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An Incest Birthday Chapter 15- 2nd Half

The second half of the all women chapter. Comments and feedback greatly appreciated.
-----(Back to Rita and Randy's room, Rita's POV)-----

Finally, we made enough room in all the drawers where Randy could keep his stuff there and I could have my stuff there too. I had to clear out his night stand drawers of all his miscellaneous stuff and turn them into sock and underwear drawers, but at least it was working. Now all I had left to do was make room in the closet for my hang-ups and shoes, and clear some space on the dresser for my make-up, even though I only use like five things out of the whole case, I still need it all just in case.

“You guys have entirely too much stuff, this is ridiculous!” Stephanie said in mock shock.

“Oh be quiet, you probably have more stuff than I do.”

“Nowhere near this much. What do you do, shop every time there's a sale?”

“Pretty much. All of us do, well except dad and Randy, the bagboys,” I laughed.

“I wonder what they're all doing now. Did Randy tell you where they were?”

I knew exactly where they were, two of the worst places they could be right now, at a baseball game, then a bar. Both of those are time consuming, and that's more time away from Randy that there needs to be. I wish they would just come home right now, they forgot something and need to come and get it, or they call it a day early. I'd give anything for Randy to walk through that door right now...

“Rita! Rita! You in there? I said do you know where they went?”

“Oh, sorry. They went to a baseball game, and they're going to a bar afterwards.”

“Wow you're really stressing over Randy being gone aren't you?”

I sighed and sat down. “If I thought being away from him would bother me this much I don't think I would've let him go, well not without me at least. I can't stop thinking about him, not even for a little bit. Dammit they need to hurry up and come back!”

“Whoa Rita, I've never seen you this agitated before!”

“That's because you've never seen me without Randy. Even before we became an item it was hard being away from him. Three years ago dad took him on a fishing trip for two weeks, and I was miserable even then, imagine if we were in love then, I would have gone crazy without him.”

“Just think of it as a test to see if you two can survive without each other.”

“Well I fail, dammit! Were twins, and in love, were not supposed to be apart. You can't stand there and tell me you don't miss Chris, even a little, I know you do.”

She leaned against the wall. “Yeah, I kinda miss him a little. It does feel weird not having him around.”

“See what I mean! And its like ten times worse for me! Stupid dads and their baseball game.”

“So I didn't take your mind off him at all?” Stephanie pouted.

“No you did, but when we finished it reminded me of him again. Afterwards he would hold me and kiss me and tell me he loved me, its just, I can't help but think about him.”

“So he won't care that we fooled around while you two are in love?”

“No, he wont. Its only a problem if I sleep with another guy, or he sleeps with another girl that's not family. The only other people we mess around with are mom and Aunt Lisa, and they don't count.”

“So they have as much right to him as you do?”

“Unfortunately. Mom is, well shes mom, and Aunt Lisa has just as much pull. But they know how serious we are with each other. They wont try anything unless were both in the room.”

She laughed. “You guys are really keeping it in the family, aren't you?”

“You cant help who you fall in love with, and I fell hard.”

“So did he, I can tell. He's always looking at you and smiling.”

“I'm telling you, the way you and Chris are always messing around and joking with each other, and being around us, its only a matter of time before you two start to get those feelings.”

“Maybe. Hey lets take a break, I'm freaking hungry, I need to eat now!”

“Ok, I'll meet you downstairs, I wanna open up my make-up kit first.”

She nodded and bounced out of the room and downstairs, when I knew she was gone I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Randy. The first time it rang through and went to voicemail, so I thought maybe he didn't hear it because the stadium was loud. I hung up and called again two minutes later, and this time I got an answer on the first ring.

“Hey baby, sorry I didn't answer the first time, had to get away from dad.”

I all but melted at his voice calling me baby, I absolutely love that. “Its ok, I just had to hear your voice again. Where are you guys at, you coming home soon?”

“Were still at the game, it went into extra innings.”

“What? I fucking hate baseball! Why couldn't you guys just go golfing or something?”

“Because it costs way more. How's things back at the house, you making progress?”

“Yeah, I got a lot of my stuff in the drawers and stuff, but there's still a little more to go.”

“How you holding up?”

“Barely. I'd be better if you were here.”

“Me too, I cant even concentrate on the game. At least the day's almost over.”

“Yeah well it needs to hurry up, I need you here with me.”

“I will be, trust me. Oooh dad's coming I gotta go, love you, bye...”

“I love you too Randy...”

The line went dead. Could this day get any more torturous? I already have to wait to see him, now I have to wait to talk to him? Later please get here fast. I put my phone back in my pocket and turned to leave when I saw Stephanie at the door grinning at me.

“Opening your make-up kit huh? I knew it.”

“I had to, I haven't heard from him in a while.”

“I'm not judging, I understand. But come on girl I'm starving! I don't know where anything is!”

“Ok I'm coming, I'm actually a little hungry too.”

We went downstairs (together this time) and decided on ham and turkey sandwiches with the works. We took all the stuff out and sat it on the table and started making sandwiches when mom, Aunt Lisa and Marie walked in and saw the spread we had out.

“Now that looks good, why don't you make one for all of us?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Are you crazy? All this stuff? You can help us make em if you want one,” I said.

“I tell you, we get no respect around here, none,” mom joked.

