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Amelia Talks to Scotty: Part Two

It was not everyday that a mom leaked her own sexual flavor on her son’s bed
Amelia stepped out of the kitchen and gingerly made her way upstairs to her room. She went slowly not to make any noise. She really did not know why though. She guessed it was the thrill of what would come. As she walked, she felt the tender fold of her personal divide literally slide back and forth from the moisture that had seeped out of it with every stride she took. With each step she took up the stairs, she felt the room’s air cool the hot spot between her legs. What had been a perfect line there, now was a sexually stimulated fleshiness showing it’s true form. Amelia could not wait to show it to her son.

Scotty was now laying on his bed naked, his cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. It was all because of his mom. He was ready to blow a big load. His balls were full since it had been two weeks since he had masturbated last. He felt his cock jumping with each beat of his heart and it felt good. Being rock hard helped a great deal also. He loved it when his cock got as hard as it could get just from seeing his mom naked. It was a thrill knowing that he reacted that way just from the thought of her. Scotty began to wrap his hand around his hardness when there was a knock on his door, followed by his mother’s voice. Immediately, his cock fell limp and he rushed to pull on his boxers.

“Scotty, may I come in?” Amelia asked in a voice that sounded seductive.

“Yeah, just a minute mom. I just got up,” Scotty answered through the door.

As soon as he had his boxers pulled on, he opened the door and there stood his mother in her short pink robe, tied tightly around her waist. He had only seen his mother in her robe a few times. This was definitely a special moment.

Amelia was always careful what she wore in front of her eighteen year old son, but today was different. She knew that he had obviously been spying on her for sometime now since she saw him earlier moving, trying not to be seen. It really got her sexual juices flowing. Amelia could still feel the wetness inside her pussy as she stood in her son’s doorway. It wanted out.

Scotty stood there, holding the door open, staring at his mother, imagining her naked under that pink robe. He could see her tiny breasts, the pink centers of them, rubbing against the soft fabric, making them peak tenderly. He even imagined the perfect line between her legs hidden by the pinkness of her robe, hiding its own inner pinkness as well. Scotty loved that his mother was very sensual and often portrayed herself in that way and did not even know she was. He knew that even though his mom never dated and never had any interactions with a man sexually, that she was still a very sexual individual. He had never caught her touching herself, but he knew she did.

Amelia walked into her son’s room, a smile on her face and immediately sat on the edge of his bed, crossing her legs as she did. She watched him look at the tanned smooth skin of the one crossed as the robe’s crease exposed it at her knee. As she crossed her legs, she felt her wet core escape her tender slit slightly. She knew there was a now a damp spot on his sheets. That was a given. And she actually felt a little embarrassed by that. It was not everyday that a mom leaked her own sexual flavor on her son’s bed. But Amelia was and she actually enjoyed it, even though she was embarrassed by it. She could not wait for Scotty to see it.

Scotty looked at his mother and could not take it anymore. She was being different and he knew why. He knew that she had figured out he had been watching her when she would stand nude on the deck. He could not keep it from his mom any longer. 

“Mom, I’ve been watching you. I love how you stand on the deck totally naked. It’s so fucking sexy!” Scotty blurted out in one breath.

“I know Scotty. That’s why I am here now. We’ve never had that ‘talk’ you know,” Amelia said and smiled.

“MOM! Really? I already know what happens.” Scotty said and blushed.

“I am sure of that, but honey, wouldn’t you really like to experience it? Know what it’s like?” Amelia asked and untied her pink robe and let it fall open just enough to reveal bare skin, nothing else.

Scotty watched as the robe fell open enough to see his mother’s skin between her small breasts and stomach. The bottom of the robe split her legs, revealing both of their tanned smoothness. With her leg crossed over the other though, Scotty could not see the formation of the perfect line between them that he so loved. Scotty wanted to move over to sit on the bed beside his mother, but he was in shock, but still taking in the site of her beauty.

Scotty loved what he saw and he finally started to move over to his bed and sat beside his mother. Amelia smiled at him and could read the reluctance on his face. She could tell that he wanted to touch her, but something was holding him back from doing so. Amelia decided to help the situation along.

Amelia took hold of Scotty’s hand and held it while looking into his eyes and smiling. She could feel the nervous tremors in his hand from anticipation. That was understandable. It was not everyday that a son got a chance to fuck his own mother. Amelia knew that Scotty was scared of what to do next. Well, maybe not scared. More overwhelmed.

“It’s okay to touch me. I won’t break,” Amelia said and lifted her son’s hand and brought it up inside the open flaps of her robe. She placed his hand slowly on her small right breast and let it rest there. Scotty’s hand was warm on her already hot skin. Amelia felt the palm of his hand cup over her perky bosom and pour even more heat into her pink nipple, stimulating it into a lengthening frenzy. The pointed peak of her sensual mound rubbed his palm and sent sensations ripping slowly through her sexually depraved body.

