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Aunt Miller

Here is a genuine short-hair brunette with nice big boobs and delicious shaved mature cunt.

Here is a genuine short-hair brunette with nice big boobs and delicious shaved mature cunt.

Well, I’m ready to give you an account about the most exciting moment in my lifetime, an unforgettable incident with Aunt Miller.  My name is Marcos, 20 yo, currently living in South America, in Pereira, Colombia.  This story isn’t a castle in the sky, but an authentic one, a genuine event that occurred to me.

I’ve always been attracted to my aunt Miller, and she has caused me to jerk off so many times having more images of her naked body than any other woman in this world to arouse me. This killing brunette is driving all of us – friends and cousins- mad, forever thinking in her well built body.

She’s 39 yo, 1.70 tall, babe face, and breasted, apart from her inspiring bubble ass, so oversize buttocks that make her even more lovely than she actually is, swaying as she walks, and a reason for all men to stare  at her with so much greedy, gluttonous and voracious men wishing to fuck.
Our relationship had been quite normal to now, while she always addressed to her nephews with respect, admiration, having a high opinion, as well as the fine friendship with family members, except that I never imagined what would happen soon…

Three and a half years ago she used to live with her husband and 3 sons. The elder son, an executive in one of the most important business in town, was so important that he was granted vacations in Brazil during a saint's day; would spend 8 days in Rio, along with his sons. I used to visit my great-grandmother, and my aunt visited her too, everyday, so it still existed a likelihood we’d meet here soon as she drops by.

Yes, somebody had opened the door imprudently on that day I was resting, lying down on my bed after a hard work at college. It was one of the hottest days in this city, an impressive, hell!! implacable sunny day, and to cope with this, I’d sleep naked, wearing only my boxer while a fan blew air on me. Since every man has an erection after waking up, this was my case here, the big bulge too visible above boxers.

The stranger was my aunt getting in my bed room, to collect some stuff. She said:
“Oh, Marcos, sorry to awake you, I didn’t know you were here.”

I said: “Cool!!! That’s ok!!”

I could perceive her cheerful stare; she stood there for a while considering my tool, smiled viciously and left.  I had gotten ashamed by this surprise, got up and took a shower, then have lunch. As I got to the living room I met a thoughtful aunt there, sitting alone in the couch quietly. She asked me:

“How is your mom, Marcos, is everything all right at home?”

I replied: “Oh, your sons must be having a wonderful time in Brazil.”

My aunt changed this subject, saying:

“I didn’t know you had such a good endowment within your boxers, boy!”

I replied:

“It’s just the average, sorry, Aunt Miller.”

She announced:  “Well, I’d better get on my way.”

I watched her in silence. She smiled mischievously and said:

“You, big rascal… pity you’re my nephew or…”

There was an awkward few moment of silence:

“What… what do you mean by that?

She said: “I’m not going to give you confirmation I’m panty less, ha, ha!!”

She said:

“Well, uh, I’m not sure! We might come up with something interesting here, but the problem is… uh… youth are immature people, thus everyone in town would know about this. You can’t keep a secret.”

I didn’t believe this, too surprised, shocked by this unexpected revelation, feeling a knot in my throat, I said after getting your strength back:

“You can trust me, Aunt Miller. I’m a serious and responsible person… not like the others.”

She said:

“Means you wanna lay me down?

I had the courage to reply yes. She said:

“Ok, let’s see what I can do about this. See you at home in an hour, ok?”

She lived only a 15 minute ride from my grandma’s. She got on her feet and said:

“I’m waiting… one hour, remember?”

I was shocked, astonished, hardly believing this.  She had put the cat among the pigeons!! Fuck!! And I was already daydreaming, thinking in her asscheeks banging against my balls!!  From now on, I’d wish the constant companion of the  to die for Aunt Miller.

It’s 2:25 in the afternoon, one hour to go and I had begun to dress up. 3:10 and I headed for her place. Oh, I was there, a lot nervous, and she opened the door for me. I didn’t believe my eyes, seeing my aunt dressed in a black transparent dress, my heart beat out of my chest. She closed the door behind me, saying:

“Sit down.”  I obeyed, sat on a large chair, easy chair; she said:

“Are you sure this is what you want, Marcos?”

