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College Prep 2

Grooming for the new school year!
As the summer rolled on, Beth and I spent just about all of our free time with each other. My living situation hadn't changed with my ex so I spent as much time as possible with Beth. Our relationship was growing even though we both started it under the pretense that we did not want anything serious. She was going to college in the fall and I just got over a three year relationship.

Beth received a letter from Georgia Southern University stating that a new policy had been recently implemented that required all freshmen to live their first year on campus in a dorm. Beth was upset about it, but realized that she didn't have to save as much money since she would not be getting an apartment. Since that was the case, she wasn't scrambling to work extra shifts, therefore we didn't see as much of each other at work. However, I would go to her house as soon as my shift ended.

Sharon, Beth's mom, didn't mind that I was over there as often as I was. She worked nights and it was a relief to her that there was a man around the house with her daughter while she was at work. Besides, she knew that Beth and I were fucking.

When I first hooked up with Beth (and her mom), Beth didn't have very much experience with sex. She couldn't take all of my ten inches. But as the summer passed, we were fucking more and more. Beth learned to take my entire length. She also became really good at sucking dick. We fucked in a myriad of positions in her room, in the kitchen, the living room, the shower, the bathtub. Anywhere we could fuck, we did. We had an entire house to ourselves just about every night.

Sharon hadn't joined me and Beth in bed since that first time. She had started dating a man named Bill. Bill was slightly older than Sharon, which put him in his late forties. He was divorced and financially stable. I'm sure that's what Sharon was looking for since she, herself, was divorced and was about to put her daughter through college.

Bill was a really nice guy and a perfect gentleman. He pulled out chairs for Sharon, opened doors and always came to the house to pick her up each time they had a date. He never spent the night, but there were times when Sharon did not come home, so I assumed she spent the night with Bill. However, occasionally Sharon would still want to hook up with me for a quick fuck.

Beth knew that I would fuck her mother and did not mind. That was the strange, yet most erotic aspect of our relationship. They both acted like it was a perfectly normal thing. Of course, I had no objections. For example, one night Beth and I were in Beth's bedroom watching a movie and Sharon was getting dressed for a date with Bill. I heard Sharon calling me from her room.. I paused the movie we were watching and said to Beth, "I wonder what she wants."

Beth just looked at me and rolled her eyes. "You know she wants you to fuck her."

"I thought she was going out with Bill tonight?" I asked.

"She is," Beth said as she resumed the movie, "So, are you going to go give her what she wants?"

I got up and went into Sharon's room. She was in her bathroom putting on her make up. She was wearing a bra but no panties. She was looking as hot as a cougar could possibly look. Beth was a knock out and she definitely took after her mom. Sharon saw me appear in the bathroom door. "There you are, sweetie," she said with a smile.

Seeing her with no panties on made my cock start to awaken. "You called?" I asked, playing dumb.

She started slowly walking towards me. "Yes, " she said, "I was hoping you would give me something before my date."

Wanting to know more about the relationship she had with Bill, I made an indirect comment, "Bill is a really nice guy. I think you two make a great couple."

Picking up on what I was getting at, Sharon smiled, gave a slight laugh then looked me in the eye. "Bill is a wonderful man and I care for him dearly. He knows how a lady should be treated. We have a wonderful sex life and I love making love with him."

Then Sharon reached out and grabbed my crotch. "But when I want a nice, hard fuck I call you."

My cock was standing at full attention. Sharon turned around and walked towards the vanity and bent over slightly. She hiked one leg up on the counter in front of the mirror, giving me full view of her inviting pussy. I wasted no time in approaching her from behind. I slid my shorts down, freeing my rock hard dick. I slapped her pussy a few times with my cock before sliding it in her hungry hole. My dick slid all the way in her wet pussy until I was balls deep. "Ooh yeah, that's what I'm talking about," she cooed.

She braced herself on the vanity with both of her arms. "Now fuck me!" she demanded.