Scotty felt the soft skin of his mother’s breast under his palm. To him, it felt like pure fire, hot enough to melt his skin. As her nipple rose from his touch, he felt the tautness of it against his palm. This sent a stirring into his groin. He could feel his manhood begin to stiffen in his boxer. It felt different to him. It was not like the feeling of gaining what he felt was a normal erection. This was a more sensual rising. It felt more natural. It was true sexual yearning at its best and he was experiencing it for the first time.

Slowly, Amelia felt her son’s hand begin to massage her small mound. Her nipple’s firmness flicked against the palm of his hand as he slowly circled over her small perkiness. As Scotty squeezed gently with his fingers, a moan escaped her mouth. It was a long sensual escaping tone that felt wonderful as it left her body. Amelia closed her eyes and fell into the touch of her son’s hand on her tiny breast. She tossed her head back slightly, pushing out her chest a little. Her robe fell from both shoulders, revealing the tender curves that developed into the contours of her arms. Her other breast was also revealed as well and Scotty saw it. It was just as perky and its center was just as erect as the one he was feeling. Without thinking, he raised his other hand and touched his mother’s free breast. He loved how his mom shivered as both his hands covered her tiny chest.

Scotty felt his cock begin to rise and as he felt his mother’s warm mounds, his cock lengthened fully. It felt good there hidden by his boxers as it pounded behind the cloth. He could feel it wanting to pop out of the buttoned opened front, but he adjusted himself just so it would not. He was still a little embarrassed to let his mother see it. Imagine that.

Slowly, Scotty let the hand that had been massaging his mother’s right breast drift down and onto her stomach. He traced a line over her stomach with his finger tip and he felt his mother’s body quiver. He was taking a chance and working his way down between her legs. He wanted to make his mother uncross her legs and reveal to him what was hiding there.

Amelia moaned as she felt her son’s finger linger on her hot skin of her stomach. She could feel his hand moving ever so slowly lower. She knew what he wanted to do and Amelia wanted him to do it. She wanted to feel someone else’s fingers run across her hot moist sexual opening other than her own. She was ready to reveal her hot slit to her son.

Gradually, Amelia uncrossed her leg as she felt Scotty’s hand mover lower against her skin. She felt his hand begin the trek over her abdomen and want to go lower. Even though her legs were now uncrossed, she kept them together. Amelia was making him work for it. She was not giving in so easy. As Scotty ran his hand over his mother’s body down to the place he was trying to feel, it did feel like he knew what he was doing and it made it easier on her to want to open her legs, but Amelia held back. She wanted to truly test her son.

Scotty moved as low as his hand would go and knew that when he felt the crease of her thighs still folded together hiding the place he wanted to feel, that his mother was intentionally withholding. He admitted that this was the first time he had even been this far with a woman, but he thought he was doing okay. Scotty knew he had to do something else in order to get his hand between his mother’s legs. He removed his other hand from her breast and ran it up her neck to her face where he used it to turn her face towards his. He looked deep into his mother’s eyes, saw the passion in them and then sunk his lips to hers. It was the only thing he could think of doing that would lead his hand between his mother’s legs.

Amelia gave in to her son’s kiss. Her body began to relax and before she knew it, she had parted her legs and felt his hand slide between them. She felt his hand glide over the outline of her pussy. His hand felt good on her tender fold. Amelia could tell Scotty was being careful how he felt her since this was new territory to him. He was doing well and she was enjoying it immensely. Then she shuddered as his finger slid between her folds of hot skin there. Amelia moaned very deeply as her son’s finger slid through her personal divide and then stopped. Amelia felt Scotty’s finger just stop in mid-feel. It was like he was lost.

She felt Scotty take his lips from hers and look at her with a very complex look, all the while his finger lingered inside the tender crease that made her a woman. Amelia looked at him and thought she could tell what he was thinking, but she could not read him.

Finally, Amelia said, “Scotty, something wrong?”

Scotty looked at his mother and with an embarrassed smile said, “Mom, you are so hot and wet down there!”

“Yeah, I know. It’s normal and it’s all because of you, honey,” Amelia answered and reached up with her hand, stroked the side of her son’s face and touched his lips.

Scotty then knew he was doing something right. Immediately, he started to slowly run his finger up and down the contour of his mother’s wet slit. As he did, Scotty began to imagine how it would feel wrapped around his hard cock. Until that moment actually happened, Scotty was content to let his finger rest between his mother’s fleshy fold of freshness.

The anticipation of the other added to what he was feeling with his hand right now. He could wait a little longer. He had already for eighteen years. A little longer was not going to hurt.
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Posted 02 Dec 2011 16:03
Posted 17 Aug 2011 19:17
great story hope to read more soon!!
Posted 17 Aug 2011 14:06
Scored with a 3 because: ONLY BECAUSE U ENDED IT TO SOON
Posted 16 Aug 2011 14:59
Great storytelling. Great pacing to ensure that other episodes have to follow. Thank you.
Posted 16 Aug 2011 10:23
Very erotic, 2 horny adults finding one another. 5 for sure
Posted 16 Aug 2011 06:43
Very exciting and hot, but your really going to drag this out huh.

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