“Ok Rodney Dangerfield, respect or not, you still gotta help,” I laughed.

They finally caved in and made their own sandwiches, which was smart because the way they made them was completely different than the way I was gonna make them. Once everyone had their super sized sandwich made we pulled out some chips and pop and sat around the table.

“So how much do you two have done?” Marie asked.

“A lot. We just have the stuff in the closet and my make-up. What about you guys?” I responded.

“We still have a little to go too, we took a little break halfway through so we could relax, and talk, among other things, it was well needed, Lisa has so much stuff,” mom said.

“Rita too, we spent an hour putting up just her shirts,” Stephanie jumped in.

I playfully slapped her on the arm. “We did not! You were just focused on other stuff,” I said with a hidden meaning that she showed me she caught on to when she rubbed my leg under the table.

“About when will the guys get back?” Aunt Lisa asked.

Crap. Just when I was finally starting to forget about Randy for a little bit Aunt Lisa goes and brings him up, thanks for that. “Randy said they might be a while, the game went long.”

“Perfect. If we get done soon maybe we can squeeze in some girl time,” mom giggled.

I was curious. The last time mom said that she and Aunt Lisa ran a tag team on me cougar style, and as great as that turned out, I was worried she might try that again with Marie still here, I don't want our cover to be blown because mom got horny, if anyone should blow our cover, it should be us. “I don't know mom, we still have some stuff to do, we might not be able to squeeze it in.”

“I like the idea of girl time. We can do manicures, pedicures, facials, I don't know, I'm just throwing stuff out on the table,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah, I'm sure we'll think of something,” mom said with a grin as she bit her sandwich.

She was definitely up to something, I just didn't know what. Whatever it was I hoped it wasn't too risky, I didn't want Marie to find out anything, she might not be as accepting as she looks to be. We finished our food and talked about random little things as we cleaned up, then we headed back to our rooms to finish the tedious task before us. Mom hung back while Aunt Lisa and Marie went back upstairs, and as Stephanie and I headed back, she pulled me off to the side.

“I need you to do a favor for me,” mom said.

Of course, I was skeptical. “What kind of favor?

“How much longer will you be before you're done putting up stuff in your room?”

“Ummm, about half an hour, why?”

“When you're done I need you and Stephanie to come help us, we still have a lot of stuff to put up and the more hands we have the better.”

I groaned. “Aww come on mom! We already have my stuff to put up, you three can't do it?”

“Your Aunt has too much stuff. If you don't help us we'll be putting up stuff tomorrow too. It won't seem like much since there will be five of us. Come on Rita please?”

I really didn't want to, but she is my mother, and she has been a major help with mine and Randy's relationship, so I pretty much had no choice, dammit. “Ok mom we'll help, but only a little.”

She perked up when I said yes. “Thanks honey, you just saved us a lot of trouble. It wont take long at all you'll see. Remember, you said half an hour,” she said as she went upstairs.

I stood there for a minute. I didn't wanna put up my stuff and now I'm helping put up Aunt Lisa's stuff? Damn life to hell. Randy where are you? I could sure use one of your cheer-up speeches right now.

I went back up to our room where Stephanie had already finished putting my make-up on the dresser (thankfully) and had started work on getting my shoes and clothes in the closet. I joined her and in about half an hour we were finally finished with everything; all my stuff was put up, all Randy's clothes were put back in the drawers, we were done. The only thing left to do was hang up my bathrobe somewhere and change the sheets to something I like, but I could wait on that. I checked the clock in the room and saw that 32 minutes passed, dammit. I didn't wanna help, but I told her I would, and I keep my word, crap, I should have just ran from her when she asked me to help.

“Finally done! I'd never thought we'd get finished with all the stuff you have,” Stephanie said.

I laughed nervously. “Yeah, were not done yet. I told my mom we'd help them with Aunt Lisa's stuff, they still have a while to go.”

She looked over at me with a mixture of shock and sadness. “What did you go and do that for? Your Aunt has more stuff than you do!”

“My mom cornered me! She gave me the sympathetic look and everything! Now I know it feels when I use it. She said it'll be easier if there's five of us. It won't take long, I promise.”

She about it and sighed, defeated. “Fine, but it better not take long, I'm freaking tired!”

I was relieved she was gonna help, but still agitated that I thought we were done, only to have to help them, and there was three of them, that isn't enough? No Randy still, more work, and no rest, could this day get any more stressful? There was no point in sulking, so we got up and went to their room. We didn't bother knocking since they knew we were coming and we just walked in, and what a sight we walked in on. Mom, Aunt Lisa, and Marie were all in their bras making out on the bed. They all sat up and looked at us, but Marie was the only one in shock, mom and Aunt Lisa had grins on their faces. That's when it dawned on me, mom didn't want our help, she just wanted us to walk in on them. She planned something and used us to break the ice, I had to admit, she was good.

“Oh look who decided to join us,” mom said trying to play innocent.

“Mom! I knew it! I knew you liked women too!” Stephanie said, a little too excited.

Marie tried to cover herself, but Aunt Lisa stopped her. “Don't be shy Marie, were all women here, I'm sure we've all seen each other naked at some point, or at least wanted to,” Aunt Lisa said as she squeezed Marie's tit in her hand.

