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Allie-boy and his Mommy

Oh my God, she said, you're a young man now.
Taking a shower with my Mom was one of the most fun times we ever had. Like two kids under a summer spray nozzle we laughed and played. We washed each other all over. It was sexy and arousing, but primarily, it was fun.

Let me tell you how we came to be showering together. My Mom and I had been thru many difficult times together. My folks had a bad maraige. My Dad was mean when drunk. He was rarely home. When he was, he was usually drunk and abusive.

Once, as a kid, I heard them having sex. Mom was crying, she said,
 "Dan you’re hurting me."
His grunts and moans were his only response. At that time, I was too young for sex myself, But, I could recognize that she was in need.

I used to wet the bed at night. Mom would walk me to the toilet to pee before she went to sleep herself. Because I wasn’t really fully awake, she would hold my cock to aim the pee stream into the bowl. It went innocently like that for years.

When I began to jerk off, I used to fanaticize it was her holding my cock. One summer night, when I was 17, she fell asleep on the couch watching TV. Lying awake in my room, I could hear her snoring. I tip toed out to see what was going on. She was lying with her legs over the arm of the couch Her nightgown had slid wayup on her thighs. I crouched down to peek under the nitey.

It was the first pussy I ever saw. The black bushy hair aroused the animal in me. I stood there and studied the woman lying before me. Her breasts were half exposed. Thighs wide open. She smelled so sweet. It made me happy that she was breathing the same air as I was.

I loved my Mom and she loved me. Dad was a bastard and we both despised him. If only I had the nerve . I wanted to touch her, kiss her and just be nice to her. I felt that it was my job to make her happy.

Soon I had my own bush and a man sized cock. The bed wetting continued. I would lie awake hoping to hear her snoring on the couch. When I did I would go out and let my eyes explore her body. I would stand silently and imagine touching her breasts. I wanted to lick them and kiss them. I wanted to feel close to her. I thought of how much she would like to have her thighs stroked, gently with kindness and compassion.

In my imagination, I would be touching her and kissing her in this way, then she would say to me, “Put your cock inside me, Allie boy. C’mon and fuck your mommy.”
Then I would go back to bed and JO.

One night, going through this routine, I had a full erection while looking her over. Backing out of the room I bumped noisily into the door.I exited quickly and got into bed. I guess the noise I made woke her up. A moment later she was "waking" me for the trip to the toilet. I made believe I was half asleep and she led me by the hand.

After positioning me in front of the bowl she pulled my pajama pants down. She was sleepy herself. She leaned her body against my back as she reached around to steer my pee stream.

When her soft warm hand found a man sized erection I felt her body tense. I was so scared and so excited at the same time, I couldn’t pee. In the past when I was hesitant she would stroke the top of my cock with her thumb and say, "Pishhhh, pishhhh, pishhhh.) Tonight there was just silence and her body leaning on mine. Then it seemed as though time stopped advancing.

My pj’s were around my ankles and she had my cock in her hand. I could feel that tuft of black hair that I found so fascinating. It was pressing against my rear end, and I could feel it as if we were both naked. Only her thin nitey was between us.I felt her nipples growing harder against my back.

My skin was so alive and sensitive. I was welcoming all this sensory, tactile arousal. I could feel her breath on my neck. I only wished we were standing face to face. I wanted my sweet Mommies mouth on mine.

I was standing as rigid as a statue. I wasn’t peeing. My mom moved from behind me to sit on the edge of the tub, by my side. I didn’t like losing the body contact but I did like her being able to see my cock. I didn’t dare move my body, but my I saw her staring at my full throbbing hard on and her hand was now caressing it. Of that, I was sure.

There was no mistaking her fingertips gliding up and back on my erect cock. It left me speechless, but she spoke.
"My God you’re a young man now."

She got back behind me. She put her arms around me, again. Her left hand went up my PJ shirt and she was stroking my chest. Her right hand held my cock in all the glory associated with a woman holding a man’s cock. I was trying not to tremble.

She seemed very calm and composed. She spoke in a hoarse whisper that I later learned to recognize as a woman in heat.
 "For a very long time now", she said, "I've been taking you to the bathroom. It’s really a very personal event in it’s nature. Just a secret that you and I share. I have never told anyone, have you?"
I said, "No, I never told anyone."

