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Boundaries, Ch. 4

Lesbian lust-fueled teasing spills over...
My daughter spying on me in the living room put a spring in my step the next day. Kaylee never said a word but I could tell it had affected her too. She looked at me differently and touched me more frequently during our usual routines around the house. My daughter was seeing me differently now. I was more than just a mom. I was another woman.

* * *

I swiped my vibrator across my aching pussy and shuddered, teetering on the brink of a fantastic morning orgasm.

My girl-girl masturbation sessions with my daughter's friend Kristen were beyond fun and I wanted to push it further. I had let her go at her own pace and let her do the things she wanted, but she was still inexperienced.

For sensible reasons, raising a teenage daughter meant I wasn't in the habit of bringing home any men. And for equally sensible reasons I wasn't bringing home any of my very occasional lesbian flings, either. There were cravings that went unsatisfied for long periods of time.

In my fantasy, Kristen mounted me with a strap-on cock, pinned me to the mattress, and pounded me deeply, making me moan. I worked the vibrator in deep and let it buzz. God, there was nothing like fresh batteries.

I was so close. I let out a few cries and then bit my lip to keep myself quiet.

I imagined Kristen gripping my hips, her breasts swaying with each thrust, hair whipping to each side as she drove tirelessly. Oh God! It had been so long since I had a cock deep inside me, artificial or otherwise!

Just as the orgasm tore through me, there was a knock at the door and Kaylee, my eighteen-year-old daughter, bounded in.

Dammit! My orgasm sputtered and then popped. I struggled to keep my eyes open and watched, helpless, as my daughter skidded to a stop and gawked.

I yanked my comforter over my nude body, gritting my teeth through the last vestiges of a broken and dearly-needed climax.

"Mom! I, uh, I," Kaylee stuttered, color draining from her face.

I was in worse shape. I merely blinked, unable to speak.

She inched back towards the door. "Maybe, uh, I should come back?"

I peeked my head over the mounded comforter and swallowed, my throat dry from panting and raw from the few guttural expletives that had escaped my lips.

"No, honey, wait," I said before she disappeared behind the door. "It's alright."

Kaylee hesitated, her back to me and her hand already on the doorknob. "You sure? It's totally cool. I can give you a sec and come back."

Not having to meet her eyes gave me courage. "No. Really. It's alright. What's on your mind, honey?"

She shuffled to stand next to my bed, eyes downcast. Her cheeks, pale before, were now flushed with the red-pink of embarrassed youth.

"I didn't just, uh, make that totally weird for you, did I?" Her voice was small and tight. She knelt next to the bed and propped herself up on the mattress with her elbows.

I reached for her hand and squeezed it.

"Maybe a little." I gave her my sympathetic mom smile. "No harm done. I suppose you just saw in-person what we've talked about for a while now."

"I guess you're right," she agreed. A smirk crept onto her face for a moment but she forced it back to a straight line.

"Not to get all up in your business, Mom, but does this mean that Kristen isn't doing it for you anymore?"

"Kristen's doing it just fine, hun." I chuckled. "In fact, you're laying in the place where she does it for me."

"Ewww!" She leaned away from the bed. "You mean right here?"

It was impossible not to laugh.

"Many, many times. Your ballet friend is very talented. And flexible."

Kaylee winced and her hands shot up to fend off the image.

"Don't be so gross, Mom." But interest showed in her eyes as they flicked up and down the bed.

"Suit yourself." I yawned. "Mind if I put on some clothes so I can start my day?"

"Nope." My daughter didn't leave. Instead, she walked to the foot of the bed and set herself easily onto its edge straight-backed and poised, barely disturbing the bed sheets. Her delicate chin turned just a few degrees. It was her way of saying she was content to stay and talk while I dressed.

I never had Kaylee's grace. That was a mixture of my mother's good genes and Kaylee's years of ballet study. I moved like a she-hulk compared to my daughter and we both knew it.

I sat up and planted my feet on the carpet, stretching shoulders tight from the awkward motions of masturbation. I hadn't meant it as a show.

"Your back looks nice, Mom. Kickboxing really agrees with you."

"Thanks, sweetie." I stood up naked, with my back to her, and headed towards my closet.

"Whoa, really agrees with you," she muttered under her breath. A mom's ears were sharp by necessity.

My rump looked pretty darn respectable for a gal pushing forty. I put a little extra wiggle in my hips on my way to the closet. Okay, now maybe that one was for show. Bad Mommy! "What was that, kiddo?"

Kaylee swallowed. "Nothing. Are we, uh, still on for shopping today?"

"Sure thing. As long as you aren't too cool to hang out with your mom in public."

I plucked my Saturday jeans out of my closet and turned sideways before stepping into them. Wiggling my backside at my daughter was one thing. Bending over and flashing her was another.

The denim was old and soft, making undies optional. The pants only got as far as my knees before Kaylee voiced her unsolicited opinion.

"Aww, not the Mom Jeans."

It brought me up short. "What's wrong with 'em? They're my Luckys. They cost me over one-hundred bucks."

"Yeah, like in 1998."


Kaylee's nose wrinkled. "Bootcuts are so last decade. Don't you have anything slim?"

I looked at my trusty but thoroughly faded pre-Y2K jeans. Maybe she had a point. "Want to help me pick out some new ones at the mall?"

I might as well have asked a Jehovah's Witness to help me find Jesus. My daughter literally squealed. "Two pairs? And a top? Maybe some shoes, too? Some cute little flats?"

"Fine." I continued tugging on my Luckys, trying not think about what my size eight feet would look like in the ballerina slippers my daughter would inevitably try to thrust upon me.

"Wait, what're you doing?"

I was halfway through my well-practiced over-the-hips wriggle and I was getting grumpy. "Trying to put on these darn pants."

"But don't you want to look nice?"

Nice? For what? Fine dining at the mall was frozen yogurt and pretzels.

I read the pained look on my daughter's face. Oh, right. At her age the mall was a social nexus. There were bound to be cute boys there. And hot girls. One of the downsides of being bisexual was that it doubled the target market.

I sighed. "You want to dress me, don't you?"

Kaylee's hands were wringing in her lap.

"Maybe I could help just a little? A teeny bit?"

Another sigh slipped out. "Fine, have at it." Kaylee vibrated with so much energy and glee that I thought she might fall off the bed. "But nothing tacky. I'm a grown woman."

