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Broken Promises

My daughter and her friend's learn what happens when you break a promise
Friday March 23 rd 2012

I had the house to myself. Robert had taken Ami and a friend to visit a college in Tucson. My youngest son Adam was at a sleepover for the entire weekend. Amanda was out with friends. And I wasn’t having any fun. I was sitting at my desk redesigning a logo for a client. I’ve been doing that since ten in the morning. I thought I nailed the design a few days ago. When I got feedback from them it was obvious they had no idea what they wanted. Except that they wanted to see new designs by Monday morning. The moment I was about to pick-up my laptop and throw it across the room the doorbell rang. I think for the first time in my life I was happy to be interrupted. I reached over hit the talk button on the intercom and asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s Sebastian Haney, I’m here to see Amanda,” the voice said from the other end of the intercom.

“She’s not here,” I said. “Her and a bunch of her friends went to see The Hunger Games.”

“Oh,” he replied. “I, uh knew that I’m just here to pick-up last week’s study guides from Japanese class.”

“Can you get them later?” I asked. “I have no idea where she put them.”

“She told me exactly where they are,” he said. “Normally it could wait until tomorrow but I need them for another kid I’m helping.”

“Hold on,” I said.

I then got up from chair and walked toward the front door. I have to admit I was pretty curious about Sebastian. Amanda hasn’t really told me much. The only thing I know is that he’s sixteen and due to his dad’s job he lived in Tokyo since he was six. After the tragedies of last year his dad decided that maybe living in Japan wasn’t a good idea. So his dad got a transfer and moved them back to Phoenix.

He came into Amanda’s life the day she decided to take Japanese as a second or in her case a third language. Normally she doesn’t need extra help for her classes. She excels at everything she does. For example she became an expert at the French language before finishing elementary school. She ranks number two in her class standings. And universities are already trying to recruit her. The only thing she hasn’t been able to master is Japanese. After getting a D on the first exam her teacher suggested that she get extra help. That extra help turned out to be Sebastian. Since he came into her life she started getting A’s in that class. I really wanted to meet the boy and thank him for all the help he’s given my sixteen-year old daughter.

When I opened the door I saw Sebastian for the first time. He was probably 5’7, weighed somewhere around 160lbs. He had messed-up hair, was wearing jeans, a Donkey Kong t-shirt and a spring jacket. He was cute in a geek chic kind of way.

I smiled as I said, “It’s nice to finally meet you Sebastian.”

He extended his hand and we shook as he said, “It’s nice to meet you too Mrs. Cohen. Can I please go get my study guides?”

“Sure, her room is the one with the drawing of an evil unicorn on the door,” I said.

“Okay,” he said as he ran upstairs.

I walked back to my office and continued working on my client’s logo. However I couldn’t concentrate on work. I was hearing strange noises coming from upstairs. First I heard some banging, and then a thump. Once again I got up from my chair and quietly walked up the stairs. As I did I could hear muffled moans coming from Amanda’s room. The door was open and I was able to see Sebastian laying on his stomach, with his face stuffed into her pillow while masturbating on a pair of my daughter’s panties.

I watched for a few seconds before yelling, “What do you think you’re doing?”

He turned over, grabbed the comforter and covered himself. Tears were rolling down his red face as he said, “Please don’t tell my dad about this.”

I walked into the room, sat on the bed and said, “What would happen if I told him about this?”

“He’d freak out and send me to live with my grandparents,” he said.

As I lifted away the comforter I noticed he was still rubbing Amanda’s panties over his big hard cock I asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“Because she promised that we’d have sex today,” he said as he continued stroking.

“Why would she promise you that?” I asked.

He cried as he said, “Because I did something for her that I shouldn’t of.”

He looked so cute and so vulnerable. You could tell that he’d been looking forward to today for a very long time. It pained me that my daughter could hurt this boy. I couldn’t let this day be filled with disappointment. So I took his hand off his penis and replaced it with mine. His body shook as another hand touched his unit for the first time. I started stroking faster. His moans got louder and breathing got heavier. I then aimed his cock toward me. He shot a load all over my clothes. I then stood-up and slowly took off my blouse and jeans. As they hit the floor his cock was once again rock hard. I then turned around and bent over so he could check out every inch of my 5’7, 120lb, 34C-24-35 body. I then climbed back on the bed and once again grabbed his penis. As I slowly stroked it I once again asked, “Why did Amanda promise you sex?”

