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Birthday for Janet - Part One

Grandpa shows Janet joys of sex
This is a story that I have dreamed about writing for a long time.

I had arrived the night before to visit my daughter, Laura, and for her daughter, Janet's, 16th birthday. Janet and I would share the same birth date the next day.

I had spent the night with Laura enjoying her firm 33 year old 5'3" 120 pound, 34B body in bed. The next morning she had to leave to sign important papers for her business.

I went out to the living room in only a mid-thigh robe. Laura handed me the newspaper, stroked my cock several times and said as she left, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do! Be back by noon to bake a cake for Janet's back yard birthday swim party. She has several girl friends that will be here."

I sat in an easy chair and opened the paper. At that moment, Janet came in. She was only wearing a shorty night gown that barely covered her bottom. She waltzed over to me.

"Happy Birthday, grandpa!"

"Well, Happy Birthday to you sleepyhead. Sixteen candles to day, Huh?"

"Grandpa, do you think I am pretty?"

"Janet, you are not just pretty, you are beautiful!"

" I wish my breasts were bigger, all the girls at school are big and the boys are always looking at them."

I looked at her and could tell that under her night gown, she would be about the size of her mother, 34B, but a little taller. "Janet, I think your breasts are just right for you. Besides, girls and women with big tits make me think of old milk cows!"

"Oh thank you, grandpa, thank you!" She plopped her self on my lap.

"Another thing Janet, you have really good looking legs!"

She waved her legs, scissoring them up and down, The hem of her night gown flipped up, revealing a small delta patch of short curly pubic hair above plump outer pussy lips. She had quickly pulled the hem back down, covering herself.

"And you have a gorgeous pussy!"

She looked up at me, giving me a disgusted look that only teenage girls can give you, "Grandpa!"
Then to my surprise, she bared herself as we both looked. "Grandpa, why do they call it a pussy?"

I quickly used my hand to lightly and softly stroked it. "I call it a pussy because I like to pet it."

She watched what I was doing and didn't push my hand away or tell me to stop. I was emboldened to slip my other hand into the large arm hole in her night gown to cup a tiny tit in the palm of my hand. I used my thumb and forefinger to work the small nipple into hardness.

I used my middle finger to part her outer pussy lips. The inner ones were moist and I used it to gently lube her small clitoris out from under its protective hood.

By this time, Janet was purring like a very contented kitten. "That feels so good, grandpa. Even better than when I do it to myself!"

"I want you to feel real good, Janet, real good!"

"Grandpa, I am getting so gooey down there!"

"That gooey stuff is your pussy love juice, that tells me that you are enjoying what we are doing!"

"Oh yes, make me feel so good, Grandpa!"

I knew that she had to feel my cock growing a huge erection. After a bit she said, "Can I see your penis?"

"I'd like that a lot, Janet!"

She moved a little so that she could open my robe. My engorged cock leapt out and vibrated.

"It's so big grandpa, I didn't even think it would be that big!"

She reached out and touched it and watched it respond. She was barely able to hold it in her small hand. I have always been surprised that the first time a female has held a cock, they automatically start to stroke it.

"I feels so hot and so hard on the inside and yet the skin is so soft, Are those your balls?'

I nodded. My granddaughter was enjoying her first sexual contact with a male, and it was her grandpa.

To be continued.

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Posted 21 Jul 2010 11:25
good stuff, lol compared the thought as my own daughter who is a teen
Posted 21 Jul 2010 06:44
Great, hot story. Hurry with the next part. A 5
Posted 20 Jul 2010 20:31
Nice beginning to a great story, hope you continue it soon. you got me hard with the story and it ended.
Posted 20 Jul 2010 20:07
Nice story, can't wait for more...
Posted 20 Jul 2010 13:29
I just love it when a daughter or granddaughter did that with me! And they are so very curious. I relish that chance to pop their virgin pussy! Keep this great story going and going........

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