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Cathy and Rose

Man has sex with mother and daughter
It was the day after my niece Cathy’s 16 th birthday, when my sister-in-law Rose dropped Cathy off at my house for afternoon tea.

“Hello Cathy, did you enjoy your 16 th birthday party?”

“Yes Uncle Jim,” said Cathy, “I did, except for one thing. I didn’t get a proper birthday kiss from you. I overhead my mum talking to her friend Trudy and mum said that you are the best kisser she has ever had.”

Feeling quite flattered, I said to Cathy “Well, we will just have to fix that won’t we? Why don’t you come and sit on my lap and give me a cuddle and a kiss or two?”

Cathy was dressed in a light summer dress, and as she prepared to sit on my knee, she lifted it up so that as she settled on my knee, it was her bare thighs wrapping around my also bare leg.

Cathy was quite slim, and her legs were covered in golden down as she hadn’t started shaving her legs yet. They were warm and firm, and felt quite nice as she gave my leg a playful squeeze.

We leant towards each other for our first exploratory kiss. It was a little tentative however. Cathy soon took the lead, kissing with moistened lips and open mouth. We paused for air, and I said to Cathy “You are a good kisser.”

Cathy replied “Only with you Uncle Jim.”

Cathy wrapped her arms around my neck, and then ran her tongue over my lips as we resumed kissing. Her tongue probed my mouth, seeking a response from my tongue. Eagerly I responded, meeting her hot tongue, delighting in the feel of it. We started kissing deeper and deeper, captured in the moment.

As we kissed, I noticed that Cathy was starting to rock backwards and forwards on my knee, with increasing pressure of her vulva against my knee. She began to really grind her crotch against my knee, a lot of heat flowing from her core being. Her kissing was increasing in tempo, with her breath coming in short gasps.

Perhaps I could help Cathy along I thought to myself. I grasped her hips, forcing her even harder onto my knee, while controlling the rhythm. I slowed her down, but increased the pressure. She started squeezing her thighs, increasing her obvious pleasure.

I started to stoke her thighs, with my thumbs touching the inside of her thighs from underneath her dress. Running my hands up and down caused her to heat right up. She stopped kissing me, baring her neck to my eager mouth. I started kissing and nibbling her neck just underneath her ear. This seemed to set her off, as she arched up, her eyes rolling in her head as she started to spasm. I could feel the heat pouring from her vulva as Cathy orgasmed, still grinding into my knee. Gradually she slowed, sighed, and then stopped.

She hopped off my knee, turned round and settled into my lap, resting her head on my shoulder. “Oh! Uncle Jim, you are so big and hard” said Cathy as she snuggled in, her firm bottom pressing against my erection.

“That feels really good Cathy” I said. ‘Would you like some more fun Cathy?”

“Yes I would Uncle Jim” said Cathy, “As long as you don’t hurt me as I am still a virgin.”

I picked Cathy up and carried her into the bedroom, laying her gently on the bed. I lay down next to her; however I noticed that she was trembling. ‘Are you scared Cathy?” I asked. “No Uncle Jim, I am quite excited!”

I pulled Cathy’s dress up, and started to massage her lower back and upper thighs. Cathy started to squirm, so I knew she liked what I was doing. I hooked my thumb into the band of her undies, and slowly started to pull them down. Cathy didn’t offer any resistance, so I pulled them all the way down, and threw them on the bed.

Rolling Cathy onto her back, I spread her legs apart and gazed upon her loveliness. “You are beautiful Cathy” I murmured. Her pubic hair was blonde, short and very soft. Very gently I parted Cathy’s outer lips, exposing her clit and her still intact hymen.

I started to softly lick Cathy’s vulva, getting her used to the new sensation. I started on her vestibule, moving down and around, gently arousing Cathy with my tongue. At each circle I would give Cathy’s clitoris a little swipe of my tongue. Surprisingly, Cathy’s clit was standing quite erect and free of the hood, giving my tongue unhindered access. Around and around I went, gradually increasing the pressure each time, and concentrating on different areas each circuit. Cathy particularly liked attention being paid to her clitoris and urethral opening. I kept up a relentless pace, increasing Cathy’s pleasure with each pass. Cathy was really squirming now, so I placed my hands under her buttocks, taking a firm hold as I teased the intact hymen with my tongue. I can roll my tongue around, which I did, and then I started to tease the small entrance. I increased the pressure as I probed in and out, pushing in to almost the point of hurting, but not quite.

