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Ariel’s Dirty Fantasy (part 02)

Ariel is shocked and pleased by her brother’s solution to her request.

This is a stand-alone story, but reading part one will fill in some details not covered here.

Bright summer sun poured joyfully into Ariel’s window, waking her up. The slutty teen redhead burrowed further under the covers enjoying the transition to full wakefulness. After a minute of procrastination. she stretched arms and legs, wringing the lactose out with a pleasant ache.

Ariel let out a huge yawn and smiled to herself, thinking of the plans for this, the first saturday of the summer vacation. Abruptly rising on all fours to look out her window, she confirmed that her Dad’s spot in the carport remained empty. Mom and Dad were still at the scuba show... er whatever it was. Sometimes they came back early from these things, but usually only if the first day was a total bust. The foxy vixen smiled, her plans would be unimpeded by parental oversight.

Naked, Ariel pranced to the bathroom she shared with Eric, her brother and, more recently, her lover. She couldn’t miss the green post-it attached to the shower door. It read, “squeaky clean - E”. The lusty teen’s ass tingled as she turned on the water, the note could only mean he wanted her pink starfish, this morning.

Ariel loved water and tended to take long showers. Today she spent a good deal of time soaping herself up, enjoying the slick feel of her skin as she ran her hands over ample breasts, flat stomach, long legs, curvy hips and finally her pussy and ass. After shaving everything, Ariel ‘washed’ her ass and pussy for a good five minutes, working two soapy fingers into her ass as she rubbed her clit. Just before reaching climax, Ariel pulled back with effort, keeping herself on edge for... whatever Eric wanted to do. Quickly she rinsed off and shut off the shower.

Eric heard Ariel bouncing down the stairs shortly after the shower turned off. His slutty sister skipped around the corner into the kitchen wearing nothing but a smile. Eric froze in place, spoon halfway to his mouth. The redhead was amazing. And the spitting image of his mother, out of nowhere, he wondered what his mother looked like nude.

“Hey, Bruv... what’s up?” she chirped.

Jesus, he never got tired of seeing her walking around nude. Since they’d first had sex just after her sixteenth birthday, Ariel made a point of brazenly flaunting her tits and ass anytime the folks were away. Weekday mornings wonderful and weekends without the ‘rents a special treat. Today marked the first Saturday of her summer vacation. He’d finished finals two weeks ago and also had the next few months off. Today, he had plans for his hot little sister.

“Something’ll be up any moment now, Sis,” he said.

“Good, I need a good fucking. I came this close,” she pinched her fingers together in front of her pussy, “to getting off in the shower. But I decided to save it for Mr. Squeaky Clean.”

“Hm,” his plans didn’t involve fucking Sis just yet. “How about breakfast first? You know, for the energy,” he added cheerfully. Ariel couldn’t believe it, she’d save herself for him and the putz spurned her!

“Yeah, all right but not that cereal crap,” she disdained. Eric admired Ariel’s milky soft skin as she grabbed a carton of eggs out of the fridge. Within fifteen minutes Ariel created and consumed an omelette with feta cheese and scallions.

“Clean up and I’ll meet you out by the pool,” Eric demanded. He’d already put his bowl away. “And brush your teeth, I don’t want to kiss omelette mouth.”

“What got up his ass?” she wondered. Ariel quickly cleaned up her mess. She poured a cup from the coffee maker to kill ‘omelette breath’ and walked to the pool area. Eric sat on one of the cushy chaise loungers in his boxers looking yummy. She liked his lean muscular looks, strong jaw and scruffy black head of hair. Plus, cute feet! Oddly, there was a grocery bag next to them.

“Mm, looking good, Bruv,” she admired. “What’s with the bag?”

He looked at her sheepishly. Eric reached in and pulled a handful of odd items out of the bag. From his hand dangled a ball gag, a some rope and a blindfold. “ shit, Eric.”

Ariel folded her arms, “So what’s the idea?” Her pussy tightened, suddenly reminding her of her aborted masturbation session.

“Put on the blindfold first and I’ll show you the rest.”

Ariel looked appraisingly at her older brother. Was she a slut for being excited at the prospect of... whatever Eric planned? Finally, the little sexpot nodded her redhead solemnly. Her pussy quivered as Eric patted the spot to his right.

She sat next to him, rubbing up against him as she did. The contact didn’t seem to deter him in the slightest, but it sure stoked her fire. Ariel let Eric place the blindfold and secure it, stoking that fire further. She thought her pussy might be staining the plush cushion.

