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Ana and Carla - Part 3

In the moonlight, Ana returns the pleasure
[Just then, they heard people trickling back into the house, and quickly – or as quickly as Ana’s happy-tired muscles would allow – got themselves presentable again, and headed back downstairs.]

Two o’clock in the morning, the moon shining onto her face through the split in the curtains, Ana awoke. She sat up slightly and glanced around at the other beds, everyone else quiet and still. She laid back down and tried to settle back into sleep, but sleep wouldn’t come. Usually when this happened, she got up and read for a bit or had a glass of milk and waited to wind back down. No book and no bedside lamp with which to disturb the other three girls, so she was left with a walk down to the kitchen for a drink.

She slipped on a pair of shorts. While she didn’t expect anyone at that hour, there were twenty four people scattered all over the house, and just a nightshirt wasn’t going to be enough. The door made the slightest creak as she tugged it open another inch to allow her body through.



“What’s up?”

“Can’t sleep. Going to take a walk,”

“Wait up. I’ll come with.” At that, Carla slipped from the bed she was sharing with little Nicole, and padded across the floor to her, as silently as she could. Her nightshirt was longer than Ana’s, and she didn’t even pause at her suitcase to put shorts on.

They were downstairs and in the kitchen before either made another noise. Ana cracked open the fridge and rummaged inside, pulling the milk carton out. She pouted when she saw that there was barely two ounces of milk left, splashing it lightly around the jug to show Carla. Carla shrugged and glanced around. The light from the fridge fell on the nearby counter, illuminating half a dozen bottles of wine with varying amounts left inside. Ana and Carla exchanged glances. Before Ana could speak, Carla had already grabbed one bottle and hefted it to see how much it contained. Using the same hand, grabbed a second by the neck, then scooped Ana’s hand into the other, and lead her outside to the patio and down the steps to the lawn. “Won’t we need …” Ana began, but was cut off by Carla’s, “… we’ll share – it’ll be okay.”

A moment later, they were under the big oak at the far end of the yard, seated with their backs against its retaining wall. They faced away from the house, and were shielded from the bright moon by the oak’s thick blanket of leaves.

Carla weighed the two bottles in her hands and passed the lighter one to Ana, then yanked the cork on hers and tossed it into the grass. Less sure, Ana followed suit, her delicate toss giving away her caution.

“So – what do you think about your first time?”

Even in the filtered moonlight, it was obvious to Carla that Ana was blushing. “Wow, I mean … I loved it. It was a little strange for me, but so natural, you know, which made it stranger … that it didn’t feel strange … you know?”

“I think I do,” Carla replied, before tipping her wine bottle to her lips.

Ana looked skeptically at her bottle before doing the same. The wince that followed told Carla something else.

“First time for wine, too?”

Ana nodded. “Except for church, yeah.”

“So many things for you to sample.”

Barely skipping a beat, she then asked, “So – you don’t like the taste of wine … have you ever tasted another girl?”

Ana’s eyes grew wide. “You don’t mean kissing, do you?”

“Kissing? Yes,” Carla laughed, “but not right here” then touched her lips and cheek.

Ana followed her tentative sip of wine with a full swallow “Uhh – no,” and giggled nervously.

Carla set her bottle down and reached out for Ana’s hand. She pulled her to her body and kissed her softly on the lips, stroking her cheek and running her fingers through her hair. Two kisses later, Ana relaxed and kissed back, their mouths once again melting into one another like they had in the afternoon.

Carla’s fingers felt so good caressing Ana’s face. Ana was relaxing and getting excited at the same time.

“I want you to taste me,” Carla said, and gently pushed down on Ana’s shoulders. When Ana shifted, she her self scooted down a bit and parted her legs, pulling her long nightshirt up to her hips.

Ana kissed her way down, over folds of the shirt, until she got to Carla’s pelvic bone, exposed to the night air. She kissed wetly around the head of the bone and Carla moaned. She smiled. Something to remember. She slowly kissed down from the bone, following the crease between belly and thigh, waiting for curly hairs to begin tickling her cheek.