Cathy was relishing my attention; however she said “I need to cum now!” I immediately focused my attention onto her clit, licking and licking the head, holding her tightly so she couldn’t retreat from my tongue. Suddenly her back arched, and I could feel her spasms, her legs wrapping around my head and squeezing tightly. She gave a big sigh, and she relaxed to the point of unconscious for what seemed a long time.

I moved up to give Cathy a cuddle, and she snuggled in. When she awoke, she muttered ‘I love you Uncle Jim. You make me feel so good and so special”. My erection by this time was beginning to throb with lust, but I felt restrained as to what I could do. Cathy moved her hand down, and felt my throbbing member through my shorts. ‘Poor Uncle Jim is that hurting?” asked Cathy.

“Only a little bit Cathy” I said, “Just like you I need a release too.”

“Perhaps I can help” Cathy said. With that, she pulled down my shorts, exposing my engorged penis. She reached over to the bedside table and opened a bottle of baby oil. She then rolled on top of me, facing up, and bent my penis so that it was between her thighs, the shaft and head rubbing along her vulva. She poured a generous amount of baby oil over her vulva, thighs and my penis, making everything nice and slippery. Squeezing her legs together, she began to move up and down, my penis trapped between her thighs. The feeling was exquisite, my penis felt so powerful and huge. Cathy was aroused again, and she felt for her clit and began to finger it as she moved around my penis. “Come on Uncle Jim, cum for me. Please. I want to feel your hot cum” said Cathy. I couldn’t hold off any longer, I had an immense orgasm, spraying a load of cum in the air, where it fell back onto Cathy’s tummy. As soon as I came, Cathy arched as well, collapsing back against me. She rolled over and lay on my chest. We were gently kissing each other, both glowing in the shared experience.

I massaged Cathy’s back and bottom, bringing her down gently, her breathing slowing as she relaxed.

“‘That was the best birthday present ever” stated Cathy.

‘It was very special for me too Cathy. I love you so much” I said.

I said “I had better clean you up Cathy as mum will be here soon to pick you up.” I pulled some tissues out of the box and gently wiped cum from her tummy and the baby oil from her vulva and thighs.

I started to put on her pants, but before I pulled them all the way up I gently kissed her pubic mound as a fond farewell.

We walked hand in hand out to the lounge room, wanting to maintain a physical contact. I sat down, and Cathy contentedly curled up in my lap, gently kissing each other, finding the moment very special.

Toot; toot when the car horn, shattering out reverie, as Rose had arrived to pick Cathy up. “We will do this again Uncle Jim. I just don’t know when” said Cathy. One final kiss and Cathy was out the door as I waved her a very fond farewell.

Unfortunately I was transferred in my employment for about a year, so it wasn’t until I returned that I hoped to catch up with Cathy, although we had talked from time to time on the telephone. I did however; view my return with anticipation, as I was sure that I would soon be involved with Cathy in some form.

Several days after I returned home my sister-in-law Rose rang me up and said “Jim, I want to come and talk with you about Cathy. She wants you to do something for her, but I am not so sure that you will.”

“Come on over” I said, “I will do anything for Cathy.”

When Rose arrived, we had a very intimate kiss and hug, as the truth is I doted on Rose.

Rose said “I have been talking with Cathy about sex, and losing her virginity, and men, and pleasure, all sorts of things really. I want her first experience to be nice and safe, not like my first time which was horrible.”

‘What happened?” I asked.

Rose replied “I was with a boy, and we went for a drive out bush. We got into the back seat of the car for a kiss and a cuddle, and I became quite aroused. I decided that the time was right, but he was very inexperienced and It hurt very much as I was very dry, and he just kept forcing his way in, tearing and bruising me. I was really upset and crying and hurting, but he didn’t care. I don’t want that to happen to Cathy.”

“Ok, what do you and Cathy want of me?” I asked.

“Cathy is very fond of you, and really trusts you. She is very shy about this, so she has asked me to ask you if you will have sex with her for her first time?” asked Rose.

“Of course I will” I replied, “but there are a several conditions. Firstly, I need to be sure that Cathy really wants this to happen. Secondly, is Cathy using contraception? Thirdly, I want you in the room with us to guide Cathy in what is happening. I want it to be a good experience for all of us.”

“I agree to all conditions” said Rose.

I thought to myself that Rose’s skin was flushing pink. Perhaps she was turned on by the thought of watching her daughter losing her virginity?