“Ok,” his voice seemed suddenly much louder. “Now lay back on the chaise.” Putting both hands on her shoulders he guided her down gently. Her head lay just over the edge of the other side of the chaise cushion. Eric came around and pulled her shoulders so Ariel’s head lay almost completely off the 4” thick cushion. She could imagine what he planned for her in this position.

“Is your head comfortable?” Truthfully, Ariel’s new position disoriented her, a bit. However, the cushion supported her neck and head quite well. She squirmed, remembering her brother planned to tie and gag her. She had no idea how gagged she would finally be.

“It’s ok, Bro. Are you going to fuck me soon, cause I’m getting really hot.”

“Hold on, now I’m going to tie you up first then... you’ll be well fucked indeed.”

She smiled contentedly, as Eric busied himself with the task of binding his fair sister. He tied her arms down to the cushions in a T down, exposing her breasts. Her legs he pulled up, tying each knee back against her sides with something soft but strong. Ariel squirmed with each new restraint. In the end she lay, head hung over one side and bottom just over the other with her legs pulled back leaving her ass and pussy completely defenseless.

Ariel shivered with excitement, close to orgasm. She took in short shallow breaths, “Bruv,” she huffed, “please hurry up, I need you.”

“Sh, just wait,” he replied. “And brace yourself.”

Something hard and cold brushed against Ariel’s pretty pink asshole. She couldn’t see what Eric did at her other end but she felt it when cold lube squirted into her tight hole.

“Oh, cold,” she exclaimed. “Are you going for anal first?”

“Hm, not sure, but I keep options open. Now, relax your ass.”

He wasn’t being figurative about it. A blunt force pushed against Ariel’s tiny star. She could feel Eric sitting on the chaise, so it wasn’t his cock. A tremendous force pressed and spread her asshole open, as if she were sitting on a billiard ball.

“Oh, oh, what is that?” she asked desperately. The pressure continued to grow as did the apparent size of the thing entering her bowel.

“The pressure is killing me, Eric. Please...” she cut off, as suddenly, almost with a pop, the pressure abated.

“Oh, that’s weird. I feel... full but my asshole isn’t too stretched anymore.” She wiggled her cute ass as best she could. The good full feeling in her ass complemented the growing arousal in her pussy. “It feels good but weird... what is it?”

“I got you a butt plug, Ariel. Every good slut should have one,” he commented matter of factly. “It’s to prepare you for what’s coming.”

“What’s coming next?” she asked, flushing at his dirty words.

“Wait and see what I have in store.” She could feel him sitting next to her head now. “Ok, now the ball gag. Do you have anything to say before I gag you?” he asked.

“Yeah, seems a waste of a perfectly good orifice,” she said, ”just sayin is all.”

“Hm, maybe,” he agreed. “Now is that it?”

“No, I have Jazzie, Cindy and Bee coming over at noon, so whatever you do, please keep that in mind. Also, pull the shade over here so I don’t burn or turn pink.” Eric and her two older brothers all seems to tan fine. But like her redheaded mother, Ariel pinked or crisped quickly in the full light of day.

Eric gently pulled her jaw open and placed the hollow ball into her pretty mouth. She felt straps secure it around her head.

“Oh, my God, Sis. You look great with that ball in your mouth.” Her lips wrapped around the ball as much as they could, red contrasting to the white of the gag. She tongued the holes in the ball, moaning - pussy on fire now.

“Now, listen up cause this is important.”

“Mfff.” was all she could save. But she felt Eric place something light, round and smooth in her right hand and then close her fingers around it with his.

“That’s a ping pong ball. I’ll keep doing whatever I want unless you drop the ball. Okay, if you drop the ball everything stops.” Ariel nearly creamed herself right there. But fear wormed it’s way into her thoughts as well. What was he planning where he needed to have that kind of precaution?

“It’s just a precaution since you can’t speak, okay?” She understood, but had no way to communicate it.

“If you understand, wiggle your right foot,” she giggled and wiggled her left.

Smack. He actually spanked her, the nerve! Ariel suddenly felt a deep happy need in her pussy. She wished he’d spank her again.

Eric caressed her stinging ass with his hand. As she felt it travel along her thigh and drop to her abdomen and finally onto her right breast, the warm feeling in her womb grew. She moaned, Ariel needed him to fuck her dripping pussy now. But words wouldn’t form around the gag.

