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Cocksucking College Sister 4

Mom and dad get involved in their children's sex lives.

While dancing with his mother, Anthony is shocked to learn she knows about him and his sister; he is doubly shocked with the words: "So Anthony, do you want to fuck Mommy?"

Mom let her shocking question linger in the air for the remainder of the song.

My head spun with the double revelation that:
1. Mom knew about Lilly and I having sex and was not outraged by it.
2. Mom had just asked if I would like to fuck her.

My cock was instantly at launch and ready for takeoff mode at the thought of fucking mom. She had been a constant stroke fantasy throughout high school by myself and all my buddies who called her a MILF. Unlike my shy sister who had always dressed rather conservatively, hiding her nice body, mom had always dressed provocatively but classy (if that is a combination that makes sense). She had always been a dress or skirt type of woman and my obsession with nylon legs definitely began with her. I remember sneaking into her room as a teenager and using her pantyhose to masturbate myself, envisioning losing my virginity to her. My head was spinning at the possibility of making my longest running sexual fantasy a reality.

Just as the song was nearing completion, I felt Mom's hand on my cock as she whispered in my ear, "Are you hard because of me?"

My cock flinched in her hand as all I could do was whimper.

"I'll take that as a yes, Anthony," she purred.

"Oh God Mom," I barely got out.

"I have to cut the cake and dance with your father, but I should be able to disappear for a few minutes in about half an hour," Mom explained, looking completely insatiable.

"Are you serious?" I asked, even though her hand firmly on my cock there on the dance floor was a pretty good indication she was.

"I plan to show you just how serious I am as soon as I can disappear from my wifely duties, Anthony. I have never been hornier than I was watching you fuck your sister," Mom answered, giving my cock one last squeeze.

"Meet me in the wine cellar at 12:15 is that understood?” she asked, like she would when she was laying down the law when I lived at home.

"Yes, Mom," I agreed, still unable to fathom the reality I was currently living.

"Good," Mom smiled as the song ended. Pulling me in for a hug, her breasts firmly pressed into me, she whispered, "Now don't you be late son."

Before I could respond she was gone, and the massive tent in my pants was no longer obscured by mom. I quickly moved to a table and sat down giving my cock time to settle down and my brain time to process what had just transpired.

I was alone only a minute when Lilly joined me.

"You OK, big brother you look completely frazzled," she asked, stressing the word big flirtatiously.

"Dazed and confused," I joked.

"What's going on?" Lilly asked suddenly worried. "Did mom find out?"

"Yes, but that is not the weird part," I answered.

Instantly near hyperventilating, her face went snow white, as she repeated, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God."

"That's what she said," I joked.

"This is not funny, Anthony," she said, in extreme panic mode.

"We have nothing to worry about," I said, putting my hand on her leg.

"Don't you dare start with me. You are to blame for this," she snapped, slapping my hand away.

"You didn't seem too concerned while you were coming on my face or when you begged me to fuck you," I smirked, having fun with my high-strung sister. Although if I didn't know what I knew, I am sure I would be freaking out just like she was.

"Stop it Anthony, this is serious," she said, tears beginning to flow.

"OK, OK, I'm sorry, but let me explain," I said, realizing I had to tell her the truth, "but you can't freak out."

"It's a little too late for that," Lilly said, surveying the area for mom.

"Mom is OK with it," I said.

"What?" Lilly asked flabbergasted by my seemingly absurd statement.

"Actually she is more than OK with it," I added.

"What the hell are you talking about?" she asked frustrated by my vagueness.

"Mom..." I began, but was interrupted.

"Mom what?" came a voice from behind us.

Lilly who had just begun to regain some color in her face again went ghost white.

"I was just beginning to tell Lilly about our discussion Mom," I answered.

"I don't recall our conversation being a tell all," Mom replied, putting her hands on Lilly's shoulders.

Lilly froze in place like a statute completely overwhelmed by the situation. Finally, Lilly spoke, "I'm so sorry Mom."

"Sorry about what?" dad's voice asked out of the blue.

It was my turn to replicate Lilly's white face.

Mom tried to cover for her children whose faces had guilt written all over them saying, "Oh Jack, she was just telling me she wasn't feeling well and may have to call it a night."

"Oh, that's OK honey," Dad said, "all that is left is cutting cake and watching relatives get drunk."

Mom laughed, her response dripping with innuendo, "Yes, all the interesting things to see have already happened."

I noticed mom give Lilly's shoulders a knowing squeeze which had Lilly's mouth drop open in shock.

Dad grabbed Mom's arm and led her to the dance floor as mom looked back at both her children with a look that implied do as you are told.