I doubt Kaylee heard me in her rush to rummage through my dresser. She pillaged my underwear drawer until she found what she was looking for and, in a moment, she was standing next to me, a skimpy, bright-red pair of satin panties dangling from her fingertips.

"Red satin? For the mall?"

She nodded, grinning, then opened her mouth.

I beat her to it. "Wait. Don't tell me. When you look marvelous, you feel marvelous, right?"

"Mahvelous," Kaylee corrected. Damn you, Billy Crystal. "But close." She knelt down and held the panties open. "Step."

I was used to this by now. I usually served as a second pair of eyes as she tried new things on in front of me. I held back volunteering to watch her dress because the last thing I wanted to do was spook her. She had no qualms about volunteering herself, however, and recently she had taken to dressing me like this. It had only happened a few times so far.

"I thought you meant dress me. Not dress me."

"I'm your whatchamacallit, your Waiting Lady. Like princesses have."

"Lady in Waiting," I said absently, although with Kaylee on her knees, pleading, and looking up at me like that made it difficult to think clearly.

It also didn't help that, in the mirror behind her, I could see the way her skirt had ridden up. It showed the smooth, flawless underside where her legs rounded into her tiny ass. She was either wearing no underwear at all or she'd opted for a thong that morning. I pictured her naked, pulling the miniature wisp of fabric up her legs.

For a moment, just a moment, my own private Pandora's Box was open and a worse image, an even more wicked one, slipped out -- my own hand reaching down right at that moment to grip the back of my daughter’s slender neck and pull her face between my legs. Her surprise might make her resist at first but she'd understand. She'd interrupted my morning orgasm after all. In a way she owed me. Maybe just this one time, just this once, she could help her needy mommy. It was only fair.

"Earth to Mom. Stick your leg in."

Rude reality flooded back in.

I shook my head to clear it as I stepped into the underwear, first one foot then the other.

"Turn," Kaylee said gently.

I did, until we were both facing the full-length mirror in the closet. Kaylee was behind me and her eyes raked up my body in our reflection as she rose, sliding the shimmering panties up my legs. She hid a small smile behind my shoulder when the backs of her fingers traced up my buttocks then hit the waist.

Her hand smoothed across my lower belly to settle the panties into place. My stomach knotted.

"Wait, right here." She disappeared and reappeared in her silent way. "Next garment, milady." She was holding an equally skimpy matching bra, the kind a woman wears for a lover ten minutes before it's ripped off. I'd never worn it outside a bedroom.

I rolled my eyes. I hoped my sarcasm hid my arousal.

"His Lordship's request," she teased. "He called on me this morning and begged me to keep you from dressing like such a broken-down soccer mom all the time."


"Just playing, Mom. You dress nice," she placated. "But maybe if you put in a little more effort, you'd get some real man-action back in your life."

I realized my mouth was open before I closed it. "What exactly did you hear earlier?"

"Not a lot but enough. Something about cock." She snickered, a hint of red in her cheeks. "I thought you were done when I came in."

Kaylee tugged the bra into place, her fingers sliding down the sides of my breasts to smooth it also. Some things were beyond smoothing though. My nipples were stiff to the point of aching. It looked like I was trying to smuggle a pair of extra large gumdrops in my bra. More than a little embarrassing.

I thought about her explanation as she scampered off to dig through the dresser again and pulled out some tights. This wasn't the first time she had spied on me. It began to dawn on me that I might have a serial voyeur on my hands. It figured. An apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

"Step." Kaylee directed my sole into the foot of the stretchy fabric and she eased them upwards.

Her hands roamed my hips and the inside of my thighs, tugging and straightening the tights. She took her time, sliding her hands down my legs, floating between my thighs. Feeling her expert but delicate touch through the thin fabric made my legs feel more unsteady.

Kaylee hitched the tights up over my hips to my waist. Her fingertips lingered, spread across my ass. I watched her narrow-eyed gaze slide up and down my body in the mirror. It made my breath catch.

She chose a lacy pleated skirt and a patterned paneled one from my hangers next to us. She hung both of them against my body.

"This one." I tapped one of her hands. The paneled skirt had a certain sophistication to it and I'd never liked the pleated one. It was pretty but it always felt a little too fancy for me. I bought it thinking that an occasion would come along that it would be perfect for. It never did.

Kaylee stepped back and eyed both carefully and then held up the pleated one.

"This shorter one would show the lady's comely kickboxing legs to great advantage. Would she reconsider?"

The pleated skirt was totally Kaylee. She loved lacy things. I liked the idea of showing off my legs to all those cute guys and hot girls at the mall, though. A few admiring glances could do wonders for a girl's self-image.

"Okay, but only because the phrase 'comely kickboxing legs' has never been uttered before in human history. Where do you come up with that stuff?"

Kaylee giggled. "You inspire me." She tapped her lips with a fingertip. "Let's see, tops."

She chose a tight-fitting summer-weight sweater whose bright blue picked up a color in the skirt. She pursed her lips and stared at me, at the top, then back. I had no idea what she was thinking right up until she set the top down, stepped behind me, and cinched my bra two clips tighter. My breasts bulged out into distinct, noticeable cleavage and my breathing went from automatic to difficult.

We worked the clingy blue top on and I was still getting it situated while Kaylee dug a pair of strappy shoes from behind my sneaker collection, dusted them off, and snuck them onto my feet.

"There." Kaylee stepped back to admire her handiwork. "Behold your own MILF-y goodness."

"Whoa." I spun this way and that. I felt femininity and sexiness creep back into my being. It was nice to wear something that showed me off a little. God knew I’d put the time in at the gym.

Kaylee rested her chin on my shoulder from behind, and looked pleased with herself in the way only teenage girls can. "Fair warning — you might get a few whistles at the mall from the guys." One of her eyebrows lifted. "Probably from some of the girls, too."

"That sounds kind of fun."

She skipped out of my bedroom, but not before giving me a double pat on the butt. "Let's go make 'em drool!"

A flurry of tiny footsteps later, I heard a telltale jingle. "I've got the keys, Mom! I need the driving practice!"

I looked at myself one last time in the mirror then followed, giddy. My bra was already starting to dig into my ribs, but it was worth it: my daughter had just called me a MILF.