I put both hands on her hips and started fucking her fast and hard. "Oh yes, that's it. Oh fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed.

I was pounding away on that cougar pussy, fucking her as hard as I could. I could hear my balls slapping against her with each thrust. "Oh give it to me!" she moaned. "Give it to me, baby. Fuck my pussy!"

I looked up and watched myself in the mirror as I fucked Beth's mom from behind. She saw me watching myself. "You like watching yourself fuck me?" she taunted. "Oh, your cock feels so good stretching my pussy out!"

I could start to feel myself get ready to cum. Sharon sensed it, too. "Don't stop! Keep fucking me! Don't you dare stop!" she screamed.

My cock was plunging inside her pussy, pumping her with all I had. My cock began to convulse as I felt my load come charging up. My balls were slapping and slapping against her as I kept pounding away. "Pump me! Oh pump me full of cum," Sharon pleaded.

Then I exploded inside of her. My hot load was pumping into her constricting pussy as she came with me. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock as my cum filled her. "Oh that's it. Oh, fuck!" she whimpered. "Oh nice, quick and hard."

We both just relaxed after are orgasms subsided. I was still standing behind her, catching my breath when the doorbell rang. I pulled up my shorts. Sharon dismounted the vanity. She found her panties and slid them on, followed by a nice sundress. The doorbell rang again. "Can you get that?" she asked. "Tell Bill that I'll be right out."

July came and went and then August was almost over. It was getting closer and closer to the day Beth left for college. Since we mostly stayed in the house all summer when we weren't working, one night Beth and I decided to have a date night. I had stayed at her house the night before and we decided that we would get dressed and go out after her mom left for work.

I was lying on Beth's bed waiting for Beth to get out of the shower so I could get in. I was wearing a pair of gym shorts and had no shirt on. Beth appeared from the bathroom. She had dried herself off and was naked looking for her panties. Just then, there was a slight knock on the bedroom door and Sharon walked in. She, too, had been in the shower because her hair was wet and she was wrapped in a towel. Bath made no attempt to cover up and went about looking for her panties. The fact that Beth was walking around naked and I was shirtless on the bed had no effect on Sharon. She acted as if everything was completely normal.

"So what are you kids up to tonight?" she asked.

"We're going to get some dinner and catch a movie," I answered casually.

"Oh, that sounds fun." Sharon smiled. "What are you going to see"

Beth turned to face Sharon and said, "Not sure, yet. We'll just see what's playing."

Sharon looked up and down Beth's naked body, then stopped suddenly. "Beth, honey, please tell me that you are going to shave."

"I shaved my legs last night," Beth responded.

"Sweetie, I'm talking about your muff," Sharon said with a look of disgust.

That was an odd thing to say. I thought Beth kept herself well groomed. "What about it?" Beth asked, clearly taken by surprise.

"Honey, it needs to be groomed. You are going to be living in a dorm, sharing a community shower with the other girls. Do you really want a bush between your legs?" Sharon explained.

"It's not like I have a nineteen-seventies bush!" she exclaimed.

Sharon was shaking her head. Beth turned to me. "Do you think I have a hairy bush?" she asked.

I shook my head, but before I could answer Sharon spoke up, "Don't bring him into this. Look, it may not be bushy, but it needs to be groomed...well trimmed."

Then Sharon unwrapped the towel that covered her and let it fall to the floor, exposing her triangle, which wasn't really a triangle at all. It was just a small strip of hair running vertical. It looked nice! At the sight of a naked mom and daughter right in front me, my cock started to stir.

"Sweetheart, look at mine," Sharon said, running her finger along the well manicured strip of hair. "It's nice, neat and not too wide. It's not a bulky triangle. That is so out! If the girls in the dorm saw that, they all would laugh at you."

I gave a slight chuckle, thinking of the movie "Carrie." No one noticed.

"Mom, you are being ridiculous!" Beth shouted.

"No, you are," Sharon said calmly, then took Beth by the hand. "Come on."