“You have to promise you won’t tell anyone,” he said.

“I promise I won’t tell anyone about any of this,” I said as I continued stroking.

“Her and all her friends that are in the class made me promises so I would do things for them,” he said. “I do all their homework. Give them copies of the tests beforehand, give them the answers and then switch the tests they took in class with the ones they took it home before the teacher grades them. None of them know Japanese yet they’re all getting A’s. I’m living up to my end of the bargain but none of them are doing what they promised. They keep on postponing it.”

“You poor baby,” I said as I started stroking a little faster. “What have all the girls promised you?”

“Lisa Ann promised to blow me,” he said.

“Have you ever had a blow-job before?” I asked already knowing the answer.

“No,” he said.

I then took my hand off of his cock. Got up from the bed and moved toward then end. I spread his legs, got between them, leaned down and started sucking his 7-inch cock. The moment my mouth made contact his body started shaking. I could hear him breathing faster and faster as my lips moved up and down his shaft. As I was circling the tip of his dick with my tongue he shot a load into my mouth. I held his cum between my lips and then swallowed it. I then looked at him and said, “Your cum tastes delicious.”

He smiled as he asked, “Can I suck on your boobs, uh I mean breasts?”

“Yes sweetie,” I said as I maneuvered myself next to him.

He put his mouth on my right breast and started sucking. I then grabbed his right hand and put in on my left breast and told him to pinch it. As he was playing with my tits I grabbed his pecker and started stroking it back to life.

As his cock once again became rock hard I looked down at him and said, “So Mandy promised to let you fuck her.”

He took his mouth off my tit long enough to say, “Yes."

I then asked, “Do you want to lose your virginity today?”

He then unhooked his mouth from my breast and shouted, “Yes.”

Seconds later he was lying on his back stroking his cock as I stood above him playing with my pussy. I slowly lowered myself until just the tip of his dick made contact with my twat. I looked down at him and asked, “Does that feel good?”

“Yes,” he said as I proceeded to engulf his cock with my wet cunt.

For a minute I just sat on his pecker as he got used to the feeling. I then started riding it slowly. As his meat slid in and out of my love box I leaned down and gave him a big kiss. As my tongue touched his he started thrusting a little faster. As out lips unlocked I asked, “Was that the first time you kissed a girl?”

“Yes,” he said as he pulled toward him for another make-out session.

I then started riding him faster. I grabbed his hands and told him to stick them in my ass.

He did.

I then started shaking and screaming, “I’m cumming.”

I then collapsed on top of him and said, “You hit my magic spot.”

He smiled proudly as he continued fucking me.

A few minutes later I got off his dick and started sucking it. He started moaning louder. I started stroking it faster. He then moaned, “Oh God,” as he shot another load into the air.

He looked disappointed as he said, “I thought I’d last longer.”

I then replied, “We’re nowhere close to being done.”

I lied next to him and we started kissing. As our tongues played with each other I placed his right hand between my legs and let him play with my pussy as I did the same with his man meat. Within a few minutes I could feel and see it getting hard again. This is my favorite thing about teenage boys; you don’t have to wait long for them to recharge their batteries.

As his fingers fumbled around my pussy I figured it was time for his next lesson. I maneuvered myself onto the center of the bed and spread my legs. I then pointed to my pussy and said, “I want you to lick it.”

He did as he was told. As he fumbled with his fingers he fumbled with his mouth. I then spread my pussy lips and started rubbing my clit. He intently watched as I played with myself. After a few minutes I said, “I want you to concentrate on my clit.”

After showing him exactly where it was located he once again placed his head between my legs. This time he was doing it right. He kissed my clit before making it a playground for his tongue. By the sounds of my moans I’m sure he knew that he was doing something right. This must have given him a boost of confidence. He took his mouth off my clit, moved his face down to my asshole and licked upward and then downward. He did this several times before concentrating on my asshole for a few minutes. He then hit my clit a few times with the palm of his hand before going back and sucking on it. I then begged him to stick his fingers in my cunt. He did. I started moaning even louder. He then took his fingers out of it and stuck them into my ass. Instantly I started quivering. Between that and the way he was sucking on my magic button he drove me to orgasmic bliss.

