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All in the Family - Mom and Dad (Part II)

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What happened when we were discovered.
All in the Family - Mom and Dad (Part II)

It has been three weeks sense my sister and I made love in the family room while the parents were out visiting the Johnson's. It was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me and Patty was saying the same thing right after. However, we have not talked about it, sense. I think we both know that it is wrong for a brother to fuck his sister…especially if she is only 16 and he is almost 17. On the nights that our parents go to the Johnson’s either I or Patty or both of us stay in our rooms. I am not sure what she does, but I think about that how wonderful my first and only fuck was and lie in bed and jack off. In fact, I jack off at least once if not more times everyday thinking about it. I don’t even need that Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalog anymore. I just imagine. My cock sliding into her pussy and I am instantly hard. Every time I see her it seems she is more beautiful than the time before.

Well, as I said, it has been three weeks I can hardly stand it any longer. I am lying in my bed and it is two in the morning and I have already jacked off twice thinking about her. I don’t know what possessed me, but I just couldn’t take it any longer. I got up, poked my head out my bedroom door and everything was dark, as everyone was in bed asleep…everyone except me. With the hall nightlight to guide me, I crept down to Patty’s room. I tried the door and it was unlocked. I moved into her room and quietly closed the door behind me. From the moonlight through the window I could see her in bed sleeping. I went over to her, looked down at her peaceful face, pulled off my pajamas and slid into bed with her.

To be honest, I was scared as hell. What if she hates me for what I did to her? She could wakeup, start screaming and bring our parents. Dad would beat the crap out of me, rightly so, and I wouldn’t be able to look anyone in the eye, again. But, I just want to hold her again, feel her smooth body next to mine, cup her growing breasts in my hands…oh god, if she screams I am a dead man.

I put my hand on her face and whispered, “Patty it’s me.” She opened her eyes, saw me, jerked wide awake, her eyes went wide and then the unbelievable happened. She threw her arms around me and smashed her lips on mine. Our mouths instantly opened and our tongues danced with joy.

There was no foreplay, no preliminaries, just a frantic clutching at each other. I was urgently pulling up her nightgown and she was just as urgently helping me. She rolled over onto her back and I was on top of her in a flash. She wasted no time reaching down to guide my cock to her pussy. I shoved it in and started fucking my sister with wild abandon right there and then. As I pumped her love tunnel I was covering her face, neck and tits with kisses. I sucked on her nipples, but soon went back to her lips and we French kissed deep, long and hard as we fucked and fucked and fucked. I had already shot my wad a couple of times, by hand, already tonight so it took a while before I exploded in her and she had three or four orgasms along the way.

While lying there after we were finished, I finally said that I needed to get back to my room. Patty grabbed me, kissed me passionately and made me promise to come back tomorrow night. I went back to my room almost whistling I was so happy. She wasn’t made at me after all. In fact, she was going through the same feelings I was wondering if I was mad at her for letting me fuck her. Back in bed, I don’t know were I got the energy, but I jacked off for the third time…thinking about my sister.

Well, I did go back the next night and the next. That following day we arrived home from school and found a note from Mom saying that she had gone shopping and wouldn’t be home until late and she would bring a pizza with her for dinner. After reading the note Patty and I fell into each other’s arms and kissed. I fondled her breasts and she felt my hardening cock. Then right there in the kitchen I pulled her top off and she took the hint and started pulling at the buttons on my shirt. It wasn’t anytime until we were both in our underwear. I pushed her back to arms length and took in her beauty.

She dropped to her knees, pulled my briefs down and kissed the tip of my cock. Not a peck but a lingering wet kiss. I was completely erect in an instant. I grabbed the sides of her head and shoved my cock into her mouth. She immediately started sucking and making love to my cock. Pulling it out, kissing it all over and putting it back in her mouth to suck some more.

Soon, I wanted some of the same so I pulled her up, kissed her and slid down her body to my knees. I pulled down her panties as she unhooked and removed her bra. I leaned forward and started licking her slit. It was already wet and tasty. In trying to get a better position we managed to end up with one of her legs over my shoulder and had free access to licking her cunt. She was becoming very adept at having orgasms. While I was licking her pussy and sticking my tongue up as far as I could she came. I didn’t realize until then that she was a squirter. She covered my tongue and face with her juice and filled my mouth.

When I came up for air, we kissed again and she tasted her own cum for the first time. She licked my face clean. I whispered to her, “I have to fuck you…NOW!”

“Oh God yes, do it to me.” She urgently replied. I pushed her over the kitchen table and pushed into her from behind. I had remembered some boys talking about doing it this way. It was hard to believe how much different this way felt, yet how similar the feeling on my cock.

We were both so fully engaged in fucking that we were oblivious to anything else around us. I was hunched over my 16 year old sister’s back kissing her shoulders when I finally blew my load into her. That is when we both heard, “Well, isn’t that a pretty sight?” We both shot up and there was our mother standing in the doorway looking at us. Neither of us knew what to do. I was standing there with my dick going limp and sliding out of Patty. Then our mother spoke again, “Both of you go to your room. I will speak to your father about this when he comes home.” We both bolted, naked, up the stairs to our rooms.