I replied:

“Oh, are you serious, mean...this true, or are you pulling me by the leg, Aunt Miller?” A lifetime longing for this.”

She replied, moving closer to me:

“Ummmm, wanna find out? Please, kiss me. Wanna fuck. I’m ready now, please, kiss me.”

It all started here: kissing passionately, I touched both her breasts and asscheeks. My dream ever!! I grabbed her buttocks even more keenly, while my dick was stroked above the pants by her immoral hands. She sat on my lap; those butt cheeks rubbed hard against my pant, shook in a circle pattern over my hard on, moved move up and down, then to and fro, rubbing hard until my penis wanted to explode within my pants. She quit this and got to her knees, slid down my pants, and began to kiss over the fabric, like mad. She said:

“Hold on to your nuts. I’m coming for a good blow job.”

She was like in entranced, stripping me off my boxers, saying:

Oh, what a juicy dick you have here!! standing up.

“You’re hung like a horse. Besides, you’re a hunkster, muscular and sexually appealing.”
She got up on her knees again and didn’t need any more encouragement and she took my cock in her mouth to suck and lick until it was hard the second time.

“You like to eat pussy, Marcos?”

Hell, she deep throated the cock, an absorbed pro giving head in such splendid way!!

I could guess this woman had been hungry for cock since long ago; she sucked like greedy doing a perfect blow job; she began to gag and I shouted:

“Hey, stop this, almost cum!!”

I seized her, to hurl her on the chair, took off both thong and bra. My penis was almost wasted on the edge to cum, so I’d give it time to recover while I was busy at other tasks: kissed the woman’s body, sucking nipples, then down to the clean shaved snatch. Oh, how wet it was, feel her liquids in my mouth. She said:

“Oh, yessss, like that, oh, God!! Yes, boy, eat my pussy, more, please, I like it. Common, go, yesss, like that.”

 “Oh” she cried, as my tongue flicked over her tender clit.  She clutched my head like if trying to plunge it into her cunt. After a while I said:

“Ok, it’s my turn now. Sprawl your legs.  I’ll poke my rod into you now!!”

The Latin said: ”Oh, yes, papito, fuck me hard.”

Her pussy was on fire and she simple had to have my cock inside her. She moaned aloud:

“Aaaaaah…God!” she sighed. “Your cock feels huge inside the limits of my womb.”

I replied: “Shut the fuck up and ride my cock, babe!”

I slammed into her like a wild Bronco. She said: “Oh, yesss, I love being fucked hard like this.”
The vagina was so wet and hot it almost made me cum. I held it using my strength of will.  My hard rod kept banging her, would never forget her face expression, moaning aloud. As I stuffed my piece of meat within her, she became more ardent:

“Oh, ah, harder, harder, fuck!! I’m your bitch, fuck me, oh, God, fill me!!”

I speeded up the pace, taking long strokes pounding a hot cunt. Aunt Miller rotated her pelvis upward and wrapped her legs around my waist; at a moment her legs squeezed my waist, urging me on. I fucked her hard for 7 minutes more, in doggy position, after she got on her 4’s.

She said:

“No, please, not in my ass. I’m not ready for that, your cock is too big!!”

The wonderful view of my aunt’s ass drove me mad, bringing her to a shuddering climax, she moaned loudly:

“Fuck harder, I’m cumming!”

As I obeyed her I only heard a “flap, flap, flap”, my skin hitting hers.  I felt a squirting pussy around my penis as she orgasm. I said aloud:

“It’s my turn now to come!!”

I reached for her tits from behind, and began to give her a big beating. I was crying with each stroke, pounding into her. My cock swelled and huge streams of cum began shooting into her. I was crying out of my climax, as my cock continued to spurt.  She collapsed on the bed saying:

“My husband never fucked like that. I needed this, but don’t you tell anybody.”

I said: “Don’t’ worry, I’ll keep the secret.”

Thinking in another rendezvous, I made a proposal thinking she’d fuck again, but I was damn wrong as she rejected me, wouldn’t give pussy anymore. She now acts like a normal aunt and nobody would get suspicious except for my enthusiastic jerk offs!!
                                                               THE END

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 20 Oct 2012 07:31
Very Good. "V=5."
Posted 24 Dec 2009 21:35
This is one of the best stories I have read.

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