Stephanie and I were still standing there, her in amazement and me in shock that my mother pulled another one over on me. Mom and Aunt Lisa giggled and mom got up and walked over to me and guided me back to the bed. Aunt Lisa felt me up over my shirt as mom kissed me with her big soft lips, running her tongue over mine before noticing Stephanie still standing at the door.

“Marie what are you waiting for? You're not gonna leave your daughter standing there are you?”

We all looked at Marie, who looked back at us, then she looked over at Stephanie, who was still standing there, but she was smiling. Marie looked worried, like she was scared of what to do, but when she saw Stephanie nod to her she stood up and slowly walked over to her, put her hands on the side of her head, which Stephanie covered with her own, then leaned in and kissed her. Stephanie wrapped her arms around Marie and they slowly made their way back to the bed and fell down on it, but never broke the kiss. Mom turned my head back to her and kissed me again, she'd wet her lips and now mine were sliding across hers struggling to stay attached. Aunt Lisa then cut in and kissed me as she slipped her hand under my shirt and squeezed my tits, and I squeezed hers right back. She broke the kiss and tugged at the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head, and I looked over at Stephanie who had just taken hers off and went back to kissing Marie. I traded kisses with mom and Aunt Lisa as they unhooked their bras and then mine, releasing my tits that looked miniscule compared to the mammoths they had. Even Marie and Stephanie's were bigger than mine as I saw Stephanie start to suck her moms tits, and she looked pretty enthusiastic as she did it too.

“You gonna watch them or you gonna play with us?” Aunt Lisa asked.

I turned back to them to see them both with their tits pointed out at me with their nipples waiting to be sucked on, so I went for Aunt Lisa's first since they were bigger, but she stopped me.

“Not there honey, aim a little lower,” she said as she and mom removed their skirts.

They both lay back on the other side on the bed with their legs hanging off, waiting for me. I got on my knees in front of them and slid off moms panties first, then Aunt Lisa's, and spread her legs open and licked her pussy. She wasn't wet to start but the more I ate her, the wetter she became. She kissed mom as I buried my tongue in her pussy and twirled it around inside her clockwise, counterclockwise, up and down, side to side, just about everything I could think of, really giving her a good licking.

“Hey don't just do her, I wanna be eaten too,” mom whined.

I slid over from Aunt Lisa to in front of mom and started doing to her the same thing I was doing to Aunt Lisa. I looked over at Stephanie and saw her sliding Marie's panties off her legs and was kissing her way back up them as Marie lay there breathing hard and looking straight up at the ceiling. Stephanie looked to really be enjoying herself as her head disappeared between Marie's legs, prompting Marie to shudder and grab the sheets to strain herself. Within seconds of eating her out moms hand was pushing my head deeper into her pussy as she ground my face. I turned my attention back to moms pussy and licked across her now swollen lips as my face was again smashed into her pussy. I didn't want Aunt Lisa to be left out so I sucked two of my fingers and slid them into her over and over.

“Am I doing a good job mom?” I heard Stephanie ask out of the blue.

“Oh yes! Oh that feels so good baby,” Marie moaned into the air.

Stephanie's head was moving back and forth between Marie's legs as she licked her clean, and her hand was moving furiously between her legs, no doubt fingering herself, I wish I knew what was going on in her head. I looked back down at moms slippery wet pussy, I knew she had a super sensitive clit and the right touch on it could have her cumming in seconds, so I decided to test it and try it out. I pulled the skin back and barely touched the clit with my tongue, and when she thought I was gonna be sensitive I angrily sucked it into my mouth and chewed on it.

“Oh shit Rita what the... oh my god! Oh my.. holy shit Rita!” mom screamed breaking the kiss.

I never heard mom say “shit” before, she must really be sensitive and horny to be talking like that. She was sliding her pussy all over my face like she was fucking it, so I helped her out and pushed three fingers inside her and went back to licking Aunt Lisa. I worked my fingers inside mom as fast as I could while eating Aunt Lisa as best as I could. There was so much moaning echoing around the room I couldn't even hear myself think, it calmed down though when both mom and Aunt Lisa's breathing began to change, for the better I was guessing.

“Oh yes honey mommy's gonna cum all over your fingers,” mom screamed.

“And auntie's gonna cum all over that pretty little tongue of yours,” Aunt Lisa followed.

Surprisingly Aunt Lisa was the first to start cumming. She wrapped her legs around my head, with her pussy being the only thing I could see, and started fucking my face like mom did (does everybody do that? I wonder if I do). She was grunting from what I could hear through her thighs and seconds later I felt wetness start to run out of her pussy and onto my lips and face. She kept her legs together and I continued to lick her pussy until she finally let my head go and let me breathe.

“Yes baby right there! Oh honey you're gonna make me cum!” Marie purred.

Stephanie was licking Marie's pussy like it was the last one she would ever lick, she didn't even eat me with that much enthusiasm. I watched as she sent Marie through the motions with her magical tongue before I returned my attention back to Aunt Lisa's freshly orgasmed pussy. I gave it one more kiss and slid back directly in front of mom who was still working my fingers.

“Come on Rita honey, make mommy cum, I'm so close,” mom begged.

I kept at it with my fingers shoving them inside her and reattached my lips to her clit. I knew I wouldn't have to do much since she was so close, but I practically did nothing. About ten seconds into sucking her clit she was grunting and groaning and I could already feel her pussy getting wetter.