I immediately dressed, so ashamed of what I was doing to my sister or was it that we got caught? One of the many thoughts running through my head was that I would never get to fuck her again. I, also, thought about going out the window and running away, but I knew that wouldn’t be fair to Peggy to leave her here to take all the blame. I thought about getting Peggy and the two of us running away, but I was smarter than that what would a 17 year old and 16 year old do out there in the real world. So, I stayed in my room waiting to take my medicine.

It seemed like an eternity until Dad came home. I heard them come up stairs, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. All I knew was that I was going to be dead. Peggy was daddy’s little girl and I had violated her.

After a few minutes, Mom opened my door and told me to come to their bedroom then she went to Peggy’s door and told her the same. As we fallowed her into the bedroom I thought it a little strange that she was wearing a robe, but that was the least of things on my mind. Both Peggy and I stood at the foot of their bed as Mom got on the bed next to Dad, who was also wearing his robe. Both were sitting there leaning up against the headboard. Father spoke first, “Take off your clothes…both of you.” I glanced at Peggy she was looking down at the floor. “NOW!” He reinforced his instructions. We both disrobed down to our underwear. “Everything.” He reiterated. I pulled down my briefs…this time my cock just hung there. I was afraid to look at Peggy, but with my head bowed I could see her bra hit the floor then her panties drop to her ankles.

I heard Dad say to Mom, “Wow, you are right, Sue she is beautiful.”

I blurted out, “It isn’t Peggy’s fault it is all mine, I made her do it. She didn’t want too.”

Then Peggy interrupted, “That isn’t true, I wanted to do it, Jimmy said we shouldn’t. Just punish me.”

They listened to both of us trying to take the blame. I couldn’t have loved my sister more than at that moment when she was defending me. Then Dad told her to come to his side of the bed and them Mom told me to come he her side. We both stood there naked. I looked up at Peggy, across the bed from me. Dad had reached out and put his hand on her hip then he started moving it up her side. “My little girl is all grown up, already and so beautiful.” Watching his hand on her naked body I couldn’t help but start getting hard, but it wasn’t a sudden erection. When his hand reached Peggy’s armpit he stuck out his thumb and caressed her nipple. I could see my sister start to breathe harder and the sight of him touching those wonderful nipples increased my erection. That is when Mom reached out and gently took hold of my cock with her hand. She didn’t do anything just held it softly.

Next Dad ran his hand over her breasts from one to the other then down her stomach to her pussy. “Oh baby you are so lovely.” He said in a huskier voice. I watched as he ran a finger along her slit. I could see it starting to glisten as she was getting wet. At the same time Mom’s hand started moving ever so gently up and down my cock shaft.

Then he swung out of bed, picked Peggy up in his arms and gently laid her down on the bed. He said, “We were going to wait until each of you were 18 before we did anything with you, but now that you already started down the incest path your mother and I have decided that you are old enough.” With that he pushed back his robe letting it drop to the floor and exposed his naked body to us. His cock was about as long as mine, but a lot thicker. Dad was in good shape he liked to jog and the two of us had done a lot of running, together. Both Mom and Dad were in their late thirties.

With that, he moved back onto the bed spreading Peggy’s legs, pulling them up over his shoulders and he buried his face in her succulent pussy. That was when Mom pulled her robe open exposing her naked body to me. Mom was beautiful some of my friends told me she was the prettiest mom. I had seen her in her panties and bra a few times when her bedroom door was ajar and she was dressing. I would be in the hall going to my room or something when I would stop and peek in. Now, I wonder if it had been an accident that the door was left open. Mom was beautiful, she had dark, almost black, hair, big brown eyes, long legs, she was about 5’ 6” or 5’ 7”, she couldn’t weigh much more than 125 and she had beautifully formed average to large breasts with dark nipples and areolas.

She pulled on my cock as she spread her legs exposing her dark brown bush. “Do me like your daddy is doing sis.” She seemed to say with some urgency. I half crawled and half was pulled by my cock onto the bed between my mother’s legs. I had never seen a pussy with so much hair before…in fact the only other pussy I had seen was my sister’s. “Mommy is so hot for you baby, I have been so horny ever sense I saw you fucking your sister this afternoon. It is all I could do to wait for your father to come home.” Then she reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart exposing her glistening, pink, inner pussy. “Lick it baby, please lick it.” My Mom begged.

I was so hard now it started to hurt like the first time I saw Peggy naked. I bent forward and took a nice big lick of her exposed pussy. I heard her surrender to my tongue as she said, “Oh yes Jimmy baby, yes, yes, eat me, eat my pussy, my little boy eat your mommy’s pussy.” Her pleading, the taste of her on my tongue and the thought of how wonderfully Peggy had tasted made me dive in and try to devour my mother’s cunt. It didn’t taste quite the same as Peggy, but just as good never the less. I felt her hands on my head pulling me into her. I had to pull back once in awhile just to catch my breath. All that pubic hair surrounding her pussy tickled my cheeks and nose and made her seem all the more delectable.

