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Ariel’s Dirty Fantasy (part 04)

Ariel gets her first DP with Eric and Tom.

Honestly, Ariel expected to be well fucked all day after her morning tryst with her father. But Tom’s discipline thwarted the oversexed teenager. He and Eric worked in the garage on the regulator all day.

In the afternoon she took sandwiches and beers in for each of the men. Apparently, plumbing was a bitch. She found the two sweaty and scowling at each other. Despite wearing a skimpy floral sundress with nothing underneath, Ariel couldn’t interest either lover in her plumbing. It felt like a set back, as if suddenly things were not only different - how could they not be - but actually broken. Ariel tried to keep busy the remainder of the day. But she couldn’t shake the sinking feeling of uncertainty.

They got the water back on by evening. Ariel grilled the chicken and made a salad while Tom and Eric took showers. Eric set the outside table and they all sat down to dinner in the cool evening breeze as if everything was normal. This all had the pleasant facade of domesticity but Ariel felt an underlying tension in their conversation. And that tension was killing her. Finally she said, “Aren’t we going to talk about this?” The men looked at her, confused. “Are we going to act like nothing happened?”

“I think we can all agree ‘nothing’ should happen quite frequently,” Tom said. Smiling at his daughter.

She refused to be distracted. “Seriously, Dad. It started to bother me mid-day. I mean, how do we do this? Do we act like nothing happened and then suddenly fuck? Or can I just walk around in the nude and you all fuck me anytime you want, like I’m an apple to pick off a tree or something?”

“More like tart off a tray,” Eric said. Tom hooted a laugh. She slapped her brother on the arm.

“Asshole,” she grinned. “And what about Mom?” she asked more seriously.

“For the record, I’d be fine with you walking around in the nude, sweetie.” Tom said. “How about you, Eric?” The boy nodded his head, mouth full of burger. Ariel rolled her eyes, like he wouldn’t agree.

“As for how we do this... we do it with Rules,” Tom said finally getting serious. “First rule is Sharon and I are your parents and as long as you live under our roof you do what we say, just like before. Keep that separate from the sex. Second rule, no pictures and no telling anyone else outside the family.”

“Oopsie,” said Eric. Pointing accusingly at Ariel, he said, “she told Jazzie, Cindy and Bee about us.”

“And you fucked all of us*, Bruv” Ariel reposted. “Besides, those sluts won’t talk. I know too much.”

“Ok, no more people should know. Christ, is there anything else I should know about?” interjected Tom. He looked back and forth at his two youngest with consternation.

Ariel looked down at her plate, “Eric got me gangbanged by Mark, Jeremy and JJ.” Mark and Jeremy were their older twin brothers, while JJ, or Joe, was a cousin - Tom’s brother’s kid.

“Shit, Eric... Ariel.” Tom face palmed then laughed and shook his head. “That family trip to Hawaii is going to be awkward now.” More seriously he added, “really now, is there anyone else who knows?” The siblings shook their heads.

“Anyway...” he continued, “Rule three, just for Ariel, call me Tom when we’re fucking. The whole ‘Daddy’ thing freaks me out to be frank.” Ariel frowned, but nodded. “Rule four, play safe and come home.”

“So we’re going to fuck more?” asked Ariel finally.

“I think so, sweetie.” Ariel smiled hugely thinking about having the next two years before college to fuck as much as she wanted. On a lark she sat up and removed her sundress. Her exposed nipples immediately hardened in the cool evening air. Nonchalantly, she picked up her fork and stuffed her mouth with salad. Tom and Eric stared. “What,” she said around a mouth full of greens, “just placing myself on the tray. You know, tarts are desert.” That got a pair of groans. The three set about eating food, each in their own thoughts, Ariel with a stupid grin on her face.

Finally, Eric asked, “Why are you and Mom being so cool about all this?” He looked at Ariel who nodded agreement. Clearly she wondered the same. “I mean, I can understand why you’re cool with it.” Eric wagged his eyebrows at Ariel. “But why would Mom?”.

“Hmmm,” said Tom. “You kinds clean up and I’ll show you why. Meet me in the den when you’re done.” He got up and went inside.

Eric and Ariel cleared the table and put away the food. Eric couldn’t resist copping a feel of his sister’s naked ass. They spent a moment in the kitchen making out. Before either could get carried away, Ariel broke off the kiss. “What do you suppose he’s going to show us?”

Eric looked at her and shrugged. Neither knew what to expect, it seemed. But it would surely be fun. Hand in hand they walked to the den.

Tom joined them just as the kids entered the den. They all got comfortable in front of the big screen, Ariel snuggled up against Eric in the love seat while Tom took his favorite lounger and turned on the system. As their father launched the media server, both kids noticed a new menu choice: “sMovies”.

