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Breathless Dreams

Tags: forced, daddy, sub
Ali and I met and came together under the most unlikely of circumstances but in that moment our souls bonded together and we became one. Never have we looked back or regretted anything that we have done together. Even after the years we have had in each other's arms the fires of new love burn brightly within us! This beautiful angel, my Ali, can take my breath away with nothing more than a smile.

Ali awoke this morning and told me of the dream that she just had. This dream moved me in ways that I can explain but you may not understand. It was a dream of our dreams, a dream of our passions; it was a dream of our fantasies and the wild passions that we share.

This is Ali's story. These are the wild passions that only a few people other than myself have seen from my beautiful wife!

Ali and I would be having a long-awaited visitor today. You see my beautiful wife has craved another woman in our bed. She has been craving the soft touch, the taste, the smooth feelings of another woman and I, being her devoted master, will not deny what my sexy slut needs. Her needs are my own because I know that anything I ask of her she will do to please her man.

A woman like her is a rare thing; her devotion to her man is nothing short of amazing! So giving, so sensual, so caring… She satisfies my every need in life and I would like to believe that I satisfy hers. This being said I know that her fantasies which so perfectly mirror my own are mine to give her and I want nothing more than that.

But I digress. Let us get back to the story at hand: the story of Ali's Dream…

I knew that the girl was coming today so I left explicit instructions to Ali. I told her that while I was at work she would "entertain" our guest in a way that was befitting.

I told her that she would first make our girl comfortable in our home and relaxed… give her a glass of wine and sit close to her. Talk small talk with her while letting her smell her sweet perfume show her her pretty smile, make her laugh with her biting sense of humor. I wanted Ali to seduce her very slowly... a chance brush of her fingertips against her erect nipples, a sly wink perhaps leaning over her to reach something letting her big sexy tits hang right in her face...


Angel, I know that your panties are soaked by now and that you want to tear this hot woman's clothes off and fuck her now... but, Baby, do what I tell you. I will call you while I'm cleaning up the job site and getting ready to leave. This is when I want you to turn up the heat on this hot fucking woman! Baby, look into her eyes and let her see the passion that lies there in wait. Smile at her. You know what I'm talking about... That sly mischievous smile that never fails to make my dick hard!

Stand up in front of her now baby and slowly pull your shirt up over your head revealing that sexy white lacy bra that barely confines those big sexy tits. Reach down and pull your bra up and off; don't bother to unhook it, baby, just pull it over your head and toss it with your shirt. Now bend down and run your fingers through her long dark hair and let her suck on those big nipples. Tell her that she will be getting fucked today and that we will take care of her every need once daddy comes home.


I told Ali to keep that girl wet and turned on until my return. This is not a problem for her. Ali is the most sensual woman I have ever known. Just the look in her big brown eyes when she gets heated up is enough to make anyone go wild with desire for her. When I completed my day's work I called Ali and told her to put a chair in the middle of the kitchen and not to say a word about it. I told her that I wanted my hot bitches naked on their knees and ready because I was on the way.

I pulled the Mustang into the garage and got out my cock, already straining at my jeans in anticipation. I came into the kitchen and beheld a sight that I would never forget. Ali had our girl naked as was she sitting up on the counter top and was between her smooth legs lapping greedily at her wet pussy. The look in our girl's eyes explained it all. Her head was back and her fingers were in Ali's long dark hair. A sigh escaped her lips. I'm not even sure they were aware I was in the room.

I sat down on the chair and watched as my beautiful wife licked and sucked this pretty girl into a frenzy. I could see that Ali's hand was between her legs rubbing furiously on her swollen clit and she was moaning into our girl's pussy. I could hear the wet slurping sounds she made as she sucked that sweet clit between her lips and I could see that our girl was on the verge of coming. I knew that Ali would be close behind.

I began rubbing my hard dick through my jeans and said to them, "You two have to be the hottest little cunt-lickers that I have ever seen!"

They jumped visibly at this. I guess I was correct in assuming they were oblivious to my presence. They looked at me and smiled – an eager devious almost evil smile – as Ali stood up and helped our hot little slut down from the counter. They both came to me then watching me still rubbing my cock through my pants seeing the obvious rigidity of my fat cock within.

