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Big Sister Returns Home

Big sister returns home...
The last time Tina had been home, Tony had been pinned to the couch while she stroked his cock to a massive, messy orgasm. The trigger had been her revelation that she had known all about his nightly masturbation, and how she had set him up. The knowledge that she had listened to him masturbate made his dick heat up every time he thought about it. She had left to return to college, and just about the only thing he could think about was his older sister.

His masturbation sessions were filled with dreams of sex with his sister. Once he got past the idea of actual sex with his actual sister, it was all good. His sister, after all, had one of the hottest bodies he’d ever seen. The girl would be an instant internet porn star with her body, looks and huge grin. He’d spotted that Giada on the Food Network shows his mother always watched, and was struck by how much his sister favored Giada. Of course, Tina was more amply endowed than the dear Giada.

He had been fantasizing about sex with Tina on the couch. This time, though, she would fling her legs over his body and position herself over his rigid, throbbing, pre-cum-dripping pole, and with exquisite slowness she would guide his cock into her slick pussy...

He never got much further than that. He’d blow his big load of cum all over himself, and that was that. The thoughts never wavered, though.

“Tony, we’re leaving this afternoon.”

Tony looked up. The three of them were eating breakfast. It was a typical Friday morning. Everyone was eating as fast as possible so that they could all flee the house to go to school or work.

“To do..for what?” he asked.

His mom smiled. “We, that is, your dad and I, are going away for a romantic weekend.”

“Oh. Ugh!” he blurted out. The idea that his mom and dad might still have sex...yuck! Then again, some little voice in the back of Tony’s head went, your mom IS a MILF...

“Oh, please with the drama,” his mother barked, annoyed. “You’ll be watching the house, and I might remind you that my spies are everywhere!”

“Yeah yeah,” Tony said, shaking his head slowly. “You think I’m going to have a party on this short notice?”

“Teenagers are known to do stupid things,” he father intoned. Tony met the withering gaze for only a moment.

“Well, I won’t,” Tony insisted, “do anything stupid.”

“Don’t,” his dad warned.

Tony did his usual Friday night. He ate with friends at a nearby diner. He drove around aimlessly, calling it ‘fun.’ He saw his ex-girlfriend Kate (they’d broken up a week prior) and had given her a tiny hello-nod. She had returned it in the same way. But then, basically, he was bored. So he excused himself and went home. He was thinking on the way home that having the house to himself meant he had a weekend free to jerk off as much as he wanted to delicious thoughts of sex with his sister...

“Oh my.” Tony shut the car off.

His sister’s car was in the driveway. “Oh my.”

He got out of the car, and adjusted his pants. He was erect. “Damn!” he hissed. He looked around first, and then adjusted himself. He finally got his cock to go down but it was a challenge. Just the mere idea of her being in the same house, all weekend long...and no parents. “Fuck!” he spat as his cock threatened to go again.

“I was thinking that very thing,” came a soft, female voice from the upstairs bedroom.

“Thinking what?” he barked.

“Fuck,” she said, deadpan. He bolted.

She was standing in the hall. Shorts. Middie-cut off tee-shirt. A smile. Nothing else. “I’ve been thinking of my hot younger brother all the time. Then mom and dad go and ask me to come home to keep an eye on you!” she laughed. “How about it, Tone? You want me to, uh...keep an eye on you?”

“Well, I don’t know about an eye,” he shot back smartly. “But I might have something for you”

“Hmmm,” she said, popping one hip out to the side, “is it...growing?”

“It might be.”


“Getting there.”

“Better show me, then. I’m in college, after all.”

He unzipped his pants and stepped out in one swift motion. His cock sprang up in the air after he removed his pants and underwear. “I haven’t stopped thinking about you!” he admitted.

“Same here,” she said stepping forward. She reached out to gently take hold of his hard, thick cock and his full balls. Her fingers manipulated his sensitive male parts until he groaned with need.

“Oh my fucking god!” he moaned. “You’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that!”

“Well, let’s not go and do that now,” she said tartly. She released him and turned around. She slipped her shorts down until her bare bottom was showing. “What do you think of my ass?” she asked.

“God!” he squeaked - literally, in a high-pitched tone. His voice cracked, which of course made him feel stupid.

She giggled. “Cute boy.” She sauntered into her room. “Coming, brother?”


“What’s it going to be like?” he asked.