* * *

The adult part of me understood the local mall was just an oversized Rubik's cube made of stores that inflated their prices to cover their equally inflated rent. That adult part also noted, with dismay, that half a dozen of those stores now had darkened windows. The sorry state of the economy was another decidedly grown-up subject.

For better or worse, my rapidly maturing daughter was immune to these concerns as she practically skipped from store window to store window, her small, near-feverish hand tugging me in a nonsensical zigzag pattern.

She was also immune, in a selective way, to the hungry looks cast our way by every post-pubescent male in the mall. Her selectivity was based on age; any one man past his mid-twenties didn’t register. It was if they simply weren’t there.

I saw them all, from the unblinking and distinctly predatory gazes of the boys her age to the more discreet double takes of their silver-haired elders. It was the way the older men eyed us both that interested me, the way they looked from my daughter to me, back to her, then me again. My guess was that more than a few of them were picturing themselves in the middle of a mother-daughter three-way.

It should have appalled me, but didn't. Several times, I was struck by the image of Kaylee and I both naked, kneeling, taking turns worshiping the handsome admirer’s thick, hard cock before he urged us onto our backs, side-by-side, and fucked us in turn until we moaned our satisfaction. It brought a warmth to my cheeks that filled-in for the blush I hadn't bothered with. I really needed to finish what I'd started that morning. I wasn't thinking clearly.

As we munched on nachos in the food court my mind was still reeling with those ideas. It was so bad that, as we ate, I couldn't help but stare as her hem inched up her crossed legs. That seemed to happen every time we sat down somewhere. I'd notice my eyes glued to her before I would tear them away. She never commented, however, seemingly oblivious behind her sunglasses each time I caught myself staring at her. Maybe she wasn't looking at me from behind those glasses. More likely, she was drooling over unknown hunk behind me.

I was grateful when we finished shopping and we stepped out of the mall into the heat of the parking lot. It was one of those unusually hot days in June, a preview of what was to come over the next two months. The heat cleared my head.

On the way home, we decided to take advantage of our hot tub once it cooled down in the evening. We didn't use it most of the year because I absolutely hated running between the house and the tub in cold, rainy weather.

Kaylee walked into my room and tossed her hot tub bikini onto the bed just as I ditched the skirt and tights ensemble.

"Mind if I dress in here? With you?"

It was rhetorical question. She didn't wait for my answer.

She stepped in front of the mirror as I shimmied out of my tights and pulled off my skirt. Naked from the waist down, I looked up at her form in front of the mirror and I could see her peek at me over her shoulder through the mirror.

I smiled inwardly and turned, my backside facing her. I walked slowly, letting her take in what she wanted, and opened my window. A hot breeze wafted in, rustling the cheap Venetian blinds with a rhythmic thwapping. The breeze helped. Oregon humidity could be uncomfortable.

"Good idea, Mom. It's way too hot in here."

Kaylee admired herself in my mirror, as I watched, and then slowly pulled her skirt down. She inched it down the back of her legs to reveal her curves and the sculpted ball of her ass.

"I think I'm the one that is supposed to be jealous, kiddo. Girl, you got back," I said as my breath caught.

"What's back?"

I realized I'd just used a term from a song that she didn't really grow up with.

"Ass. Sir Mix-A-Lot mean anything to you?"

"You really like dating yourself, don't you?"

"I'm a single mom. I've been dating myself for years."

Kaylee rolled her eyes but laughed at the same time. "You're a goof." She twisted in front of the mirror, trying to get a good look at her butt. "This booty better be primo. I've suffered through ballet long enough."

She had. I'd lost count of the years. Was it ten? Twelve?

"You must drive the guys nuts at school," I said softly as she sauntered over to the bed where she had laid her bikini. My kid was completely naked, smallish breasts swaying freely. I stared at her rump and her leg muscles rippling as she walked.

It took her a long moment to respond. "Not really."

I blinked. I couldn't imagine her being so clueless. "You didn't see how many were staring at you in the mall?"

I shrugged out of my top and reached for my bikini top. Kaylee paused to watch me put it on.

"I saw a lot of them looking at you, Mom." An expression crossed her face, unlike any I had seen before. It looked like a cocktail of jealousy, curiosity, arousal, and worry. "Did you want to have sex with any of them?"

"One or two. It's been a long time since I had a good solid fuck." There, I said it. Maybe it wasn't what a mom should say, but she'd asked the question.

Kaylee's stunned silence -- no doubt reeling from her mom dropping the F-bomb -- gave me time to finish putting my bikini top on and step into my bottoms. Almost enough time. I felt the smooth press of her young flesh against me and nearly jumped.

"I'm sorry, milady, if I neglected my duties. Shall I, your Ladyship?" She gently brushed her palms over the tops of my hands and I let her grab the bottoms.

She slid them up my legs, pressing her hips into me from behind. "Yeah, there were some cute guys there. I don't know about the having sex with them part."

She shifted her fingers to the front of my bikini bottoms. As she pulled them up, her fingernails brushed against the insides of my thighs all the way up to my waist. My eyes practically rolled to the back of my head. "But, there were a lot of hot girls there. I would have brought them home, Mom. Let you have your shot at them, too."

My wicked mind spun out a crazy scene. My daughter 69'ing a slender preppy blonde we saw at the mall. Two teenagers quickly trying to bring each other to frantic, gasping orgasms on the floor of the women's bathroom. They'd let me watch after I promised to hold the door shut. My dark-haired ballerina trading juices with her blonde preppy lover. The fervid slurps in the restroom silence. I loved contrasts, dark hair and light hair, old and young, experienced and naive, mother and daughter,...

I was wrenched from my reverie when Kaylee pulled away and returned to my bedside to finish dressing. I followed her like a cat in heat and sat down next to her bikini that was still laid out on my bed. I wasn't as dainty as her. I rustled the sheets when I sat down.

Kaylee eyed me. "Your girls look hot in that bikini top, Mom."


Kaylee grabbed her handful-sized breasts and weighed them in her hand. She ran her fingernails over her smooth and youthful flesh and then finally smashed them together a little bit. My nipples were fair, fuller. Hers were darker, smaller. Contrasts.

"Girls," she explained.

"Why thank you, sweetie. You're kind." I blushed.

"No, I'm serious. You probably drive the guys wild at the office."