A great crashing sound erupted inside the house, as if someone dropped a vase or a wine bottle. Ariel froze. Eric did too. He said, softly, “Oh, shit, Mom and Dad must be back home.”

Ariel moaned, “Mmmm”, urgently. She nearly dropped the ping pong ball. But she held on for some reason. Unbearable pleasure coursed through her body at the thought of discover, especially like this. She couldn’t imagine her parent’s reaction.

“Shit, shit shit. Let me go see if it’s them or the cat, maybe I can distract them or something. Wait here,” he whispered. Ariel almost laughed at the absurdity of his comment. She sensed his panicked presence recede.

After a moment she heard him yell, “Hey, who the fuck are you?” Briefly, sounds of fighting erupted from inside the house.

“Now stay down kid, and shaddup if you know what’s good for you,” a strange voice called out. “Jakey, tie this fuck up. And remind me to slap Eddie, he said this place would be empty today.”

Shit , thought Ariel. Burglars or something like it. Fear nearly loosened her bowels. The young redhead, quailed at the thought of what they might do to Eric. And what about her? Maybe they’ won’t look out here , she thought.

For two maybe three minutes, an eternity when blindfolded, she managed to remain unnoticed and... very wet. For some reason the dire situation didn’t diminish her desire at all. In fact Ariel’s sexual frustration outweighed her fear of the obvious predicament she found herself in. Besides, burglars beat parents. Mom and Dad finding about them didn’t bear thinking about. So, she lay there on the chaise, feet in the air, vulnerable... dripping with need, ambivalent about what might happen next.

Someone whistled low and long just next to her. They’d found her. Discovery worked her over the edge. Fear enhanced her pleasure as she rocked through a small but intense orgasm, moaning softly. Other footsteps stopped near her. At least three men surrounded her, she understood what was about to happen.

“Well, well, looks like we interrupted some fun times, ent it boys?,” Mikey said. “Oy, missy, was that man in there tying you up for fun or meanness?”

What a weird question, she couldn’t think how to answer it.

“Mikey, what are you thinking, she can’t answer with that thing in her mouth,” another said. “Ask her like this: ‘ma’am, did you let yer boyfriend tie you up?’ Because we could totally kick his ass for you, if you’d like,” he said.

Ariel nodded her head, ignoring the technically inaccurate description of her relationship with Eric.

“That’s good... now for the trick question. Do you mind if we take advantage of the situation? If you know what I mean.”

She nodded, but it was a lie. Her pussy flushed with need. She’d dreamt about something like this happening. Strangers, fucking her without any regard for her. Despite her fear, Ariel could feel another orgasm building enhanced by her vulnerability and latex lodged in her ass. What the hell was wrong with her?

“Uh-oh, Jakey, she minds.” The two who spoke had Australian accents. She couldn’t be sure if the name was Jake or Jacky.

“The slut lets her boyfriend tie her up naked in broad daylight and put a butt plug in her, but she minds if a few hard working blokes like us have a go at her,” Jakey said.

“Let me rephrase then, ‘would you rather be banged by the three of us or have your unconscious boyfriend tossed in the pool’?”

“Jesus, Mikey, again?” Jakey said. Mikey didn’t seem to grasp the logistics of interrogating a gagged victim. She almost giggled. “Miss, you’re real pretty and we’d like to fuck that sweet pussy right there. Do you mind now that you know what Mikey will do?”

Ariel paused in thought. What choice did she really have? Finally, she nodded.

The third guy grunted, “what a slut.”

“Jon, Jakey, go over and get her boyfriend and bring him over. When he wakes he should see what’s happening to her. Meanwhile I’m getting my wick wet.”

Ariel heard the distinct sounds of clothes being removed, boots dropped and zippers unzipped. She held her breath in anticipation, her pussy dripping. She squeezed the ball tightly, considering. Would this all stop if she dropped it? She held onto it, just in case.

A bluntness pushed up against her labia then pushed in. A stranger’s dry cock pushed into her soaking pussy. Ariel knew two more would follow. A moan escaped her locked lips at the strain. He pulled back and pushed in again slowly. Mikey grunted when he bottomed out in her.

“Sweet Jesus, guys, this one is ready to go. She’s wetter than a slug in a thunderstorm,” he said. Mikey’s cock was as big as his brain was small. His member filled up the teen tart to the limit. She moaned more as he pulled back out and then bottomed out again, pushing against her cervix with his now lubricated cock.