“That's it baby, I'm cumming! I'm cumming hard Rita,” mom screamed.

Thankfully she didn't close me off from the world like Aunt Lisa did, she just held my face in place as she squirted all over it. I drank what I could and let the rest just wash over my face. When she was done cumming she lay back for a minute and rested, and I noticed Aunt Lisa grabbing something out of one of the boxes. Stephanie and Marie were still all over each other, but now they were kissing and rubbing on each others tits and looked oblivious to the rest of us. Mom sat up and kissed me hard, sucking on my tongue like she wanted it for herself until Aunt Lisa came over to us and handed us both a strap-on like the one she was already wearing. I was confused at first, but quickly caught on and put it on, and mom rolled Stephanie off of Marie onto the bed, and they saw us with the strap-ons. We were standing there with the strap-ons pointing at them, and they just stared at us.

“Why are you looking at us like that?” Marie asked.

“Its time for us to have some fun with you two,” mom grinned.

Mom and Aunt Lisa walked to Marie and got her up on all fours, and Aunt Lisa got in front of her and had her suck on the strap-on, and mom got behind her, rubbed the strap-on against her pussy, and slowly pushed it in until it disappeared. She groaned around the dildo in her mouth as they both teamed up on her and Stephanie and I watched in fascination, at least we did until I remembered that I was also wearing a strap-on. I climbed over Stephanie and she smiled up at me.

“Just how long have you wanted to get me like this?”

“For a while now, but in my head it happened differently,” I said.

“Well its happening now, so don't waste any more time and put it in me already.”

I did exactly as she asked and lined the strap-on up with her pussy and pushed it in, I knew she was already wet so I didn't have to worry about that. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back on the bed as I slid the strap-on in her as far as it would go. Being my first time using one of these on someone I was a little nervous about how I'd do, so I just decided to fuck her how I'd wanna be fucked and go from there. Her arms went around my back as I started moving in and out of her faster.

“Mmmm yeah Rita, this feels so good, we should do this more often,” Stephanie moaned.

“By how everything is going it looks like we might,” I responded.

She guided my lips to hers and kissed me as I thrusted the fake cock into her pussy, making us bounce on the bed next to mom and Aunt Lisa, who were really giving it to Marie. Mom had her ass cheeks firmly in her hand pulling her back onto the strap-on as Aunt Lisa had her hands on either side of Marie's face pushing the dildo down her throat.

“How's it feel to have two dildo's in you at the same time Marie?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Mmmm-mmmm, mm-mmmmmmm,” was all Marie could say with the dildo in her mouth.

“I think that means it feels good,” mom said. “She has a nice, tight pussy, and a plump ass, I think were gonna enjoy having you around Marie.”

“You mom and aunt are freaks!” Stephanie said from under me.

“You have no idea,” I said and started thrusting in her faster.

“Yes fuck me Rita! Fuck my little pussy with that big strap-on!”

I squeezed her bouncing titties in my hands and pinched the nipple as hard as I could as I listened to her and Marie moan as the Wilson women pounded them. Marie's huge tits swung back and forth as mom forced her back onto the dildo and Stephanie started meeting me thrust for thrust, I couldn't feel it physically but I knew how she was feeling, being stuffed like that feels wonderful, so good it makes you want it more and more, like it isn't enough until you have that satisfying orgasm. I could tell that's what she was working towards, and with a cock that wont go soft, she'd get it. I saw mom and Aunt Lisa get Marie into cowgirl, with Aunt Lisa on bottom and now mom was facefucking Marie, and I pulled the dildo out of Stephanie and motioned for her to get on all fours.

“You gonna fuck me like the bitch I am?” Stephanie cooed.

“I'm gonna fuck you like you're my bitch,” I said back.

I got behind her, letting the strap-on sit against her pussy until she started making whiny sounds then I took it and pushed it back into her pussy. She moaned and flipped her head back as I grabbed her hips and shoved the strap-on into her as far and hard as I could.

“Oh fuck yes! I love being fucked like this, fuck me Rita fuck me!” Stephanie screamed.

“Look at her Lisa, taking charge of her like that,” mom said.

“Well she is your daughter, I'd expect her to be dominant at least a little,” Aunt Lisa said.

Aunt Lisa was bouncing Marie up and down on her as mom fed her dildo in her mouth. Marie had her eyes closed and was moaning around the dildo in her mouth, and Stephanie was thrusting herself back against me trying to get as much dildo in her as she could.

“Oh god yes! Fuck me Rita! Fuck me like the bitch I am!” Stephanie groaned.

“You wanna be fucked like a bitch? Grab the headboard!” I yelled.

“Grab the headboard? What does...”

“I said grab the headboard!”

She reached up and grabbed the headboard like I told her to and held on as I grabbed her ass in my hands and slapped it as hard as I could, making the sound echo around the room and her wince in pain, but she was moaning too so I knew she liked it.

“You wanna be fucked like a bitch? I'll fuck you like one,” I said, surprising myself at how quickly and easily I took on being a dominator like mom.

“That's it baby, show her who's boss! Fuck her little slut pussy,” mom said as she pushed more of the dildo into Marie's mouth.