I just smiled and watched my kid tug on her blue lacy bikini bottoms. She had been next to me while dressing and she leaned in and braced herself on my thighs with her hands.

"In any case." Kaylee's eyes were soft and inquisitive. "Do you like?"

"Of course, honey. It looks very nice," I responded, matter-of-factually, struggling to hide the excitement in my voice. "Just don't go wearing that in public."

She frowned. "That bad?"

"No!" I snorted, surprised. "It was a compliment. I just meant that it's a little... revealing."

"Oh. Got it. But, you didn't answer my question."

"I didn't?"

"You have to say I look nice as my mom." She stood up straight and did another little twirl, with a whole lot of hip movement thrown in. My tongue almost rolled out but I pulled it back in. "But do you like it? If you were a guy, I mean?"

I looked her up and down, as if I was assessing it for aesthetic value. I wasn't.

"You mean, do I think it's sexy?"

She nodded eagerly.

I tried using words that she used to describe women sometimes. She often used the word 'hot'.

"You're beautiful, dear." I gulped, trying not to sound too aroused as I answered. "It looks hot on you."

Kaylee beamed as she stood up, pleased with my answer. "I hope Kristen likes it, too. Thanks, Mom."

My daughter reached out her hand with mock ceremony. "Shall we, milady?"

I accepted her hand and she led me outside to the hot tub.

"I tried calling Kristen to see if she wanted to join us," Kaylee explained as she slid into the water. "She's out with her mom and dad. She said to have fun without her. I wish she was here, too."

"Me, too. Kristen's fun."

"I know." Kaylee giggled.

"You're terrible. If she were here, I doubt you two would spend much time in the hot tub," I teased as I dipped my legs into the water.

She grinned mischievously. "And what would we be doing?"

I gave her a wry look. "You know."

I'd caught them making out in the living room a few times and it had become a running joke. They also didn't mind giving each other little pecks and small kisses in front of me.

"I don't know." She made small splashes with the water, playing with it the same way she was playing with me. "Anyway, I wondered if you two might be able to teach me a few things if I were the one watching."

"Kaylee!" I exclaimed out of habit -- not because I was repulsed by the idea. "That's not what I meant." I couldn't believe she'd said it aloud.

"I'm just joking, Mom." She rolled her eyes again. It's a wonder they didn't fall out of her sockets. "You can be so serious sometimes."

We immersed ourselves in the water, opposite each other, letting the heat of the water sink in.

"I wonder about you sometimes, Mom," she said, more serious this time.

"How so?"

She paused and her brow creased as she searched for the words. "You have all these boundaries and stuff. Like with Kristen. At first, you were totally weird about that."

Yeah, sleeping with your girlfriend was weird no matter what you both said. I looked at her for a long moment. "So, what you are saying?"

"I mean," she stumbled, backpedaling. "Okay, I'm not saying I'm a perv."

"I'm not saying you are, hun." I chuckled. "But where are you going with this?"

"I guess I'm just saying you don't have to be so uptight around me sometimes."

Her explanation sounded a bit circular to me.

"I'm open to anything you want to talk about, hun" I reassured her. "I'm just not sure what's going on in your head these days. Sometimes I need a little help understanding what's going on up there. I'm a mom-"

"Not a mind reader?" she finished it for me as if by rote.

"Have I said that a lot?"

"Just a few. Thousand." Her nose wrinkled up cutely.


Her smile was forgiving. "S'ok. The thing is you're really easy to talk to yet hard to talk to at the same time. You might be the coolest mom ever, but you're still my mom, you know?"

"I hear you." I swept my arms back and forth underwater, trying to put words together. I wanted to make them good ones. "Look, if it helps, I think my role is supposed to change over time. I mean, you don't need me to choose your clothes or pack your lunch any more, right?"

"Nope. I've got that all worked out for myself, thanks."

"Exactly. As you change, I change. You're a woman, Kaylee, a smart and beautiful young woman. You've got different challenges now. Bigger ones." I paused to give her my most tender look. "And I'd really like to help you with those, too."

Something hit home because she was quiet for a while. She nodded, leaned back, and closed her eyes. Her hair was wet from the steam rising off the surface. It clung to her neck and shoulders. Like most ballerinas, Kaylee was delicate up top. Her neck was long, slender, and smooth. Perfect for nibbling. I wanted to kiss her from her neck and blaze a soft, sensuous trail down her fit body.

A silly smile crept across my daughter's face and I felt her strong legs wrap around my knees. Her dancing showed. Her grip was like a vice.

Her smile widened as she pulled me closer. In the process, she nearly slipped off her seat. She laughed as waves splashed her in the face when she almost plunged into the water.

"Hey, keep your hands and feet to yourself, over there!" I laughed.

"Come over here, then." My daughter giggled. "I don't have cooties, y'know?"

I obliged her and waded unsteadily over to her side. I sat next to her and Kaylee promptly laid her head on my shoulder, just like I saw her do with her girlfriend. Her elbow slipped underneath mine, forming a clasp. It left just enough room between us for a jet. I could feel strands of her wet hair stick to my back and shoulder.

"Okay, so I'm going to do that explaining thing we just talked about, Mom," Kaylee ventured after a long while.

"Explain away, honey." I waited, relaxing, letting the water sooth my muscles.

"I discovered this in the swimming pool a long time ago but it's even better in the hot tub."

"What's that?"

"These jets? They feel, uh, really good when they're are against your, you know, vijayjay."

"I know, sweetie." I laughed. "Why do you think people buy these things?"

"You serious?"

"Yeah. I guess it feels okay for guys too, I'd think. But it's practically designed for us girls."

She looked at the water in front of her, playing with it, separating it with her hands. My pussy ached just thinking about her young body writhing against the jet pulsing between us.

My primitive sex-brain shifted into high gear. "Have you done it often?"

"I don't know. Some."

For better or for worse, my kid was a terrible liar. I gave her a long look.

"Okay," she admitted. "A lot. More than a lot. I think I've done it about a million times. I honestly love this frickin' hot tub."

We shared a giggle.

"Just here?" I probed, rummaging for more delicious details. Bad mommy.

"No." Her cheeks flushed red. "I masturbated in a public one the first time. That's how I found out about it. I did it when no one was around. I tried again but I was too embarrassed someone would walk in on me."

