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Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 4

She wrapped her lips around his long erection and felt the ridges of it. . .
She wished she could have reciprocated the feelings to her brother yesterday, after the moment in the lounger that he gave her, but the moment was so intense, she had no energy after the orgasm he gave her. Her body had been spent and to tell the truth, all sexual energy had left her.

Today was Friday, however, and for the first time in less than a week, she intended to be sexual with her brother again. Her body had a good night’s sleep, she felt renewed, and most importantly, she felt sensual again. So, she went to her brother’s room.

He cut the water off to the shower, rung the water out of hair, and stepped out. The towel hung over the rack where he always put it and he pulled on it and started drying his naked body. Once satisfied, he wrapped the towel around his waist and headed to his room.

As soon as he entered, he saw her. His sister was lying naked on his bed. She was in a very erotic pose; one leg over the other, propped up by her elbow on one side, exposing one breast, while the other was hidden, actually pressed into his mattress. He took a mental picture of her and recorded it in the back of his mind. He knew he would replay it several times in the future.

“Mmm, you are so sexy when your hair is damp and your body has been warmed by the hot water of the shower,” she said as she smiled at him.

“And you, my little sister, are always sexy and erotic, especially on my bed,” he answered as he observed the pose she had struck. He started to get hard.

She saw the bulge under his towel and knew it was because of her. She began to get hot inside also. She got up off his bed and walked over to him.

Slowly, she walked around him and folded her arms so that they caressed his chest. She laid her head into the crevice between his shoulder blades and felt the warmth he had to give to her. She slowly stroked over his chest, feeling his muscles, his torso, even his nipples. As she toyed with his nipples, they began to pucker and elongate, just as his cock had done under the towel. She found that very enticing and very sensual.

Even though she could not see the towel in front of his middle form the famous tent, she knew her brother had an erection. Slowly, she started to kiss his back in places and continue to stroke his chest, still rubbing over his hard nipples. She ran her hands down his chest, then to his sides. She ran them up his sides first and then back down until her fingers felt the towel. There, she traced the towel to where he had one end of it tucked in and pulled it loose.

The towel fell to the carpeted floor and she turned him around slowly. His cock was rock hard and very attentive. She could not wait to get her mouth on it. It had been a very long time since she had wrapped her mouth around a hard long erection and she was ready for the taste.

She pushed him down on his bed and he assumed a position that satisfied him. His thick erection firm and ready as he lied there waiting. He watched as she began to crawl between his legs and up towards him. He was ready to sink his cock deep inside her again. Better yet, he was ready for her to lower her wet pussy down onto him so he could feel her body consume him. So he closed his eyes and waited for her legs to straddle his waist.

However, it was not her pink spot that he felt touch his hardness. It was her tongue. He almost came immediately he was so stunned, but somehow held it back. It had been a very long time since he had had a blow job. When her tongue ran down the shaft of his hard cock, he curled his toes and the tingle began. It actually gave him goose bumps.

She felt him shudder as her tongue ran down his hard shaft. She knew from the reaction that he expected her to climb up on top of him. That is why she decided to surprise him with her mouth.

He knew that he was not going to be able to last long and he was going to feel embarrassed when he shot his load, but the way his sister was sliding her tongue up and down his shaft, he felt the stinging onset deep inside that triggered the eruption. He hoped at least she would cover him with her mouth and take him soon. That would prolong the inevitable.

And just as he was thinking it, his sister did it. Her warm mouth fit perfectly over his cock just like it was her hot pussy. This time though, the opening had a tongue and it felt wonderful.

She wrapped her lips around his long erection and felt the ridges of it with her lips, just as her pink love muscle had. She sucked him in deep, as deep as she could take him, and started the motions that felt good to a man getting head. She could feel the hardness in her mouth and the soft erect tip brush the back of her throat. It felt wonderful again to have a hard penis in her mouth. Furthermore, it felt wonderful to be pleasing her brother.

He moaned and sighed, “That feels so good, little sister.”