I squeezed her reddened, plump ass in my hands as she fucked the dildo herself, my little hands couldn't get anywhere near grabbing her entire ass but I got enough as I started fucking her myself, bringing her back to meet me with so much force her ass cheeks clapped against me. Aunt Lisa was still fucking Marie, but now Marie was laying down on top of her and was sucking on mom titties. She had her hands gripped tight on her ass and was literally slamming Marie's body down on the strap-on.

“You feeling close to cumming yet Marie?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“I'm getting there, keep fucking me like this and I will soon,” Marie moaned.

Stephanie and I were both watching them until I slapped her ass extra hard to get her attention, which I did. She winced and moaned louder and louder with each smack I delivered on her ass.

“You like being fucked like this?” I asked.

“I LOVE being fucked like this, but I wanna ride you, please let me ride you!” Stephanie begged.

“Ok, lets see just how good of a slut you are.”

I pushed into her all the way, then slowly slid out and moved her out of the way so I could lay down. Stephanie quickly straddled me and sat down on the strap-on, squeezing my tits in her hand as hers bounced around in front of me. She was gasping and slamming down on me so hard the bed started shaking. I pinched her nipples and she got even crazier.

“It feel good riding me like this while I pinch your nipples?”

“Its so good Rita! Do it some more please! Push that cock farther in me!”

I pulled on her tits so she fell down on top of me and I sucked them into my mouth. She hung them down over my face as she continued fucking me with just her hips. Aunt Lisa had gotten from under Maria and now she was on top of mom fucking her reverse cowgirl as she sucked Aunt Lisa's tits. They were all either grunting or moaning, or both, but only mom was forming actual sentences.

“I hope you like my cock Marie, because you'll be sitting on it a lot in the future,” mom said.

“Mm-hmm, sit, yes, oh god, so good!” Marie stuttered.

I kept switching between Stephanie's huge tits, sucking one then the other into my mouth as they bounced around my face matching her body bouncing on me. She looked like she way having the time of her life with her eyes closed and face all contorted, I wondered if this is what I looked like when I was on top. She was kissing all along my face and on my neck and finally made her way to my lips which she quickly covered with hers. We were having a great time with her riding me and working her tongue in my mouth when someone grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed and lifted my legs up with Stephanie still on top of me. I looked around her head to see Aunt Lisa lubing up her Strap-on and aiming it at me, then she looked up and saw me and grinned.

“You didn't think they were the only ones getting fucked did you?”

Before I even had a chance to respond I felt the warm greasy head of the dildo push at my asshole then slip in. I bit into Stephanie's neck, but not hard enough to draw blood as Aunt Lisa kept sliding it in until it was all the way buried in my ass. She held my legs up and gradually started to build speed fucking me until she had herself a good pace.

“Holy mother of... I'm cumming! I'm cumming Anna, oh god!” Marie screamed.

Neither Stephanie nor I looked over at her because we were too caught up in getting our tight holes stretched out. This was another first for me, I was fucking Stephanie and getting fucked in the ass by Aunt Lisa, what a day this turned out to be. I listened to Stephanie moan in my ear and she listened to me as my ass was stretched open and pounded by Aunt Lisa. She drove the strap-on deep into me every time and pulled it out until just a little was in, then she pushed it back in all the way full force.

“Fuck auntie! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder while I fuck her!” I screamed.

“Looks like Stephanie isn't the only slut in here is she?” Aunt Lisa asked.

Stephanie and I held on to each other as we were both fucked senseless, her by me and me by Aunt Lisa. I don't know how we were able to keep a rhythm going with our bodies so close together but we did, and it felt fucking fantastic. I felt Aunt Lisa start to slow her thrusts down until she finally pulled out of me and helped Stephanie get off of me, then she stood me up and slid the strap-on down my legs and off. I was confused to say the least, until she handed to to Marie, who was smiling at Stephanie as she slid it on, then she and mom grabbed us and moved us back to the bed.

“Its time for the mature women to have a little fun,” Marie smiled.

“What exactly does that mean?” I asked, scared of the looks they were giving us.

“You'll find out soon enough, but for now, why don't you come here and have a seat,” mom said as she stroked the strap-on up and down, getting it ready for me.

Marie lay down with her feet towards the headboard and mom lay down next to her with her feet hanging off the edge of the bed, and Stephanie and I both climbed on top of them and sat down on the strap-ons. We were both riding our mothers right in front of each other, Marie held on to Stephanie's tits while she rode her and mom held my hips and forced me down on her, then for a second she held me in place as Aunt Lisa slid her strap-on back into my ass. I was having my pussy stretched and my asshole reamed at the same time and watched as Marie stabbed her daughter with her strap-on.

“I'm fucking my daughter! I can't believe I'm fucking my own daughter,” Marie said.

“Yes you're fucking your daughter mommy, and it feels so fucking good!” Stephanie moaned.

“Aww they're so cute! The first times the best, wasn't it honey?” mom asked.

“Oh yes mom, it was the best! But I like the way I'm getting fucked now too,” I purred.

Stephanie and I leaned towards each other and kissed as we both rode our mothers. I was covered in sweat, my nipples were aching, and my pussy and ass were being pounded to hell, I loved it, but I felt as though something was missing, but I couldn't put my finger on it. While Stephanie and I were making out Aunt Lisa squeezed my ass cheeks and slapped them hard, forcing me to break off the kiss and moan/scream loudly, it hurt, but at the same time it felt kinda good.