"My, my." I gulped. "The things I didn't know about my daughter. I have a public masturbater on my hands."

Kaylee's cheeks flushed a deeper red. "I don't do it any more."

I chuckled. "I don't mind if you do, hun." I lowered my voice. "If someone had seen you, they probably would have liked watching."

"Yeah, freaks."

I smiled. "Public masturbation can be gratifying, kiddo. For you and the person watching."

She looked off into the distance. "I always thought that if you did it in public it was wrong."

"If you like it, hun, it's nothing to be ashamed of. It can be a lot of fun. I've found that the public aspect of it can be -- deeply -- arousing for me." I paused on 'deeply' to add emphasis, but also because thinking about it made my voice catch.


I nodded. "A little wrong can sometimes be really good." And a large wrong could be even better. A barely bit that last thought back.

Kaylee turned away, taking in what I said. Her chest heaved slightly.

"If you like it half as much as I do, I bet you are really good at masturbating with the jets," Kaylee wondered out loud after a while. "I've done it a lot but you've done it longer."

"Practice does make perfect." I gave her a crooked smile. "Don't think on such things, hunnie. I'm still your mother after all." I meant it as a joke, but she took it seriously.

"No. I'm not trying to be pervy. I'm just saying, is all," she scrambled quickly. The heat I noticed earlier was still evident in her voice. "I mean, it is something I've thought about a lot."

To my credit, I managed to hold my tongue but my crooked smile grew wider.

"Don't look at me like that." Kaylee prodded me in the ribs. "Me and Kristen, y'know, we're just figuring this stuff out. We don't always know what we're doing. That's what I meant. I didn't say that because I'm a pervert."

"I know, sweetie," I empathized.

The conversation died for a moment but she was still turning something over in her head. Her hands slid beneath the water. She grasped her knees and stared off into space again.

"Okay, I'm not trying to be a creepazoid here," she began. "But I was curious about something."

"About what?"

"I want to do that public thing. You make it sound kinda sexy."

"With the jets?"

She nodded.

I snickered. "You certainly are my daughter. The public part gets me going, too. I understand, sweetie. I don't have any plans tomorrow so feel free to take the car and go down to the pool."

"No. I want to try it here."

"Like when the neighbors are out?" That thought got me really excited.

Kaylee nibbled her lip. "Uh-uh. I mean, now."

The entire world rotated on its axis by a few degrees. It took me a moment to readjust.

Kaylee stiffened next to me. "You aren't going to do that prudey thing again we just talked about, are you?"

I was still speechless. The sensible part of me knew I should change the subject or dissuade her. She had more pluck than I ever could broaching this topic. The other part churned with desire.

"You don't even have to look, Mom. I just want someone here to see if it feels as good as the first time."

Parts of me shrieked their lecherous encouragement, but I made one last attempt at momhood. "Why can't you just go to the rec center? Do it there?"

"'Cause I think it would be weird to do it in front of a stranger. I'd feel more comfortable in front of someone I know, someone who cares about me, and wouldn't make fun of me if I looked silly." Her eyes were downcast. "Besides, I think you've seen me naked plenty. It wouldn't feel so weird in front of you."

My heart swelled to hear her say she felt close to me. My love for my daughter welled-up in my chest. Kaylee's pleading, brown eyes rose, framed by dripping dark hair.

I knew I was going to hell for this. In the express lane. I gave her my best mom smile. "I understand what you're saying. We could have just talked about it, too. But we can do it your way. If you want me to be here, I'll do that for you."

Even though I stripped what I said of any sexual intent, I wanted this so badly. Had I given way to her needs or mine?

"I'm not trying to skeeve you out," she continued. "You don't even have to look. I just want to try."

"Alright," I agreed and stroked her cheek. "I'll be right here. For you."

My daughter's grateful smile was all the confirmation I needed.

She stalled for a moment and I wrapped my arm around her in a motherly embrace. I felt the nervous tension in her shoulders. What were we supposed to do next?
"So," I consoled. "What would you like me to do, sweetie?"

Her voice was barely above a whisper. "Just stay there."

I smiled and pulled away to give her some room. Her hand shot out to drag me closer again.

"No," she pleaded softly.

With a weak, self-conscious smile, Kaylee spun to face the backrest of the hot tub. She brought her knee up to her chest and braced her heel against the bench-like seat she was on. She lithely brought up her other leg to squat over the jet.

She steadied herself by putting her hand on my thigh. A very un-maternal thrill zipped through me.

My daughter reached between her legs. "Just need to move the jet up." It looked like she was playing with herself as she adjusted it. "There, now it's pointing up."

She hunched closer, then moved back and down. A shudder rolled from her hips up to her shoulders.

Her head tilted back. "Mmmm." Kaylee stifled it in embarrassment.

My beautiful daughter, moved up and down, back and forth slowly, experimentally. Her cautious movements showed me that this was still trying to figure it out somewhat. She winced and moaned when it was too much, then she'd raise herself off the jet and her face would relax. Her body would lower again.

The movement reminded me of one of the first dildo experiences I had with a woman. Then and now blurred and it was suddenly my daughter squatting over me, my strap-on dildo impaling her between the legs, as she used her strong thighs to pull her pussy up and down along my thick plastic shaft. Her head tilted back, mouth slightly open, riding my dick just how she wanted it...

"Oh, hun," I gasped without meaning to, caught up in the image in my head.

Kaylee's eyes filled with naked lust as they slid over to me. Her pleasure consumed her.

My pussy throbbed the way it did when I was a horny and undersexed teenager. I felt her strong, slippery legs against mine.

"So... good,... Mom." Kaylee's voice cracked completely. She tried to pull me in closer but I was already smothering my daughter.

Nails dug into my thigh with every maneuver and gasp. Each time, those nails made my pussy scream. It slammed me back into reality.

"First things first, hun," I instructed.

I didn't even think about it before I did it.

I pulled her toward me. Our breasts mashed together and I felt her hard nipples poke into my flesh. Her wet hair clung to me and her whole body was slick to my touch. I reached behind her. Kaylee's heated eyes slid up to mine, accepting what I was doing with lust-fueled abandon.

My stomach quivered with uncontrollable excitement. I wondered if she felt my reaction pressed up against her like I was. The thought of her feeling my fervor aroused me even further.