She spoke again.
"Good boy. Now I need you to do a very personal task, to help me, and you have to promise never to tell anyone about this secret either."

I squeeked out, "I promise mom."

Mom led me by the hand to her bed. She took something from the night table drawer. I couldn’t get my PJs to stay up. She said,
"just leave them off for now."
So I stepped out of them, leaving me nude from the waist down.

Lying on her back, without any shame, she hiked the night gown up to her waist exposing her white thighs, a smooth tummy and that fascinating black patch. I was so stiff (both my cock and my body) I had to check to see if I was breathing. She motioned me to kneel on my knees beside her. She lubed my middle finger with the stuff from the night table.

"I have an itch that’s driving me crazy. It needs this medicine rubbed in, but I can’t reach it."

Mom smiled at me lovingly. Her hand stroked my face.
“Will you rub this in for Mommy, until I tell you to stop?”
Unable to speak, I nodded, yes. Elevating her knees, she took my hand by the wrist to the entrance of her pussy. With her fingers she opened her pussy lips revealing the wet pink inner lips. My cock was drooling all over the sheet.

"Put the medicine inside me honey."
She guided my finger into her pussy.
"Good boy, rub it in. Press your fingertip against the insides and keep it up until the itch stops OK."
I began to stroke my finger into her cunt. Instinctively my other hand caressed her tummy, just above her thick bush. My finger began to explore inside. I was touching the inner walls of my Mommies hot cunt.

I found a “bump” on the roof of her cunt. Now, I know it’s called a G spot.
“Oh yeah, honey. That’s where it itches most,” she said.
“Rub the medicine in there.”
Obligingly, like a good boy, I stroked my finger into her slippery pussy four or five times, then my fingertip would circle her G spot four or five times. Quickly, I realized the truth of the situation. I was finger fucking my Mother and we were both loving it.

She masked the truth for a while with the medicine bit. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was in ecstasy. I don’t think any man ever touched her body with such tenderness. When she opened her eyes and they met mine, the medicine charade was over and we both knew we had crossed a certain line and our steps could never be retraced.

Her mouth opened slightly and her eyes pleaded with me. Obediently I leaned forward and put my open mouth on hers. A torrent of love and passion passed between us.

My Mom was so happy to finally being made love to with the tenderness she deserved, and I was so pleased to be giving it to her. As her passion rose and she was nearly cumming she said, "That feels good, keep it up. I'm almost better now, relief is cumming, its cummming.”
 She reverted to the medicine ruse, for some reason I couldn’t figure out just now.

With that her body convulsed and quivered. She moaned and rolled her head from side to side on the pillow. She seemed to explode inside.

She grabbed me by the wrist with both of her hands. She locked me in position so I couldn’t withdraw. Then slowly the motions of her body subsided. I never saw a woman orgasm before. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I couldn’t believe what I had just done.

She motioned me to move between her legs. Looking into my eyes she said,
“You are so wonderful Allie. You are a perfect lover.”
Her eyes were watering. That hoarse whisper returned.
“Fuck me now, honey. Come and fuck your Mommy. I want your cock inside me.”
She guided my cock head to her wet pussy lips. She guided my cock up and down the slit to lubricate the cock head. As she tugged my cock to move it inside her, she whispered,
“Yes baby come fuck your mommy.”

As eager as I was to do so, I couldn’t hold it back. Her grasp on my cock made me cum. I spewed my cream on her pussy and her tummy and I speckled that thick black bush with white drops of love. I was disappointed with my premature ejaculation, but she wasn’t unhappy. She was grateful overall for what we had just done. She gathered me into her embrace. We hugged and kissed and loved each other very much. After 10 minutes of this, she sent me to my own bed with a promise of more tomorrow .


The next day I must have jerked off 5 times thinking about finger fucking my Mom. Every time our paths crossed she tried to make eye contact, but I couldn’t handle it. I avoided her eyes. I couldn’t wait for bedtime.

I was lying awake waiting for her to take me to the bathroom. When she came for me I made believe I was asleep. I played this charade to the edge of the bowl. Again she dropped my pants, slid her arms around me and held my cock to aim the stream. I could feel her weight leaning against my back again, feel her breasts on me, feel the "bump" of her full pussy bush against my ass. I peed and she pointed.

