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Aunt May

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Aunt May Gives her nephew a shock he won't forget
Our family is a very close family, always finding an excuse to get together to have a party or some sort of celebration, at one party I got talking with my Uncle Jack (on my father’s side) as I’d only just celebrated my 18th . He’d wanted to know what I’d spent all my money on – birds or alcohol? But I gave him a little of a shock and told him I’d spent most on a games console.

“Why the hell did you do that??”

“Well I’m more into gaming than anything else, and didn’t see the point in getting drunk on one night as it would been a waste.”

“Well there is that, so what games did you get?”

“Oh just two couldn’t afford the 3rd as it had just been released.”

This conversation went on for a while, but he told me that if I called round to his place I could borrow some of his games. I thought oh great least I’ll be able to have a game on something else other than the two I’d played to death on.

So a few days later I told my parents I was just nipping up to Uncle Jack’s and shouldn’t be too long. It didn’t take too long to get there as they he only lived up the street. Knocked on the door, but when the door opened my Aunt May stood there. Her hair was a little messed up and looked a little tired.

I should point out that Aunt May even at 42 was a great looking woman, with all the gym time she spent she never let her figure go out of shape.

“Oh hi Ash, how are you?”

“I’m fine Aunt May, just come to see Uncle Jack as he said I could borrow some of his games.”

“Sorry but he’s out at the moment, but your happy to have a look through them.”

I walked in and asked what she was up to with her hair in a mess, she explained that she was just cleaning up some cupboards and found a load of old board games that the kids used to play. When we walked into the living room it was a complete mess, now I could see why she was a mess. Games all over and boxes falling off each other.

“Would you like a hand cleaning all this up Aunt May?”

“Would you mind as some of the games are all messed up and I’ve no idea where all the bits go with each game?”

We sat down and I was figuring out all the boxes and game parts and was able to remember them all as I think most of the time I used to play some of these games when we used to come up to their house. Then I got to one box which as the old game of ‘Twister’.

“Damn I haven’t seen this one in a loooong time.”

“What’s that one Ash?”

“Twister, I remember playing this one with Kirsty and Carl, always kept getting our legs mixed up. Damn I miss that.”

Kirsty and Carl were Aunt May and Uncle Jacks 17 year old twins. Carl and I used to hang out a lot but then when he discovered girls he’d be out every day or night and Kirsty used to act like one of the lads, until she got to high school that’s when she took up football. So we hardly ever saw each other except at the family get-tog-ether's. Boy could Kirsty kick a ball, she always seemed to like kicking the ball at my cock to get a reaction.

Anyway we got all the games sorted out and I went over to when the games console was to have a look through all the games my Uncle had got. It was a big collection, from the latest games that just been released to some old classics. He was as mad at gaming as I was, maybe even more. But I picked out two games that I liked the look of and was just about to go into the kitchen where my Aunt May was making a cuppa when she walked back in with two drinks.

“Here you go Ash you deserve it for all the hard work you’ve put in with helping me. It would have taken me even longer if you haven’t of come round.”

“Oh it was a pleasure, saves me going home and getting my jobs done.” I laughed back.

“I hope I won’t upset your mother, I’ll let her know how much of a help you’ve been.”

So we sat down on the couch drinking and chatting away, I was telling her about how much I’d enjoyed the party we’d had and I couldn’t wait to start some real work, as all the job hunting was taking its time on me. But explained that I’d just got a new job at the local gym where she used to go.

“Ah, I hope I’ll get a discount then from my ‘favorite’ nephew.”

While placing her hand on my leg, smiling back I just told her I would see what I could do for her. With that I was just about finished with my drink and Aunt May got up and asked if I wanted to have a quick go at one of the new games my Uncle had just bought. I thought sure why not, so she turned the console on and put a camera up on the TV. It was one of these games that tracked your every move and placed you in the game. I’d never played this type of game before and was interested in how it worked.

So Aunt May got me to stand at the side of her and I could see her waving at the screen, up came the game and we were supposed to be on some race track against one another. She must have been playing this game a lot as she was way out in front of me and I was having a hard time catching her up. So I started to nudge her a little so she would lose a little balance, this would cause her car to slow down. I just looked at her with a cheeky grin.

“Ooooh we playing dirty tactics are we?”

“Well its fair game in love and war – see ya!”

With that I drove right past her. She did not like that and got back up and pushed me out the way causing my car to slow down. There we are pushing and shoving each other while trying to race against one another. When all of a sudden I could see the finish line, then noticed in the corner of my eye she was about to bash me hard. I leaned back to slow my car down and she flew right past me straight into the couch, with a laugh I drove over the finish line.

“YES!! Got ya Aunt May.”

Still laid out on the couch laughing her head off I reached down and tried to pick her back up, but she wasn’t letting me pick her up, Then a hard pull on my arms yanked me down falling on top of her. Laughing and giggling she said.

“Now I got you that time!”

Looking right into her eyes, I could feel the heat coming from her body. Her breasts were pushing right into my chest that’s when I felt my cock start to come alive. With that I pushed myself up off her as I didn’t want to stay there too long and die of embarrassment as I only had some jogging bottoms on. I picked my Aunt May up and told her fair game. But I’d have to go soon as it was getting close to having some lunch.

“Oh don’t be silly, you can have lunch here if you want. You’d be keeping me company until your Uncle gets back.”

So thought nothing of it and told her if that was alright I’d stay.

“Hey I’ve got an idea, why don’t you set that old game up that you found.”

“What Twister?”

“Yeeh, I haven’t played that in years either and I remember it was great fun!”

While Aunt May went back into the kitchen to start getting Lunch ready I grabbed hold of the game and set it up. I remember it being far bigger than this when I was a kid, but I guess everything seems bigger when you’re a kid. Aunt May walked back in and looked at me with a huge smile when she spotted it was all ready. Placing lunch on the table she walked over to me and grabbed hold of the spinner.