His body was covered in a sheen of sweat. She had masturbated him to a huge, boiling orgasm some thirty minutes ago, but had kept playing with him and playing with him. Now he was hard again, but not feeling that burning insistent need. But he was staring into something he had never imagined seeing before. His sister’s pussy was spread out in front of him. She was sitting on his chest, her legs spread. Her pink pussy was parted, the outer lips swollen and glistening with moisture. She was looking down at him, her need open on her expression.

“Hot,” she whispered, “literally, and for me? I’ll be coming all over your face!” she informed him.

He gaped as her pussy slid forward. He was already intoxicated by her strong scent. Nothing had ever smelled so delicious or mind-erasing to him before. Then, the heat of her body...and finally, the slickness, heat, taste and sense of her pussy. He felt his cock give a massive lurch as his hips rose roughly from the bed. His mouth opened and tongue plunged into her. The taste was beyond delicious - beyond perfect. He had to have more, more, more. Tongue found a hot button of flesh and sucked on it. Her scream of lust barely registered. No, he was lost in her pussy at that moment.

She began thrusting with her hips, grinding her body into his face. Her cream covered his nose, lips, mouth and chin but he could not stop licking, sucking, nibbling and pleasing. When her orgasm came, it was with a force he could barely understand. She slammed her body into his head, driving him backwards, making him yelp in pain.

“You okay?” she murmured.

“Yeah,” he moaned. “What...happened?”

“I...came...” she groaned. “That was fucking hot!”

“I want to feel you on my cock,” he moaned.

“Oh, you do?” she asked. “Good!”

He closed his eyes. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft with a deliberate, teasing slowness. “Damn, you’re hard as a rock!” she whispered.

He felt her move, throwing a leg over his body, and holding him, aiming him. Then, a searing, slick, perfect heat pressed against the head of his cock. Instinct took over as he lifted his hips hard into her, sinking his tool completely into her steamy sheath.

“Oh!” was the only word he could actually say.

The sensation was exquisite - beyond it, actually, It was the most perfect pleasure he’d ever felt. He felt like her pussy was gripping his cock from tip to base in the tightest, firmest glove ever made. A perfect glove, perfect of flesh, heat, pleasure. He groaned wildly as she lifted up, the delicious friction stunning in force. He felt his balls surge wildly. She reversed, and began to descend back down onto him. He felt her soft, warm butt-flesh nestle up against his balls as she wiggled her hips, forcing him deeper into her soft sex.

“Oh ah oh ah ah ah aaaaahhhhh!” he cried out and his hands went to her soft, warm boobs and roughly squeezed them. She squealed in lusty delight as his hips roughly pressed up off of the bed, forcing him deeply into her.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” he cried as his balls let go and his cock pumped a huge load of hot cum into his sister’s cunt! It felt like a pent-up explosion, his cock spewing his seed in long streams. Her sex was already slick and wet and now it felt even slicker, hotter, wetter. She was moaning and wriggling.

“NO!” she cried. “Damn, I need to come again!” she whimpered.

Lost in lust, he moaned. “Let me eat you!”

“Your...your cum!” she moaned.

“Fuck it!”

She wasted no time. He began licking and sucking again, driving her faster and harder to another orgasm. The taste was altered but not unpleasant. He was too lost in his own need to worry about it. Her orgasm was announced with a loud scream, and then with a powerful surge of her muscles. He laid back and watched her entire body tremble and shudder. She was gasping desperately for air as the convulsions coursed through her. He looked at her pussy, how it was oozing her cream and his cum. It was all too pleasurable. All too much.

“Damn, sis, that was the best fuck of my life.”

She looked down at him. Sweaty, eyes unfocused, hair mussed - she managed a smile. “We’re not done by a long shot, brother!”
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Posted 14 Oct 2013 09:45
WOW That was great
Posted 28 Sep 2013 10:45
i gave it the 30,000 vote hehe, great job!
Posted 22 Feb 2012 08:32
Damn, why did I not have any sisters? Especially one like that! Good story.
Posted 19 Feb 2012 16:04
more please
Posted 19 Feb 2012 15:39
love it
Posted 19 Feb 2012 14:24
well written, pleasurable story. It sounded so real ( maybe it was?) I got a terrific hard on, just reading it.
Posted 19 Feb 2012 09:36
Ah yes. This did not disappoint me. 5+

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