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Big Brother's Discovery

Oh, the shock and suspense that I felt when my brother and his friend found me.
I would go regularly with my parents and meet up with friends to watch the games during the football season and catch a ride home after with Steve. I didn't have a lot of girl friends, but the ones I did were lifers. We were never without the male attention, due to Steve and his friends.

At first I thought it was because Steve was my step-brother, however I soon discovered I had secret ammunition. My breasts developed to be firm and full, and by the time I was sophomore at sixteen I was carrying a set of 32 DDs on my 5'6" and 120lb body. I was by no means the best looker, but I wasn't bad either. I had long light brown/blond hair and big green eyes; they were a feature that caught a lot of people's attention.

The suspense of the game was overwhelming. The score was so close and we came back to win at the last minute. Everyone was excited, except for those from the other team. This was Friday night and my mom and dad would go out on their own date night to get something to eat, so I was to get a ride home with my brother, Steve.

As I wandered over to the gym to meet up with my brother, I could hear all the guys in the gym hooting and hollering with excitement after their win. This got my attention and got me excited too, only sexually. I felt the deep need to cum, so believing Steve would be a while I decided to go to a dark secluded corner behind the gym to take care of myself. I had my skirt pulled up, fingering my pussy, rubbing my clit, and tweaking my nipples on my big heavy breasts. I was just getting ready to cum when suddenly I heard a voice say, "Well..well, what have we got here?"

Oh shit, I was busted. There was Steve and his buddy Joe watching me. I tried to gather myself and stand when Steve pushed me back down. I had no chance against his strength. I tried to explain in the most logical manner I could and begged of them both to not say anything to anyone. It was no good. Steve said, "I have always thought you were a horny little girl, now I am going to find out. The big-tit tease here before me all hanging out looks like a good invitation. What do you think, Joe?"

Joe said he had always wanted to get a good look at what I had and would love to see more. I was terrified. Before I knew it, Steve was down on his knees and probing two of his fingers into my pussy. At first my legs were held tight to keep from his invasion, but soon my knees started to spread apart and give him easier access. There was no returning now. I was already horny, but now, I was begging to cum. He kept rubbing my clit with his thumb and probing a couple of fingers in and out of my cunt. "Yes...oh yes...Oh I'm going to cum." My words just spilled out of my mouth without even thinking. I needed to cum so bad, I didn't care that this was my step brother and his friend was there watching.
I was now on my back and bucking my hips up in the air trying to drive his fingers in deeper. All of a sudden he stopped just before I was ready to let loose. I was shocked and frustrated. With the need to cum, I instantly started to rub my clit and finger my pussy when Steve grabbed my hands. I begged him to please let me finish, that I needed to cum. He just smiled at me and lifted me up to my feet. "You will get your chance! First of all, we are getting away from the school grounds so we don't get ourselves in trouble."

We loaded up in his pickup, with me sitting in the middle between Steve and Joe, and drove off. We were heading back towards the ranch, with Steve's hand between my legs, pushing his fingers in my pussy, while Joe was kneading and sucking on my breasts. I wondered what they had in mind. Why was he driving back home? Was he going to rat on me?

We got closer and closer and I was getting real nervous and scared. Suddenly a mile up the road from the house, Steve turned off the lights on his pick up and turned off on a road that went up to a hay barn. My insides started to get excited again.

Steve parked the pickup so it wouldn't be seen if someone was to come up the hill. Once the pickup was turned off, Steve and Jeff got out, pulling me out and leading me towards the stacks of hay. Steve easily pulled down a few bales and put an old blanket down on top of them. This was something he obviously kept in his truck for this reason. I wondered how many times he came to the hay barn and with who.

Soon he had me on my back on top of the small stack of hay, removing my thong, pulling my blouse all the way open and exposing my heavy breasts to the chill in the air. Oh how hard and erect my nipples got. He didn't waste any time spreading my legs and inserting a couple of fingers while sucking and biting my nipples. He kept telling me he was finally going to get his way with his naughty sister.

Joe wasted no time pulling out his dick and stroking it. It was beautiful, and I wanted it so bad. I thought of how big his dick looked in front of my face, so eagerly I opened my mouth to take it in. Down my throat it went. He fucked my face. Joe started saying say what a good cock sucker I was. Before I knew it, Steve was standing and pulling his pants down. Oh my, he was hung. I thought Joe's 8 inches was big, Steve was hung like a stallion with a good 10 1/2 inches, long and thick.