“Right Ash I’m the eldest I’m talking charge of this.”

Spinning the arrows, she told me right leg on red. Next she got a left leg on yellow. This went on for a while and got a little mixed up as you normally do with this game. My Aunt at one end of the game and me on the other side, but our legs was a complete mix. She freed her hand and spun the arrows. This time I had to move my whole body and put one of my hands over her to place on blue. Only trouble was that when I tried reaching over I lost a little balance and brushed her breast with my hand. It felt firm to the touch but I was a little shocked. Placing my hand on the blue circle I only just managed it without falling. Worse was yet to come, she spun again and was told left hand red which was near me. She moved her hand and I don’t know if she did it on purpose or what, but her hand knocked into my hand and I slipped and lost all balance falling on top of her.

So there I am on top of my Aunt feeling all the heat AGAIN coming from her and our eyes locking on to one another. She just laid there laughing and giggling throwing her head back. Her breasts were pushing right into me.

“If only someone were to walk in right this minute.” Aunt May laughed.

That was the moment I feared, I felt my cock stir again and this time it wasn’t going to give up. From the heat of her body and the way we were positioned I had to try and get up. Then Aunt May moved her legs and locked around my waist, what the hell was she doing.

“Oh you’re not going anywhere lad.”

I tried moving but she had very strong legs and her grip was like a huge pair of handcuffs. I even tried lifting her up onto the couch and she just kept me down on the floor.

“Had enough of struggling Ash?”

“ Yes I’m exhausted you’ve got some strength in those legs.”

“The workout’s I do down at the gym with the personal trainer does pay off you know, but enough about that. I want to know what you’ll do for me to let go.”

“Well I’ve already helped you clean up, what more can I do?”

“There’s one job I think you’d be good enough at.”

“And what is that Aunt May?”

“Giving me a workout.”

With that she reached down and took her top off revealing a pink bra that cupped her breasts like I’d never seen. Damn she looked hot, in one way I was glad she’d got her legs wrapped around me but another part of me was thinking what if Uncle Jack walks in. That’s when something inside me took over and I could feel my cock growing. Plus with me being so close to Aunt May in this vise like grip I knew it would be anytime she would be felling it. So I tried to move from her grip but it was useless and she just looked at me with an evil grin.

“What’s wrong Ash, don’t want your Aunt now?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yes you do don’t tell lies I’ve seen the way you look at my figure. I could always see the lust in your eyes!”

“Well what you expect when you look the way you do?”

“Well it takes hard work getting to look this good and I can tell you like it as I can feel someone wants to come out to play.”

She was right, I’d lost total control of my cock and it was fully erect sticking right into her, it’s a wonder it hadn’t pushed through my joggers and her pants straight into her. Aunt May rolled over so that I was on the floor and she was over the top of me still using her legs to trap me on the floor. She reached behind and grabbed hold of my joggers and pulled them down, this would be the day that I was going commando and my cock sprang out bouncing off my stomach all 7 inches. Aunt May’s eyes lit up looking down at my cock taking one hand and smiling directly at my cock she slowly teased the foreskin back revealing the head. It was so strange to feel it was her soft hand on my cock and to see it was just hot. My cock started to pulse and bounce in her hand, she slowly moved down with her head and partied her lips just enough meeting the head and kissing it. Licking her lips she slowly eased her mouth over my cock going down the full length and I could feel her wet tongue running along the shaft. I could of cum just then as my legs were in a dream land and my head was in a daze from the sight of my cock going deeper into my Aunts mouth. Those silky smooth lips moved all the way down my cock reaching my balls then twisting her mouth coming back up was a complete sensation in itself.

If she hadn’t of had a vise like grip on me I would of cum there and then, but she continued to bob her head up and down my cock then moving her hand expertly playing with my balls. Her hair was now getting in the way of me seeing any of this, with one hand I reached down and stroked her hair back so I could see what I could feel. That’s when she moved her head and looked up at me with those sexy brown eyes and slowly closed then continuing to go down on my cock. Moving her hand from my side she gripped my cock at the base and began to pump my cock while twirling and flicking her tongue off my cock while it was still in her mouth. Faster and faster she was pumping my cock and I knew I wouldn’t be able last much longer, with that I felt my balls start to tense up and my legs stiffen.

“Ooooh shit Aunt I’m going to cuuummmmmmmm.”

But she just kept her mouth their pumping her hand faster and harder. Without a second thought I blew my load directly into her mouth every single spurt shooting down her throat, thrusting my hips up into her. She sucked me dry lifted her head off my cock wiping her mouth clean, she’d actually swallowed the whole lot, it was the first time any woman had done that too me.

“Great now you’ll last a little bit longer.”

She took off her pants revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties, unhooked her bra and out came her breasts standing proud (36C I later found out) she was completely shaven. Reaching down she moved my T-shirt up and over my head pushing me back down, she moved back up my body licked her hand and rubbed her pussy parting the lips ready for what was to become an exhausting workout.

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Posted 13 Nov 2013 17:01
can't wait to read chapter 2
Posted 23 Aug 2013 12:11
Aunt May is just as hot the second time around!
Posted 28 Jul 2013 23:34
Nice start
Posted 25 Apr 2013 10:20
Got a huge boner reading that! :-)
Posted 22 Jan 2013 20:14
a good story. aunt May sounds like a lot of fun.what does she do next?
Posted 13 Jul 2012 11:30
Great job. Love the story. Hurry and post part two.5+

Posted 12 Jul 2012 17:17
Great story dude! Great birthday surprise from the Auntie!
Posted 12 Jul 2012 16:22
Part 2 is ready and waiting to be uploaded as well.

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