An orgasm fast approached. Ariel felt like such a complete slut. These men attacked and tied up her brother and now she willingly serviced them less for his safety, than for her own selfish need. Maybe she should have finished masturbating in the shower.

As Mikey pumped in and out, Ariel heard the other two grunting, presumably bringing Eric to watch. He moaned loudly around some sort of gag, so he seemed awake.

“Easy, boy,” the other guy, Jon said. He added, “Mikey, look at this family photo.” Mikey stopped pumping for a moment and whistled. Shit they’d probably found one of the family photos on the entertainment system.

Mikey asked, “Do you suppose this is a Brady Bunch type of thing or are they blood siblings?”

“Mikey wants to know if you two are real brother and sister,” Jakey said. Mikey continued pumping into her. Ariel already close to an orgasm, started coming even as she nodded in admission. She blushed with embarrassment, moaning and breathing is rushing sounds around the gag.

“Christ, she’s gagging for it, fellows,” said Jon. “What a slut. Fucks her brother and anyone else who stops by.”

Ariel continued her orgasm despite Jon’s disapproval as Mikey continued pumping her full of cock. Jon moved to her head and unclipped the gag. “Gag on this, slut,” he said. He removed the ball and replaced it with something soft, spongy and familiar. As she sucked the cockhead in her mouth, Ariel realized she’d just taken two cock in her for the first time. Jon’s cock filled more of her mouth as she tongued and sucked it to rigidity.

The sensation of two cocks, milking both with different muscles, the danger of strangers and knowing Eric watched helplessly all conspired to keep her orgam rolling on without end.

As he pumped her pussy, Mikey began pulling the plug out of her ass. The pressure increase drove her orgasm into a higher gear. Ariel began thrashing around against her bonds and moaning incoherently around Jon’s cock. Ropes and binding prevented her from flailing around as the orgasm of a lifetime ripped through her. Just as Mikey dislodged the plug, Ariel crested the orgasm and slowly wound down to normal.

Jon had pulled back through her thrashing but as she calmed down he pushed in against her throat. Eric was careful never to gag her with his cock but Jon had no such concern. He pushed in, she gagged hard. He pulled back just before she retched. It distracted her from the emptiness she felt in her ass now.

Mikey, pulled out of her still spasming pussy, leaving completely empty. “Look at that, fellows,” he said. “Her pucker is gaping open. It’s winking at me.”

“My turn Mikey,” Jakey said.

Ariel heard them exchange places as a new cock pushed against her wet pussy. He slid in easily, not quite as large as Mikey, and pumped a few times. Then he pulled out and pushing into her ass with almost no resistance. The plug had done it’s work.

The redheaded slut tried to squeeze the cock in her ass even as she relaxed her throat to let Jon further in. It worked. Both men moaned as one pumped her compliant ass and the other pushed into the throat. The three built a rhythm and soon Ariel felt another orgasm building. Neither man seemed to be ready to cum.

Wordlessly they both pulled out of her, she could her men moving around her. Free for the first time to talk and desperately close to cumming, Ariel said simply, “Please... fuck me.”

That got some laughs. “What a slut,” they agreed in unison.

A new cock filled her pussy all at once and another pushed against her lips. She parted them to suck on the head. It tasted strongly like cherry. Like the lube Eric uses. This cock had just been in her tight little ass. The realization sent Ariel back over the edge. She moaned around the cock, trying to take it deeper and lick it more, as another crushing orgasm washed over her.

“Ho, ho, she loves the taste of her own ass, fellows.” Jakey shoved his cock further into her throat and began fucking her face. The slut accommodated him as best she could, breathing when she got the chance.

Cocks pumped her for a few minutes until finally, the one in her mouth pulled out. She heard Jakey moan and groan in orgasm and felt his cum rain down onto her upturned face. Eric always came inside her. He’d have to try it on the outside for a change, she thought, enjoying the sensation.

For a good hour, the three men abused the teen slut. Ariel lost track of who was where and their voices became indistinguishable. She came a few times as they switched back and forth between mouth, ass, or pussy.

Between orgasms, Ariel contemplated her reaction to all this. No dream about being taken matched the reality. She was fairly certain Eric had set this all up and she knew these ‘robbers’. But they fucked her well and she loved it. Loved being taken. Loved being a slut. Out of the blue, she wondered what it would be like to fuck her father and brother like this. What about all of them, all three of her brothers and her father. Reveling in her slutty nature, Ariel began another orgasm.