“Just as I thought, I knew a slut like you would like that,” Aunt Lisa said.

Five women in the room, and we were all fucking someone, or getting fucked. The room smelled of sex and echoed of moans and slapping skin, if we had been recording this we could have made a fortune. Mom slid out from under me and shoved her pussy juice covered strap-on in my mouth, which I gladly sucked clean. Aunt Lisa kept fucking my ass as I worked the strap-on down my throat as far as it could go. I looked up at mom with it still in my mouth and she looked back down at me grinning as she moved my hair out of the way, then she looked across the room and her grin grew wider. She let the strap-on fall from my mouth and got off the bed and walked away, and my mind refocused on Stephanie still riding Marie like crazy and my ass getting pounded. Without warning Aunt Lisa stopped fucking me and pushed me down on the bed, then I felt the bed move around and seconds later Stephanie was right next to me. They turned us over and dangling on mom fingers were four pairs of handcuffs, I was a little scared but Stephanie looked all too excited.

“What are the handcuffs for?” I asked nervously.

“Just for a little 'restriction' honey, don't want you moving around too much,” mom replied.

She handed two pair to Marie and they both climbed on the bed over us, dangling their huge tits in your faces as they chained our hands over our heads to the headboard. Mom wiggled back between my legs and without looking down at all, she pushed the strap-on right back into my pussy.

“Oh god mom, fuck me, fuck your little girl hard!” I begged.

“Me too mommy, fuck me hard! I want it rough, fuck your only daughter!” Stephanie groaned.

Marie did the same thing and get between Stephanie's legs missionary and stuck her strap-on into her little pussy. I looked up at mom whose eyes were deadlocked on mine as she fucked me. I tried to move my arms so I could grab around her back, but the handcuffs held me in place, I was completely at her mercy. She was fucking me so hard my legs came off the bed by themselves, and I cradled them around hers. Marie was plowing Stephanie just as good by the heavy breathing and moaning she was doing, she had her legs on her shoulders and was giving it to her good, so good Stephanie looked like she was hyperventilating, and Marie took it all in stride.

“You like looking over at them don't you? They are having a good time,” mom said.

“Yeah, but not as good as us mommy, oh god fuck me mommy fuck me!” I moaned.

“You want me to fuck you baby? Well that's exactly what I'm gonna do!”

She propped up on her hands and knees and drove into me harder and deeper, and Aunt Lisa came around and shook her huge tits over my face. I wanted to fuck mom back, but she was fucking me too hard, so I couldn't, and I wanted to suck Aunt Lisa's tits, but I was still cuffed to the bed and she held them out of my reach on purpose, it was sweet torture.

Mom was reveling in my defeat. “You wanna suck Lisa's big tits don't you Rita?”

“Yes I wanna suck on em mom!”

“Well then grab them and you can suck em all you want,” mom chuckled to herself.

I strained with the handcuffs all I wanted but they wouldn't budge, they just kept making that clatter noise, it was a lost cause so I gave up and let them tease me. I listened to Stephanie scream and threw my head back as mom drilled me. She leaned forward on her hands as she was fucking me, causing her to rub against my clit on each thrust, mom noticed and started to do it more, within moments my body was burning and I was feeling like I was about to come at any minute.

Mom picked up speed. “You wanna cum baby? You wanna cum all over mommy's cock?”

“Mm-hmm, I'm gonna cum mommy, I'm gonna squirt all over your cock!”

“Do it baby, show mommy what you're made of, cum all over me!”

Her words were really getting to me, that and the smooth skin of Aunt Lisa's tits as she finally let them touch my face. That combined with Stephanie going wild with Marie fucking her next to me, me being chained down under moms control unable to move, and mom hitting my clit every second was too much for me and I came.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!”

That was all I could get out. I pulled on the cuffs with my arms even though I knew it would do nothing and hooked my legs around her tight and squirted all over her. She kept fucking me as I came so every time she would pull out a squirt of my pussy juice would go with it. My head was stuck to the bed, unable to move until my orgasm passed, and I just stared as Aunt Lisa's swinging tits until my body finally calmed down and returned to normal. I lay there catching my breath as mom pulled out of me and sat on the end of the bed looking at me, and Aunt Lisa joined her.

“Fuck I'm cumming mommy! Yes! I'm cumming hard mommy!” I heard Stephanie scream.

I looked over to see her shaking with her legs still on Marie's shoulders until she went limp, then Marie joined mom and Aunt Lisa looking at us at the bottom of the bed, still chained up like their slaves.

“You can come unchain us you know,” I said looking back at them.

“I will, I'm just enjoying the moment for a while,” mom responded.

They came over and unchained us from the bed, and when they did I confronted mom. “You tricked me! You've been using me from the beginning haven't you?”

Mom giggled. “I didn't trick you honey, I just didn't tell you the whole truth that's all.”

“Same thing, you didn't come out and tell me so you knew what you were doing!”

“I tried to stick up for you, but your mom was intent on doing it this way, you know how she gets when she has her mind made up, no changing it,” Aunt Lisa jumped in.

“I guess its ok, it all worked out for the best, I mean look at the look on Marie's face.”