"Oh my god," Lilly began freaking out.

"Calm down we are not in trouble," I said.

"How can you say that? Mom knows we had sex doesn't she?" Lilly whispered in case anyone walked by

"Yes, but," I smiled.

"But what?" she asked, her anxiety building quickly.

"She wants to meet me in the wine cellar,” I revealed.

"No way," Lilly said, the words she just heard me say not remotely possible in her mind. They wouldn't be in mine either if I hadn't just had the conversation I had with Mom just minutes ago.

"Yes," I nodded and briefly retold as best I could remember the surreal conversation I had with mom on the dance floor.

"I can't believe it," Lilly said looking towards the dance floor to our parents dancing and laughing.

"It's the truth," I said.

Silence lingered as Lilly processed the stunning reality. When she did speak she continued the avalanche of bizarre conversations. Her tone was insecure. "So are you already planning to replace me with mom?"

"What?" I gasped looking directly into her eyes.

"Are you going to do it?" she asked, suddenly seeming possessive of me.

"I don't know," I answered, which was the truth. The thought of fucking mom was exhilarating, yet the thought of making Lilly sad, especially after how intimate we had become, tore me up inside.

Lilly turned away and back to the dance floor and a couple of seconds later she gasped.

I turned to look and mom was pointing at her and then me, seemingly implying we were both to meet her in the wine cellar.

To clarify, I pointed to me, then Lilly and then to the vicinity of the house where the cellar was.

Mom gave a slight nod in the affirmative.

"Well, apparently mom wants a threesome or she just wants to talk to us," I said, hoping for the threesome.

"You are not serious?" Lilly asked.

"Half an hour ago no, but now I really have no clue," I admitted, realizing for once that I may be in over my head.

"What are we going to do?" she asked, clearly getting really stressed out.

"Meet her," I said, although clueless to how to play the actual meeting when it took place.

"I can't," Lilly said shaking, "I can't look her in the eye knowing she knows what we did."

"Lilly, she just asked if I want to fuck her. She is not mad at us," I replied, trying to comfort her.

"I just can't believe mom would say that," she said, in disbelief.

"Did you think you would let me take your virginity?" I asked, trying to put it in perspective.

"That is different," she said.

"How?" I asked.

Standing up, she said without any logic to back it, "It just is." She stomped away leaving me alone my head spinning and my cock pulsing.

I finished a drink at the table that wasn't mine before heading to the free bar and getting a double whiskey. I shot that down rather quickly before getting another. I surveyed the party and saw mom was cutting the cake with dad's arms around her. They both seemed so happy. I knew instantly I couldn't have sex with my mom. I loved my dad and would never do anything that would ever hurt him. My cock shrank as the excitement I first felt at the thought of fucking mom shifted to anger at the thought that she would betray dad.

Once they were done cutting the cake, I watched mom feed dad before heading to the secret rendezvous with mom and Lilly, hoping Lilly would be there.

I quickly texted her for confirmation she was coming, hoping if temptation got too hard to resist, me being a guy who often thinks with his other head, rather than the one between his ears, that she would be there to protect me from myself.

Lilly didn't respond to my text, but she was already at the wine cellar when I arrived, pacing back and forth.

"You are here, thank god," I greeted.

"I am really freaking out," she said, continuing to pace.

Trying to relax her I joked, "I can see that. You are making quite the pathway."

"Shut up, Anthony, this is serious," she snapped.

"I need your help," I said.

"Isn't that what got us in this predicament in the first place," she replied, which was kind of funny but her tone implied she was not going for humor.

"Don't let me do anything with mom," I said.

"Do what with mom?" the voice asked from behind, the voice of my father.

If I thought Lilly went pale when she learned of Mom's knowledge of sexual impropriety that was nothing compared to the ghostly sick near death white she went when she saw dad.

I am sure I was a similar white as I turned around and saw dad behind me. "Um nothing," I lied, not even remotely able to come up with a reasonable lie at the moment.

He laughed, "Shit, you are as terrible a liar as your mother."

Neither Lilly nor I had anything to say as we tried to interpret dad's odd facial if he knew something.

After a long nerve-wracking silence, dad continued the domino of shocking revelations as he said, "So your mother says you two are having sex."

My mouth dropped open and Lilly's tears began instantly, yet again neither of us said anything.

Dad laughed, "I guess it's like father like son."

"W-w-what," I barely got out getting even more confused.

Lilly through sniffles and tears said, "I am so sorry, daddy."

Looking at Lilly he said, "Come here, my sugar boo."