Sharon led Beth towards her room. I didn't know what was going on, but I sprang to my feet and followed behind. "What are you doing?" Beth asked, allowing herself to be led to Sharon's master bathroom.

"I'm going to do something about that muff of yours," she stated. "Now sit there on the edge of the tub."

"This is insane!" Beth exclaimed.

"Sit down!" Sharon shouted, pointing to the edge of the tub.

Beth did as her mother demanded. I was standing in the doorway somewhat dumbfounded at the scene that was taking place before me, Beth sitting naked on the edge of a huge garden tub and Sharon running around naked, as well. Beth just sat there with her arms crossed, obviously annoyed. Sharon grabbed three towels and scattered them on the floor near Beth's feet at the base of the tub. Then she went to her vanity and pulled out some electric clippers, a disposable razor and some shaving cream. It finally occurred to me that she was going to have Beth shave herself. Sharon approached Beth.

Beth looked up at her. "I'm not shaving myself!" she insisted.

"I know you're not. I am," Sharon stated bluntly. "Now spread your legs."

That hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn't believe what Sharon just said!

"This is crazy! No! I'm not going to do it!" Beth argued.

Sharon squatted on the floor and looked Beth straight in the eye. "I said spread your legs," she said calmly but very distinctly.

Beth slowly opened her legs revealing her slit. "That's a good girl," Sharon said softly as she turned on the clippers.

As she touched Beth with the clippers, Beth opened her legs wider. Sharon slowly worked the clippers in an upward motion from Beth's clit to trim her pubes. She had a guard on the clippers, but it must have been all the way down. As she took a stroke with the clippers, Beth's pubes started falling to the floor leaving a very thin layer of hair. I was mesmerized by watching Sharon take her time trimming Beth.

After a few minutes staring at Sharon working away, I looked up at Beth. She was leaning back on the edge of the tub, bracing herself with her arms. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing quite rapidly. She was enjoying it! It seemed that the vibrations from the clippers was feeling good on her pussy and she was really getting into it. She took a few deep breaths, then let out a whimper.

Sharon turned off the clippers, which immediately pulled Beth out of her trance. She looked down at Sharon who put the clippers to the side and grabbed her shave gel. "Now it's time to get you all smooth." Sharon smiled at Beth as she squirted shave gel on the tips of her fingers.

Beth opened her legs a little more inviting her mother to lather her up with the gel. Sharon gently rubbed the gel on the inside of her thighs working her way to the crease of Beth's crotch and towards her outer lips. As she gently rubbed Beth, Beth let out another whimper and she braced herself and closed her eyes once again. "Oooh, you are enjoying this aren't you?" Sharon asked Beth.

Beth was so turned on, all she could do was nod her head. "That's good, sweetie. Mama's going to get you all cleaned up."

Sharon had positioned herself to where she was now on her knees. Her ass was facing me giving me a good back-end view of her pussy. My cock started to harden as I watched Sharon gently shave Beth's pussy. She was so careful and moved ever so slowly. Beth's whimpers were now starting to sound like moans. Her breathing was increasing. Sharon still took her time. As she worked, she talked to Beth. "We need to get you a Brazilian wax. We'll make that pussy of yours so smooth."

"Oh that feels good, Mom!" Beth managed to whimper.

"See, I know how to take care of you," Sharon said as she continued shaving. "You just need to to learn to trust your mother."

Sharon was getting turned on by this, as well. I looked down at Sharon's pussy and noticed that it was wet and almost dripping. I placed on hand in my shorts and grabbed my already rock hard cock and started stroking it. This was such an erotic scene unfolding before my eyes.

Sharon put down the razor and leaned over to turn on the faucet of the tub. As she did, I got a good look at Beth's pussy. Shave gel was smeared inside of her legs, but I noticed that her clit was fully erect and engorged. As the water turned warm, Sharon pulled the detachable faucet over towards Beth and sprayed it between her legs, washing away the gel.

