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Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Eve takes a spin for the better.

Jacqueline looked round the lounge of her parents home. She felt so comfortable sitting there with her glass of vodka. She lived with her boyfriend now, but was always happy to return for visits to her familiar childhood home. The drapes were closed against the wintry night, low lighting reflected off mahogany furniture especially the glass fronted book cases that reached from floor to ceiling. The books weren't just for show, both her parents were avid readers. The pendulum of a long case clock ticked the seconds away, just discernable above the back ground music of Elgar's Cello Concerto coming from an expensive unit hidden in a mahogany cabinet.

Sitting opposite Jackie on a three seater soft sofa was her father who was 'something in the city' and her mother Alice, who was something too look at. Her copper coloured hair tumbled to her shoulders in waves, brushed to a sheen. She was just forty years old and, Jackie had to admit, with a body to die for. Her father was a couple of years older, greying slightly at the temples which just added a distinguished look to his handsome face. He also had kept himself in top condition.

The final member of the group was Jackie's Uncle Ted. Her fathers younger brother with a strong family resemblance. Like Jackie he was sat in an armchair facing the sofa. They were all waiting for the son of the house to arrive, Neil was expected in an hours time, maybe more. He had spent the early part of the Christmas vacation from university at his girlfriends. She was joining them after Boxing Day and staying until the New Year.

The music had changed to Bruch's romantic Violin Concerto when Jackie saw her mother's eyes widen in shock and her jaw drop, quickly followed by her father.

She and Uncle Ted turned as one to look at the door.

An over weight man wearing a balaclava mask stood there with a shotgun. Another man entered the room, slimmer and taller also wearing a balaclava mask.

Uncle Ted started to rise from his seat. "Don't even think about it." the slim one said. His tone was harsh and Ted, his face angry, did the sensible thing and settled down again.

The fear in the cosy room with its Christmas trimmings was palpable. There was a few seconds of silence.

Slim pointed at Jackie, "You get yourself over here now." Jackie stood up and walked towards the two intruders.

"Don't hurt her," she heard her father plead, "I will tell you where the valuables are, please don't hurt her."

Fatty put his arm round Jackie's waist and placed the muzzle of the gun under her chin.

"Nobody gets hurt if you obey without question," promised Slim, "but if you don't you will be endangering the health and well being of this girl."

"We will cooperate," the father croaked, "just take what you want and go, please." He watched Fatty fondle his daughter's breast.

Slim pointed at the mother, "you! I want two straight backed chairs now."

She stood up, Jackie could only admire her as she walked over to a chair with an air of dignity in spite of her trembling.

"Place it down there," ordered Slim pointing to a place on the carpet.

She did as she was told, noticing for the first time the lengths of thin nylon rope he carried in his hand.

"You, trouble maker," he indicated Ted, "sit on that chair and no heroics." Ted moved to the chair trying, but failing, to appear nonchalant.

Slim handed a piece of rope to the mother, "tie his hands behind his back, and make it secure or the girl gets roughed up."

Her fingers trembled as she bound Ted hands together. Slim handed her another length and told her to fasten his hands to the bottom chair rail. "Now tie each leg to the chair legs. Ted was secure and helpless. While Slim checked the bindings Alice tied up her husband to another chair so they were back to back and four feet apart. With both men helpless the females were unprotected.

Slim took hold of Alice's arm and stood her in front of Ted. "Now strip. Leave the stockings on."

"What?" Alice looked at him shocked. She got no reply other than hard eyes glaring back. 'God we're going to be raped in front of the men.' A tear trickled down her cheek as she slid the zip of her dress down. She wriggled it over her hips and stepped out of it. She looked at her brother-in-law, his face was impassive. The room was warm, there had been no need to wear much clothing.