As I was catching my breath he was one step ahead of me. Before I could beg him to continue eating my box he climbed on top of me, inserted his cock and started thrusting away. He leaned down to pinch and kiss my nipples as he furiously fucked me.

Minutes later I begged him to let me suck his cock. He took it out of me, got on his knees and started stroking it. I then got on all fours, crawled over to him, spit on his dick and put it in my mouth. His eyes rolled back into his head as I devoured every inch it.

Several minutes later he pulled his cock out of my mouth and got behind me. He started kissing every inch of my ass before once again licking my twat. As he drove me to another orgasm he stuck his cock back into my pussy and resumed fucking me. I then reached my hand back and started rubbing my clit as he moved in and out of me.

Two orgasms later I had him lay on his back. I once again climbed back onto his cock and started riding it with reckless abandon. As his thrusts got faster and faster I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me. He started shaking and within seconds he shot another load and filled my pussy with hot cum.

“Oh God baby, where did that new found confidence come from?” I asked as I collapsed on his chest.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It just seemed like the natural thing to do.”

“You’re getting good at it,” I said.

“Awesome,” he replied. “It’s kind of weird.”

“What’s kind of weird?” I asked.

“That right now I’ve gotten more action in one day then my dad has since my mom died,” he said. “I kind of feel bad about that.”

We then started making out on my daughters bed. While we played with each other’s privates in preparation for the next round my Iphone rang. I then said, “I should get that.”

I got off the bed and ran downstairs to grab my phone. It was Mandy. I answered it by saying, “Hey sweetie.”

“Hey,” she said on the other end.

“How was the movie?” I asked.

“Awesome, but not as good as the book,” she said. “Is it cool if I go to this party?”

“Will you be home by 12?” I asked.

“How about one?” she asked.

“Make it 12:30,” I replied.

“Deal,” she said.

I then hung-up, ran back upstairs and watched Sebastian stroke his cock. Before jumping back on the bed I asked, “What time do you have to be home at?”

“Around eleven,” he said.

I looked at the clock and noticed it read 8:00 P.M.

I smiled and said, “Good. That gives us a couple of hours to get you ready for tomorrow.”

“What’s happening tomorrow?” he asked.

“Tomorrow my daughter and her friends are going to do everything they promised,” I said.

“Really,” he said as he started stroking faster.

“Yes,” I said as I jumped on the bed. “And for leading you on for so long they are going to do a few extra things.”

“Like what?” he asked.

“You’ll find out,” I said as I took his hand off his unit and put it in my mouth.

I spent the next several hours letting him explore every inch of my body. Letting him do whatever he wanted. Teaching him all the ways to make women cum and keep himself from cumming quickly. By 10:00 he was worn out. After we showered together and replaced Mandy’s bedding I drove him home and told him to be back at my house around noon, and to bring his father.

Saturday March 24 th 2012

One thing is for certain is that if you have teenagers they always have friends over. On Saturday’s Amanda’s friends usually start coming over at eleven in the morning. This Saturday was no exception. By eleven five members of her crew had filled up the family room. The TV was on, but none of them were paying attention. They were talking about The Hunger Games, boys and certain things that happened at last night’s party.

These girls were inseparable. Four of them, along with Amanda were in the top 10 of their class. The other ranked number twelve. They were all in the gifted program and all of them, with Sebastian’s “help” were getting A’s in Japanese.

As I peeked into the family room the girls were all sitting on our large L shaped couch laughing about something. Holly was sitting close to the entrance to the room. She is sixteen and is a light skinned African-American girl. She has long black hair. She’s about 5’5, 110lbs and has an amazing 34B-25-35 figure. She’s also the leader of the group. She’s into fashion trends and bands before any of the other girls. To the others her word is gospel.