“Dad, what’s that new channel?” asked Eric.

“It’s movies I made of your mom. I usually keep it offline when you kids are around,” he said. “I guess there is no reason to hide it now.” Tom drilled down into the channel, listing dozens of numeric titles. It took a moment for Ariel to realise the numbers were formatted dates. He selected 24042016.

“This is from last year after a show in San Diego,” said Tom. “It’s... somewhat unusual for us.”

The first movie opened with a sixty second POV shot of their Mother kneeling in green grass giving Tom a blow job, complete with a smiling facial. Ariel and Eric sat agape, watching the action. To their continued shock, the camera pulled away from their mother’s cum covered face and panned around on the scenery before zooming back in on her face. The pair were in some sort of park behind some bushes with people not too far off in the distance. On screen Sharon wiped cum into her mouth with a well practiced motion of her finger. After sucking it clean she chuckled saying, “Honey, let’s motor before we get arrested.”

“Holy shit, Dad.” the children exclaimed in unison.

Suddenly Ariel understood why Eric, and everyone else, liked to cum on her face. “Mom, looks hot with cum on her face,” she said. “Do I look like that?” In answer, Eric nodded and pushed his hand between her thighs. The horny teen opened them, allowing him full access. To her delight, he took advantage, slipping two fingers into her already wet pussy.

“You kids ok? Want to continue?” their father asked. Both nodded and Tom selected the next video.

The second video cut jarringly to an indoor setting with the camera jogging dramatically before settling. It took a second for the kids to parse what they were looking at, but finally the scene became clear. A woman with red hair facing away from camera posed on all fours in a hotel bed while a black man mounted her and a portly white man shoved his cock in her face. The camera moved to show the woman’s face from the side and it became clear Ariel wasn’t the only redhead in the family who liked getting gangbanged. This scene lasted considerably longer than a minute. A seemingly endless stream of men fucked thier mother in the ass, mouth and pussy. Most pulled out and came on her. Sharon either faked it, or she came each time a man sprayed her down.

While they watched, Tom explained to the kids. He and their Mother were swingers and had been for years. From the beginning really.

After five minutes of Eric’s digital attentions and watching her mother get banged by strangers, Ariel felt ready for her own bang. Pulling Eric’s hand out of her sex, the horny redhead crawled off the loveseat, onto the floor a few feet from the screen. Looking back at first her father then her brother, she wiggled her round ass suggestively. Then she resumed watching her mother getting porked.

Eric broke first. Ariel sighed out her relief when his cock entered her wet pussy. She continued to watch as her brother brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Tom left the room for a bit returning with something in his hand. He dropped it in front of Ariel: cherry flavored lube. An orgasm hit her out of nowhere when she understood what the lube meant. Daddy and Bruv were going to fuck her ass and pussy.

Tom smiled as he saw her reaction. Having two sluts around the house would be a fun challenge. He waited for Ariel to come down before ordering Eric onto the floor. His youngest son smiled and without a word pulled out and rolled onto the floor next to Ariel. He could see the action on the screen, although it was upside down.

Ariel wasted no time, She mounted her brother’s cock like a pro and handed Tom the tube. Riding Eric's cock, she looked down at him and then up at her mother’s slutty act. Ariel felt cold pressure on her ass as Tom squeezed lube into her.

Ariel stopped moving, “Daddy, fuck my ass.”

“It’s Tom sweetie,” he said and pushed into her in one long thrust.

Ariel screamed. Sensations overwhelmed the young slut. Pain mixed with intense pressure and no small amount of pleasure. “Oh,” was all she could manage as another orgasm wracked her body. Tom pulled back and thrust into her slowly. Eric stayed still but remained rock hard.

On the screen Sharon looked back at her audience, smiling as she took another load on her cum covered face. “I’m just like Mom,” said Ariel. “And I’m so full of cock.”

Ariel experienced the best sex of her young life as she fucked Eric and Tom in a variety of positions she hadn’t contemplated before. Eric came on her face while she mounted Tom reverse cowgirl. Then Tom finally unloaded in her ass. To recover each of the men took a turn licking and sucking her sweet moist cunt. She had an orgasm or two. Tom, she had to admit, was a fine pussy licker. She got quite loud and dirty, yelling at him to suck her slutty cunt with his mouth. Ariel laughed, directing her own father was a hoot.

Finally she ended up on her knees in front of the two men while they masturbated. Ariel could see Sharon on the screen. Her Mom was alone now, covered in cum and kneeling in front of the camera man, her father, licking and sucking his cock blindly. On screen Tom asked, “Did you enjoy yourself Sharon?” In answer Sharon took his cock into her mouth and, too Ariel’s disbelief, swallowed it all.

