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After Mommy's shower

My mother decides to let me know what sex is about.
This is a continuing series about me and my family over the years.

This occurred before my mother caught me in Watching Mommy in the Shower.

It started slowly with me peeking in on my Mom showering, while I, as a junior in high school, just after I became 16 years old, was learning what I could do with my cock, especially when it got hard. It got hard virtually every night.

My father was away often because he worked on the railroad. That meant he might be away for days at a time. That was alright with me because it gave me more of a chance to peek at my Mom whenever I could.

As I have said before, we lived in an old house, built in a desert town long ago, so all the rooms had doors, and all the doors had keyholes, whose keys had been long lost. So I could peek through virtually every keyhole whenever I wanted. I often wanted to watch my Mom in the shower. We had no air-conditioning, so she often took showers to cool off, and whenever I was home, which was almost always during the summer, I would be peeking through the keyhole from my room into the bathroom where I could see the narrow shower that had been put in years before when they took out the bathtub. And virtually always, my Mom would leave the shower curtain open, maybe to be cooler, or maybe because she knew I was always watching and whacking off. My cock seemed to get bigger every time I jerked off. That was fine with me, I loved my dick.

Sometimes, I would wake early to wait for my Mom to get up, which might be late if my father was away. On those wonderful mornings when I got up early enough I could peek through the keyhole of the door from my bedroom to my parent's bedroom. Then, because it was so hot in the summer, my Mom would get out of bed wearing a delicate, see-through negligee, or white cotton panties and no bra. She wasn't proud of her titties but I thought they were perfect. She was only about 34 ( I was a surprise child when she was 18) and her tits were still perky and oh, so soft and tasty looking.

One morning my father had been gone on a railroad run for several days and I was lucky enough to peek into Mom's room just as she rose for the day. No bra. White cotton panties. As I watched she took them off. Of course they were moist from the sweat of the desert night. I could almost smell the aroma from her pussy. She had one of those old-fashioned, v-shaped, hairy pussies that all women had back then. Remember from the Playboys of the sixties?

I had, of course, brought out my cock as soon as I stooped down to peek, and my reward was a rock-hard dick, waiting to be jerked off.

Mom was in no hurry to get dressed, probably assuming I had left much earlier, or perhaps, hoping I was watching. I was never sure at the time. Anyway, she walked over to her vanity table with its full-length mirror and started posing. She was doing those poses pin-up girls used to do where they thrust out their breasts and stood up on their toes, the better to emphasize their legs.

Of course, my Mom, who was French, had beautiful legs. The kind that would make any boy of 16 sixteen moan with pleasure. I continued whacking off, which I had been doing ever since I first peeked through the keyhole. I had learned to keep some of Mom's used panties from the clothes hamper in my room just for the purpose of cumming long and hard into them when I was lucky enough to use them. I was lucky this day and shot long and hard into her white, cotton panties.

My Mom was so fucking hot that I was hoping someday to make a move on her. That's for a later story.

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Posted 05 Jan 2013 07:09
just getting started with you stories - very good beginning. similar to my introduction to sex - still gives me an erection thinking about my experiences with incest - so thank you for a beginning!

Posted 16 Nov 2012 20:53
man it was good but way to short

Posted 24 Jun 2012 08:09
I agree with clum...this is way too short and the writing's sub-par.
It feels rushed and undone.

Posted 24 Jun 2012 04:37
The story lacks depth and the writing lacks skill. The only thing that kept me going until the end was its shortness.
Try reading some of the stories of more popular writers on here to try to learn from them how to craft a good, well-written story.

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