Finally, the men seemed to finish. The last, Jon, she thought, pulled out of her pussy and jerked his cock spurting cum all over her stomach, pussy and tied down thighs. She could hear them all dressing.

With no gag or cock in her mouth, Ariel could finally speak. Or she could scream for help. Satisfied, she did neither. Instead, the teen tart simply lay back enjoying the feeling of cum draining and drying on her skin. She couldn’t decide if she liked it more on her skin or in her pussy.

The men made sounds of dressing. Just as Ariel wondered what would happen next, she felt one of them close to her face. “Be easy, slut.” he said as he untied her right hand. Before she could move he pinned her hand. “I said, easy. Now we’re leaving and not taking anything with us. Wait three minutes before you take off that blindfold, or there’ll be hell to pay. Got it?”

She nodded.

“Did you have a good time?” he asked.

After a pause, she nodded.

“What a slut you are,” he said. Then he added, “thank you. It was fun for us too, so we won’t take anything from you.”

He released the pressure on her arm and walked away. Soon enough the front door closed. Ariel decided to play it safe, but she could still talk.

“Eric, are you awake?”

“Mmmm”, she took that as an affirmative.

“You ok?” Another affirmative.

Ariel pulled off the blindfold. She couldn’t see anything over her knees but the bindings on her legs. It took her a couple of tries to release each leg.

Finally, able to sit up Ariel looked around. Eric sat comfortably bound to a pool chair with his jockeys in his mouth. She could see concern in his eyes and a raging hardon in his lap.

“Poor baby, they tied you up,” she said. He could only moan. “Did that excite you?” He nodded.

Ariel, unbound her left arm. Finally free but afraid to walk after being bound so long, she crawled gingerly over to her brother. He looked at her and then his roped up hands.

Ariel ignored his obvious signal. Instead she said, “So you knew those guys.” After moment, he nodded.

She reached up suddenly and slapped him. “You, asshole, that scared the shit out of me. I didn’t know if you were hurt or not.”

Eric shrugged, looking sheepish. Her brother wasn’t entirely sorry about that.

“And what about me? I could have been in real trouble there.”

He cocked his head to one side and snorted heavily.

Ariel giggled a bit. “Ok, fine.” She smiled at her sibling, unable to lie. “I loved it.” She looked up at him. He made a point of looking at his bonds.

Instead of untying him, Ariel placed the ping pong ball in his hand and said, “you know what to do if it becomes too much.”

Then, looking him in the eyes, she took the head of his cock in her warm mouth. Kneeling, with hands on his thighs, Ariel bobbed her face up and down on Eric’s rigid member. Her youngest sibling moaned, encouraging her. Soon she had the whole length in her mouth and throat, a first for her. She worked her tongue along the bottom of the shaft and experimented with massaging him with her throat.

Too soon, Eric let out a high pitched moan as his cock swelled and began pumping cum into Ariel’s throat. The young slut swallowed gulp after gulp. After milking him clean, Ariel sat back on her heels, looking proud. She was getting better at this.

Untying Eric took a minute or two. Once he was untied, Ariel stood and made for the house. “Jeez, I need a shower before the girls come over.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Ariel?” Eric asked. He’d removed the jockeys from his mouth, but stood there naked, looking at her.

She stopped and turned back to him with a questioning look.

“You got two fantasies for one. You got ‘taken’ and gangbanged. So... I think you owe me, slut.”

Ariel wasn’t prepared to do what he wanted. Suddenly this predicament seemed worse than being ravaged by a group of robbers.

She deflected, “Who were they?”

“I think you know,” he answered.

“Mark and Jeremy, I recognized their voices even with the accents. But I don’t know who ‘Jon’ was,” she said. Mark and Jeremy for were their older brothers.

“That’s right. Joe was ‘Jon’,” he said. He had to mean Joe, a cousin. She’d just been gang fucked by most of the males in her family.

“Well, that’ll make next month’s family reunion fun,” she said.

“Don’t change the subject,” he countered. Eric grabbed his flaccid cock and pointed it at her, making as ssss sound.

“Gross, Eric, you really want to do that?”

“You dreamed it, and then you told me about it, fucking yourself while you did. So don’t act all shocked,” he said. “You want it, on some level.”

She slumped. Then, determined, she walked over near the outdoor shower and kneeled. “Only on my tits,” she said. Ariel held up her beautiful breasts with both hands, an offering to her nasty brother.

Eric sauntered over and aimed his limp cock at her with a shiteating smile. But soon the smile faded. His cock elongated, the thought of pissing on his sister excited him too much.