Beth flinched as the water first contacted her but then let out a deep moan as Sharon rubbed at her pussy, wiping away any loose hairs. As Sharon did that, Beth started grinding slightly as Sharon's hand wiped away at her pussy. "Oh you naughty girl," Sharon teased, "I'm cleaning you off and you are getting off."

"Look at this clit!" Sharon said as she quickly rubbed at it.

Beth gasped again as Sharon teased her clit. "I'm not finished with you," Sharon said as she reached for the shave gel again.

Sharon started rubbing the gel above Beth's clit and all around the remaining hair that made up her triangle. She looked up at Beth. "I think your pussy wants to be bald," she said.

Beth just nodded. As she braced herself again. Sharon slowly made strokes with the razor until all the hair was gone. Sharon's pussy was staring right at me, dripping as she was still working on her knees. I could hardly contain myself. As Sharon reached for the faucet again, I slid my shorts off. My rock hard cock sprang free. No one noticed. Beth had her eyes closed, and Sharon started rinsing Beth.

I approached Sharon from behind and got down on my knees. I lined myself behind her. As she was wrapped up in rinsing Beth, I found the opening of her dripping hole and slid my cock in. Her pussy was so wet, my dick slid all the way in with one fluid motion. Sharon let out a moan and immediately rocked her hips back to meet my dick as I started fucking her from behind. "Oh yeah!. That's it!" Sharon moaned. "I was wondering when you were going to come over here and fuck me!"

I was so hot by what I just witnessed, I was slamming my cock inside of Sharon. Beth had opened her eyes to see what was happening. She stared into my eyes as I fucked Sharon from behind. Beth was so worked up by the shave and now watching me fuck her mother, she started rubbing her nice, new bald pussy. Sharon was going wild, "Oh fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me!" Sharon grunted.

I continued staring into Beth's eyes. I gave her a sinister smile which let her know she was next. She smiled back and spread her pussy lips open to give me a nice view of her shaved slit. I could feel Sharon's pussy start to squeeze around my cock. I grabbed her hips and fucked her harder and faster as she came. After a few strokes I couldn't hold out any longer. I felt my cock starting to convulse as my orgasm rushed up upon me. I pulled my dick out of Sharon as it shot a massive load all over her back. Beth rubbed her pussy faster as she watched my cock explode onto Sharon's back.

After emptying my load, I immediately stood up and pulled Beth off the edge of the tub by the hand. I walked her over to the vanity where I lifted her to sit. She didn't say a word. She leaned back against the mirror and spread her legs. I dropped to my knees and spread her pussy lips with my fingers. I started lapping at her freshly shaved pussy with my tongue. Her pussy felt incredible around my face. It was so nice and smooth. I couldn't get enough. I wanted to eat that pussy all day.

Beth was squealing as I flicked her pussy with my tongue. Then I felt a nice sensation around my dick. I looked down to see that Sharon was still on the floor and was leaning over to suck my dick. She was taking almost all of my length in. She was trying to get me hard because she knew her daughter wanted some dick in her newly bald pussy.

I kept at Beth's now dripping slit. I would shove my tongue inside her hole, then move back to suck and flick her engorged clit. Every so often I would flick her asshole with my tongue, sending her into hysterics. Sharon was sucking and stroking my cock for all it was worth. Beth was bucking back and forth, up and down as I never stopped eating that delicious pussy. "Öh fuck!" Beth whimpered and she continued bucking, "Óh, fuck yes!"

I felt Beth tense up as she grabbed a handful of my hair. Then her pussy exploded all over me. I was lapping every bit of her sweet love juice, making sure not to miss a drop. Sharon was stroking my now hard cock with her hand. After licking Beth's pussy clean, I got to my feet. Beth was still on the vanity bracing herself with her hands. She didn't say a word to me, she just stared down at my cock as I flicked her clit with the head. I teased her opening with my engorged head.