Lilly went to dad's arms and broke down completely.

Compassionately, he said, "It's OK, Aunt Sarah and I have been intimate since we were about your age."

It was yet another stunning revelation in a day full if them. It was like bring a detective in a James Patterson novel, every time you think you had solved the crime another plot twist occurs. I looked at Lilly who was looking at me, both of us with bewildered looks on our faces.

"Let me explain everything," he said, in his usual calm soothing way. "Your Aunt Sarah, Uncle Walter, your mom and I have been having sex with each other since college."

I couldn’t believe that mom and her sister were having sex, never mind Aunt Sarah’s political aid husband who always seemed like such a stiff.

Lilly pulled back from dad and looked at him, while I gasped, "No way." Aunt Sarah was slightly chubby but with the biggest tits I had ever attempted to see (she loved wearing cleavage enhancing blouses or dresses that were like magnets to any man's eyes).

"Really?" Lilly asked, her tone unbelieving yet curious.

"Wanna hear another secret?" Dad asked.

"I am not sure I can handle many more surprises, daddy," Lilly said, although it was obvious her attitude had quickly shifted from embarrassed to curious.

"Your mother and I had planned to tell you guys next month at the cottage of our incest past in hope..." he said, allowing the sentence to remain unfinished for us to finish.

Silence lingered between us until I finally asked, the words sounding rather blunt, "Dad are you implying you want to fuck Lilly?"

"Well that is a crude way to say it, but yes I had hoped all four of us would become intimate," Dad confirmed.

Lilly stared at dad trying to process the reality that our father wanted to have sex with her.

Suddenly the door closed and mom joined us. "So has your father explained the situation yet?"

I replied, "The picture is still a bit murky."

Mom walked over to me and unlike dad who was clearly finding the situation awkward, mom kissed me in a way a mother doesn't ever kiss their son.

It was short, but intense before mom said, "Look you two, you discovered the beauty of incestuous sex and now that it is out in the open I think we should show each other just how much we truly love each other."

"I'm in," I said, needing no more convincing.

"What about you sweetheart?" Mom asked, going to her daughter.

"It-it-it is a lot to take in," Lilly said, as mom leaned in and kissed her.

I watched in perverted voyeuristic awe as my mom and sister kissed. At first Lilly was stiff, like she was with me the first time, yet the longer the kiss continued I could see Lilly's weak resistance melting away. The kiss became more primal the longer it lasted.

I glanced at dad who was equally enjoying the lesbian mother-daughter passion.

I instantly assumed that mom and Aunt Sarah were lovers and the thought of mom in between Sarah's legs flashed in my head.

"Jack, Anthony, come and help me," Mom instructed.

Lilly looked overwhelmed, but her red cheeks also gave away her sexual arousal.

We both tentatively joined Mom as we as a family made love to Lilly.

Dad unzipped Lilly's dress, while Mom helped taking it off a clearly bewildered Lilly, who looked over to me with a look that could only be described as disbelieving.

I joined the undressing of my sister as I smiled at her as I reached behind and unclasped her bra.

"Pantyhose ripped at the crotch my dear, how deliciously naughty," Mom purred, as she lifted up her dress to reveal she was wearing a garter and stockings, my cock again flinching.

"Anthony did that," Lilly spoke for the first time in a while.

"And you like to please your brother don't you, honey?" Mom smiled.

Lilly blushed again, now naked except her torn pantyhose, "I suppose," she whispered.

"Because you are submissive dear, aren't you?" Mom assessed accurately, taking her daughter's left nipple in her mouth.

Lilly whimpered weakly, "I guess."

"You like to please don't you?" Mom asked, moving to Lilly's right nipple.

"Yes," Lilly moaned as her mother nibbled on her nipple. Meanwhile dad was kissing his daughter's neck from behind.

"And you have always been a daddy's girl, haven't you, Lilly?" Mom asked, lowering herself to her knees.

Lilly looked down at Mom, clearly still stunned yet obviously horny as hell. "I suppose."

"Do you want mommy to lick your pussy and get it ready for daddy, sweetheart?" Mom asked, her voice the same as if she was asking Lilly if she wanted cream in her coffee.

"I-I-I don't know," Lilly stammered, looking at me for help.

I nodded.

Mom continued her sexual teasing her daughter. "Lilly we would never make you do anything you don't want to do. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Lilly nodded.

"Do you want mommy to lick your sweet little pussy?" Mom asked, moving so close it looked from my advantage point that she had to be lip to lip. "Hmm, you smell good enough to devour whole."

