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Brotherly Love, Sisterly Love-Chapter 3


Jane and I thus began our formal transformation from two homely looking brothers into two beautiful looking sisters.

Beginning the following Monday, we began classes at the local college. We arrived all dolled up to the nines. We both wore beautiful makeup and wonderful wigs. 

When we arrived on campus we decided to be honest and truthful with the other students and faculty. We would tell them that we are two men, John and Steve, and we were beginning the process of transformation into beautiful women.

As the day wore on we were looked at by the men on campus as if we were sex goddesses. We were both deeply flattered to be such centers of attention that we just didn't have the desire to tell them.

"Should we tell them?" I asked.

"Why should we?" Jane replied, "It'll just spoil the fun."

And so we played along and teased the fellows for awhile.

However, after history class, we encountered a nice young student named Frank. He told us how beautiful we both looked and that he was lucky enough to have two beautiful young women in his class. It was then that we both told him the truth.

Jane made the first move.

"Frank, there's something you should know," Jane said, "I'm not Jane but John, and my friend her name is not Stephanie but Steve. We're both men who for some reason decided to become women. We are starting to take female hormones and are working their way to becoming women. And that is the truth."

Frank, to our surprise took the news very calmly and turned out to be very friendly to us.

"Wow, that's a surprise," Frank said.

Then he went on to tell us his own surprise.

"A cousin of mine was just like you," Frank said, "he felt more comfortable as a woman than as a man. Happens all the time. If you're looking for a support system on campus there is the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Gender Club a few buildings from here. There you will find all the resources you need to make your lives on campus much more easier."

"Why thank you very much," Jane said.

"No problem," Frank said, "I just hope that you two will find the college experience very rewarding and exciting."

"We sure will," I said.

From our class, we went down to the building that served as the headquarters for the club. We introduced ourselves to a nice young lady named Diane. After the introductions we then told her and that we wanted to join the club and gave her the real reason we joined: We are two brothers who discovered that we were much more happier as women. We went on to tell her about how we progressed from simply wearing girl's panties to full-fledged cross dressing to the final step of transforming ourselves into full-fledged women.

Diane was, to the surprise of both of us very understanding and impressed with our story. For Diane understood how we felt.

"I know how you tow feel." Diane said.

"You do?" I said.

"Yes," Diane went on, "you see, I have a brother named Peter. for as long as he could remember, he was very unhappy as a boy. He always was into girl's things and always thought of himself as a girl named Paula. Well, when he turned 18 shortly after he graduated from high school he decided one and for all to become a woman. After graduation he started taking female hormones. As time went on the hormones were starting to take effect and he is looking and becoming more feminine every day. He's looking forward to the final operation when he'll become a full-fledged woman."

"Wow, that's quite a story," Jane said, "in our case, we bored at home one day when we decided to try on a pair of our mother's panties. From there the whole cross dressing experience took on a life of its own to the point that we decided to make the transition from men to women. Will the university accept us as we are?"

"Sure," Diane said, "we're a very liberal minded college. you will find acceptance from both students and faculty."

"Wow," I said, "that sure makes us feel good."

We joined the club after which we both went on to our classes.


After school ended for the day we went down to the mall where we went to the woman's fashion section of the store. We both purchased two strapless evening dresses that we would wear together for dinner in our newly feminine apartment.

When we got home we showered, put on some perfume to smell nice, put on new makeup and wigs and put on our new dresses. We looked so beautiful so lovely together.

Dinner was a beautiful elegant affair. We ate to the background of beautiful music and the lights were turned down low. After dinner we slow danced together like two male lesbians together. Our bodies were together as one as we danced so slowly the night away.

After we did the last dance I took Stephanie's arm and together we went into the bedroom and together we kissed. It was the most passionate and beautiful feminine kiss that we both ever experienced. after the kiss I pulled down Stephanie's dress and began sucking on her fake breasts-tits that will in due time give way to real tits-Stephanie's moans were so loud that she was unable to contain herself for a time.


I then laid back on the bed and then let my "sister" play with my body. Together, our ever increasing feminine bodies were bound together in a special bond of eroticism.

We were finally and completely naked as we kissed up a passion for one another. I then proceeded to take Jane's cock into my mouth. together I found Jane's cock to be so rock hard and very huge. My sucking strokes were getting better and better with time and also I was becoming very creative with Jane's cock.

I then proceeded to have Jane push her beautiful cock inside of me. By then it was becoming routine and my ass was getting used to the anal activity that Jane was performing on me.

"Oh, Jane," I cried, "keep on giving it to me!"

"I'm trying, Stephanie, I'm trying," Jane replied.

It all went on for a few minutes before Jane took her cock out and I began sucking it more. Jane was getting an extra thrill out of me sucking her cock. She was moaning and panting all the way through our session together.

"Oh, Jane," I said, "I'm about to cum."

And all of a sudden after a few minutes of pleasure cum came shooting out of Jane's cock. It was shooting all over my chest and body. I took a good deal of Jane's cum and rubbed it all over my body. Jane's moans and screams were very loud and could be heard all over our little apartment.

"Oh my gosh, Stephanie, I'm coming!" Jane screamed.

After I came it was time to return the favor and do the same thing to Jane.


Here we were two brothers about to become sisters engaging in beautiful gay (soon to be lesbian) incest. It was one of the most beautiful things about our true love for each other. Yes we were brothers who were not only in love with each other but also brothers who love to dress like women and have enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to transition to a more feminine lifestyle.

Yet the sex we both enjoy together was not only beautiful but also very tender and special.

I then laid back as Stephanie placed her cock into my ass. Man did it feel rather good and exciting. Stephanie sure learned a good deal from her big brother/sister. Stephanie had become the ultimate master sliding her cock back and forth, slowly and then faster gliding her big cock with the ease and grace that made me appreciate what a fine partner she turned out to be.

Our sex continued for a few more minutes when all of a sudden Stephanie started to shoot her load.

"Here it comes!" Stepanie shouted.

"Let it cum!" I shouted.

"Oh my gosh, Jane, it's happening!" Stephanie shouted

And with that cum started to come out of Stephanie's big bulging cock. It shot all over me. on my face, my body even on the bedsheets. Stephanie sure knew how to put on a good show for her big brother/sister.

"Well, Jane, how did you like it?" Stephanie asked.

"Loved it as always," I replied.

"I hope we can keep on being just as good after we become sister." Stephanie said.

"I hope so, too." I said.

And with that we washed up and then retired to bed for the evening.

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Posted 26 May 2013 03:30
A good storie needs more
Posted 26 May 2013 01:31
A great series of stories,

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