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Brother loves baby sister II

Hopefull you like this one, enough review and I'll make a third. :)
"Thank you for letting me stay home from school today Jace." Melissa sighed. "I was really hoping to spend all day with you and I'm glad I got to!" She was ecstatic. Wrapping her arms around her brother he looked down at her.

"Good, I want to take you to dinner, now that you're finally up from your power nap." His lips brushed against her forehead.

"Where shall we go?" She asked all bubbly.

"I think I want to take you to The Carmel Hotel." His face got sly.

Melissa's jaw dropped, she couldn't muster a word. Placing a finger under her chin he pulled her to her toes, "now go put on something sexy for big brother." He winked.


Melissa sauntered down the stairs with her hand bag. She placed a hand on her hip and blew on her nails. Barley looking up she saw Jace sitting on the couch. He was in a black button down silk shirt, and black dress pants. His hair was spiked all over and the look on his face was priceless. His eyes crawled all over every inch of his baby’s body, wanting to just take her there in the living room.

Her hair, straightened and puffy, making her look sophisticated and sexy all at the same time. A black halter top was tied at the back of her neck, and cut down in a V shape almost to her belly button. The sides were a transparent showing off the deep curves of her hips. On the right side of her dress a slit ran all the way her hip showing off a thin black guarder around her milky thigh.

"Holy fu..." Jace couldn't finish as his sister's lips loved on his. She grabbed his collar holding his body tight to hers. Their tongues tangled mixing spit and heating passion. As they pulled back Melissa walked her fingers up her brothers shirt to his neck.

"I'm starved." She said. Jace yanked her up pressing his mouth to hers. His hands crept down her side and around to her ass. He squeezed and slapped her soft cheeks. His hands pulled up the back of her dress, pressing against her bare ass.

"You're such a horn dog.” Melissa said gasping for air. She pulled herself away from his lips and place her hand over his. “Now, lets wait till after dinner. I didn’t take 2 hours to get ready just to take it off in a second.” Giggling she fixed her dress and they headed out.


The lights in building where lit very low, it was a surprise people could see anything at all. Melissa and Jace were sitting in the back far away from people, hidden by a lush green plants.

“So we have about 30 to 40 minutes before out waiter arrives with our food. They cook it fresh here. So what do you want to do sis?” Jace’s voice sounded. It was hushed, sexy, romantic, all thrown into one it was a turn on.

“How about we play truth or dare?” Melissa licked her lips. Jace eyed her face and slowly slid them down to hear breasts. Her nipples were popping through her tight black top. Jace’s pants got somewhat hard, but he had didn’t want to ruin their dinner.

“Okay, truth or dare baby sis?” He asked.


“Do you ever where a bra?” He smiled eyeing her pale skin again.

Liss’s brow furrowed, looking down she saw why he had asked. Blushing, “Not around you I don’t.” She winked. “Truth or dare?”


“How long have you masturbated to thoughts of me?” She asked. He face neared across the table, awaiting his answer.

“When you turned 16 your body became sex. So it was only natural, except for the incestuous part, to think of you in such ways.” He chuckled and winked. He looked down at her chest again, “Truth or dare?”

“I guess dare.” She said.

“Good idea, very good idea.” Jace tapped his finger tips together. “I dare you to pop your breasts out for your dress for 5 seconds.” A sly smile danced on his face.

Melissa groaned, almost a moan of excitement. She placed her hands on the edge of her cloth dress and opened. Her breasts bounced out into the naked cold air. Small bumps crossed her chest, showing she was freezing. Her nipples got tighter and harder.

Her nipples were almost as hard as Jace’s penis.

She covered her tits and cleared her throat. “Truth or dare sex addict?”

“Dare.” He cocked his head.

“I dare you to eat me out.” She smiled.

“Okay.” He looked around and having the chance he sunk under the table, hidden by a dark
black cloth.