When I was done she usually gave a shake or two. This time she milked the last drops out and when she was done I had a hard on. She held it firmly but softly and gave me a few teasing strokes. She kissed the back of my neck, and I heard that throaty whisper again.
"You were so kind to me last night, applying my medicine, I would like to return the favor."
Not knowing exactly what she meant, I nodded yes.

When we got to her bed, she lied me down on my back and removed all my PJs.
I couldn’t believe it. My Mom took me to her bed and stripped me nude. She took the lube tube from the drawer. She pulled her gown off over her head and knelt naked beside me. Me and my Mom were naked on her bed.

Her breasts were so close, so white, so beautiful. Her pink nipples were erect. I knew what I wanted from them but I was half paralyzed with fear. Deftly, Mom lubed the arc from her thumb to the tip of her right forefinger. She used those fingers to encircle my cock. Verrrry slowly she stroked my stiff young cock. Her touch was exquisite. As I looked at her face I thought she was as regal as a Queen.

At the bottom of each stroke her fingers fluttered over my balls. If I didn’t JO 5 times already today I would have splashed the ceiling right then. She said,
"does that feel real good for you honey? You made me feel wonderful last night and I want this to be special for you."
I was speechless, but she went on.
"You applied my medication so well the itch went away. I'm going to do the same for you. I'll even kiss the boo-boo for you."

My Mom leaned over me and kissed my cock head. Stroke, stroke, stroke. With her lips parted ever so slightly she kissed my mouth. I moaned with pleasure. She headed south again and took the head of my cock into her mouth. OMG, heaven couldn’t be better then this. My hands had to move. Somehow nature took over and I found myself trying to get my middle finger into her pussy.

She recognized my inexperience. She said,
 "let me teach you something."
Putting a dab on the end of my thumb she moved to a more receptive position and showed me how to finger fuck her pussy and "put the medicine" on her clit at the same time. Within a minute I had that down pat. Then she leaned over me again and sucked my cock full bore. While I was fingering her cunt with one hand, I was cradling her breasts in the other. She matched the tempo of my hand strokes by moving her mouth over my cock. Lifting my head for a look, I saw my shaft disappearing into her face.

Mom began to vocalize her pleasure by crooning and murmuring. The physical, visual and auditory excitement was too much. I couldn’t control it too long. With a few thrusts upward with my pelvis, I shot a small load, which she held in her mouth until my spasms were done. With her hands she motioned me to continue the manual stimulation of her inner pussy and clit. She was upright on her knees and erect in posture.

When she quivered a bit I though that was her orgasm, but I was wrong. She bent over to kiss me and gave me a taste of my own cum. I moaned loudly and mashed my thumb on her clit. Then she quivered again. Her whole body quivered and shook and shuddered. Her climax drenched my hand with a discharge of her own.

We lied side by side for a while. Embracing, resting and loving each other. We kissed and caressed. My hand traveled lightly over her thighs. Just as lightly, her fingers stroked my face. ”You’re a good boy Allie,” she said.
“No man has ever made me feel as good as you make me feel. I love you so much son. I only pray we are not doing the wrong thing.”
I pondered the weight of what she said.

Minutes passed before I could frame an appropriate response.
“I love you too Mom. This feels so right inside. My heart is happy and your face tells me how happy you are. How could it be wrong? Maybe to somebody else it’s wrong, but to me and you its right. I couldn’t imagine doing these things with any other woman and having as much pleasure and love flow between us.”

“Son, I think you’re on to something. I have loved you and longed for you since. . .since before you were born. Your body formed inside me. You came into the world by passing through my vagina. You got your first nourishment, sucking on my nipples. I bathed you and powdered you. You are a part of me. You have been an object of my sexual fantasies since day one.”

I responded,
“Thousands of years ago, someone put a taboo on Mother-Son sex. But in many ways it’s the truest expression of love possible. Who cares what some cave man thought? I say, fuck him. I say, make love with your Mother.” With that, we both laughed,

After a moment of silence she spoke again.
“Allie, lets shower together and freshen up. Then I want to come back to bed with you. Now, I want you to fuck me.”
That’s how we happened to be showering together.

Now I’ll continue the story.