Marie had a worried grin on her face, if that's possible to imagine. “I just had sex with my daughter, my own flesh and blood daughter, right here in this room!”

“Yes you did, and it was wonderful,” Stephanie said sliding to her and grabbing her hands.

“You were pretty damn good Marie,” Aunt Lisa added.

“I suppose so, but only because I had some good inspiration. Since everything's out in the open now why don't you tell us both how it all started for you all,” Marie said.

“Ok, but first we need to take a shower and clean up in here, we still have a few things to put up before the guys get back. We three will use my shower, Rita and Stephanie the other,” mom said.

We all grabbed our clothes and left out of Aunt Lisa's room. Stephanie and I stopped off in mine and Randy's room and dropped our clothes in his dirty clothes basket and went to the shower. I could hear moms shower already going and we hurried up and got in before all the hot water was gone.

“Your mom and aunt are some real freaks!” Stephanie said as we got in the shower.

“What about your mom? They brought out the freak in her today! She had you in there screaming bloody murder. Can you shampoo my hair for me? Its behind you.”

She grabbed it and started lathering my hair up for me, which felt great not to have to do it myself. “I knew she was sort of a freak. I was playing with myself one day thinking everyone was gone and she came in my room and saw me, I almost didn't notice because I was really into it. She didn't come all the way in, she just poked her head in the door, but she watched me for a while. I didn't expect to get all excited like I did, you know my mother watching me and all, but I did. I even put on a show for her. She even stayed until I came, then she closed the door and left. I didn't see her the rest of the day, but after that she was way nicer to me and, even more than before, and kept smiling at me. After that whenever I was playing with myself I always had that feeling I was being watched somehow.”

“Maybe she was watching you,” I said as I rinsed my hair. “Here let me do you now.”

We switched so she was under the water and I lathered up her hair. We both soaped each other up and washed off the sweat and grime that came from the sex, then I helped her rinse her hair.

“When do you think we'll do that again, all five of us?” Stephanie asked.

“I don't know, I guess it all depends on your mom, because my mom and Aunt Lisa are always messing around, and they bring me in it, and I know you won't object if they brought you in.”

“You damn right I won't object, that was amazing! You think we could get the guys in on it too?”

“Five women and two boys? That's crazy, even for us!”

“I didn't hear you say no! Think about it, it could be a lot of fun.”

“It probably could, but I'm stingy with Randy, I don't wanna share him.”

“Tell me about it. I cant kiss him without you glaring at me,” she laughed.

“Well when you feel about Chris they way I do with Randy you'll understand.”

“You're so sure we'll end up together aren't you?”

“Yep, I just have that gut feeling, and my gut is almost never wrong.”

We finished washing up and rinsing the soap and shampoo off of us, and just in time because the water was just starting to run cold, we need to switch to an electric heater fast. We got out, wrapped a towel around our body and one around our hair and went back to our (mine and Randy's) room .

“I don't have any clothes, mine are in you guys basket.”

“You can wear some of mine, were the same size, except for you extra big tits,” I said.

“They are kinda big, I hope they don't stretch out your shirt.”

“If you do you'll be buying me another one,” I laughed as I threw the shirt at her.

We got dressed and went downstairs with our hair still toweled up to see mom, Marie and Aunt Lisa all sitting on the couch talking. From what we walked in on it sounded like she was telling her about the first time we all had sex at the cabin after they left, and Marie was listening intently. We sat down on the floor in front of them and listened in on the conversation.

“And then we had Rita come in the room, she didn't know what was going on until we explained to her what we were doing, but she just went with it. Turned out to be a really good day, I didn't expect her to catch on so fast, but she did, and Lisa and I didn't go easy on her,” mom said.

“No we didn't, she got two strap-ons the first time around,” Aunt Lisa followed.

Marie and Stephanie sat there intrigued by what they were telling them, then Stephanie got a surprised took on her face like she just figured something out. “This happened the day after we left you said?”

“Yeah, the day Lisa came up,” mom said.

Stephanie got all bouncy and grinned. “Mom we were gonna come back that day! Remember you forgot that box of clothes and you wanted to go back and get it? Can you imagine if we went back and saw that happening?”

“I don't know what I would've thought. That definitely would have been a sight to walk in on, but after today, nothing you guys show me or tell me would surprise me,” Marie said.

“Oh I'm sure we can think of something you won't see coming,” mom said.

We sat there and listened while mom and Aunt Lisa told story after story trying to shock Marie, but nothing was working. It was funny, we went back to acting normal and everything, but we were talking about sex full on; mom, daughter, and aunt like it was no big deal, I guess it isn't, well at least it isn't when we aren't around dad. Both Stephanie and my hair finally dried and I offered to take the towels upstairs, mostly to be nice, but even more so I could call Randy. The distraction of him not being there had worn off and I was really missing him again. I ran upstairs and checked my phone, three missed calls! Dammit! I should have kept my phone on me! I quickly called him back but it went straight to voicemail, that only happens when the phone is off. I was upset with myself that I missed his calls, so upset that I almost didn't notice I had a picture message. I opened it and saw that it was a picture of Randy kissing his wallet size picture of me, in the caption it read “R & R forever, I love you baby.” I wanted to cry. I wanted to kiss him and hold him and tell him how much I loved and wanted to be with him, but he was still gone and now I couldn't even call him, the day just went to crap again. I sat there on the bed until I felt I was ok enough to go back downstairs, then I put the towels in the basket and headed back downstairs. When I got down there Stephanie and Marie were getting up to leave.

