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Chelsea's Surprise

I sat in the break room at work, messing with a frustrating button on my tightly fitted white blouse. I soon gave up and was smoothing my skirt down where it constantly rode up, when my phone rang. I pick it up, saying “hello?” into the receiver. I smile when I hear my brother’s angelic voice.

 “When are you coming home sis?” He says with a laugh.

“5:00, remember?”

 “Oh yeah, sorry, I just can’t wait to see your face when you get home.”

I smile to myself and cross my legs. With a sigh, I reply,

“Oh yeah? What’s going on Eli?” I hear him laugh again on the other end of the line.

“Oh, nothing really, you’ll see when you get here. Call when you’re about to leave, bye.”

I let out a small giggle as I heard the phone go dead. I hung up and then walked to the door, chilled by the cold air that hit my exposed skin. Full of reawakened excitement, I returned to work.

Oh you could not believe how happy I was to see that it was finally 5! I punched out and walked to my car with a jump in my step as I took out my cellphone and dialed my brother.

“Hey sexy, headed home?” Were the first words I heard.

“Sure am. Now will you please tell me what the surprise is?” I heard a small chuckle, and then, “not yet. Although I’m sure you already know what it is.”

To say the truth, I had a pretty good idea what was waiting for me. I’d discussed new fantasies with him recently, which he showed a lot of interest in.
“I have a good idea. I’ll see you in a few minutes.” I said, then closed my phone and backed out of the parking lot. I pulled into the driveway ten minutes later. As I was getting out, I noticed a few unfamiliar cars on the street in front of our house. I walked quickly up the stone walkway and entered the house. The first thing that hit me was the smell of Chocolate Axe Body Spray. My absolute favorite. A grin spreads across my face as I walk towards the stairs. I notice quite a few rose petals trailing upstairs and into the bedroom. My grin grows as I follow the petals. I reach the closed door and knock once before it opens.

My brother steps out and closes the door behind him. He leans into me, embracing me in a hug as he asks how my day went, and planting small kisses on my face. I smile and lean up to kiss his soft lips. My brother is a handsome guy, fairly tanned skin, tall, muscular, dark haired; brown eyed… basically every woman’s dream man. We share a lot of the same physical features. Like him, I have dark hair and am very tan. Unlike his brown eyes, mine cannot decide if they’d like to be green or brown. We’re both fairly skinny, though he has more muscle. I stood there wrapped in my brother’s loving arms for a long time. After a couple more kisses, he whispers into my ear,
“Would you like your surprise?”

I smile at him and nod my head "yes." He then walks around me, reaching in front of my head to cover my eyes as he pushes the door open. We walk in together and he turns to close the door. He removes his hands from my eyes and my jaw drops.

In front of me, are two very attractive men. One with blonde hair and green eyes, the other with black hair and brown eyes, and both were extremely toned. And did I mention they were naked? My brother grins at me and takes my hand. He introduces me to the two guys and they quickly move closer and closer to me.

 “This is a nice surprise, Eli.”

I tell my brother as I notice the blond starting to stiffen. I couldn’t help but notice the growing wet spot in my panties, either. Eli turns me to him and kisses me while he unbuttons my shirt. I kiss him back as I feel two more pairs of hands glide around my body, up my skirt and on my legs. Eli releases me and walks back to strip as the other men take control.

The dark haired man comes to my front and takes the place where my brother was. His hands felt firm and strong as they cupped my ass. He stares into my eyes, almost as if he was telling me a message. I feel something hard bump my leg. I look down and notice his enormous cock was fully erect and twitching. I look back at him and smile shyly.
“You can touch it if you like," hee said teasingly. I smiled again as I reached down to take his member into my hand.

“It’s huge!”

I exclaim as I start stroking my hand up and down. He smirks and watches while my hand gains speed. I feel another person’s hands reach down to pull my skirt. Once its down, I spread my legs wide, bending over slightly in the process. I hear the blond man’s voice and I notice he is on his knees behind me.
“Wow Eli. She really is dripping! Just like you said!”

I hear my brother say “told you so” somewhere in the background. I gain speed with my hand, bending over and licking the head for moisture. I feel fingers probing my wet pussy, every once in a while reaching up to rub my throbbing clit. I moan at the touch, and then bend over to take my hand job to a blowjob.