We both hated my Dad’s behavior. His drinking had brought us shame within the extended family and in the neighborhood as well. It also brought Mom and I closer to each other. For so many years I had fantasies that he went away, and I became her man. She certainly deserved better treatment then he gave her. Standing naked together and toweling each other dry, I could see with an unobstructed view, the body I had been sneaking peeks at for years.

It was a body worth looking at. Middle age had not appeared anywhere on her body. When I was age 17, Mom was only 36. She was a hard worker and a minimal eater, so she was lean and shapely. She was about 5 foot 4 with perfect B cups. My Dad was the only sex partner Mom ever had. Perhaps “partner” is not the right word.

Partners share. He took the sexual relief he needed from her, with no concern for her needs. In the simplest terms, my Mom was love starved. Being her first born, I was the object of her love. As for me, having no emotional relationship with my Father, I focused all my love on Mom.

She took my hand and led me back to her bed. We lied on our sides facing each other. She held my face in her hands and kissed my mouth. She kissed my eyes and every other place on my face. With my hands in front of my own chest, I held her breasts, one in each hand. Mom put her tongue tip between my lips.

Slowly, she passed it along the inner edges of my mouth. Her tongue didn’t enter into my mouth, it circled the rim. I found this to be very erotic. The sensation began to feel like a mild electric current running through my lips. Then the sensation spread to my nipples and they began to feel the same way. I put one hand in the small of her back and pulled her closer. With my cock against her tummy, I planted one leg between her legs. way up high, so my thigh was against her pussy. I had one hand cupping her breast and the other tracing the crack of her ass. Mom held my face in her hands and her tongue continued to explore my lips.

This was not raw sex. This was not hot fucking. This was emotional closeness, expressed with pure tenderness.
“I love you Allie,” she said. “I love more then I can say.”
I became a little choked up with emotion. My eyes watered. I was so happy to be in her embrace. So happy she let me lie naked with her.
“I love you too Mom. I wish we could stay just like this forever,” I said. I meant that too.

My euphoria was approaching a trance-like state. Without warning Mom rolled over me. I was on my back and she was on top of me. Suddenly she was playful and giddy.
“I want to kiss you upside down,” she giggled. She jumped off the bed.

Then standing at the footboard, she pulled me by the ankles toward the foot of the bed. In a flash she was kneeling behind my head. She bent down to my face and kissed my lips upside down. Playfully, she stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. She brushed her lips from side to side across my mouth.

As if she were talking to an infant, she said,
“Mommy is going to kiss her little Allie-baby. Mommy is going to kiss the baby alllllll over.”
She pulled my chin up and covered my neck with sloppy wet kisses. It was pure fun and frolic. She was doing this just to amuse me.

She placed her open mouth on my neck. Then she blew all the air out of her lungs. It made a sound like a great big fart. We laughed together like two kindergarten kids.
“Does the little baby like to play kissie-poo with his Mommy?”
She teased. I did like it, but even more, I liked that she was having fun. Light hearted moments like we were enjoying were rare for her. I was happy to be living out my day dreams, but I was even happier to see her being playful.

She was done with the baby talk.
“OK big boy, let’s lick each others nipples.”
From the kneeling position behind my head, she extended her body so she could reach my nips with her mouth. Of course this was a perfect position for me to do the same. Her pretty breasts were hanging right into my face and I feasted on them. I sucked eagerly like a baby. First, one breast and then the other. Up and back, I worked my mouth on those lovely titties I tried to position my mouth so my lips were exactly on the outer edges of her areolas.

I circled her nipples with my tongue.
I sucked them into my mouth. As my mouth concentrated on the most sensitive area, my hands caressed the base of her breasts.
This was something I wanted to do for as long as I can remember.

Mom had extended one arm to cradle my balls during this tit-for-tit play. I followed her lead. I extended my arm, and I played with her pussy. She began to crawl her way down my body. Her kisses were now on my abdomen. I mirrored her actions and kissed her tummy.Her arms could reach farther now and she was stroking my thighs.

From this “almost 69” position I caressed the back of her thighs and her ass cheeks.She licked me where the legs join the torso, so I did the same thing to her. Her fingers moved up and down my cock as lightly as if they were feathers.