Lilly trembled as she looked at me overwhelmed by the situation and her own growing desire to be pleasured. Her voice cracked as she weakly said, "Yes, Mommy."

Mom leaned forward and licked her daughter's pussy and my cock flinched with eager anticipation of when it would be my turn for Mom’s ministrations to my now rock hard member.

Lilly let out a long moan as Mom’s tongue touched her pussy and after a few seconds of lesbian incest intimacy, Mom said, "Boys don't just stand there, lets pleasure her whole body.”

Dad continued staying behind Lilly kissing her back and squeezing her ass cheeks.

Lilly's eyes went wide as I moved in and kissed her. Our tongues moved tentatively in each other mouths as Lilly was so distracted by our parents’ double onslaught on her senses.

Lilly eventually broke the kiss as her breathing began to get erratic. Looking down, mom lapping away and dad groping freely as he whispered, “Does my little girl want daddy to fuck her?”

Lilly’s sounds were a type of sexual pleasure I had only heard in porn movies.

Both my parents were pleasuring their daughter begged, a hunger in her eyes, "Daddy, please fuck me."

Hearing such words from my sister had my cock begging to get some attention as dad stood up, pulled down his pants hastily, his cock a literal twin to mine, and taking control, ordered, "Move to the table for support, sweetheart."

Lilly didn't need to be told twice as mom moved out from underneath her daughter, her face shiny with pussy juice, and Lilly returned to the table where I earlier this evening (hard to believe that had been just a few hours ago) had taken her virginity.

Dad had the same look of insatiable hunger I had, as he positioned himself behind his daughter, whose left hand was rapidly rubbing her clit.

"Hurry Daddy," Lilly begged, adding even more taboo naughtiness as she had obviously accepted the kinky reality of our incestuous act, "Fuck your baby girl, daddy."

Dad clearly didn't need any further convincing as he easily slid his stiff cock inside his daughter.

"Ooh, yes, daddy," Lilly moaned loudly as she was filled completely in one hard thrust.

"Your pussy is so tight baby," Dad groaned a look of euphoria on his face.

Mom moved to me, still on the floor, and asked as her hand went directly to my stiff erection, "Is my big boy needing some attention to?"

I mumbled, "God yes."

I watched as mom unbuckled my belt, tugged down my pants and underwear and took my hard rod in her hands. She purred, "Hmm, is this all for me?"

Trying to be suave under the circumstances, I replied, "All for you, Mom."

"Mmm, delicious," she smiled before opening her mouth and taking my cock in it.

Instantly I wondered if cock sucking was a DNA trait as mother and daughter had a similar style of pleasing a man with their whole mouth including their tongue. Many girls think giving head is just a back and forth bob, which usually gets the job done, but a true cocksucker uses her lips, mouth, hands and saliva to create an onslaught of sensations that has the man's knees bucking. Mom's was that kind of blow job and so much more.

I looked at my sister who was ferociously rubbing her clit as dad slammed into her from behind. Unlike my one time making love to her, dad was fucking her. Lilly's body was bouncing like a rag doll with each firm deep thrust dad made into her. Lilly meanwhile was clearly in sexual ecstasy as she moaned and begged for more.

"Harder daddy, fuck your slutty daughter harder," she begged, which only turned me on more.

I returned my gaze to my mother who was worshiping my cock like it was the holy grail of cocks. Deciding to be aggressive myself, confident in my assessment that she was submissive, I ordered, "Let's see you bend over beside Lilly, my mommy slut."

Mom looked up, her mouth full of cock as if asking me with her eyes if I had just called her a slut.

Reading her mind, I confirmed my authority over her, as I continued, "I plan to make you my full time mommy slut, Julie."

I had never used her first name before or called her a slut, but my hunch was right (like I knew I had to be slow and sweet with Lilly, I knew I had to be firm and aggressive with mom).

Mom took my cock out of her mouth and she asked, her hand firmly on my cock, "Are you trying to Dom your mother?"

Her tone surprisingly stern as if I was in trouble had me considering had I misjudged the situation and mother's submissiveness.

I pondered backing down but having started the power play I figured I may as well finish it.

Staying firm, I threatened, "If you want your son's big cock in that sweet cunt of yours you will get over there and bend over like a good mommy-slut or I will go find Aunt Sarah. I bet she would be a good little fuck-toy.”

Time stood still as mom stared at me from her submissive position on her knees while I stared down at her firmly.

"Shit you got mommy all fucking wet," she finally said, standing up and going to join her daughter who was still getting pounded hard from dad.

Mom bent over, lifted up her dress, surprising me by being commando and leaned in and kissed her daughter.