Finally, I slid my cock into her hungry box. Beth let out a gasp as my cock slid all the way in her hot, moist love hole. Sharon reached down to rub Beth's clit. "Oooh, you've been a naughty girl. You couldn't take all this cock a few months ago," Sharon teased Beth. "Now your pussy is devouring it."

Beth was leaning back bracing herself with her hands behind her. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning as she bit her bottom lip. I fucked her slowly as her mother continued playing with her clit. Then Sharon spread Beth's outer lips exposing Beth's pink inner lips gripping my cock as it slid in and out of her. "Oh look at how your cock stretches her pussy," Sharon said to me.

I continued sliding my cock in and out of Beth, speeding up my pace. Sharon reached down and grabbed a bottle of moisturizer and squeezed a little on her hand. She gently rubbed it on Beth's freshly bald mound. She cupped the opening of Beth's pussy with her hand, which rubbed the lotion on my cock as it slid in and out of Beth's pussy.

Beth's pussy was so wet, my cock was already glistening with her juices. I started fucking Beth harder, getting hot myself. My balls were slapping Beth's ass with each stroke. "Oh, yeah, fuck me!" Beth whimpered. "Fuck me, yeah!"

Sharon hiked one of her legs up on the vanity counter and slid her hand between her legs to play with herself. "Oh this is so hot!" she said, rubbing her clit. "Watching your cock fuck Beth's shiny, bald pussy. Give it to her."

Sharon was now frantically rubbing her pussy as I pounded away at Beth's. Sharon was squealing as her pussy was getting ready to cum. Beth had opened her eyes and was watching her mother play with herself. She reached down and started rubbing her own clit and she turned and looked me in the eyes. "Oh, I'm going to cum with her!" she squealed, referring to her mother's orgasm.

Then Beth's pussy tensed up around my dick. Oh, it felt so hot, squeezing my pounding cock. Then Beth's pussy exploded, simultaneously with Sharon. Both women were screaming and moaning as their pussies came together. I could feel my orgasm building. I was pumping harder and harder. Sharon knew I was ready to pop. "I want to see that cock explode on that bald pussy!" Sharon exclaimed.

I reached to grab my cock, but Sharon was quicker. She grabbed my dick as I pulled out of Beth's box and she stroked me twice before I exploded. My creamy cum covered Beth's bald mound. As my cock squirted, Sharon made sure that every inch of Beth's mound was covered in my love juice. She dropped to her knees and took the head of my cock into her mouth, sucking the last drops of my seed while still stroking me with her hand. My knees grew weak and I had to brace myself on the edge of the vanity. Beth was rubbing her hand over her bald mound and into the cum that covered it.

Sharon finally stood up and grabbed a towel. She wet the towel under the tub faucet and cleaned off Beth's mound. "Now that was fun!" she said smiling down at Beth.

Beth was still catching her breath, but managed a smile in return. I found my shorts and pulled them on. Beth dismounted the vanity, getting to her feet.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I need another shower and I'm late for work," Sharon said. "You two have fun at the movies."

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Posted 02 Feb 2014 03:16
mmm, so this is what goes on before a coed goes to college - hope there are more!
Posted 18 Sep 2013 00:10
Hot story! Loved the College Prep series.
Posted 08 Aug 2013 10:25
Hot story! Would be hot if you add another chapter, and they make the guy shave too! His huge cock would probably look even bigger if he was completely shared bare too.
Posted 01 Aug 2013 15:30
NICE!!! Some hot shit right there Well written & detailed stories. Keep up the GREAT work
Posted 31 Jul 2013 03:51
Girl shaving girl is so sexy, I put it in one my stories a while back. You've got a strong story line and well developed characters really enjoyed it thanks
Posted 30 Jul 2013 04:48
OMG!!! Excellent follow up. Hot story. Just keep getting better. Thanks. Stayed hard the whole time.
Posted 30 Jul 2013 02:26
nice story
Posted 29 Jul 2013 23:50
How hot was that . my cock is bursting ,ready for some action.

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