Still holding her breasts in offering, Ariel began giggling. “Well, that’s new,” she said. “Can’t get it down, big boy”, she teased. As she laughed, Eric’s cock stiffened to full mast. He didn’t think this was funny at all.

Eric walked forward and pressed the tip of his cock against his sister’s mocking slut mouth. She stopped laughing and looked at him seriously. Then she opened her mouth and took the first few inches in. She suckled the head and he moaned in gratitued.

She pulled back, for a moment. “Eric, love, fuck my face,” she said. “Fuck your sister’s slutty face and then cum on me like your older brothers did.” She took him back into her mouth, still holding out her breasts.

As Eric grabbed her head and guided it down onto his turgid cock, Ariel began fondling her own nipples. Soon he had his entire shaft in her sucking mouth and throat and she had a hand on one breast and the other on her clit. She neared climax but Eric beat her to it. He pulled out with a moan and yelled, “Take it slut!” He brother sprayed her face down. She couldn't believe the volume, as rope after rope of semen splattered onto her upturned face. She loved the feeling, moaning in appreciation.

As he slowed, Ariel continued to play with herself. Eyes closed, she said, “Come on, Bruv, piss on your sister.” Ariel opened her cum covered eyes and looked up at him. His cock was at half mast after two orgasms in less than ten minutes. She looked at it, then back up at him and smiled reassuringly. Despite previous trepidation, she now wanted him to piss on her. She fondled her clit, but held off the impending orgasm.

Eventually a small spurt of urine squirted out of his cock and splashed against her chest and neck. “Oh, god, Eric,” she said breathlessly. “You’re about to piss on your sister.” She thumbed her clit vigorously heading to an orgasm as she was about to be splashed with her brother’s golden shower.

Eric shuddered and then a stream of hot liquid erupted from his cock and sprayed his sister’s ample chest. They locked eyes as he sprayed down one tit and then the other. He aimed for her cleavage and then raised the stream to her neck.

Ariel nodded, “Do it bro,” she said. She peeked into orgasm as he raised the searing hot stream onto her chin and then her face. She closed her eyes and mouth as he washed the cum off her face and forehead.

If there had ever been any doubt about how big a slut she really was, this clarified it for them both. Ariel massaged herself through and intense orgasm as her brother sprayed a stream of hot piss onto her face. She wished he could cum like this, just one long stream of cum all over her.

Eric aimed the stream back down and onto her lips and kept it there. Still riding her orgasm as hot liquid poured down her body and onto her hand and clit, Ariel couldn’t help but do what he clearly wanted. She parted her lips taking his yellow stream into her open smiling mouth. The stream made a gurgling sound as it filled her oral cavity. Instinctively, without swallowing, she let him fill her mouth and then closed it, spitting hot piss out and down her chin and onto her chest. Then she opened it sluttily to take in more, even as her orgasm slowed and subsided.

“Christ, Sis,” Eric exclaimed, “this is so hot.” She could only nod as he filler her smiling mouth with hot liquid. “Does, it taste like honey?” he asked, referencing her erotic dream. She shook her head. But the taste wasn’t completely horrible either.

Finally, the stream came to an end and Ariel opened her eyes, spitting out the last of his golden liquid out onto her chin and chest. Eric looked down at her, cock in hand. She leaned forward and took it into her mouth, sucking it clean. “Christ, you are such a slut, Sis,” he said.

“But you love me, right, Bruv.”

He nodded. Then as if to belie the point, he pulled the shower handle. Cold water dumped down on her, making her shriek. But she stayed under it and washed off fluids from her morning’s adventure.

When she felt clean enough, Ariel said, “I better get dressed, the girls will be here soon.” Then she pointed at her lover, “And you promised to be gone by then, so you better clean up all the rope and stuff and then make like a leaf.”

As they walked back to the house, Eric asked almost rhetorically, “So any other fantasies you’d like to fulfil?”

“Yeah, you in my ass and dad in my pussy,” she said instantly. Ariel shocked herself with the sudden admission. Then she added, “You make that happen and I’ll give you anything you ever want.” She stopped and looked at him meaningfully. She added, “Anything. Forever.”

Eric could only whistle.

-- to be continued

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Posted 12 Apr 2013 09:52
I had a hard on the whole time I was reading an extremely well written story. Will you be writing a 3rd part.
Posted 10 Mar 2013 10:54
That was fantastic. Well done~spot on..... "V=5x5."

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