Ariel lost all awareness of her lovers. She focused completely on her mother’s lude acts. The three lovers watched as Sharon deep throated Tom’s cock for a minute or two. Finally, at some unseen signal, she pulled off it. Tom took it in his free hand without much camera shake and masturbated at her face. As Sharon looked up into the camera, Tom exploded onto her face.

A splash on her own cheek caught Ariel off guard. She focused back on the cocks in front of her as they both spewed their love onto her. She looked up at the two men, smiled and closed her eyes.

“Cover me, boys,” she said. Tom and Eric grunted and groaned their last orgasms of the night onto Ariel’s beautiful face.

Finally done. Ariel carefully opened her eyes to see the final action on the screen. Her mother now sat back, eyes closed with a blissful expression on her glazed face. With one hand she masturbated while the other smeared cum into her body. She rubbed in what few drops were on her stomach and then moved up to her breasts which were coated thickly with the white goo. She spent a few seconds massaging both breasts, smearing drops and splatters of cum into a shiny glaze. Finally, Sharon moved up to her neck and face. She spent a good minute or two slowly running cum across her cheeks and down her brow and nose into her moaning, sucking hungry mouth.

Ariel and Eric watched with rapt attention as Sharon sensually massaged loads of cum into her skin and mouth, orgasming throughout the process. Absentmindedly Ariel touched the cum on her face imaging doing the same. Her mother was beautiful to watch. Was Ariel?

“Wow, honey,” Sharon said before the video ended, “I really need a shower.”

Recovering quickly from the sight of his Mother’s wanton debauchery, Eric seized an opportunity to exercise his new mastery. He said to Ariel, “You need a shower too, Sis. Do you want to take it outside or inside?”

Ariel knew what Eric wanted and blushed with embarrassment. She wondered what Tom would think of her if he found out. Or was her mother into that too?

“Remember our deal, Sis,” he said. “Anything. Forever.”

Ariel felt a jolt of pleasure run down her spine at the words. She dropped her head in shame, “Outside, I guess,” she said finally.

“What are you two talking about?” said Tom.

Grabbing Ariel’s hand, Eric lifted her up. “Come and see,” he said. Eric lead the cum covered slut outside into the grass near the shower. He turned Ariel around to face him. “Kneel for me Sis, and look up.”

She did. Eric pointed his flaccid cock at his sister’s upturned face.

“Jesus fucking Christ, kids.” exclaimed Tom, finally understanding. “You’ve done this before?”

“Come on Dad,” said Eric. “Don’t tell me you and Mom haven’t done this.” He let go with the stream of hot piss straight onto Ariel’s forehead. She giggled at the sudden sensation. But her pussy flushed with reciprocating heat. Tom noticed her hand move down to masturbate herself. Eric concentrated on blasting all the cum off her face as Tom looked on in shock. Eric soaked her hair and chest for good measure. Finally empty, he flicked a few drops onto her.

Ariel neared a final orgasm as Eric finished. Instinctively she parted her lips. Eric put his flaccid cock in her mouth and she came as she sucked the last drops out of it. Ariel couldn't believe how intense the orgasm was. She wanted more.

Ariel looked at her father. A mix of emotions played across his handsome face. Fear, horror, shock, lust and... pride. Her pussy contracted in need. She said in a small voice, “Daddy, please...”

Tom cursed, but he did what she wanted. Did what he wanted. His stream started on her lush chest. Ariel opened her mouth, looked into his eyes and leaned forward a bit, inviting him to raise the stream. In possibly the most depraved act of his life, Tom directed the stream up into her mouth. There was a gurgling sound as her mouth filled with his hot yellow liquid.

Ariel closed her eyes as a huge orgasm, more intense than the previous, broke over her. She spat out hot liquid which flowed down her chin, chest and flat pale stomach to her pussy. He continued spraying more onto her upturned face. Bringing herself off, Ariel opened her mouth and let him fill it again and again, working her mouth like a fish in water to pump it all out.

When the stream stopped and her orgasm settled, Ariel opened her eyes and looked up at the two men.

“Ariel,” said Tom. “You may be a bigger slut than your mother. That was insanely hot” He said it with pride.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said flushing delight.

“It’s Tom, dear. Remember that.”

To be continued.

* Eric fucking all three of Ariel’s friends is another story I will write if there is interest.

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Posted 30 May 2013 21:06
Keep up the great works of art, can't wait 4 Ariel to bring her three friends in to the mix
Posted 03 May 2013 15:57
please continue
Posted 03 May 2013 04:23
Excellent!!! Really hot, bring on Jazie, Cindy, and Bee. Great series, thanks for writing. Can you say one big happy family?
Posted 02 May 2013 17:44
Yes that was great. She would be weclome at any gangbang & Golden shower party. "V=5X5.++."
Posted 01 May 2013 20:00
another excellent chapter thank you

I'm interested in erics escapades

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