Next to her was Whitney. I don’t know much about her, except that she’s sixteen and moved to Phoenix from Fresno. She’s about 5’1, a little over 100lbs and has a 32B-24-34 figure. Her most notable feature is hair, which is dyed bright red.

Next to her sat Sara. She’s also sixteen and has been one of Amanda’s best friends since they started school. She’s a very artistic girl. She’s also very quiet. Right now she hates me. Not for anything that I’ve done except being married to Robert. After losing her virginity to him she kind of became obsessed. I really can’t blame her for that, except that it got a little weird. She’s 5’7, 125lbs, blonde hair, a 34C-27-36 figure, and bright blue eyes.

Next to her is Lisa Ann. Like all the other girls she’s sixteen. Unlike the rest of the girls in the group her life has been a struggle. Her mom is a live-in maid for one of the wealthier families in our area. They live in a small living quarters out back. She is embarrassed by this and hates spending time at home. She is on her way to not only being the first person in her family to go to college, but get a full ride to a prestigious one at that. She’s 5’3, 90lbs, long black hair, Hispanic and has a 32A-23-32 figure.

Next to her sits Madison. At sixteen she’s quite a talker. 99% of the time her mouth is moving and going on about something or other. She’s 5’0, 95lbs, medium length brown hair and a 32B-23-33 figure.

Finally at the other end of the couch was Amanda, my lovely daughter. She has long blonde hair, is 5’7, 105lbs, a 32A-25-34 figure and still has braces.

After listening to them for a few minutes I entered the room, sat on the loveseat across from the couch, and asked them about the movie. They ceased talking about the party and went on and on about The Hunger Games. After awhile their opinions about the film became white noise. It was driving me insane. Thankfully the doorbell rang promptly at twelve. I got off the couch and walked to the door to answer it. When I opened it Sebastian and his Dad were standing there.

His father was a handsome man. You could see a lot of Sebastian in his face. There were differences, the most notable is that he’s bald, 45 and better dressed. I told them to wait in the hall until I talked to the girls.

I walked back into the family room and the girls were still talking about the movie. I walked behind the couch and closed the blinds. I then grabbed the remote off the coffee table and turned off the TV.

That got the girls to quiet down.

“Mom, what did you do that for?” Amanda asked.

As I sat down on the loveseat I looked at the girls and said, “We need to talk.”

“About what?” Madison asked.

“About keeping promises,” I said.

“That’s a no duh thing mom,” Amanda said. “If we say were going to do something we do it.”

All of her friend’s nodded in agreement.

“That’s interesting,” I said. “Yesterday I met someone who said all of you promised him something if he did something special for you.”

“Yeah right,” Lisa Ann said.

“Come on in,” I yelled.

As Sebastian and Martin Haney walked in the room the girls looked nervously at each other.

“Girls I believe you all know Sebastian,” I said. “I don’t believe any of you know his father, Martin Haney.”

“What is this all about?” Martin asked.

“Your son told me that he did all the girls homework for Japanese class and supplied them with the test answers they would do things for him,’ I said.

“You helped these girls cheat?” his father yelled.

“Yes,” Sebastian said. “But I couldn’t help it.”

“Yes you could,” he yelled. “You know the difference between right and wrong. I raised you better than this.”

Some of the girls started laughing.

“Martin, your son is a teenage boy, he couldn’t resist what they promised him,” I said. “Lisa Ann, what did you promise Sebastian for his help?"

“Money,” she said.

“Sebastian, tell your father what you told me,” I said.

“She promised me a blow-job,” he said as his face turned red. “Amanda, Whitney and Sara told me I could fuck them. Holly and Madison said I could watch them do things to each other.”

“Mom you don’t believe that do you?” Amanda asked.

“I do,” I replied.

Martin sat on the couch looking bewildered. He turned to me and said, “ I can’t believe it.”

“Your son’s morals were pushed aside by the one thing no straight man can resist,” I said.

“What should we do?” Martin asked. “If we go the school Sebastian and the girls will get expelled. It’ll go on their permanent record.”

“Or they could give Sebastian everything they promised,” I said.

“Mrs. Cohen, can you give us a minute so we can discuss this?” Holly asked.

“Sure,” I said.

Martin, Sebastian and I walked into the kitchen as the girls decided what to do.