I glanced over at my sister just as daddy was finishing his treat. Before lowering her legs he grabbed a pillow and pushed it under Peggy’s hips. I heard him whisper to her, “Daddy is going to fuck his little girl. Do you want daddy to fuck you sissy?”

“Oh yes daddy, yes, fuck me, fuck me. ” She said half moaning. At the same time she reached out and took my hand, which was pushed up along mom’s side next to her. We squeezed hands as I moved up to mount my mother beside my father and sister.

I watched as daddy took a tube of KY from the bed stand and spread it on his cock. “I am a little thicker than Jimmy so this my hurt a little at first.” He warned her.

“I don’t care daddy, please fuck me, fuck me now.” Peggy begged. Both Mom and I watched as daddy pushed his thick cock against my sister’s pussy. With Peggy’s hips up on a pillow and her legs spread as far apart as she could get them my baby sister looked so sexy and beautiful. Daddy pushed into her a little farther and Peggy winced a little. What was so sexy about this scene was that with only a light covering of pubic hair and her legs spread so wide, I had a full view of daddy’s cock pushing into her cunt. Then he pushed in a little farther and a little farther each time stopping to let her get use to his thick cock. Then he finally pushed it all into her, held it there and leaned over her and started sucking on her tits.

I was panting just watching this. I turned back to my mother and looked down at her hairy pussy, hair that was already glistening from her juices that had gotten on my face then transferred to her hair. I looked back up at her face; she was smiling with a contented loving look. A look of total happiness at what was taking place. She whispered to me, “Its okay son you can fuck me mommy wants her little baby to fuck her.” With that she spread her legs out farther and held her hands out to me.

Having had experience with my sister I knew what to do. I took my cock in my hand, moved in close to Mom, found her opening with the tip of my cock and plunged into her as I fell on top of her. My hips immediately started thrusting wildly into my mother’s cunt. My lips came to rest on hers and we started kissing just as passionately with tongues playing with each other. I couldn’t believe what was happening I was fucking the most beautiful women I know, my Mom. The woman all the other guys wish they could fuck. She was as great a fuck as she was beautiful. As I moved my mouth down to suck on her breasts they were softer than Peggy’s and obviously much larger. It seemed, where it took Peggy’s whole tit to fill my mouth, it only took Mom’s nipple and areola, I could feel her nipple harden between my lips and I sucked on it as I must have done as a baby.

All the time I felt my mother’s cunt muscles flexing around my cock, massaging in, clamping down on it as I would trust deep into her. These were things Peggy had not yet learned.

What was amazing was how daddy and I started our climax at about the same time. He was pounding wildly into his daughter mumbling, “Oh yes, fuck baby fuck, I am going to fill you baby, my baby girl, daddy’s going give you his seed, the seed you came from.”

Peggy’s head was wreathing from side to side as she just kept muttering, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me daddy, fuck me, fuck me.” Over and over.

As I was getting so close I could only moan, “Mommy, mommy, mommy…”

“Yes baby its okay, cum in your mommy; let me feel you cum inside me.” With her assurance I erupted inside my mother, filling her pussy with my cum, stroke after stroke of my cock into her, firing shot after shot of cum, until I finally collapsed on top of my mother’s naked body with my still hard cock deep inside her.

This is when daddy blew inside Peggy. But, after a couple of squirts inside her, he pulled his cock out of her and shot rope after rope of hot cum over her body. The force of his ejaculation was so strong that a couple of squirts actually hit her face. Her tits and stomach was covered in daddy’s cum. “Look Sue, look how beautiful your daughter looks.” Daddy said, as he milked the last drops from his cock with his hand and they dropped down onto Peggy’s pussy mound.

Mom smiled at him and said, “I just had a pretty wonderful time myself.” Peggy and I looked at each other and smiled. We both seemed to realize that we no longer had to sneak around when ever we wanted to fuck.

To be continued

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Posted 03 Jan 2014 15:45
fantastic story great reading

Posted 16 Nov 2013 07:13
OH, Patty - Peggy - did not matter as both start with P - lol - was so exciting with the discovery and then the consummation! Well done and at least another chapter for one of the hottest stories.
Posted 06 Nov 2011 12:07
um, um, um,,,very hot,,,,,love family sex!!! it is the most erotic!! a 5 of course,,,,well done,,,,more of this please!!! glad u didn't bother to make the kids ages over 18,,,that is such a silly disclaimer anyway! will follow you as i want to get the next chapter asap!!
Posted 31 Jul 2011 08:38
Brilliantly erotic.
Posted 13 Mar 2011 14:39
Wow! Fantasia at its best!
Posted 23 Oct 2010 20:26
Posted 03 Sep 2009 06:14
great story i love it. but why does patty/peggy's NAME and AGE change?
Posted 19 Jan 2009 08:52
Hotter than ever. Keep em coming. I love it.
Posted 07 Aug 2007 07:09
Good story, but you keep switching her name from Patty to Peggy!!
Posted 30 Jun 2007 00:31
You said a mouth full there.

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