They got on either side of me and began kissing my neck and my face and each other. I could taste the sweetness of that pussy on Ali's lips and when our girl kissed me I tasted the unmistakable sweetness of my wife's love on her lips too. They began to unbutton my shirt and began to kiss my chest running their fingers all over me. This never fails to send electric fires through me and having two women do it was fucking incredible!

I felt four eager hands pulling and tugging on the button and zipper of my pants; my eager throbbing shaft was twitching begging to be released. As they finally got the button free my pants were ripped from me and thrown aside, loose change tinkling across the tiles cell phone sliding under the dinette like a crazed hockey puck.

"Suck that cock, you hot little whores!" I told them but it was not necessary they were already kissing each other around the head of my swollen member, their tongues reaching out to one another swirling around my engorged shaft.

"Now you suck my man's cock exactly like I told you to, you dirty little cock sucker!" Ali told her and she parted her red lips and took my cock into her mouth.

First just the head swirling her hot tongue around on me slowly beginning to slurp up and down on it taking it deeper and deeper. Ali was telling her just the way I like it, holding her hair back so that we could see. Pretty soon I could feel my cock head in her throat and feel her chin resting on my balls.

"Swallow that cock, you dirty little whore!" Ali told her and our girl began pumping my cock down her throat with a renewed frenzy!

With that Ali got down between my legs and began licking my balls. She knew just how much that drove me crazy feeling her hot tongue dancing all over my shaved nuts and licking me all the way down to my ass. I couldn't take much more of this. I could feel my cock twitching in our girl's mouth and if I weren't careful I would shoot my hot load down this little slut's throat before I was done with her.

I pull her from my cock with a moan of protest from her and told them both: "Alright, you little cock-whores I want you with your faces on the floor and your hot asses in the air for me right now !"

I grabbed an old comforter from the top of the dryer where it lay waiting to be put back into the closet after a day at the beach. I noticed as I unfolded it and spread it out on the floor that the heat of the dryer was still within it. "This thing is about to get a lot fucking hotter!"

I thought to myself as my two sexy slaves got down on their knees and kissed each other deeply and lay down with their beautiful asses in the air never breaking their kiss. I was in heaven! There was my beautiful wife kissing this beautiful woman on the kitchen floor both of them soaking wet and waiting for my hard cock!

I knelt behind them and began running my hands all over their pretty asses and between their thighs. I could hear them moaning into each other's mouths as I parted their sweet flowers with the tip of my fingers and began sliding them up and back across each of their dripping slits. They are both squirming before me and I heard Ali's muffled cries . "Daddy!! FUCK ME!" she hissed.

That beautiful woman will never have to ask me twice. My cock was rigid and throbbing as I got between Ali's legs and slid my fat cock into her waiting pussy. "Yesssss!" she squealed and began fucking back into me with everything she could.

I grabbed her curvaceous hips and began fucking her with long hard strokes feeling my balls slap against her clit at the bottom of every stroke. Instantly it seems my cock and balls were soaked with her juices and she was grinding into me like the hot little fuck-slave she is!

Ali was screaming with passion and want, begging her daddy for the hard cock she was taking, screaming and thrashing; I had to hold on tight to her hips as I continued to slam into her. Our girl turned round and put her face on Ali's ass to watch closely. She reached underneath and began to rub Ali's clit while I was hanging on for dear life and pounding my cock-up her hot dripping cunt!

I knew that she was ready to explode; I could feel her pussy clamping down hard on my cock as she screamed to me "Please, Daddy! Please fuck your little whore! DADDY! FUCK ME!"

I knew she was ready to go and our girl did too. I could feel Ali's pussy vibrate like it does when she comes really hard and our girl sensed it too. I watched as she put her finger up her own pussy getting it wet with her juices and as Ali began to explode with her orgasm she slid her finger deep into Ali's ass.

Ali began to come in wild waves of passion; she was pulsing so hard I thought she was going to come clear off the ground! I could feel the tremors overtake her and she screamed at the top of her lungs, "YESSSS ! OH MY GOD YESSS!"