I almost came right then at the sight of his dick. He moved down between my legs and pushed his long tongue in my pussy like a dick and then pulled out to lick my clit while pushing two and then three fingers in me. It took no time at all and I was cumming. Oh my, how good it felt to finally get to cum.

Steve spread my legs wide with my ankles on his shoulders and rubbed the head of his dick on my opening. He slowly started to insert the head into my pussy. Oh how big it felt and he was only beginning. How was I going to manage taking all his dick inside of me? I wondered.

Joe had pulled his dick from my mouth and stood stroking it while watching as Steve started to insert his dick in me. I tried to concentrate on breathing and trying to relax as much as possible to take all that Steve was ready to give me. With each deep breath my chest would expand and my breasts would rise high.

Joe reached his hand out and started pinching my nipples. Oh...yes this was all feeling so damn good. Steve slowly eased himself in me inch by inch, then pulled out most of the way before going any further. This was taking time and I thought of how much I wanted to be able to take it all. My pussy was hungry and I wanted him to feed me every inch of what he had to offer.

As he got further and further in my pussy I started to moan with pain and delight. He had 3 more inches to go and all of a sudden he pulled most of the way out and with one big thrust of his 6'3" body, he drove his dick deep and hard into my inners. I screamed out with shock and pain. My pussy was being ripped apart. He kept pulling out and driving in deeper and harder each time. I think he loved hearing me scream. His thrusts into my pussy were almost more than I could handle.

As he got his rhythm going, Joe stood over my head and reinserted his dick back in my mouth and deep down my throat, fucking my face once more. The pain was subsiding and my pussy started to flow as I moaned around the cock thrusting in and out of the depths of my throat.

I was now in my glory. I loved being fucked and I loved to cum, but having two big beautiful dicks thrusting into me at the same time was the best. I just kept moaning, "Yes Yes Yes...oh yes." I was loving every second and every thrust.

I reached up and grabbed a hold of Joe's cheeks to pull him in further. Soon Joe's dick started to swell and he pushed his dick down into the back of my throat as far as he could get it and shot his cum deep down to my stomach as I swallowed.

As Joe pulled out of my throat, I started breathing deep. My chest pressed up to the moon, my legs spread wide with my ankles in the hands of my brother, and that stallion dick thrusting in to depths of my cunt. I was now cumming non-stop and begging Steve to keep fucking me deeper and harder.

He pushed my ankles up towards my shoulders and lowered his body down over me, pressing his dick in even further. He started chanting to me that I liked being fucked by my brother's big dick and told me to beg for more. This went on for a couple of minutes, and yes I kept begging for him to keep fucking me deeper and harder. Then I felt his enormous dick swell and explode inside of me. He kept cumming inside me and my pussy was drinking up every drop that he spent inside of me. Oh how good I felt.

I lay there absorbing all that my body was feeling. Rubbing my breasts, licking my lips, with my pussy pulsating. I couldn't believe what had just happened and how I wanted more. It was then that I knew what a lucky girl I was to have the brother I do.

We knew our parents would be getting home soon and I had better be there, so we gathered ourselves and drove up to the house. Lucky for me, they had not got home yet or we may have had some explaining to do.

I ran upstairs to take my shower and get my self together before they did arrive. As I showered, I kept reflecting on what had just taken place and how good it felt. I immediately start rubbing my clit and pushing my fingers up pussy again and tweaking my nipples. "Oh yes, yes, yes...I'm cumming!"

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Posted 02 Nov 2012 10:49
terrific story
Posted 02 Nov 2012 09:34
Very good story. 5+

Posted 29 Sep 2012 21:23
Great fucking story.
Posted 27 Sep 2012 21:50
Posted 27 Sep 2012 15:18
It got me worked up!
Posted 24 Sep 2012 17:08
YUM is all I can say.
Posted 24 Sep 2012 13:07
That was amazing! Waiting on part 2!!
Posted 24 Sep 2012 04:31
I agree with nazhinaz, 5.
Posted 24 Sep 2012 00:16
What a powerfully convey story. All sex details communicated so explicit. 5

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