“Mmm,” she groaned with his cock in her mouth then slipped it out of her mouth to say, “Your cock is so hard in my mouth and tastes so good,” and then slipped it back inside her hot moist orifice that speaks.

He closed his eyes as she worked back and forth, dragging her tongue on the underside of his long hard shaft until she felt the frenulum just under the tip. There, she took her tongue and flicked it. Again, she felt his body flinch and shudder and then tasted the pre-cum that evaded his erection.

“Mmmm, that is so good. I wonder if your cum will taste as sweet!” She stopped long enough to say after tasting the clear liquid that came out of his hard cock.

“Little sister, keep doing that and you’ll find out. I’m actually getting close!”

“Oh, I have you that excited huh? Well, let me continue!” She answered and only wrapped her lips around the glands of his erect penis.

As soon as she did, he could feel the spasm go deeper and before he could stop it, it was full fledge. He was ashamed that he was going to cum so quickly, but he could not help it. He knew that if he was buried deep inside her pussy, it would definitely last longer, but the feeling of her mouth on his hard cock was something he would not give up either, especially since he had not had head in so long. He knew that was the reason why he was not lasting long.

She did not care however. The only thing that she cared about was pleasing her brother, again. Just like he pleased her at the pool yesterday, she finally was able to return the favor. She kept licking around the head of his erection, tasting the pre-cum that flowed from the tip, and feeling the tenderness of the gland her mouth was wrapped around.

Then she felt it get harder. She watched his balls tighten and rise close to his body and she knew it was going to happen. She couldn’t wait. She was ready to taste that hot sticky substance that culminated the end of a man’s sexual night. She heard him breath deeper and quicker and moan longer and longer.

“I’m going to cum. I'm going to explode on your tongue. Get ready!” He exclaimed to his sister.

“Mmm, mmm, ” was her response and he knew she was ready, and then it hit. He grunted very loudly as his hard cock throbbed once, leaked just a little out that she felt hit her taste buds. The taste was something she had not realized she yearned for a very long time. It lingered on her tongue until she felt the large spurt of the real stuff land on her tongue. She felt his cock spurt each white volley with the pulse in his shaft. She let it pool on the inside of her mouth without swallowing.

His body jerked as the last few eruptions leveled off inside her mouth. The tip of his cock was now overly sensitive and his penis began to fall to normal state. However, it felt really good to him to have his sister lick the last bit from its sensitive tip.

She took all that he gave and let it linger inside her mouth. She wanted him to see how she loved having his man juice in her mouth. She wanted him to know she was not afraid to swallow what he gave her. She crawled up to him in the bed, gurgling his nut in her mouth. She saw how he looked at her and how his face showed the joy of his own sister slurping him and having his baby batter in her mouth. And then she finally swallowed.

It went down like icing on a cake. She loved the taste of him as much as he loved the taste of her. It was a mutual feeling they both had and knew would continue. What started at the pool had finally progressed back to the bedroom. His bedroom this time. It was even sweeter this time around.

She lied next to her brother and just looked at his naked body. He, in turn, looked at her the same way and wrapped his arms around his sister. They did not need to meet on Thursday’s anymore. Nor did they need to meet at the pool. They did not need the pool to be happy. They were happy now. Happy together. What had started pool side, now had ended up in the bedroom. They felt just as good lying in the bed together just as much as being beside the pool.

As they both drifted off to sleep in each others' arms, thoughts of the pool entered their minds. How it had began there and now how it had ended up in the bed. They were both thinking that this was the end. That it had finally come full circle and now their lives were complete.

But suddenly, they were startled awake by a couple of knocks on his bedroom door. . .

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Posted 23 Apr 2011 10:49
Fantastic. Keep them cumming.
Posted 23 Apr 2011 02:59
This was great more please
Posted 23 Apr 2011 02:25
hot story 1-4 please continue
Posted 22 Apr 2011 21:00
Omg wow soo nice plz continue this story eg next thing is younger female cusin rocks up or somethin or his mum or female neighbour daughter and mum at same time... This story has the potential to become a novel love it bring on part -5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12&13 please!!!!!
Posted 22 Apr 2011 20:57
i love it keep it going

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