I felt her whole body quiver uncontrollably and she collapsed to the floor gasping for breath, her skin flushed and damp with the perspiration of her earthshaking release. As we all arose from the floor I took Ali's face in my hands and kissed her deeply and passionately as only true lovers can do. As I did our girl softly pulled back her hair and gently kissed the back of her neck. I felt my sweet Ali sigh into my mouth at this, her big brown eyes showing the deep satisfaction of her recent release and yet still fully aroused at the gentle touch of us.

We walked outside to the edge of the pool arm in arm and stepped together down the stairs into the warm water. It was so warm outside that even the warm waters in the pool were a bit of a shock considering the heat that we had built up in our lovemaking. Finally I took the initiative and plunged into the deep end of the waters taking my two sexy whores with me into the deep end.

We all came up sputtering and laughing and both of my girls slapped me in the chest simultaneously with mock anger at the sudden plunge. But soon we were all floating together feeling the warming rays beat down upon us in our liquid heaven. Fingers searching for the deepest crevices of one another feeling the cooling waters encompass our souls in swirling eddies.

We felt each other's desires in each sweet caress in each tender touch. I watched entranced as Ali took her face in her hands and kissed her deeply. Such passion that woman of mine has I could see in her eyes that she was burning for this hot sexy woman.

I just let myself drift slowly away and watch as Ali's tenderness became something more urgent, more savage... I watched as she ran her fingers up the base of her neck up into her flowing locks, taking hold and commanding... Ali pressed her lips against hers with such heat that I could barely restrain myself... I heard her growls of desire, her intensity, her overwhelming urge to take what she wanted... My baby was going to make this woman her fuck-slave and in turn they both would be my own!

What man would not fantasize about two such exquisite women? My cock was standing proud as we all settled into the porch swing we have out next to the pool. I could feel every nerve ending screaming for these two hot-assed bitches... I wanted nothing more than to impale them on my throbbing shaft!

Ali excused herself and went into the house and I asked if she could get us all a glass of wine when she returned. It was so warm this evening the sun was just settling behind the trees and there was a cooling breeze caressing our naked flesh. Our girl was staring at my rigid cock with a gleam in her eyes. Looking at me with a smile that reflected her undeniable lust she reached over, wrapped her tiny fist around my rigid pole and began to pump up and down. I moaned at the exquisite feelings that she was giving me and my cock began to twitch in her grip.

Suddenly she threw her leg over me, her full round tits in my face and slid her dripping pussy down over me. I was instantly coated with her nectar as she forced herself down on me taking as much of my fat cock as she could. Slowly at first she began to move her sweet ass back and forth grinding her clit against me as she was opened up fully by me.

I took her firm tits in my hands gently kneading them and flicking the nipples with the end of my tongue. She moaned at this and began to slide up and down on me. Slowly at first all the way in and all the way back out savoring the way my stiff cock was gliding in and out of her tightness feeling every inch of me caress the velvety wetness of her sweet pussy.

I hadn't noticed before but Ali had reappeared with our wine and had set the chilled crystal glasses on the table. I watched in ecstasy as Ali pulled our girl's hair away from her neck and began kissing her softly as our girl rode my cock. Ali continued her licking and kissing while I fucked up into our girl and she reached around and squeezed our girl's nipples hard!

She rolled them between her fingertips and began to whisper in her ear. "Such a dirty little slut," Ali hissed.

"Look at you fucking my man taking my man's cock all the way up in that dripping cunt while I am right here!"

Our girl began to buck wildly at this bouncing up and down on me as Ali continued telling her what a pretty little cock-whore she was, telling her that she loved to watch such dirty little fuck-whores pleasing her master!

This is when I noticed that Ali was still holding the empty wine bottle she had filled our glasses with. I could see that it was still very chilled and in the humidity of the Florida evening the condensation was dripping from it in large drops.

I watched in amazement as Ali took the neck of the wine bottle in her sweet lips and began licking up and down on it. She removed it finally from her pretty mouth and began talking in our girl's ear once more. "I know just what to do with dirty little whores like you!" she growled. Dirty little fuck-slaves need to get ALL of their holes filled!" And with that she took the neck of the icy cold bottle and pressed it against our girl's tight waiting ass. The moan that escaped her lips at this was something like I had never heard before. A mixture of lust desire surprise and passion were clear in that sexy moan.