Cathy rang me shortly after and said “Uncle Jim, I really want to have sex with you. I have wanted it to happen so much since the last time we were together. I am also on the pill. And I have talked to mum, and she is agreeable to having sex with you as a demonstration as to what will happen. I haven’t told her about our last encounter.”

“Cathy, that is wonderful. Is tomorrow afternoon all right with you and Rose?” I asked.

“Yes” said Cathy, “We will be waiting for you.”

The next afternoon when I arrived at Rose’s house both Cathy and Rose were waiting. Cathy was naked except for a pair of brief red underpants, and Rose was wearing a black nighty. Cathy’s breasts had become bigger since I had last seen her, with nice pink areole and perky erect nipples, already aroused at the thought of the fun to come. I gave Cathy a hug and a kiss, and then kissed each nipple in turn, sending a quiver through Cathy. Rose’s nipples sprung to attention when I gave her a hug and a kiss too. I was pleased to find out that Rose was not wearing any underwear, so I lifted her nighty up at the back and gave her large bottom a rub and a squeeze. It felt really good to touch, smooth and firm.

“It’s time to begin girls” I said, leading them both to Rose’s bedroom. The quilt on the bed had been taken off, leaving a nice soft cotton sheet and a bunch of pillows.

“I also have a present for you both” I stated, giving each of them a new vibrator, a larger one for Rose.

‘What is this?” asked Cathy.

“You will find out” I replied, noticing that Rose had a secretive smile on her face.

I knelt before Cathy, and pulled her pants down, Cathy stepping out of them and spreading her legs slightly. I gently kissed the pubic mound, and ran my tongue down her slit. Cathy shivered with delight. I said “Get on the bed Cathy while I get mums nighty off.”

I pulled Rose’s nighty over her head, exposing her naked body to my view for the first time. She was a largish woman, with very large round breasts. The areoles were quite small, dark pink with very large hard nipples. Rose had a large rounded tummy, with a caesarean scar at the bottom. Rose’s bottom and thighs were absolutely wonderful, very large, and quite firm, she was very desirable.

Rose lay back on the bed next to Cathy, and said “Cathy, watch what Uncle Jim and I do, and you can touch and join in if you want. When we have finished, you can then decide if you want to lose your virginity.”

I started by just touching Rose, enjoying the feel of her body. I was running my fingers over her tummy, gently feeling the scar, touching her thighs, feeling Rose starting to respond to my touch. Her nipples were really hard, so I switched my attention to them. I ran my tongue around one, while rolling the other between my thumb and finger. Rose started to moan, she was very easily aroused by any nipple stimulation. I started to suck vigorously on her nipple, which I felt swelling in my mouth. I glanced across and saw that Cathy was doing the same to the other nipple, exploring her mother’s body, while intensifying Rose’s pleasure. I increased the pressure of my stroking on Rose’s thigh, pushing in quite hard to stimulate the nerves of the inner thigh.

Rose started to pant and moan very loudly, speaking gibberish as she was lost in her own pleasure. Suddenly she held her breath and uttered a guttural scream as she came, her body becoming almost rigid before collapsing. I looked across at Cathy and said “Your mum is easily aroused; I have bought her off like this before. Did you enjoy sucking her nipple?”

“Yes I did” said Cathy, “I can hardly wait until you do it to me.”

I moved down Rose’s body, kneeling between her legs and gently spreading them apart to expose her vulva. I was surprised to find that Rose had shaved herself, removing her normally soft black pubic hair to fully expose herself.

“Cathy” I said, “Come down here please so you can see what a vagina looks like”

I gently parted the outer lips to reveal the inner lips. Rose had a large and long vulva, with the clitoris quite a way from the vagina, however her clitoris was quite large, and it seemed to be very firm. I hungrily sucked it between my lips, lashing the head with my tongue. The harder I sucked, the larger the clitoris became. I could feel that Rose was on the point of an orgasm, so to torment her I stopped. “It’s time to show you how a vibrator works Cathy. Can you please pass me mum’s?” I asked.

I told Cathy “Let’s tie mum’s legs together so that she can really cum.” I grabbed a belt and wound it round Rose’s ankles, and pinned her thighs under me. Her clit head was just poking out of her outer lips, so I started the vibrator and placed it against the head. It was as though I had hit Rose with a jolt of electricity, she screamed and screamed and screamed and convulsed into a huge orgasm. Tears were rolling down her cheek with the force of her release. Cathy and I both hugged her, comforting her.