"This will make you more... comfortable," I explained, trying to sound helpful, but my voice faltered from the debauchery.

I untied her bikini top and hung it over the edge of the tub beside her. I gently helped her lean back so she didn't smack against the side of the tub.

The bubbles rushed around her bare breasts, licking the sensitive flesh.

Taken with the sensations, Kaylee swiped her pussy across the jet again, sucking in air through her teeth. I lewdly slid my arms down to her waist.

Even though her motions were unsure, she controlled herself with phenomenal grace, her movements were a dancer's even now.

My sex-crazed mind was imagining her putting those fluid, precise hip movements to work, with a strap-on, fucking me.

And then she went stiff, braced herself, and pulled her body away from the jet. She spent long moments, rigid, unsteady, eyes closed, trying desperately to settle herself. She regained her composure after a while and let out a long sigh.

"Didn't know if I wanted to go there... yet," she husked.

Her hand snaked down her trim belly. I watched through wavy and refracting waters as she pressed her fingers against her bikini bottoms and squeezed her legs together. She shivered slightly.

"Doesn't make it very satisfying when you hold back, though." She grinned, devilishly. "Now, I really wish Kristen was here."

"You're not the only one," I agreed and kissed my daughter on the cheek. "Thanks for sharing. How was it?"

"Mmm. I bet you'd show us a thing or two on the jets." Her eyes sparkled as she stared at me.

"I've wondered along those lines." I reached out, sliding my hand along her leg.

"Me, too," she shifted in her seat, still staring at me, hands still shoved in the water. "About the experience thing. Like I said before."

"How are you and Kristen doing in that department, anyways?" Did I sound desperate? I couldn't tell over the excitement coursing through me.

"Things are... wonderful." Her eyes narrowed, emphasizing the lurid nature of what 'wonderful' implied. "She's my bestie."

"Wasn't talking about the relationship, hun." I winked. "I've never really explained the details to anyone before. But women are more complicated than men. I just hope you two are learning how to please yourselves fully."

It was as if Kaylee had been waiting for that exact question. "I was kind of hoping Kristen would teach me what she learned from you. At some point."

My stomach fluttered.

I reached down to her bikini bottoms and hooked a thumb into the string around her waist.

"Want to cut out the middleman?" I asked. "I could give you another pointer."

She hesitated, but nodded her head, eyes still dilated with arousal. I slipped down her bikini bottoms and let them rest around her thighs.

"C'mere in my lap and hold onto me," I instructed. "With your legs around my waist." I patted her sinewy limbs.

Her muscular legs wrapped around my hips and I slid my hands down to her butt. I gripped one firm cheek in each hand. She jerked.

"Easy. Trust me, okay?" I soothed.

She rested her cheek on my shoulder like she did when she was little. "Okay," she murmured.

I eased us both forward until the jet across from us began washing over her rump. A little closer. Down just a tiny bit.

She sucked in a gasp when the bubbles slipped beneath to tease her still sensitive pussy. I eased her a hair closer.

My daughter let out a tiny squeal-moan. "This feels funny having... someone else... wow!" She gasped through clenched teeth.

I nuzzled the side of her head. "It gets better, love." I pressed her fully onto the jet. The bubbles pummeled her bare mound perfectly.

"Oh my God!" she croaked, her fingernails scrabbling across my back in indescribable pleasure. Her legs jerked tighter around my hips.

"Mom! It's so -- so -- I'm going to -- oh my God!"

I held her gently but firmly as her miniature body went haywire in my arms. She rocked, bucked, grunted, lost in ecstasy.

When it was over, she collapsed, reduced to dead weight in my arms, whimpering. I eased her away from the jet again.

"Enjoy?" I asked, after letting her come down from the onslaught.

She was still panting, "I don't think 'enjoy' fucking covers it."

I laughed. Kaylee rarely cursed.

My daughter gulped, stunned. "Never done it like that, backwards. And bare? Always seemed like it would be too much."

I pulled back to see her face, flushed from her exertions. I saw contentment, gratitude, and something else -- another chance.

"You don't have to fumble around with this kind of thing if you don't want to, you know?" I searched her face. "I'd show you some things, if you wanted. Guide you. Teach you how to please yourself thoroughly. What we just did is one way."

Though she was tired, Kaylee had enough energy to eye me carefully. She was taking my measure.

"Is this your way of asking me to do lesbian stuff, Mom? I'm not so sure."

I rescued her from that thought. "No, honey." I laughed and stroked her back. "I'm not asking you that. I was thinking more about a demonstration. Showing you tricks that you may not know so that you can do them yourself. Maybe surprise Kristen, too."

I saw her wheels turning.

"We can go slowly," I soothed. "I just want to make sure you know what you're doing."

"Fun is fun," she reasoned. "I never really thought about my mom showing me sex stuff."

Kaylee looked down at my breasts, up to my face, and then back to the water.

"But, then again, if you are going to show me stuff like you just did..." Her ardor returned somewhat.

"Deal." I chuckled. "And I promise no lesbian stuff."

Her eyes lit up and she mockingly ground her hips against my belly. "Yeah. Show Kristen all the lesbian stuff so she can use it on me."

I pulled her bikini bottoms back up and let her slide off my lap. We left the hot tub's heat and, hand in hand, trotted inside.

I grabbed both our towels and towed her into my bedroom.

"Hold still. I'll dry you. No sense getting these sheets wet."

I wrapped her in a thick Egyptian cotton towel, running my hands along her back to sop up the water. Pulling the towel down her body, I wrapped it around her shapely legs and patted her.

I tugged at her bikini bottoms. "We'll need this off."

"Just like the dressing room." She squealed and shivered with giddiness. "Slide it down."

I didn't argue. I hooked my shaky finger around the gusset and pulled it down her legs. I disguised my excitement.

As the cotton towel inched up her legs, I let it graze against her bare pussy. Her legs flexed at every pass but otherwise she said nothing.

I looked up, smiling, plainly, acting unaware to what I was doing. Her face was a contortion of pleasure, embarrassment, lust, and decorum.

"Tickles," she excused and gulped.

I urged her onto the bed and went to the closet to pull out a box. After drying myself quickly, I crawled on the bed and set the box down between us. The air smelled like chlorine from the hot tub.

"Ever seen one of these?" I asked, as I opened the lid. "I keep it in here to hide it."