“I’m so disappointed in you,” Martin said to his son.

“Dad, if you were in my situation what would you have done?” Sebastian asked.

His dad didn’t say a word.

“That means he would have done the same exact thing,” I said.

As we made small talk in the kitchen we could hear movement in the other room. A few minutes after hearing something crash to the floor Holly walked into the kitchen and said, “We made a decision.”

We all walked back into the living room. The coffee table was moved over toward the fireplace. The statue that used to sit on the table was broken. Sebastian and his father sat on the loveseat and I joined the girls on the couch.

After everyone got situated Holly said, “We didn’t mean for anything to get this far out of hand. We’re sorry that we led you on and because you helped us out, we decided to give you everything we promised.”

Martin stood-up and said, “I’m getting out of here. I don’t think I should be part of this.”

“Martin, do you want to stay?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything. He looked over at all the girls, got a guilty look on his face and promptly sat down.

“That’s what I figured,” I said lightly laughing. “Holly, I believe you and Madison promised Sebastian that he could watch you two do things to each other.”

The girls got up and stood in the center of the room. I turned the TV on to the Music Choice Top 40 station. As the music played the girls stripped to the beat. Once their clothes hit the floor they started kissing each other. Then Madison started moving down and kissing her friend’s neck, then her breasts, then her stomach until she reached her pussy and started kissing it. Seconds later Holly sat with her back to the couch with her legs spread. Madison was now lying on her stomach with her face deep inside Holly’s pussy.

Amanda got off the couch, stripped off her clothes, stood in front of Holly. Stuck her ass right in her face and demanded that she eat her pussy.

Sebastian then stood-up, took off his clothes and walked over to Amanda. He then put his cock in her mouth. As he did that she almost lost her balance. He caught her before she fell. They then moved to the side of Holly and Madison. She got on her knees and started blowing him.

Martin rubbed his crotch as he watched everything that was going on. Every time he glanced at Madison’s ass (which was most of the time) a conflicted look spread across his face. He then quietly said, “Lori I still love you.”

He then got off the loveseat and laid on the floor. First thing he did was kiss every inch Madison’s ass. He then turned over and got on his back, He then lifted her lower half up and maneuvered himself under her and started munching on her cunt.

Whitney then stood-up, took off her clothes and moved toward Sebastian and Amanda. She joined my daughter and helped her suck their classmates unit.

Sara then took off her clothes and sat on the coffee table rubbing her pussy as she watched everything that was going on in the room.

By this time Lisa Ann had already shed her clothing and was playing with herself as she watched. I tapped her on the shoulder and pointed at the bulge in Martin’s pants. She got off the couch and let her knees touch the floor. She then unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants before pulling down his underwear revealing what appeared to be a thick, hard 9-inch cock. She smiled right before she attempted to deep throat his man meat.

As Lisa Ann’s gag reflex kicked in Martin stopped licking Madison’s pussy and moved her to the side so he could see who was pleasuring him. He told her to stop for a second so he could stand-up and take his clothes off. The moment he was naked he sat on the love seat and had Lisa Ann resume sucking his cock.

Holly was watching Whitney and Amanda suck Sebastian’s love missile. You could tell by the look in her eyes that she wanted some of that action. She stood-up, got on all fours on the couch and invited Sebastian to join her. He took his cock out of my daughter’s mouth and stroked it as he walked to the couch and stuck it in Holly’s wet twat.

Whitney raced over to the couch and maneuvered herself so Holly could lick her pussy.

Amanda moved over to the coffee table and started kissing her best friend’s pleasure zone.

Madison joined Lisa Ann to help her suck Martin’s unit. As they were bobbing up and down on his shaft, he was watching his son fuck Holly. From the look on his face you could tell he was proud of Sebastian. You could also tell that he desperately wanted to stick his cock into a hot wet beaver.

“Lisa Ann, why don’t you let Mr. Haney fuck you?” I asked.

“She took his mouth off of his cock long enough to say, “Yummy.”

I then looked at Madison and asked, “Why don’t you make sure her pussy is nice and wet?"