I moved towards my mom's perfect ass, so perfect in every curve, and put my hands on her hips.

"Beg your son to fuck you mommy-slut," I demanded, my cock between her legs teasing her pussy.

Breaking the lesbian incest kiss, she begged, "Please shove that big snake in mommy, make mommy your fuck-toy."

I couldn't believe the words I was hearing, but was not one to disobey my mother and I pushed forward filling my mom's cunt with my cock.

"Oh yes, Anthony," Mom moaned as my body slammed into hers.

"You like my cock in your cunt," I asked, not moving as I allowed myself to enjoy the forbidden warmth of mom's volcano of pleasure.

"I fucking love it, baby," Mom resounded.

Lilly meanwhile was in an orgasmic frenzy as she screamed, "Oh my, oh my, oh my God daddy, you made your daughter come."

Dad smiled at me as he continued to thrust into his daughter even as she orgasmed.

"You look so beautiful baby," Mom purred as she watched her baby girl come from her dad's cock.

"You too, Mommy," she whimpered as her orgasm continued to quiver through her.

I continued slowly fucking mom, enjoying her warmth as I watched my sister's beautiful lips as her post orgasm whimpers continued to escape.

Dad grunted and demanded, "On your knees, slut. Get ready to take daddy's come."

I winced knowing that Lilly didn't like the derogatory terms, but was surprised when she quickly turned around, fell to her knees and devoured dad's cock. She hungrily bobbed up and down like the amazing cocksucker she was.

"Shit baby, you are just like your mother," Dad moaned.

Watching her daughter give her husband a blow job seemed to turn Mom on as she demanded, "Harder son, fuck Mommy harder."

Obliging her request, I began to replicate the sex scene I had just watched unfold. I began to slam into Mom my body crashing against her with each deep forward thrust.

Mom got incredibly animated as I fucked her. "Ooh yes, son. Fuck Mommy's cunt," and "Yes, baby, pound me baby," and "Oh God, I love being your Mommy-slut."

Meanwhile dad grunted, "I'm coming, baby girl."

Lilly didn't slow down as she impressed dad by easily swallowing every last drop.

"Fuck baby, so good," Dad groaned his facial expression one of pure satisfaction.

“Harder, Anthony, fuck your mommy-slut, fill my cunt with your cum,” Mommy moaned, as she somehow tightened her cunt muscles around my cock bringing a new sensation I had never felt before like she was milking me for all I was worth.

The mixture of watching dad and Lilly and the crazy tight cunt of mom was too much and I grunted, “Here comes my cum mommy!”

I unloaded my cum in my mother’s cunt as she demanded, “Keep fucking me baby, I’m close too.”

I didn’t slow down as mom milked every last ounce of my cum from her pussy death grip.

“Oh yes baby, yes, so close, yes, yes, shit,” Mom screamed as her orgasm hit her. A smile crossed my face knowing I had made my mother come as I slowed down exhausted.

To my surprise, I felt hands pull me back out of mom and was surprised to learn it was Lilly who said, “Move it big brother.”

Lilly fell to her knees and buried her face into mom’s leaking pussy...a mixture of mom’s and my cum.

The sight was so nasty hot my shrinking cock flinched.

Mom moaned, “That’s it my little cunt licker, clean mommy’s cunt.”

Dad laughed, “I think we may have created a monster.”

I chuckled, “A beautiful fucking monster.”


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Posted 01 Apr 2014 22:45
I read all 4 chapters and all i can say is that has to be one horney family. Darlin' you never cease to amaze me with your writing skills you keep writing and i'll keep reading ..and as normal all 4 chapters rate a 5+
Posted 04 Feb 2014 07:52
Great story... read the whole series and loved how it built up each time!
Posted 02 Dec 2013 18:17
I'm frazzled from reading this intense story.. Super Great!! Love every minute of it!!
Posted 02 Nov 2013 16:11
excellent family incest tale,,loved it,,,it built so naturally to a hot,hot climax,,,,,good job,,,love famly incest tales,,so much more fun than other forms!!
Posted 31 Oct 2013 05:27
What a scene! The details were so good, could see all the participants as they came - does cause an addiction! MORE please!

Posted 22 Oct 2013 12:25
What a fantastic story!!! Your writing skills are among the best I've read!!!!
Posted 17 Oct 2013 18:21
Very hot and very nasty look forward to more stories!
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great series
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wow awesome story . very hot
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That was HOT!!

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That was HOT! Very erotic incestuous story! Great job.
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Intense... took my breath away.... deliciously erotic....
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Great job so fucken hot
Posted 15 Oct 2013 08:23
Nice story

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