“That was wonderful” said Rose.” All I want now is to show Cathy how penetration works. Jim, I like it deep, with you hitting my cervix. If you put a pillow under my bum that will help”

We undid the belt holding Rose’s legs together, and put a hard pillow under her bottom, tilting her vagina upward. Rose pulled her legs back and apart, exposing the now swollen and red inner lips and her vaginal hole. She was sopping wet. “Cathy” I said, “come and feel how hot and wet mum is, that’s how you should feel before I penetrate you”

Cathy ran her fingers around Rose’s vulva, pinching the inner lips between her fingers and thumb, she then pushed a finger into the vagina, then two, moving them in and out, feeling what a vagina feels like. Rose was moaning again, it was time for me to mount her.

I kneeled before her, my penis at the entrance to her vagina. I rubbed it up and down the hot lips; she was so hot and wet. I plunged in, the head of my cock bottoming out against Rose’s cervix. Rose groaned, and wrapped her legs and arms around me. It was unlike anything I had ever experience. She drew me in until all my weight was upon her. It was like being cocooned within a hot, soft, smooth quilt. I started to move in and out, making sure that I ground against her clitoris and also hit her cervix with every stroke. Rose started to squeeze and release her PC muscles with every stroke, squeezing and releasing my by now rock hard penis. I plunged in harder and harder, she seemed to open out near her cervix, every stroke sliding around the cervix. “Ouch” I uttered. Rose had started biting me, drawing blood. I looked down at her face which was contorted as she continued to bite me; she was in a world of her own. I could feel her vagina tightening, and I could not hold off any longer. I flooded her with hot cum, spurt after spurt, hitting her deep inside. As soon as my cum hit her cervix, she really tightened her hold on me as she convulsed, spasm after spasm racking her, until gradually she subsided. I looked down to see that I was dripping blood where she had bitten me; in my climax the pain was ignored.

“What do you think Cathy? Do you want to have sex now?” I asked my niece.

‘Yes, I think so” said Cathy. “Can I cum before so that I am relaxed?”

“Of course, mum and I will make sure that you are ready, and you can stop at any time” I replied.

Rose had recovered her composure, and said to Cathy “I will go and clean Uncle Jim up, we will be back soon. Why don’t you play with your vibrator while we are in the bathroom?”

When we were in the bathroom, Rose put a towel down on the tiles. “Lay down Jim, you filled me with cum, now you have to empty me out!” Rose uttered in an assertive tone. She squatted over my face, and cum and her fluids started to bubble out of her vagina. “Lick me clean Jim” said Rose. Eagerly my tongue started to lick at her slit. Luckily my cum tastes all right, and mixed with Rose’s fluids had a spicy taste. As she squeezed her muscles more bubbled out. It seemed endless, but eventually the flow stopped. “That was nice, we must do that again” said Rose. “Quick, into the shower, we must get clean for Cathy. I hope she noticed what was happening, and is ready for this. I must admit to being lost in the moment.”

We were showered and clean as we started to head towards the bedroom, when we heard buzzing and moaning coming from the room. We crept in, and there was Cathy with her vibrator squeezed between her legs and against her vulva. She looked like she was on the point of cumming, so we didn’t disturb her. “Looks like she is a good student” I whispered to Rose. “Like mother like daughter.” Cathy was squirming about on the bed, obviously very aroused. Suddenly her eyes rolled back in her head, and I knew from previous experience that she was having an orgasm. She arched and went rigid, then relaxed and flopped back on the bed.

“Was that good Cathy?” I asked, disturbing her.

“Yes” said Cathy, “I enjoyed it very much. I think that I am ready now.”

Rose and I laid down either side of Cathy, giving her a cuddle and reassurance. I kissed her deeply, Cathy responding with her tongue against mine. She was becoming aroused again, and I sensed that the time was near. I started to stroke her thighs, and she was very responsive to my touch.

I gently spread Cathy’s legs apart and began to feel around her vulva. While it was moist, more lubrication was needed. I reached for a tube of lubricant, but Rose said “Cathy, I want you to see this. Uncle Jim is ready, but he has his own wetness too. If you squeeze from the bottom of his penis upward like this, you will see some pre cum come out. It tastes nice, and is very slippery. Cathy, give Uncle Jim a squeeze and lick the pre-cum from the tip of his penis.” Cathy did just that, her hot lips caressing my head, while her tongue licked the juice from my hole.

“Oh, that is yummy. I will have to have more of that later on.” said Cathy.