Lisa Ann perched her ass up in the air as she continued sucking Martin’s penis. Madison got behind her and started licking her cunt. After getting it even wetter she rejoined her friend and resumed sucking his cock for about a minute. She then grabbed a hold of it while Lisa Ann stood on the love seat facing Mr. Haney and slowly lowered herself onto his unit. She looked uneasy as his big penis stretched out her tight twat. The tightness of her privates proved to be too much for him. After three or four thrusts he came inside of her.

She quickly slid off his cock and sat next to him on the loveseat. She ordered Madison to suck his juices out her box. After she finished that she fingered her friend as she put her mouth on Martin’s flaccid penis hoping to resurrect it.

Holly and Whitney were now sitting on the couch with their butts sticking out. Every few minutes Sebastian alternated his cock between their hot, wet cunts.

As that was going on Robert yelled, “What the fuck is going on here?”

I looked over and saw my husband butt naked in the family room entrance stroking his 10 3/4 long, 4-inch wide cock.

“What happened to spending the weekend looking at colleges?” I asked.

“Ami and her friend hated Tucson,” he said as he walked into the room. “I dropped them off at the movies.”

Sara ran over to him and jumped into his arms as she she squealed, “Hi Mr. Cohen,” before kissing him.

As he made out with Sara, Amanda walked toward him and started sucking his massive dong. He then put Sara on the ground. She got behind my daughter and started playing with her pussy.

Watching my daughter blow her father aroused Martin. Once again his cock was rock hard. Madison climbed aboard and started riding him as he watched Robert and Amanda.

Lisa Ann moved over to me and said, “Why don’t you get naked Mrs. Cohen?”

I took off my clothes, spread my legs and she dived between them gently inserting two fingers and a tongue into my vagina.

Sebastian then left Whitney and Holly to play with each other. He got behind Lisa Ann and inserted his meat into pussy. The second he did that she stopped paying any attention to me. Like his father before him, he fell victim to her tight twat. Instead of cumming inside her, he took his cock out and shot his load all over both of us.

I grabbed Lisa Ann by the hand and dragged her to the bathroom so we could clean up.

When we returned several long minutes later the dynamic of the room had changed. My husband had Sara bent over on the love seat and was fucking her. Martin was sitting where I previously sat and Amanda was sucking his cock. Sebastian was lying on the floor on his back. Holly was sitting on his face, while Madison sucked his hard dick, and Whitney was eating her out.

Martin said, “Gail get over here.”

I got on the couch and joined my daughter in sucking Mr. Haney’s unit. As our mouth’s moved up and down his shaft he said, “I can’t believe I’m with a mother and daughter.”

Lisa Ann joined Sara on the loveseat. As soon as she did my husband took his cock out of Sara and inserted it into the new arrival. As he stretched Lisa Ann out she started moaning like she’s never moaned before. Sara then started playing with her clit as she watched my husband with jealousy in her eyes.

Madison was now riding Sebastian while Holly and Whitney were in a sixty-nine next to them.

I then climbed onto Martin’s pecker, while Amanda got between his legs and started licking his balls and my ass.

While that was going on Sara begged my husband to fuck her ass. Before sticking it in he had Lisa Ann finger and lick her asshole. After a few minutes of that he put his cock in her butt. Almost immediately she stared squealing with glee.

Whitney and Holly then separated from each other. Whitney got on all fours and demanded that Sebastian satisfy her. He slowly took his penis out of Madison, got behind Whitney and started fucking her.

Holly and Madison sat next to and fingered each other as they watched the activities taking place in the room.

After fucking Sara’s ass for several minutes he noticed Holly and Madison. He took his cock out of Sara, who sat on the loveseat pouting, and walked over to the two of them. Immediately they put their mouths on his junk and went to town.

Amanda got on all fours and Martin started fucking her, while my daughter licked my twat.

Sebastian then got onto the couch and put his penis into my mouth.

Robert then moved the loveseat out of the way and had Madison, Holly, Whitney, Lisa Ann and Sara assume the position along the wall. He then took turns fucking the girls until he was ready to cum. Before shooting his load he had the girls get on their knees. His penis then erupted, covering each girl with his love juices.