My thumbs opened her pussy lips for better access. Seeing the inner pink flesh of her vagina made my cock throb. The scent of her pussy had my head reeling. In my innocence, I first kissed her open pussy like it was a mouth. It was a sweet and tender feeling to me. Seeing, tasting and smelling my mommies-cunt was all I could stand. But, Momma wanted more.

She brought her face to mine.
“Is it OK if I tell you what I want you to do?” she asked.
“Of course it’s OK,” I said. “I want you to teach me everything.”
On her knees, right near my face, she showed me her pussy.
“See inside these lips, it’s very sensitive there. Lick me there and suck these lips into your mouth” She pointed to the area.
“Sure Ma I can do that,” I said. She smiled (amused) at my answer.

“There’s more I want to tell you Honey. Sometimes, it would feel good if you stiffened you tongue and stuck it inside me as far as you can. Can you do that?”
This time, I smiled at her.
“If I can’t, I’ll sure have fun trying.”
That earned me a sexy kiss on the mouth.

“This little pea shaped thing is called the clitoris. It’s so sensitive, nature provided a hood to keep it covered. When you move the hood back like this, you can see how it pops out. It feels verrrry good to have your clitoris stimulated. You’ve already done it for me with your fingers. Now, let’s move it up a notch and do it with your mouth. I want you to lick it, kiss it, suck it and twirl it in your mouth. Doing this for Mommy will make me cum. OK?” she asked. I nodded.

Again Mom straddled my face. With her hands she opened her cunt and set it on my mouth. She dropped her head down and took my cock into her mouth. Her fingertips fluttered over my balls. I loved having her lie on top of me. I liked her weight on me and her breasts on my belly. I held her ass cheeks in my hands and pulled her down onto my face. I licked and nibbled at her cunt lips. I twirled her clit in my mouth. My Mom was sucking my cock and massaging my balls. I was eating out her pussy, just the way she told me to.

Some boys suppress their private thoughts, others let them wander freely. Every boy has had some thoughts about making love to his mother. I was doing what I had allowed myself think freely about so often. Let me tell you, it was heavenly to be so intimate with her. As I said earlier, my Mom was love starved. She was hungry for affection and hungry for sex too. As much as I was enjoying the pleasures of the flesh given to me by my Mom, I was enjoying giving her physical and emotional pleasure even more.

My confidence was surging. I thought of a way to give her even more pleasure. I tapped her ass cheek several times and she broke off our delicious 69. Quickly her face was near mine and she asked me,
“Is everything OK, honey. Are you alright?”
“Oh yeah,” I said. “I love it that you let me put my mouth on your pussy. But, I thought of something I’d like to do that I think you’ll really like a lot.”
“Oh Allie, you’re so sweet. Tell me what you want. I’ll do whatever you want.”

I got off the bed. I tucked a pillow under my arm and pulled Mom over to the big soft chair. I sat her in the chair and positioned her so she sat on the cushion’s front edge. I dropped the pillow to the floor, to kneel on. I got on my knees between my Mommies legs. I lifted her legs and draped them over my shoulders.

I inhaled the pungent aroma of her wet cunt. My thumbs opened her crevice and then cleared the wet hairs away from the open crack.I lapped at her opening like a man dying of thirst. I pulled her cunt lips into my mouth with strong suction. I worked up one side, then down the other. I sucked and twirled her clit into my mouth. I tried to suck the inner walls of that delicious love starved cunt into my mouth. There were lots of slurping and gurgling sounds. Loud sounds.

But not as loud as the sounds Mom was making. She was moaning and Oh-my-God-ing and Yes, yes, yes-ing and suck me Allie suck me-ing and I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. Instinct was guiding me. I put two fingers in her soaking wet cunt. My fingertips found her G spot.

While my fingertips did a tap dance on her G spot, I was trying to suck her clit right out her body.
“Oh my God. Oh my God, where did you learn to do that?”
Mom was bucking her pussy up into my face. She crossed her legs behind my back and her legs pulled me in towards her. She was wriggling and squirming and squeezing my face between her thighs.
“Oh Allie, that’s so good. That’s so good. You’re making me cum Allie. Yes Allie make me cum. Allie, I want to cum Allie, I want to cum.”