No hairs came to tickle her. Ana glanced over and saw that Carla was trimmed neatly, only a little tuft sitting at the top of her slit. She did what Carla had done to her, slipped her tongue between the lips and wriggled it inward, flitting slowly down. Carla’s fingers slipped in and wrapped themselves with Ana’s hair, lightly encouraging her downward still.
When she reached Carla’s clit, she could feel it wetly throbbing against her tongue, Carla’s slippery juices already bathing it in dew. She made a hard point with her tongue and flicked it back and forth across the tiny head of Carla’s clit. Carla’s hands tightened, “Oh, god – you sure learn fast.”

“Hanh-oo,” Ana tried to say, her mouth encumbered by her sweet treasure.

She wasted no time in going further, slipping a finger up into Carla’s pussy, wriggling it back and forth and side to side. “Easy, easy,” Carla said. “Bend it up a little bit until it touches a soft little pillow. Mmmmyes, right there. Now just wiggle it a little. God yes, just like that. You ARE a fast learner!”

Ana glowed from the praise, but didn’t try to speak. Instead, she was emboldened enough to slip a second finger in and stroke Carla’s g-spot alongside the first.

“God, Ana, yeah.” Carla started humping herself against Ana’s hand. “Mmmmm – you would be so good. Britney would love to get her hands on you, and in you.”

Ana flicked more eagerly with her tongue. She wanted to put another finger in, but wasn’t sure. Just then, Carla prompted, “Give me three, baby. Just bunch them up a little.”

The third finger joined the first two and Carla slipped a hand down to hold Ana’s stead as she eagerly humped it. “Unf-unf-unf,” she grunted, biting her lip.

Part of Ana wanted to jump away as Carla’s body took over from her mind. Her thighs were clenching and unclenching, squeezing Ana’s head then releasing, and her hips were thrusting up hard against her hand, riding the little cluster of fingers stretching Carla’s snatch.

“M-m-m-m-ore. More…” came from Carla’s mouth, and Ana, though wary, obliged. Her little finger curled inward and slipped easily in among the other three and Carla’s eyes snapped open.

“Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck – nnnnnnnnnnnn-nnnnnn!”

Ana felt Carla’s orgasm explode, her vaginal walls bearing tightly down on her fingers, now very snugly and securely trapped inside. Her own hand still had Ana’s clamped down against her labia, and she rocked more slowly and deeply against it, her initial spasms slowing and deepening. She gradually loosened her grip, and with both hands, urged Ana to scoot up and snuggle into her again.

She was still panting some as Ana laid against her.

“Oh my god, Ana, I thought you were going to shove your fist into me. I think the fear of that is what made me cum when I did, and as hard as I did. I don’t cum that hard often.”

“But … you said ‘more’,” Ana said, confused.

“Ohhh, Ana, I just meant more of the same, not more fingers! I’ve never had a fist inside. God, I think my head would’ve exploded – not to mention my little pussy, but oh that was so amazing. I am sooooo going to have to introduce Britney to my naughty cousin!”

They lay there for a while, both hearts slowing and calming. Ana wondered what that next step might mean, but asked nothing.

They sipped from their respective bottles, until Ana’s ran out and they both shared Carla’s.
The moon, once high in the tree, was just breaking the edge of the lower branch when Carla spoke again.

“Ana – you awake? I don’t know about you, but I totally have to pee now.”

… and they returned inside for the night.

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Posted 27 Feb 2014 14:30
Excellent read and wonderfully erotic! Can't wait for the next installment.
Posted 06 Oct 2013 00:29
A really beautiful n erotic story
Posted 20 May 2012 03:03
Thanks for the story. I always thought Velma would be so much fun.

Love, Bea
Posted 28 Apr 2012 12:28
So erotic. Nothing like teens learning. 5+
Posted 28 Apr 2012 09:43
Very hot and naughty story. Loved it
Posted 28 Apr 2012 07:17
Love the story. Please give us more of this exiting stuff.
Posted 28 Apr 2012 02:21
A really beautiful & erotic story, thank you
Posted 28 Apr 2012 01:07
I thought I was Ana, with the soft, smooth, slippery, wet and hot pussy in my face. Can even smell it. Can you?
Posted 27 Apr 2012 23:03
Thanks for a nice story. Surely 4 is much too much. 5
Posted 27 Apr 2012 18:45
Thank you, annie. I'm glad you like it.

(and yes - 4 is a lot of fingers )

Posted 27 Apr 2012 15:40
Very sexy - loved the fingering! Four is a lot...

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