She unclipped her bra and threw it angrily to one side. Jackie heard an intake of breath from Fatty as her fine breasts were exposed. They had hardly drooped at all when freed. they were crowned with a small brown areola and large nipples. Alice stepped out of her panties and threw them away still maintaining an air of quiet dignity. She didn't shave, a 'V' thatch of copper pubic hair delighted Ted's eyes. It didn't go unnoticed by Alice, his expression was no longer impassive. Her husband was the only man in the room not admiring her body. She stood there in dark stockings with her head up. Jackie thought her mother magnificent; and sexy. Uncle Ted was getting an eye full at close quarters.

As Alice expected, her daughter was stood in front of her father still covered by the gun. Jackie looked into her father's eyes, and saw the despair, as she started to unbutton her white blouse. His eyes closed.

"Open those eyes Mister. Do the girl the common decency of watching the show," barked out Slim.

His eyes opened, "I'm sorry darling," he voice was emotional.

"Don't apologise Daddy. Lets get it over with." She unfastened the buttons slowly glancing now and then at her father who was obeying the instructions of Slim. She opened the panes and slipped the blouse off her creamy shoulders exposing her half cup bra and a fantastic cleavage.

Alice watched her daughter undressing and knew she did it with unnecessary sensuality.  She didn't seem to be terribly upset at having to expose herself before her father. Yes her fingers were trembling but there was no anguish on her face, no tears. Anyone would think she was on stage entertaining punters. Alice put it down to her youth and the crush she had on her father like so many girls her age.

Jackie removed her bra and saw her father's eyes move from one nipple to the other. Her areola was also small with large nipples, pink like her full lips. The small smile that flicked briefly appeared on her lips didn't go unnoticed by her mother who now knew she was getting some pleasure out of the situation.

Jackie hooked her thumbs in her panties, It had been years since her daddy had seen her naked. "Wait" commanded Slim. Jackie looked at him in surprise. He stepped behind her and it was he who slowly pulled down her underwear. Kissing each buttock as he did so. Her delta of rich copper came into full view of her father; his eyes lingered.

"Right girls I want you to turn round with your backs to the gentlemen and spread your legs wide. That's good." said Slim as they obeyed.  "I think we are going to get through this evening with no injuries. Now girls touch your toes." 

"For God sake man. Have you no..." Don heard the gun cock and fell silent. He looked at his daughter. her labia was plump like cushions. Her cleft was open displaying her pink inner lips, and the dark entrance to her vagina, It all looked dewy, wet even. Plump buttocks with the tiny puckered anus. Jackie was watching him between her legs, her copper tresses tumbling down nearly touching the floor. She saw his tongue lick his top lip as his eyes studied her vulva.

Ted admired his display, not dry by any means and just as promising. Alice's buttocks were not as plump as Jackie's but for all that still nice to squeeze. She too looked through her legs the makings of a smile on her face. They held the position for a couple of minutes, it seemed a lot longer.

"Right girls undo the gentlemen' s zips." That order didn't surprise anyone. They went down on their knees and unfastened the front of both trousers. "Get them out."

Jackie's hand went into her father's fly and for the first time in her life wrapped her fingers round his shaft. She pulled his penis out into the soft lighting. Seven inches and quite thick with it. Her father's breathing had changed. Without thinking she automatically gave it a couple of shakes without being told too. She didn't dare look her father in the eye.

"Come on girls, get the balls out."

Jackie's hand delved in again and reappeared with her father's testicles held softly in the palm of her hand. She suppressed the urge to roll them the way her boyfriend enjoyed.

"Well done girls. You have given your gentlemen rampant erections." chuckled Slim, "now lets not waste them. Give your gentlemen some fun time."

Both cocks were treated to slow strokes. Two pairs of balls were fondled by their partners who knew how to pleasure balls. Don watched and felt his daughters touch. He felt some disappointment that she must have done this lots of times to be so good. He couldn't control his ever hardening penis. His own arousal must be so obvious to her.

Jackie felt the powerful throb as her fingers manipulated her fathers organ with loving strokes, her free hand rolled his testicles and her long nails scratched the backs now and then. She felt him give a little jerk of pleasure. 

"Right girls, so far so good. I'm pleased with you, especially the daughter" chuckled Slim. "Now lets pretend they are lollipops." The father groaned.