“You guys are leaving?” I asked just to make sure.

“Yeah, its getting pretty late, we wanna be home when the guys get there,” Marie said.

“Ok well we'll see you guys tomorrow I guess,” I said.

“We won't be here tomorrow, not sure why, but I have a feeling,” Stephanie whispered.

We all hugged each other goodbye, and when I got back to Stephanie she kissed me, which would have been a big deal before today, but now it seemed perfectly normal. I knew she could tell my mind was elsewhere when I barely kissed her back, and she pulled back and looked at me.

“Don't worry, he's on his way home, then you can be your normal happy self again.”

“I hope so, thanks for not making a big deal out of me obsessing like this.”

“I wouldn't, I know how much you love him. Besides, were girls right?”

Even though we had never said it, we had become girls. “Yeah were girls, besties,” I smiled.

She smiled. “More than besties. Call me tomorrow if we don't see each other, something might have happened I need to tell you about,” she said then followed Marie out the door.

They pulled off and we all fixed the couch, yawned and stretched, tired from the day.

“I don't know about you two, but I'm going to bed. I can do the rest tomorrow,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Me too. We did plenty work and play for one day,” mom joked, then stopped laughing when she saw me sulking. “What's wrong honey?”

“Can't you tell? She misses Randy. It written all over her face,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Awww poor baby. Don't worry, they'll be home soon,” mom followed.

“I just wish they'd hurry up and come now, they've been gone all day!”

“You know how guys get when they go out, stay out all night,” mom said.

“Yeah I know, I just miss him so much. I'm gonna go to bed and wait for him.”

I hugged mom and Aunt Lisa goodnight and went to our room and closed the door. I changed into a pair of Randy's boxers and one of his shirts, cut off the light and climbed into bed. It felt so lonely, being in that bed by myself. I don't know how I did it so easily before we fell in love, it would be torture having to do it now, which it looks like I might have to do. I curled up under his blanket and held his pillow against my body and just lay there in silence and darkness thinking about him. I thought about him holding me against him, kissing my neck, telling me just how he felt about me and how I made him feel. I would've never thought one day away from him could make me feel like this, so miserable, love does that to you I guess. I tried to stay awake, but the day's activities finally caught up with me and before I knew it, I slowly dozed off. I don't know how much time passed, but I was slowly being awakened by the bed creaking, then I felt kisses on my cheek, but what finally got me up was two strong arms wrapping around my waist and holding me, Randy was home! I shot up and looked over in the light of the lamp that was now on and sure enough, it was him, finally home.

“Randy!” I practically screamed planting kisses all over him as I climbed on top of his body. “I missed you so much! (kiss) I missed you! (kiss) I'm so happy you're back!” I said squeezing him tight.

“I missed you too. They didn't wanna leave! Me and Chris had to drag them outta the bar!”

I held on to him for dear life, I wasn't letting him go anytime soon. I'd been without him all day and there was nothing I could do about it, but now he was here, and the pain of not having him there before just melted away. I kissed him with as much passion as I could, pouring all my emotion and love for him into the kiss. I rubbed my body against his, letting him know how happy I was to see him, and he held me and rubbed back against me. I felt whole again, like my other half had been restored, and in a way it was. We kissed for a long time before stopping to catch our breath.

“How come your phone was off?”

“Dad took it. He said I was on it too much and grabbed it while I was calling you, luckily I ended the call before he saw the screen. Did you get the picture I sent you?”

“Yes. I love you so much. You always know how to make me happy.”

“You know I'd do anything to make you happy.”

“Next time, I'm coming with you, or you're not going, I'm not going through that again.”

He laughed. “Didn't you have at least some fun here? I know you did more than put up clothes.”

“I did, but afterwards I kept thinking about you, I just missed you so much Randy.”

“I missed you just as much. Dad noticed I was distracted a lot but kept writing it off. I couldn't concentrate on anything because I missed you too much.”

Hearing him say that made me so much happier. “Forget about everything else that went on today, lets just concentrate on each other right now.

We kissed again for a long time and I ran my hands over his chest and ground my pussy into his cock. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it hard, which I love, and helped me grind into him. I wanted him so bad, no I needed him, but I knew he was tired from the day, and so was I (plus I was a little sore), and we both could tell we were thinking the same thing, so we decided to put it off. After having been without him all day, the no sex didn't bother me so much, I was just happy he was with me.

“Come on, we should get some rest. Were both pretty tired and dad is gone to work tomorrow, and we have a whole day of making up with each other to do,” Randy said.

I nodded in agreement. “Ok, but tomorrow is only for us, not mom, not Aunt Lisa, just us.”

“Just us,” he said as he leaned over and cut off the lamplight.

He got back under the blanket with me and cuddled into me as close as possible and wrapped his arms around me. “I love you baby,” he whispered in my ear.

“I love you too,” I smiled, pushing myself into him. I closed my eyes and sighed, being truly happy and content for the first time today. Tomorrow, he's gonna get the fuck of his life, but for now, after a long day of waiting, I'm just happy to be with the love of my life.


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