I slide my lips tightly over the first few inches of his thick cock and come back up only to plunge down deeper the next time. I hear moans of satisfaction coming from his mouth. I look up at him with innocent eyes as I speed up, tightening my lips in the process. The fingers probing me apparently had gotten tired. They were soon replaced by a very aggressive tongue. Moans of my own were choked out by the rapid bobbing of my head.
I notice my friend start to moan louder and quicker as he places his hand behind my head and pushes me down forcefully. I feel a twitch in his cock and with a loud grunt, thick, warm, sticky jets of cum splatter the inside of my mouth and face. I keep eye contact with him as a few more spurts escape, landing on my chin and cheek. I swallow what is in my mouth with satisfaction as he leans down to kiss me.
The hungry tongue on my clit had stopped and was replaced with a hungry cock ready to go. I turn around to see the man that is about to plunge himself into me. With delight, I see its Eli. He smiles at me and winks. I turn around to face him, he places his hands on my waist and pulls me towards him for a kiss. As we kiss, someone takes me by the arm and pulls me towards the bed. I notice it’s the blond as he pulls me on top of him. He runs his hands up and down my sides while we kiss. I sit up on top of him and reach back to feel his cock.

“That’s a really nice cock” I tell him while rolling it around in my hand. He smiles, and says

 “It feels better when its wet.”

We both laugh and watch each other. After a while of stroking his thick, bulging cock, Eli comes over to us.
“Chelsea, you need to do what we say for this to work.” I look at him, puzzled.

“Okay. I guess.”

 “Okay, wrap your lovely little pussy around Nick’s cock there beautiful.”

I smile at my brother’s choice of words. I lean up, and allow Nick to very slowly penetrate me. We both gasped as I slid down. I was super wet, don’t get me wrong. I was also extremely tight, and the fact that he was larger than I was used to didn’t help either. I moan out very loudly as I feel his cock push centimeter by centimeter inside me. Once he went as far as he could go, Eli came over to me for another instruction.
“Great. Now you need to lean over on him, and relax.”

I do as I’m instructed, and lay flat on top of nick. I feel Eli spread my legs open further and spread my ass apart. I gasp as I realized what was happening. I bite my lip as I feel my brother’s cock press against my ass, begging for entrance. He pushed harder, and with a little effort, his head broke through. I moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He pushed further, groaning at the tightness. He placed his hands on my hips and pushed harder. After three cycles of this, I finally felt him lean over me. Signifying he had pushed as far as he could.
“Damn Chelsea. You’re tighter than normal babe.” I smile and reply,
“I’ll take that as a compliment,” he laughed and said,

“You think you’re ready for two cocks at once little sister?”

Before I have time to answer, he pulls almost out, then plunges hard back into me. I moan and squeeze my eyes shut at the feeling. As my brother violates my ass, Nick starts sliding himself in and out of my pussy. Both moan in a mix of frustration and pleasure.
“Fuck Eli, I think we’re going to have to go the extra mile just to loosen her up!” Nick says, starting to thrust faster.
“I think you're right.”

On those words both men sped up 10x. I was moaning and wincing like crazy. I get a tingly feeling in my pussy, and I know I’m close to cumming. I hear Nick start a low growl. He quickens his speed and starts yelling,
“Fuck Chelsea. Make me cum!”

I moan out with him. Both of us dangerously close to the edge. Eli starts fucking as fast as he humanly can, making delightful ‘smack’ noises as he hits against my legs. Nick was the one to cum first. Starting up again with a guttural growl, growing into a loud roar he came violently. Spilling what seemed like a gallon of cum deep into me.

He continued thrusting, but slowed down tremendously. I came next, the feeling of Nick’s cum and Eli’s cock had sent me over the edge. I shook with waves of pleasure crashing over my body. I laid there, kissing Nick to thank him while Eli finished up. I smiled to myself hearing my brother climax. He pumped one last hard time before he came hard. He smiled and kissed my back as he started to pull out.
I sighed at the feeling of being filled completely with cum. I slid off of Nick after giving him one last deep tongue kiss. I turned to face my brother as he caught me in his arms. He pulled me close to him like he had done many times before. He kissed me deeply, thanking me.

When the kiss was over, I noticed our brown-haired friend in the corner, cleaning up after jacking off to us. I walked over to him and bent over in front of him. I took his hand and licked the cum off of it, then his cock and thighs. I smile at him and kiss him.
After a while of kissing and hugging, my new friends went home. After closing the door behind them, Eli turned to me with a large grin.
“So, great day?”

 “Yes. Most amazing ever. Thank you.”

I lean into him and kiss him. Our tongues dance together for a while, then he leans over to whisper in my ear,
“Time for round two?”

 I smile at him and take his hand. We walk back to the bedroom and close the door behind us.

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Posted 25 Nov 2011 23:29
Super hot! keep up the great work!

Posted 27 Jun 2011 20:07
Great story. Hate to see you go, your a great writer.
Posted 22 May 2011 08:06
Wow !!! Part 2 please
Posted 16 May 2011 18:10
nice sexy and nasty good job love don and sherri
Posted 15 May 2011 11:52
great ...part 2 soon please
Posted 15 May 2011 11:20
very hot need part and soon
Posted 15 May 2011 10:45
if i was in her shoes i would hold on tight to that brother....very good hope there will be more to follow....
Posted 15 May 2011 09:04
Really hot!What a great brother!

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