Two tongues licked at two fat purple glands leaving them glistening with saliva. Both mother and daughter knew what the men would enjoy. Father and brother-in-law saw their cocks disappear between lips. Jackie took in four inches of her father, sucking hard. Five inches of Ted's entered his sister-in-law, her tongue all over it, pleasing him to the best of her considerable ability, making the most of the strange situation.

It was not long before another command came from Slim, "That's enough of that, now sit on the gentlemen's laps and make sure those cocks go nice and deep in your pussies."

Jackie straddled her father trembling and lowered her hungry body. 'At last.' she thought, "I've waited so long to feel my daddy.' Her father groaned has his daughter took hold of him and guide his cock to the entrance of her waiting vagina. It was impossible for Jackie to know if it was a groan of despair or anticipation. The father felt himself squeeze into his daughter as she lowered her wet portal round him, she slid slowly down his pole feeling him go deeper and deeper until her buttocks came to a rest on his thighs.

Jackie savoured the moment of the penetration of her father's manhood. She felt fully plugged by his thickness. At long, long last. She felt the length of him with her soft hot tunnel, the strong throb vibrating through her. She shivered with joy. Her father mistook it for fear.

"I'm so sorry my darling," he spoke quietly, avoiding eye contact with her.

"Don't Daddy, don't. We have no control over the situation." She whispered her lips tickling his ear. She looked at her mother. She was settled on Ted's lap looking down into his eyes.

Slim tied Alice's hands behind Ted's head and then to the bottom rail. Her hard nipples brushed against his face. Another rope was threaded under Ted's thighs and over his sister-in-law, loose enough to allow her four inches of vertical movement. The final rope fastened just above her hips and round Don's back, again allowing about four inches of movement horizontally. When he finished he fondled her firm breasts tweaking her hard nipples. Slim moved on to Jackie and lashed her to her father in the same manner, playing with her magnificent tits on completion.

Slim stood back and admired his handiwork. "That looks good. We will leave you to it now folks. We have delivered our gifts to you all. Merry Christmas. Ho! ho! ho! And the two intruders were gone.

Everybody listened for the door click and footsteps on the gravel fading away. You could feel the relief that the danger had past. Jackie glanced at her mother and was startled to see an amused look on her face as she looked back.

Jackie was enchanted by the penetration of her father, she had dreamed of this moment for so long. She couldn't help flexing her vaginal walls, exploring the length of his hardness inside her. Jackie placed her lips close to her father's ear, "What are we going to do Daddy? We mustn't be like this when Neil gets home. Her father groaned, he had forgotten about his son.

"I'm sorry about this princess." His voice was audible to his wife and brother.

 Jackie felt his breath on her nipples. "Don't keep apologising Daddy darling, we were forced into this at gun point." He only called her 'Princess' when he was very pleased with her. Was that a slip of the tongue. "It could be worse."

"I don't know how."

"At least you are my Daddy, they could have tied me to Uncle Ted, or even taken turns with me themselves."

"I suppose your right," he groaned, "how's your mother?"

She looked at her mother who had raised a quizzical eyebrow. She held eye contact, " Mummy is in the same position as us Daddy. She has got Uncle Ted's penis inside her."

" Sorry about this Ted," he called over his shoulder, " you're a guest in this house, you shouldn't have to be put through this."

Jackie was amazed her father could be so far off the mark. Her mother had suppressed a giggle.

"Not anybodies fault Don. It sure is strange," replied Ted.

"Do you think you can lift yourself off me Princess? At least we can stop your complete embarrassment." Her father enquired.

Jackie pushed herself up, being careful not to grip his darling prick as she did so. She reached as far as the ropes allowed, there was still three inches left inside her body. "No good Daddy you are too big." She felt his cock twitch. Her mother looked even more amused. Keeping eye contact with her mother she suggested, "let me try this way." She slid her hips backwards, his shaft stroked her clit making her squeak. He twitched again. She blushed furiously at her unintended expression of pleasure. Her mother almost laughed. "Not working Daddy, I still have three inches of you penetrating my body." Another twitch.