Ali got down on her knees behind her my cock still grinding deep into her drenched pussy and pulled apart her pretty ass cheeks as she began to slowly work the icy glass bottle up her tight ass. "You like getting fucked like this don't you hot little bitch!" she said and applied a little more pressure.

Our girl squealed and her whole body began to shake as the ice-cold glass went past the tight plane of her puckered ass and slid up inside. Our girl was pulsing and digging her long nails into my chest as Ali began to slide deeper only to pull back and drive into her again. I could feel the bottle that was filling her ass against my hard cock. The thin membrane between her ass and pussy allowed me to feel everything that Ali was doing to this girl. Deeper she went with every stroke of the frigid glass bottle. Our girl was quivering and so excited at this onslaught that I thought her nails would surely draw blood from where she was gripping my chest.

I lifted her ass up from me slightly my hands cradling her pretty ass and I began to stroke into her pussy again as Ali gripped a handful of her long hair pulling her head back and kissing her as she continued to fuck the bottle neck up her ass.

Our girl went completely over the edge now: her whole body began to shake her pussy gushing warm juices all over me. I could hear her screaming into Ali's kiss and could feel her inflamed pussy contracting around my throbbing cock with her massive orgasm! With one last shuddering spasm she collapsed against my chest her skin damp with the sweat of our heated sex.

After we had all caught our breath and come down from the high of such a passionate encounter we all went into our master bedroom and got into the large walk-in shower stall together.

We held each other in the cascading water, lathering each other, caressing, letting the cool water rejuvenate us washing away the spent feelings and giving us our second wind. I got out of the shower first and got some big fluffy towels for my hot women. I wrapped each of them in turn as they stepped from the enclosure drying them off completely not missing anything. I put an arm around each of them and led them into the bedroom.

I removed the damp towel from around Ali's smooth, succulent form, kissing her and looking deeply into her amazing brown eyes. I instructed her to lie on the bed. She complied with her daddy's wishes and she was soon laid out smiling her sweet lusty smile waiting for what was to come. I then instructed our girl to get up on the bet and get on my woman's face and then lay on her in a 69. I told them that I wanted to watch my hot little pussy-lickers in action I wanted to see them tongue and lick and suck each other while I watched.

Our girl complied with a self-evident zeal climbing onto Ali's pretty face and gasping as Ali's tongue found her clit . She began to rub her nipples as my baby buried her face into that sweet pussy. Ali was loving it; she was sticking out her tongue and sliding it up inside of our girl and lapping at that sweetness like a woman possessed!

Our girl was still up on her knees and rubbing her nipples with obvious joy. I reached over and slapped her ass hard eliciting a sharp squeal from her and I told her "I told you to get down there and start to lick that pussy like you mean it!!"

I grabbed a handful of her long dark locks and pushed her face into Ali's wet pussy. I saw Ali's fingers dig into the soft flesh of our girl's sweet ass as her tongue finally found Ali's clit . I heard her moan into the pussy she was so vigorously eating. I watched in silence as they started to heat each other up once more I could hear the slurping and the wet sucking and licking as they became oblivious to my presence becoming so absorbed in the respective kitties that was their only focus now.

I began stroking my newly hard cock watching as these two hot little bitches went crazy on each other's pussies . My cock trembled at the sweet sight of Ali seeing her with her eyes closed her lovely face covered with the sweet nectar of our girl.

This had been our fantasy come true; my baby had wanted the pleasures of another woman for so long and seeing it come to fruition was making me crazy. I stroked my cock harder as I reached into the nightstand and came back out with a small bottle of lube which we had reserved just for this moment. We had planned for this day for so long this special moment. This scenario was the sweet choreographed dance of our desires the culmination of our passions!

My cock was freely twitching in my hand now as I opened the small bottle of gel and squeezed some onto the aching head of my raging hard-on. I squeezed a little more onto my fingers and spread our girl's ass cheeks. Ali's eyes fluttered open and she saw and knew just what was coming.

I spread the lube on our girl's ass feeling her shudder at my touch. Ali's hand came up and she gently began to massage the slippery stuff into that tight puckered asshole. Slowly she began to probe that hot ass with her fingers massaging the lube into it getting it ready for what was to come.