“Jace, no!” Melissa whispered. “I didn’t mean now.” She felt the hem of her dress lift and he legs spread. The thing string of her thong slowly tickled down her legs as brother took it off. Chills shot around her body and she sunk a little giving her big brother a better angle.

Taking her legs over his shoulders he buried his face into her warm wet pussy. Her body quivered as a warm tongue licked the lips of her womanhood. She pressed on hand under the table, crushing brother’s face to her dripping wet vagina.

Jace’s tongue swirled around her going inside her sensitive area. His left thumb played around with her clit and her body convulsed a little. Jace took a firm grip on her legs holding her still.

“Sorry for the wait, your food will be out shortly.” The waiter said. Melissa tried to compose herself. The young waiter figured something was up and questioned Liss. “Where is the young gentleman?”

“Bathroom.” She said waving him off. The guy walked away and Jace’s grip let go. He sat back up into his seat and licked his lips. “I thought you were going to do that after dinner.” She whispered confused but pleased at the same time.

“I will.” He winked. Jace’s ring tone went off and he flipped his phone up. “Hey mom.” He said looking at Melissa. Her eyes grew wide as her mind hatched an idea. “No, we went out for dinner tonight, neither of us felt like cooking.” Melissa lowered her body under the table and her hands crept up to Jace’s pants zipper.

Pulling down his pants she felt a hard rigid cock beneath her trembling fingers. She let it escape from his boxers and she looked at it, her mouth was watering. “Yeah, I let her stay home, she was hot this morning.” He said with a hidden double meaning.

Liss kissed the tip of his dick and let her lips began to descend around his meat. Jace could feel the warmth of her moist mouth choking down his penis. He tried his best to keep a conversation with his parents but his hand laid on the top of his sisters head. He rammed her head down faster and faster.

“Alright bye.” Melissa heard him say. A few seconds ticked by as Melissa swallowed her older brother’s hard on. His shaft pushed all the way down the walls of her outstanding mouth. “You nasty little bitch.” He said pumping his baby’s head down harder and faster. “We were almost caught.” He sounded more pleasured than mad.

He could feel his sisters saliva covering his rock hard area. He arched his back throwing his head up. Ultimate pleasure rocketed through his body and he slammed his penis down her throat faster.

Jace felt his wrists lighten up and he saw his sister sit in the chair across from him. He was left unfinished and horny as hell, he would get payback.


“Where are we going brother?” Melissa’s eyes were blind folded had driven a few miles out of town, somewhere they wouldn’t be caught doing the nasty. Jace didn’t say anything, he couldn’t think of anything on the spot. “Jace!? Come on!! Please tell me!!” She cried.

Still nothing.

“Are we going somewhere where we can…” She coughed signaling sex. Her hand rubbed up against his leg teasing his dick. Although blind folded, Jace could tell his sister’s eyes were wide, excited for what was coming.

“Maybe.” He said.

Her had on brother’s hard on, “is that for me?” She chuckled.

“Of course baby.” He said as the car came to a stop. He jumped out, needing her body right then and there, and rounded to baby’s door. He yanked her out and carried her out and placed her on the hood of his jeep.

Melissa felt her brothers lips crush against her neck. She wrapped her legs around him pressing his hard pants against her naked pussy. He grabbed her wrists in one hand and held them above her head, still sucking on her neck.

“Jace…” she moaned. Melissa heard a zipper undo and heavy fabric to the floor. She wiggled her body and felt Jace’s fingers shove inside her. She screamed loudly in pleasure. She felt a warm piece of manhood nearing her lower half.

She moaned knowing she was about to get what she’d been wanting all through out dinner. “Jace, ram it in me hard!” She monad. Thinking on his toes Jace birthed an idea he had thought about for a while.

Obliging her brother rammed it inside her, ass. Melissa screamed loudly. “What are you doing!” She questioned. For a second Jace didn’t answer, he just shoved his rigid shaft into baby.