Alice started to ride her brother-in-law, sliding up an down on his rigid rod while he sucked on her nipples. She kept her eye contact with her daughter, smiling as she did so.

Jackie smiled back at her. "Mummy has had a good idea Daddy." The smile left her mother's face. "I can't get you out of my pussy while you are so huge," another twitch, "But I should be able to if you lose your hardness and that will happen if you ejaculate into me." A much stronger twitch.

"But Princess, I could get you pregnant."

"Really daddy, I've been on the pill for years, It will be quite safe, and besides I'm at my safe time of the month."

Don heard the word 'years'. She was only eighteen, how old was she when some hairy arsed bastard, with his smarmy talk, had seduced her? And against her better judgement given in to him, allowing him to ravish her innocent body with his cock. Plunging into her, deflowering her, hurting her. Don's cock twitched once more. "Ok Princess, we have to try something I suppose."

"Thank you Daddy" She slid up her father's shaft arching her back to give some horizontal movement and contact with her clit. To be riding the weapon of someone you dearly love was a whole new ball game. "Is that alright Daddy."

"Yes Princess."

Jackie's mother mouthed to her quite clearly, "you enjoying that?"

Jackie didn't answer her, instead she spoke to her father, looking defiantly at her mother, "Daddy we could get this over more quickly if I made it more exciting for you, that way you would cum faster. Can I do that Daddy?"

Don nodded his head, resigned to his fate. Moisture was seeping from his daughter's cleft over his balls, matting his pubic hair. He felt her grip him with her vaginal wall, and pelvic muscle. She pulled and pushed at his cock, rocking her body along his shaft, using every centimetre the bindings would allow. All in the room could hear her mews and tiny squeaks.

Jackie felt the onset of a orgasm, she was noisy at all times but in a situation like this, her Daddy's cock to play with, and her mother as an audience, it was going to be huge. "Would it help you if you played with my titties Daddy."

Her father had his suspicions it was for herself that she wanted her tits attended to. His lips clamped round a hard nipple and sucked, tongue flicking it. He felt her movements become more frantic as she devoured every last sensation from his rod of steel. He changed nipples from one bouncing breast to the other.

"Daddy! Oh my Daddy, I'm cumming Daddy, Sorry Daddy. It's so good. " Squeals of pure bliss escaped from her startling her mother. A powerful, all consuming orgasm swept in like a tsunami. tears of joy trickled down her cheeks from eyes squeezed shut. She thought she was going to pass out as the bliss peaked. She kept her hips moving but at a much slower pace. She still had the thrill of his mouth on her tits but realised she had stopped gripping him. She tightened up and heard her Daddy gasp. The orgasm subsided leaving her pink and glowing with perspiration.

Alice looked at her daughter with new interest. She knew Jackie had been sexually active for some time, mothers know these things, but that display had surprised her in it's intensity, and she could feel her own orgasm warning her trembling body. Her daughter was panting from the effort she had put into her own enjoyment. She watched her open her screwed up eyes rimmed with tears. There eyes met. A small smile crept onto her daughters face, looking a little smug. Jackie mouth to her mother, 'this is your husband.' Alice was furious but the onset of her own orgasm stayed any retort.

Jackie was wallowing in the pleasure of giving her father pleasure as she delighted his prick. Suddenly she felt him give a little thrust.

"Daddy are you cumming?" He gave another little thrust, he didn't have much movement. Jackie raised her self as far as the ropes allowed. Her Daddy responded, using the extra gap to give longer strokes. Jackie stopped moving. She had been fucking Daddy and now Daddy was fucking her. She whispered to him for his ear only. "Use me Daddy. Use my body. Squirt your seed into me, then it will all be over" She started to meet his hard in-driving, applying maximum grip, not bothering about her self but doing everything and anything to increase his enjoyment of her.