I got up on the bed now and placed a knee on either side of Ali's face my stiff shaft poised at our girl's tight opening. Ali knew just what to do; we had talked about it for so long and the thought of this day had given us such intense desires and earth-shaking orgasms!

Ali reached up never stopping her pussy licking and grabbed my cock in her tiny delicate hand. I positioned myself behind our girl and Ali guided my throbbing hard on to her tight well-lube ass. She positioned the head of my cock at the opening and with her other hand reached behind me and began to push on my ass... It was Ali fucking this girl now it was Ali fucking her with her man's cock!

She watched intently as the head of my cock finally broke the plane of her sphincter and disappeared up her ass. "Yessss!" I heard Ali hiss; she had wanted to see this for such a long time, to see her man fuck another woman's ass while she licked the sweetness of her pussy and watched from so close.

Ali was in heaven and I have to admit that I was too as I began to take that tight ass deep and hard. My balls were swinging back and forth millimeters above Ali's face and slapping against our hot little whores pussy as Ali licked and watched. Now and then I could feel her wet hot tongue snake out and lick my shaved balls as I ass fucked this sweet little bitch. Ali held her cheeks wide and was getting very close to coming watching her daddy fuck over her face while getting her hot pussy licked.

I could tell from the noises I heard that both of these women were going to come very soon. Their efforts became redoubled on each other's wet slits in the heat of our joining. I wanted these hot ass girls to come for me one more time before I gave them my prize.

Our girl was the first one to go into the abyss and the shuddering spasms that shook her body sent Ali there as well. They both exploded as one our girl's nails digging into Ali's inner thighs she was screaming into Ali's sweet pussy and Ali following suit her tiny fingers digging in our girl's quivering ass as she watched her man pounding up inside of another woman! I have never seen Ali come so hard as that; her whole body racked in earth-shattering spasms of pure joy screaming to the heavens in her extreme bliss.

They both collapsed in a heap on the bed panting and gasping in their release. Ali's face and chest were bright red and I'm sure tingling like crazy. But now it was my turn to come and these hot sluts were going to taste the fruits of their labors! I told them to lie beside one another with their heads facing me and kiss each other while I jacked off in their faces.

They obeyed without question and soon I was hovering over them with my fist pounding out the staccato rhythm of my pleasure. I watched them as they kissed deeply their tongues probing seeking and longing for a taste of what they were about to receive.

This day had been the stuff that dreams are made of, the greatest compilation of our dreams and desires. I knew that this was our moment this was the culmination of our deepest desires and I in the next few moments was about to put the crowning glory of this day onto the beautiful faces of the two hottest bitches on this planet! They were kissing passionately but they never took their eyes off of my cock. They wanted to be ready to taste what they had worked so hard for!

And then I felt that familiar tingle at the very core of me; my balls began to tighten as my orgasm began to overtake me. It started so deep within me building ascending to heights never achieved. Every vein on my cock was throbbing; the head was purple and swollen as I felt my balls begin to boil over and I knew that my time was nigh... I began to scream uncontrollably as I erupted and I forced my cock in between my girls' lips.

I felt their hungry mouths envelop me as I erupted in both of their mouths. I felt their tongues swirling around my head even as I filled them both with hot spurts of come. They were lapping at me and sharing me with one another and I just kept coming in ropes seeing them take it and savor it.

I had never ever come like this before; this overwhelmed me in a way that I couldn't explain. I saw the look of satisfaction in both of their eyes and we all fell together gasping in the heat of the night basking in the glow of what we had longed for. This was a day that none of us would ever forget.

As the glow wore on I simply told Ali, "I would like you to meet my youngest daughter, Kelly."

This one day would always be the day that our dreams came true…

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Posted 08 Feb 2013 13:35
Excellent. Will there be more with Kelly? "V=5+++."
Posted 05 Feb 2013 19:09
i dont usually read 'daddy' stories but this is great!! had me soo jealous of their girl!! lol
Posted 05 Feb 2013 15:36
Oh my Goodness, I didn't see that ending coming! Very good story, with a real surprise at the end, worth waiting for!

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