw.  "Your turn," he whispered, and Erin's heart pounded.


     Tom helped Erin take of her shirt, exposing her small but firm breasts.  Tom gently massaged them, and rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.  He took one in his mouth and flicked it until it was erect, then did the same for the other.  He trailed teasing kisses down her stomach, and Erin closed her eyes in happiness and pleasure.


     Tom slid her shorts off to reveal the most beautiful shaven pussy he'd ever seen.  He ran his tongue slowly up her slit, and watched as her body jumped.  He teased her with kisses on her thighs.


     "Damn it!  Stop teasing me, Tom!" she'd meant to sound authoritative, but instead it came out a plea.  He continued to tease her, despite her many requests for him to lick her harder.  Without warning, he took her clit into his mouth, sucking hard.  Erin moaned and pressed herself further into his face.  He continued to lick, kiss, and suck on her clit while she moaned and came again and again.  After the second, he kissed his way back up her body, and she playfully squirmed underneath his body.


     "Will I hurt you?" Tom asked, cupping her creamy breast in his hand and kissing the nape of her neck.


     Erin understood what he was asking.  "No.  I'm not a virgin."


     Tom chuckled, "Who?"


     "Jay."  Jay had been Erin's weird ex-boyfriend that liked to follow her around too much.  In a very scary way.  Finally Tom had told him that if Jay didn't lay off of his sister, he'd beat him to a bloody pulp.


     Tom tried unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh, "You fucked that loser?"


     Erin bit his lip, and his laughter stopped, turning into a low moan.  "Yes I did, but I was bored and our hormones were strong.  But I want you so much more, it's driving me crazy.  I want you in here," she said, and moved his hand to her soaking wet pussy.  "Now."


     Without any further hesitation, he slid into her without trouble.  "Stop," she said, when he was all the way further.


     "Are you okay?" he asked, concerned.


     "I just want to adjust, you're bigger than he was," Erin answered, eyes closed in bliss.


     "Not hard to be," Erin heard Tom mutter under his breath.  She rocked her hips and he immediately reacted.  He began slow, steady thrusts while she ran her hands through his shaggy hair, over his strong arms, and down his back.  As he continued, her body found his rhythm, and she brought her hips up to meet his movements.  She loved the way his body moved against hers.  The way his warm skin made every part of her tingle and shiver in pleasure as he began pounding into her, sending her into another orgasm.


     She screamed as her body convulsed in ecstasy, dragged her nails into his back, and her hips began to buck.  Tom lifted her hands above her head, interweaving his fingers through hers.  At that moment, nothing else mattered to her but the feelings he was showing her.  Never before had she experienced such passion and desire.  Nothing mattered but the sensation of his body on and in hers.  It didn't matter that they were related, all that mattered to her was how safe she felt with him, how amazing they were together, her in one another's embrace.


     He cut off her train of thought by increasing his speed, pounding into her as hard and fast as he could, she felt his body tense, she heard his grunting and moaning.  She smelled his familiar comforting scent, mixed with her own.  The taste of his kiss sent her over the edge as she came again.  She felt his release and allowed him to collapse onto her, their fingers still intertwined.


     He rolled to his side and kissed her softly.  She noticed the sheen of sweat on both their bodies.  "What'd you think?" she asked.


     "I'm worried."


     She read his eyes and understood, "I'm on the pill, Tom."


     He relaxed.  "Next time you're on top," he chuckled, kissing her neck playfully.


     "Sure, sure," she laughed.


     Tom wrapped his muscular arms around her.  It was a worthwhile risk, she thought as they drifted off to a comfortable, satisfied sleep.

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Posted 07 Jan 2013 22:03
Lydia; really enjoyed this story.Good story line.. EXCELLENT description of action..b Yes its well worth the reading, also well worth a 5 score....
Posted 10 Nov 2011 20:56
Damn baby, that made me extremely hot and bothered, not to mention, dripping...Thanks for writing this. I Love it!
Posted 30 Aug 2010 23:13
Great story. I enjoyed it. Thanks for posting
Posted 14 Apr 2010 06:07
loved it WOW write more soon xxxx
Posted 23 Mar 2010 08:40
weak try to keep the readers awake. the story is to much like all the rest i've read and usually my cock is hard as a rock wishing the mother son stories were me and my mom. this story made my dick fall like the twin towers and falling asleep constintly
Posted 25 Dec 2009 05:48
great story! I really enjoyed it while fantasizing and pleasuring myself.
Posted 09 Dec 2009 14:54
extremely well have to give part 2...soon...
Posted 24 Nov 2009 02:11
mmmmmmm,,,,Nice Job,,,,,,,,,,,you painted an excellent picture. Thanks, and look forward to reading more of your work.
Posted 12 Nov 2009 13:38
very nice i loved it you should continue and make a sieres with it
Posted 27 Oct 2009 19:42
Lydia I love your attention to detail, and your quirky commentary - wonderful!
Posted 26 Oct 2009 13:41
Wow. you know how to write eroticism in the taboo. nicely done.

Posted 18 Oct 2009 14:13
lol Thanks everyone :D
Posted 15 Oct 2009 06:34
damn... one hot story..... sure wish I had a sister like that...
Posted 14 Oct 2009 12:46
Hot story. Keep em cummin babe.
Posted 14 Oct 2009 01:56
I really enjoyed it!!!
Posted 13 Oct 2009 22:46
A very well written story. You should go outside your comfort zone more often :)

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