She pressed her heels onto my shoulders, lifting her ass off the chair. She shuddered and quivered and contracted. Lowering back onto the seat cushion her body continued to spasm and she rolled her head rapidly from side to side. My mouth never left her clit and the body twitching continued. Her breathing was heavy. She humped against my face. When she could cum no more, she lifted my head off her cunt. I then withdrew my fingers. I kissed her inner thighs and lovingly caressed her tummy until she recovered.

She said, “That was the best orgasm I ever had in my life.”

We stood and she hugged me very hard. She kissed me with passion. I felt proud to have delivered her best orgasm. But something else held my thoughts. Mom sensed this and she asked,
“Are OK Allie?”
“I feel wonderful Mom, but I was thinking”. . . . .
“What? What is it Honey?”
“My prick has still never been inside a pussy. I want to try that.”
“OMG,” she exclaimed. “I have been so busy building up to that, I lost sight of it. I’m sorry baby. Let Mommy get to work on you right now."
During this talking, my cock had softened somewhat. (just a little bit)

Now she made us change places. Mom sat me on the edge of the chair cushion and she got on her knees, on the pillow, between my legs. She put both of her palms alongside my cock, one on each side. Sliding one hand forward and the other hand backward, Rolling my cock between her hands, she had me back to a full erection real quick.

“MMMMMMMM,” she crooned. “I love your prick you little stud-baby.”
She smiled at me like she just told the best joke in the world. I wasn’t thinking jokes. I was thinking about getting inside her pussy. She rotated her torso left and right, rubbing her breasts on my inner thighs. Her hands glided across the top of my thighs. Her hands found and tweaked my nipples. She caressed my chest. She cupped my balls and kissed my cock along the bottom. As delicately as possible, the tip of her tongue traveled around the chiseled edge of my cock head. She placed her arms around me, very low. She locked her hands together behind my ass.

Securely engaged, she took my cock deep into her mouth with a moan of joy. A moan of joy is what I gave her back. Exquisitely, she moved her mouth up and down my throbbing cock. The only contact my cock had with Mom was her inner lips and cheeks. It felt velvety smooth, warm and wet. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. My wonderful Mommy, whom I loved so dearly, was giving me a heavenly blow job. My sexy Mommy, whom I wanted to make love to for such a long time, enjoyed having sex with me. My new sex-partner Mommy, was priming me to fuck her cunt. I couldn’t see my cock but I know it was engorged with more blood then ever. I could feel my heart beating, hear the blood pulsing in my ears.

Sensing that I was at the highest point of arosal, Mom took me by the hand and moved us to the bed. She got on her back in the center of the big bed, legs open, knees elevated.
“Kneel between my legs, Honey.”
I got on my knees between her legs. I was actually trembling with anticipation.

She opened her arms to me, which called me to lie on top of her.
“Allie-boy, I know this is your first real fuck and I want it to be special for you. But, I have to tell you. . . .I want this as much as you do. Put your beautiful prick inside me now. Bury it as deep in me as you can. I want you to cum inside me. Fuck me now son. C’mon and fuck your Mommy.”
I positioned my cock at the entrance to heaven.

She took it and guided the tip up and down her slit for lubrication.
“Slide it into me now Allie. Give it to me. Give it to me please.”
I wanted this to be in my memory forever, so I savored the moment. Slowly I fed my cock into my Mothers quivering cunt. The last two inches or so, I plunged it home. At last I had my cock in Mommies cunt, And it was in to the hilt. Her body was warm and welcoming. Her pussy was wet and wonderful as it accepted me home. My mouth found hers. We kissed deeply. We were fully united at last.

My weight was on my elbows, my forearms under her shoulders. My fingers lapped over her bare shoulders, pointing towards her chest. I felt as though I were in control of all the universe. She wrapped her legs around me. She wrapped her arms around me With all her strength and with all her will, She pulled me into the depths of her body, She pulled me into the depths of her soul. I began to stroke my cock into her. As I did, I kissed her neck, her ears, her face.

Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, each one feeling for the bottom. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, each one saying, I love you. Each kiss saying thank you. Each one declaring my gratitude for sharing yourself with me. This was my first intercourse. She had fucked many times before this. But for both of us, it was the first time making love.