My cheeks flushed with heat. Kaylee's eyes widened at the sight of the pink vibrator.

"No," she giggled, eyes curious. "Not in real life. Just in pornos."

"Oh my. The things I didn't know you and Kristen did." I teased. "It's alright. You can pick it up."

Kaylee reached in and pulled out the fake phallus. Her eyes were wide as she examined it, turning it around in her hands, taking in its beads and ridges. I was amused by her naivete with the object. She flipped the switch.

"Whoa!" she exclaimed, as it bounced around in her hands.

I snorted.

"I thought I'd demonstrate it for you, nothing more. So you know," I explained.

I took the toy from her hand and placed the box on my dresser. I pulled down my damp bikini bottoms and kicked them off with my feet before rejoining Kaylee on the bed.

"I can't believe my mom is actually showing me how to use a vibrator," Kaylee eyes were glued exactly where I wanted them. "I think it's kinda cool that you're doing this for me."

I grinned. It was music to my ears. I flicked the vibrator to life and trailed it down my stomach to my pussy, touching it briefly to give myself a sweet taste of the low hum. Kaylee studied every movement.

"Your first time," I tried to sound analytic, like I was giving her a history lesson. "You want to take it slowly."

I teased myself gently with the vibrator for emphasis. My clit lit up instantly. Whew! I pulled it away to explain a few things.

"First you need to realize that there are times to take it gentle and slow. Other times you can be quick. Just feel what you are in the mood for and that's usually how to do it."

"Like when I masturbate with my, uh, fingers."

"Exactly." My stomach lurched and I nodded. "It's the same with a vibrator. You want to start slow, build up your orgasm. It's so much better that way."

I drew the vibrator along my slit and my leg trembled. I tried to be clinical about it but my arousal was growing too fast for me to keep up a pretense.

"You can use this on your nipples, too," I husked. "That's fun. But I think we should just concentrate... on the girl bits."

"Vijayjay," Kaylee offered, mesmerized by the phallus sliding between my folds, hitching up a facetious smile out of the corner of her mouth.

"Sure, yeah," I purred, getting hotter. "What I meant."

I teased my clit with the vibrator as I watched my daughter. I couldn't believe she was so interested in watching me play with myself. Having an audience made it so much better.

"Did grandma show you how to use a vibrator?" my curious daughter asked.

"O-Oh, no." I panted between swipes of my vibrator, suddenly envisioning licking out my Mom and imagining her sweaty, trembling thighs around my head as I gave her the intimate release that only a daughter can give her mother. "We weren't as close as you and me are. We didn't talk about sex."

"I'm glad we're close, Mom. I don't think I would have ever figured this out myself."

"You want to try?"

Kaylee nodded, biting her lip.

"Alright, honey." I patted the bed next to me. "Come over here so you can copy my movements."

She laid down next to me, looking at my body. I wiped the dildo off on my towel and gave it to her. I did it regretfully as the idea of her using a messy vibrator made me even hornier. I just didn't know how she would react.

"That looked good," Kaylee enthused. "Look, my nips are already poking out like yours!"

"I got worked up showing you all that. Mind if I play with my nipples?"

"That's fine, Mom." Her eyes gleamed, intent on the phallus. She flipped the switch and the vibrator buzzed to life. "Just let me know if I'm doing something wrong."

She tentatively lowered the vibrator to her pussy and touched her clit. She moaned and quickly drew it away.

"Wow, too much!" Her eyes rolled back in her head.

"That's alright," I assured. "It's not like normal masturbation. Start slowly, baby."

Kaylee ran it along the inside of her smooth thighs and teased her slit.

"Yeah, honey," I encouraged, perhaps a little too eager. "That's it. Feel good?"

"Oh, God, mom! Why didn't I ask you about this before?" She panted.

I tweaked my nipples as the sounds of my daughter moaning beside me drove me into the stratosphere. Watching her slide my vibrator between her slick, trembling teenage pussy lips was a fantasy come true.

I felt a communion with Kaylee that I hadn't felt with anybody before. It was a combination of lust, love, and a knowledge that not every one got to see this sexual aspect of their child. It touched an unknown place in me that made me feel lightheaded.

Lost in my own thoughts, I realized I was neglecting her.

"Ease up there, honey. Let it build." I reached for the vibrator. "Here let me show you."

My hands were still shaky from the delirium as I accepted the vibrator. My daughter's sweet musk wafted up to me from the phallus and devilish thought crossed my mind.

"Mom, you are totally nasty!" Kaylee wrinkled her nose as I placed the unclean vibrator against my pussy. She didn't take her eyes away from it.

I relished the thought of my daughter's sex juices mingling with mine. I almost came when that vibrator grazed my slit. I moaned and clenched my teeth as my insides were on the razor edge of unleashing a monster orgasm, like a dam straining to hold back a biblical flood. My quaking stomach signaled the arrival of an impending orgasm but I pulled the vibrator away before my body gave way and I saved it.

My head rolled over to look at my daughter. Her young, fit body sculpted to perfection. I saw a lot of me in her face and my stomach lurched at the kink of realizing how attracted to those features I was.

"Wow, mom," she remarked. "You just looked like you were totally eye-humping me."

"Oh." I scrambled for an excuse. "I was just.... well, you can see how worked up I got drawing it out. Keep that in mind."

I wanted to smack myself. My excuse sounded dumb.

"It's alright," she reassured. "It was kinda hot seeing how excited it got you."

"Give it another whirl. Remember, slow."

"Gimme!" Her hands shot out greedily.

"I'm going to masturbate while you do. Is that alright?"

"Sure," she agreed. "Just don't forget about me."

I had no intention of that. I'd be watching every depraved second of this spectacle.

She gripped the vibrator and admired it for a moment, the look on her face one of pure lust. She wiped it off on my towel.

"I guess I'm not as used to this as you." Kaylee snickered. "I haven't shared a vibrator before. It would be kinda funny to me if I didn't clean it off. "

I smiled, finding it amusing how Kaylee viewed my experience with other girls.

She purred when she pressed it against herself. This time she was a little bit more sure, my quick-witted daughter already learning. Her head leaned back as it slipped between her folds. Kaylee buzzed her clit again and again.

"Ohh-Ohhhhh," she moaned.