Accompanied by gasps and loud grunts she felt his warm sperm splatter into her vagina. It was always a special moment for Jackie to feel sperm splatter her insides. She never felt as if her man had enjoyed her to the full without it. That was why she hated protection. She heard her mother cumming.

"Well done Daddy." She continue to ride him because he was still thrusting. Jackie was puzzled. She stopped moving. Her Daddy didn't, he still fucked her. "Daddy you are not getting soft."

"I know my Princess. I don't always. It depends on circumstances maybe."

"And these circumstances are one of those times."

"Well, yes. I'm sorry they are."

"Just how many times have you had know?"

"There has been four in the past, but I was a younger man then."

"What a naughty, greedy Daddy you are." She began to ride him again. She wondered what it would fell like having his tongue tasting her juices. Taking his darling penis in different positions. She heard Ted enjoying his climax as he pumped his spunk into her mother. "Ted's just done it." She whispered to her father. She felt her father strengthen.

Suddenly the ropes binding her wrists slipped, she managed to hold on to them before they hit the floor. She looked quickly at her mother, the only other one who could have seen the incident. She had seen it. They looked at one another each waiting for the other to make the decision. It was Alice. She smiled at her daughter and shook her head and attacked Ted with renew vigour.

Right from the day she lost her virginity Jackie's men had always found it a simple matter to bring her to orgasm. Her needy love of sex had worried her in the past, she seemed to demand fulfillment more than any of her friends. She had just had the best orgasm of her life yet she knew her beloved Daddy' s body, and the apparent blessing of her mother, would bring her to the boil again quickly.

Flesh was slapping on flesh. Nobody was pretending the situation was unwelcome. Father thrusted into daughter as strong as restricted movement would allow. She felt his stickiness between them where his fat cock head was dragging his first load out of her.

Her mother was squirming on Ted's lap. He must have lost his erection and she was working on restoring it. She was kissing him deeply, when she wasn't his mouth went to her breasts.

Jackie's second orgasm swept in with the frantic thrashing of her hips and gasping squeals. She shook with emotion as she rested and let her father do the work. His tongue was licking her nipples. Judging by her mother's movements, Ted must have regained his erection.

Her father's second climax was taking longer to achieve. It was a wondrous thing to feel his strength plunging into her tight softness. Every touch of his shaft on her clit brought her joy.

Soon he thrust with more urgency and gasped as he jettisoned. Once again Jackie felt the thrilling splash of her fathers sperm deep inside her vagina. Mummy orgasmed at almost the same time as her husband, she too could be noisy in the throes of passion.

"Daddy, your going to wear me out." A reference to his maintained erection.

"Sorry Princess. I have no control, it has a life of it's own."

"Don't worry Daddy, I really don't mind. I know you can't help it." She heard her Uncle Ted's loud groans as he too emptied his balls.

She made eye contact with her mother. Alice nodded her head to indicate it was time to end this.

Her husband was still strong inside Jackie. Jackie herself was aware of a distant ripple of orgasm. She shook her head, she wasn't ready to end this yet. Alice frowned and tapped her watch face. Jackie looked at hers and was surprised how much time had passed, it wouldn't be long before Neil arrived. Let him catch them, Jackie was past caring. She shook her head at her mother and rode her father harder in defiance.

"Thank God everybody," Alice announced, "Jackie has got her hands free." The daughter glared at the mother as she started to untie knots.

After their showers they sat in the lounge making uncomfortable small talk. The room was back to normal and their drinks refreshed. They all avoided the subject that was uppermost in their minds. The only mention had been to agree that the episode was best kept from the police and therefore the press.

"Jacqueline, come and help me in the kitchen. Neil will be here soon."

The daughter knew her mother used her full name only when she had done something wrong. She followed her mother into the kitchen, still enjoying the after glow of the orgasms her farther had given her. Alice closed the door giving them privacy.

"Right young lady, what the hell was that all about." She had her hands on her hips looking aggressive.

"What do you expect in a situation like that? I know I let myself go a bit but I'm my mother's daughter. You seemed to be enjoying Uncle Ted." Attack was the best means of defence.