I was floating in ecstasy. Symbolically I had returned to the embryonic sac. I even became aware of muted sounds.
“Oh yes Allie boy, fuck me. Fuck me honey, I love you so much.”
“Oh Ma, this is so good. I love you mom, I love you, Oh God, Oh my God.”
I had expected to enjoy this, and I sure as hell was. I expected my Mom to enjoy it. She sure as hell was. What I never expected was for my Mother to ignite. I mean, she went up in flames.

Her arms and legs were clamped around me. Her open mouth was on me everywhere she could reach. I had a nice rhythmic stroke going into her pussy. She was humping me back by opening up for my thrusts, then squeezing my cock with her pussy, as I drew out. Chest to chest our hearts were pounding. Pelvis to pelvis our genitals were pounding. I thought the entire Universe was spinning around ME. But, I was in control.

Apparently, Mom had lost control. She was screaming so loud, I couldn’t believe it.


I wanted this to never end. But, I felt my orgasm beginning to rise.
“Oh this is so good Ma, I’m beginning to cum.”

Her words built my excitement even higher. I wanted to cum now. I focused on my cock plunging deep into her darkest depths. I listened to her implore me.

“Yes Ma, I’m cumming now. I’m cumming, I’m CUMMING.”
It felt as big as a golfball working its way out through my cock. But when my ejaculation exploded out of the end, I visualized fireworks on the 4 th of July.

BOOM, it seemed to go flying in a hundred directions at once. Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green and White sparks flying. Heat and light going every which way. It illuminated the entire sky. In unison the whole world said, “OHHHHHH.”

Mom said, “I’m cummimg too, OH BABY, I’M CUMMMMMING.”

My spasms were centered in my pelvis. I thought the thing to do was keep on thrusting. But that was impossible. My body was contracting and twitching. I tried to relax and let the waves of pleasure roll over me. My contortions continued and my heart raced. I emptied myself into her welcoming cunt. I was physically and emotionally spent. In time, my body calmed and I began to return to normal.

Mom, still hugging me, dug her heels into the bed. She was lifting her hips towards me, raising us both off the mattress. Her cunt was saturated with her fluids and mine combined.

I don’t know how she got her legs between mine, but she did. She crossed her ankles and her pussy squeezed me inside her. Her breathing was heavy, her face was sweaty and her heart raced too. She twitched and shuddered, still. She came down from the peak slower then I did.

As we were both settling down, Mom began to laugh. The laughter was from happiness and from having such a great release. I began to cry, also from happiness, and from my own great release. When Mom realized I was crying, she began to cry. When she began to cry, I began to laugh. So we laughed and cried together because we had just traveled together over the biggest mountain separating Mothers and Sons.

We had a lot of emotion bottled up inside for a long time, now it was out.

Major confession time:

MOM: “Allie, I have to tell you how wonderful you were, I mean. . . . . .
You are a fantastic love making partner.”

ALLIE: “Well, I had a fantastic teacher.”

MOM: “I know it was your first time having full intercourse,
but I had some firsts too. It was the first time I ever enjoyed sucking a cock”

ALLIE: “You never did that before?”

MOM: “I said, first time enjoying it. Your Father used to force me to do that to him, and because I was forced, I found it repulsive. It made me gag, but with you it was beautiful and natural. Actually, I loved it.”

ALLIE: “He’s a mean son of a bitch.”

MOM: “I have 2 more bouquets to throw your way.
Whenever he ate my pussy it was for his pleasure, not mine.
This was the first time I ever had an orgasm that way, thank you.
Furthermore, in all my life the only orgasms I ever had were from masturbation or from your Dad fingering me.
I must have faked it a million times to get him off me, but you take first prize in that category too. What do you think of that?”

ALLIE: “Wow, I’m overwhelmed.
You don’t have to tell me all that, but I’m grateful for your confidence in telling me. I’m also very happy to be the one to bring you these “firsts.”

MOM: “Firsts and seconds and thirds and on to eternity.
From now on you’re my man.”

The End.

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very hot,erotic incest tale,,,,with a happy ending!! loved it really!! a 5 of course!! my mother was the most miserable unhappy sob i ever met, made my dad and i very sad to say the least,,,i am glad other men have better feeling about their mothers and would even make love to them,,,i cannot imagine that for myself.
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