"Yeah, honey. That's the sensitive part," I reminded her. "Wait till you want to cum."

I watched her body with a perverse lust. She looked over at me. I saw her eyes alternate between watching my fingers circling my pussy and staring at my breasts.

"All those things I copy feel pretty good," she croaked.

"Anything I can do to help." I gasped.

"Ohh... yeah, just let me watch and copy."

"Yeah, watch me, baby."

That exchange enhanced my enthusiasm and my fingers sped to a blur between my legs. Kaylee's eyes were glued to them as she matched my speed. She grunted with each movement she duplicated.

"I could cum right now, Mom. See?!"

Her stomach was twitching, flexing madly.

"Oh, honey, slow down a little," I cautioned. "It's quicker with a vibrator. Here, like this."

I let off with my fingers, teasing my slit but not enough to make me cum. I could feel the surge of a tremendous orgasm in the depths of my body.

"Mommm... I don't know how much longer I can take it."

Kaylee let up on herself like I showed her. She was close. Her whole body glowed with the sheen of sweat.

"Let's take a breather," I suggested.

"What for?"

I smiled. "I know you are about to cum, but let yourself simmer."

"Because it's better that way, huh?"

"Yep, you'll see."

She sat up, propping herself up with her elbows.

"I've heard grinding on a pillow is good too."

"Sure is, honey."

"Can you show me that too? Sometime?"

"I'd love to."

I looked her up and down. Her pussy glistened and the air smelled like sex. I savored the smell of my daughter.

"What else is there to do?" Kaylee wondered.

"Well, honey. You can use a dildo. They're like what we're using but they don't vibrate-"

"I've seen them in pornos, too," Kaylee interrupted.

"Ummm... there's using a solid object, like a chair or couch arm or something, shower heads, electric toothbrushes. Then there're different positions, like on your stomach..."

Kaylee snickered. "That's a lot!"

I patted her leg.

"Yes it is. Ready to go again?" I asked. "I know our conversation probably didn't help."

"Not really." She smiled. "Just promise me you will show me those things, alright?"

"Of, course, sweetie. You will be very acquainted with your body when we're finished."

My daughter offered the vibrator to me. "Do you want to use it again?"

"No thanks, honey." I waved it off. "This time is for you right now. I can take care of myself. Don't you worry about that."

"Okay." Her eyes gleamed. "Your loss!"

She flicked it to life and Kaylee carefully pressed it against her. She squealed immediately but she did exactly what she should have -- pleased herself at a measured pace.

"It's not so crazy like before," she admitted, her words short. "But I feel... tight... like I'm going to explode soon."

"Good," I praised, drumming my pussy faster hearing her talk like that. "That's where you want to be."

"Oh yeah.. so good, Mom."

Kaylee let out little gasps. Not loud or constant ones but intermittent and desperate, as she attempted to hold back those amassing sensations that threatened to smother her in ecstasy.

"I wish... I could feel what you feel... know what you know...." Kaylee squirmed. "... so I knew.. ohhhh.. when to release."

"Awww... sweetie!" My eyes flared at the thought of her wanting to share something that intimate. "I wish you could too!"

I groped across her hips and stomach for her free hand that was resting on her sweaty thigh. She accepted my hand enthusiastically.

"Oh... Mom," she moaned.

She gripped my hand tightly, emphatically, fingers intertwined and she gave it a squeeze. I returned the favor.

"I'm so... close... ," Kaylee seethed again. Her words half-formed, teeth clenched.

"Oh, Kaylee... I want this so much," I slipped.

"Me too," she groaned, gripping my hand tighter.

Her hips thrashed, rutting against the vibrator.

"Hold on... sweetie." I was absorbed in my own little word of impending orgasmic joy.

"It's happening... I can't believe it..." Her hand pinned mine in a vice-grip.

And then the world froze for a second. Kaylee hunched and sweaty, face wrenched into the beginnings of an overwhelming orgasm, knees splayed, eyes wide at the impending crash of sensation that was about to sweep through and overtake her.

She screamed. "O-Oh! Cumming mommmmm! Mmmmmmm!"

A violent orgasm wracked Kaylee. Her whole body convulsed. Her muscles seized and her hips lifted off the bed. She grunted and moaned, her voice uncontrolled and hoarse. She hissed through gritted teeth as the amazing wave crushed her with its unyielding pleasure.

I felt my body explode at the same time. The fiery orgasm seared through me. It expanded, lengthened, then shattered like a crystal into multiple orgasms and it left me helpless, bucking and succumbing as each successive wave burned through my body. I went from the blistering crest, to the unbelievable wildfire of sensuous orgasmic delight. I watched as Kaylee's breasts continued to quake as my aftershocks hit me.

We shared those amazing sensations through our clasped hands. Mom and daughter. Teacher and pupil.

We laid there weak and overcome. Kaylee whimpered and her body seized when a tremor returned. The vibrator continued to buzz on the bed, dropped when Kaylee was taken by her release.

"You should have told me about vibrators before," Kaylee groaned finally after we laid there for eons, recuperating.

I rolled toward her, our faces inches apart, and smiled.

"If I knew you were game I'd have taught you a lot by now."

"Perhaps you can show me." She shifted her hips forwards and back. "I'd love to learn more vibrator tricks."


"No. Later on," she replied, giddy and giggly. "I'm a little worn out. I need to call Kristen back any ways. See what she's up to."

"Ah, planning on showing her your new moves?"

"And here I thought you were too straight-laced." Kaylee poked me playfully. "You sure showed me, didn't you?"

"I know," I said under my breath. I couldn't help myself.

"I'm really glad you're my mom," she complimented after a moment. "I bet there aren't many girls that get to learn about their bodies like this."

Kaylee leaned in to kiss me. The world paused again as her kiss landed on mine. This was a peck, like the handful she had given me before, but this one was different too. It was longer, more tender, and I sensed real affection behind it.

She pulled back and licked her lips. "Thanks. Seriously. You know I don't think of you as just a mom. You're something more. I know I've been a brat in the past but you've always been more to me."

"You're welcome, honey. I think of you as more too," I admitted.

"I've got a mom, a best friend." Her nose wrinkled with mischief. "And a perv tutor, all in one!"

I was still laughing while my darling naked daughter slid off the bed, giggling, as she skipped away to find her cell phone.
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