I said to Cathy “That just felt so good!”

I picked up Cathy’s vibrator and placed it against her clit. It was multispeed, so I started off slowly, gradually increasing the tempo as she became more and more aroused. “Rose, can you hold the vibrator while I get ready to penetrate Cathy?’ I asked. Rose took over the vibrator; with her woman’s experience she used it differently to me, moving it around, first the top of the clit, then the bottom, then firmly on the shaft. Cathy was very close to cumming, so I squirted a lot of lubricant onto her vulva, and a small amount through the opening. I also generously lubricated my penis. I grasped Cathy behind each knee, opening her legs and pushing them back so that her hymen was fully exposed. Holding her legs back and apart with my shoulders, I gently began to probe and stretch the hole. Firstly I inserted one finger without any trouble, moving my finger deeper and deeper each time, lubricating the vagina internally. I started to push 2 fingers in, but I encountered some resistance, so I took it very slowly. I could not quite get two fingers in, so the time had come.

Rose had keep Cathy simmering with the vibrator, Cathy not quite reaching orgasm. “Cathy, the time has come” I whispered. “When you have an orgasm I will penetrate you.” Rose increased the pressure of the vibrator, bringing Cathy closer to an orgasm, as I began to stretch the hymen with my penis. I was in no hurry, this was all about Cathy. I slipped my right hand under Cathy’s bottom, and gently caressed her anus with my middle finger. There was lots of wetness, so I gently probed with my middle finger, and it just popped inside. Cathy grunted, and began to squirm on my finger. Gently increasing the pressure on her hymen, I was waiting for Cathy to orgasm. I could see her starting to ripple as she came, she cried out “Do it now”.

I could feel her throbbing through the end of my penis, so I gently thrust, then harder and harder as I met resistance. Cathy started to shrink away from me, but she was pinned with my finger up her anus. Suddenly the resistance stopped, and I was slowly entering Cathy’s vagina. She gave a little cry of pain, but she started to push up onto me as she continued to orgasm. I slowly extended my length into her, slowly filling her vagina with my hot penis. I rested, giving her a chance to adapt to this new feeling. Rose removed the vibrator, leaving Cathy breathless,

Cathy slowly regained her composure. Two single tears trickled down her cheeks as she said “Thank you Uncle Jim, that felt really good. It felt like it was out of this world.”

Rose said to Cathy “You can’t leave Uncle Jim like that Cathy; you have to finish him off”.

“Why don’t we roll over with you on top Cathy, you can control what happens” I said.

This Cathy did, not letting my penis escape from her hot and tight vagina. I still hadn’t penetrated her completely, perhaps that would now happen. Cathy was astride me, and started to experiment with moving up and down. Each stroke she slowly took me deeper and deeper, until she could take no more.

“I feel so full, is that how it should be?” asked Cathy.

“Yes” said her mother Rose. “Why don’t you just try different moves, experience the moment with Uncle Jim.” Cathy moved forwards and backwards, stretching her vagina more and more. It was so hot and tight that I felt that I could not hold off much longer.

I rolled Cathy off, and then got her on her hands and knees. I entered her from behind, slowly pushing deeper and deeper, my pleasure immense. When I could go no deeper, I withdrew, and then entered again, each time a little deeper as Cathy became more used to my size. Faster and faster I plunged into Cathy, each stroke she was pushing back into me. She cried out, her elbows collapsing as she lost control of her body as a final orgasm racked her body. I dug my fingers into her hips to hold her, as Rose grabbed my balls and pulled them, delaying my orgasm to enhance Cathy’s. I kept plunging deeper, and just when I thought that I could stand it no longer, Rose released by balls and I exploded in Cathy, cum bubbly out of Cathy as I continued with slow strokes into her tight and now very wet vagina.

I withdrew from Cathy, and rolled her sideways so that we could have a cuddle in the afterglow of our exertions.

“Thank you Jim” said Rose, “That was so much better than my first time.”

Cathy soon fell asleep as she was worn out.

“Come with me” said Rose, “There is something I want to do.”

She knelt down before me, saying “I want to make sure that every bit of your cum has been milked from you”. She took my penis in her mouth, and began to suck as she squeezed my urethra again and again until every drop of cum was sucked out. “You taste good Jim” she said, “perhaps one day we will do this just by ourselves.”

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Very good
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Excellent. Uncle Jim did a fantastic job in satisfying both women.
His niece is now a woman, giving her cherry to her uncle. "V=5+++."

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