After catching his breath Robert invited Sara, Lisa Ann and Madison to join him in the shower. They quickly departed the room.

Martin then started shaking. He slapped Amanda on the ass before shooting his load deep into her pussy. He then looked like he didn’t know what to do. So I stopped sucking his son’s cock long enough to say, “You look like you need a shower.”

“I do,” Martin replied.

I then grabbed him by the hand and invited Whitney and Holly to join us. We then exited the room leaving Amanda and Sebastian alone.

“You know you kind of promised that you’d let me fuck you,” Sebastian said as he stroked his cock.

Amanda smiled mischievously as she asked, “What’s stopping you?”

She then got on her knees and started sucking his cock. For several minutes her tongue licked every inch of his rock hard unit.

She then had him lay on his back. For about a minute she had him stroke his cock before climbing on top. At first she started out slow. The second he put his fingers in her ass she heavily increased her tempo. This caused him to thrust faster, which made my little angel cum.

Minutes after that she got on all fours. He ate her pussy before reinserting his pecker. He was fucking her hard and fast, which brought her to another orgasm. This was more than he could handle. He took his cock out of her and started stroking.

Amanda was begging for his cum.

Seconds later he shot his load all over her face. She scooped up his cum with her fingers and ate every last drop. She then looked at him and said, “You want to go take a shower?”

He pulled her onto the couch and said, “I’m not done with you yet.”

She smiled and said; “If I knew you were this good I never would’ve broken my promise to you.”

As she started kissing his penis Sebastian thought to himself that if she didn’t break her promise he wouldn’t have been this good.

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Posted 11 Apr 2012 17:46
great story!
Posted 10 Apr 2012 08:48
Hot damn Gail. You are one awesome woman. I just love every story you put out here. Absolutely a 5++++.
Posted 10 Apr 2012 07:56
Another great story! Keep it up Gail, your the best..
Posted 09 Apr 2012 10:16
Great story enjoyed it more pls
Posted 09 Apr 2012 09:33
Fucking absolutely FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!! Had my dock hard and my breath rapid as I stroked and came. Need more from this group, maybe with some male/male action. 5+++++++++++++
Posted 09 Apr 2012 08:30
Hey I think my son left something over there to can we cum over stay I mean get it? lol
I loved the story
Posted 09 Apr 2012 08:05
10 ** plus, Gail. Absolutely hot as usual, Top drawer story
Posted 09 Apr 2012 08:00
5++++ excellent story Gail.
Posted 09 Apr 2012 06:06
Posted 09 Apr 2012 05:38
Hot as always. 5 Stars +++
Posted 09 Apr 2012 05:17
Bravo Gail!!!! Another prize winner. Hope there is a part 2 in the works.
Posted 09 Apr 2012 04:39
all right that was great,
Posted 09 Apr 2012 03:46
Gail, this story is wonderfully wankingly wild!! Thanks for sharing it.
Posted 09 Apr 2012 02:49
Fantastic story! Damn hot!!
Posted 09 Apr 2012 02:47
What a gangbang, family and daughter's friends. Great descriptive except where all was let loose and free for all. 5
Posted 08 Apr 2012 23:57
Amazing! 5 Stars
Posted 08 Apr 2012 23:25
Posted 08 Apr 2012 21:41
it's been a while, please don't make us wait so long for more!
Posted 08 Apr 2012 21:36
Damn what a fun family
Posted 08 Apr 2012 20:43
Great read! 5 of course!
Posted 08 Apr 2012 20:43
Very hot, well written seems almost real
Posted 08 Apr 2012 20:23
Nice fantasy. Started out believable but then ........ Well written
Posted 08 Apr 2012 17:40
OMG!! What a great story, makes me wish I could have been there myself!! Thanks for sharing:
Posted 08 Apr 2012 16:31
what a great story woth more than a 5 but thats all i can give. Keep up the great work
Posted 08 Apr 2012 16:13
Alot of good very unexpected stuff
Posted 08 Apr 2012 16:12
Alot of good very unexpected stuff
Posted 08 Apr 2012 15:10
Wow! Amazing!
Posted 08 Apr 2012 14:01
Posted 08 Apr 2012 12:39
totally worth the wait. great story.

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