Her mother was quite for a moment. "What do you mean by' Mother's daughter.'?" She glanced at the kitchen door.

"Remember when I was about five years old? I was in bed, the daylight hadn't yet faded, I heard a car on the gravel, I thought it was Daddy back home from his trip but it was only Uncle Ted. I fell asleep but woke up again feeling thirsty. I heard noises coming from your room so I knocked. The noises stopped and you opened the door looking a little pink. You took me back to bed and got me a drink from the bathroom. It was not until I was older that I realised the significance of what I had seen."

"You never said anything to your father?"

"No. By the time I was old enough to realise I also knew you were being very naughty, and you were being very naughty every time Daddy was away."

"Your father had, and still has, a mistress in London long before I did anything wrong." She replied defensively.

"I didn't tell him about the architect who designed our swimming pool either, or the workman who tiled the pool out. So before you criticize me for something I was forced to do at gun point, remember you chose to be adulteress, and you could have stopped tonight's fun earlier than you did." Jackie turned to return to the lounge. Everything was ready for dinner anyway when Neil did arrive.

"Jackie, The greedy way you enjoyed your father, my husband, isn't what I meant when I said, 'what was that all about?' It was the all a bloody charade wasn't it?"

Jackie trembled, "I don't know what you mean."

Her mother held up a finger, "one, they just walked in, no break in. Somebody took the front door of the latch. Two, we are both good looking babes yet, apart from the fat one feeling your tits and the thin one kissing your butt and felling my tits they never touched us. Three, they didn't steal a thing in spite of your father offering to show them where the valuables were. Four, your hands were loosely tied, I thought he had made a mistake but not now. One of us four set that up. I know I didn't, your Uncle Ted didn't have too to get at me. And your father could have had you anytime in the last three years, you've behaved like a slut around him often enough. That only leaves you." She stopped to take breath. "Is that the best plan you could come up with, terrorise us with a gun?"

"It wasn't loaded," mumbled Jackie who's tummy was churning.

"So you admit it. Just so you could fuck your father. What the hell was in it for them? They risked a long spell in prison."

"Sex of course. Some threesomes. They have had one on account."

"God you must be good. What am I saying? I know you are. To take that risk! Neil might have turned up early."

 "You wont tell Daddy, please Mummy?"

"Of course not. Who were they?"

"Come on Mummy I can't tell you that."

"I have some right to know who got an eyeful when they made me strip to my stockings. Actually now that I remember, that fat one didn't speak a word. That must have been because somebody in the room would have recognised the voice. He probably wasn't fat, just wearing padding. Must be well known to somebody. Tell me or you get to tell the whole sordid story to your precious Daddy and Uncle Ted."

Jackie could hardly look her mother in the eye. "It was Neil and a friend of his from university."

"Neil! So you are fucking your brother as well." Alice looked at the door again.

"That's why there was no risk. Even if they had been over powered somehow, they would have claimed a Christmas prank. I won the toss." Jackie refrained from mentioning that she had enjoyed her uncle Ted when she was sixteen.

"What toss?"

"If Neil won I would have been the fat one and you would have sat on his lap. Daddy and Uncle Ted would have had to watch. He has fantasized about you for years you know?

"Really?" She shook her head, "that's beside the point. Lets reach an agreement here, I wont tell your Daddy what I know and you don't tell Neil I have the whole story. Agreed?"

Jackie nodded, "agreed," and moved towards the door. She stopped and turned around smiling at her mother, "perhaps you should know Mummy, your son is very well endowed." Then she left.





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Posted 01 Dec 2010 02:47
Omg what a twist I loved it I came twice mmmmm thank you for this sexy story
Posted 28 Dec 2009 14:23
What a fantastic story. i can't wait to see where this goes. You are an EXCELLANT writer. I love your work.
Posted 15 Dec 2009 08:33
Just brilliant
Posted 02 Dec 2009 06:39
Absolutely wonderful! It's a loving daughter that goes to such lengths to get what she wants for a Christmas present!

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