“You said ram it into you, you didn’t say where though.” Jace said pumping into her. Her warm inside covered his dick. Pumping as fast as he could into her body he listened to the child in his arms moan. Her voice nearly brought him to his knees, the pleasure coursed through his body at un expected rates, but he had to go on.

Baby sister clenched her tight ass cheeks together ass he went in deeper. “Melissa!” He bellowed. His body tightened up as he felt her cheeks clench tight to his dick. It was tight, warm, and the sounds of his sister gasping made him want to cum into her.

His free hand flew from the wet pussy and untied her top revealing her breasts. They bounced with each pound Liss received. Jace took off his sisters blind fold and crushed his lips to hers again. Just then brother pulled his dick out of sister’s ass and rammed it into her tight pussy.

Her dripping wet juices leaked out all over her brother’s massive shaft. She clenched her pussy muscles trying to hold in her brothers shaft. “Fuck me Jace, pound your baby sister!!” She moaned. “Oh god Jace, eh, eh, eh, eh!” She bit her bottom lip nearly drawing blood.

Melissa’s back arched high and she squirmed her body under her older brother’s pleasuring pressure. The large rigid shaft penetrated her G spot, screaming, she begged for more. “Jace… oh, oh, oh!!” Her legs twitched as she could feel her body over come with pleasure.

Jace looked down at his baby sisters convulsing body. Her breasts bounced everywhere and the sound of her soft as clapping against the hot and hard metal of his jeep made him feel ecstasy. His cock grew a little and his movement was ferocious as he screwed baby. His large shaft grew rigid and his body got tense. Beads of sweat spilled down over his face and his heart rate quickened.

Melissa cupped her hands over her brothers face forcing his lips to hers. As she pushed off she moaned, “Big brother!! Jace… oh, oh, ah, ahhhhhhh!!” she yelled. Her muscles tightened up and her body had an orgasm. Juices squirted everywhere, creating a sticky mess.

As Melissa spurted her pussy juices all over her brother he felt the urge to cum. His army flew up his manhood and launched their way into his baby sister. Looking down at her he couldn’t understand anything that was going on. He just new at this moment he had fallen in love with her.


“I’m so sore.” Melissa said easing her body into the hot waster of a jocose. Jace started her up and down and smile at her tiny bikini. “That was incredible, I never had an orgasm that amazing.

Jace pulled his sister into his lap and stared into her eyes lovingly. “You know, there’s a big Halloween bash tomorrow night.” He said kissing her neck sweetly. Melissa’s body quivered with a tingly sensation.

“I know just the thing to wear.” She murmured in her big brother’s ear.

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Posted 06 Jul 2012 00:37
It was really hot please please make a a third part. they are so good togther. thanku for so a great story.
Posted 11 Aug 2011 12:06
Let's have another part, and please use the spellchecker.

A great story, nevertheless :o)

Thank you ... 5 points for each story.
Posted 20 Jul 2011 00:56
please make a part 3!
Posted 04 Jun 2011 12:35
Hot story. Hope there is more to cum.
Posted 21 May 2011 01:32
Mmmmmmmmm very nice
Posted 07 Nov 2010 21:14
excellent. i didnt care for the misspelled words. i understood it all.
Posted 22 Oct 2010 23:56
that was hot. an excellent story I hope that you do write a part 3 to this
Posted 01 Jul 2010 13:31
good story pl pay attention to spelling,editing and uasge of words
Posted 01 Jul 2010 10:20
Is English your second language or do you just have no ability to spell? An otherwise interesting story can be made very UNinteresting when the author can't be bothered to use to use spell check. Try again and get somebody to edit for you!
Posted 30 Jun 2010 13:50
a few mispells, but its still a great story
Posted 30 Jun 2010 13:36
whens the next chapter of the story due out?
Posted 30 Jun 2010 06:31
Story content good, but really needs editing for spelling and word usage.
Posted 30 Jun 2010 06:14
Good story. You do need to pay attention to spelling, there are several errors. If needed, get another party to review and edit for you prior to publishing. Keep up the good work. I'd like to read more about these two....

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