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Crossdressing Nephew and His UNcle

Once my Uncle and I established a relationship based purely on hot sex while I was dressed as a girl,he would always make plans for us to get together.

He soon got his own place,it was on the other side of town and I thought it would be difficult to get together now.

One particualr weekend,he called my parents and asked if I could stay over the weekend and help him do some yard work,and my folks said "sure". They didn't think anything of it.

Friday night arrives and I pack only lingerie,panties bra's,etc. in my bag.

My parents drop me off around 6:00pm and he tells them that I am in good hands and he will drive me home Sunday afternoon. They agree and travel on their way.

For an older man UNcle Henry is very sexy,and horny might I add.

For the first night,he has planned a trip to an adult bookstore. He tells me to put on something sexy and slutty.

I decide to put on the schoolgirl outfit,plaid mini skirt,white blouse,white thigh highs,white satin panties and black heels. Blonde wig and do my make up and head out to his living room,where he smiles from ear to ear.

We get in his car and drive about ten minutes down the road to the adult arcade.

Once in,he heads over to the counter and buys a whole bunch of tokens and we head into the back. He tells me that I am going to please as many strange cocks as I can,but that only he can fuck me,and that I was NOT to cum at all tonight.

We grab a booth and he picks a movie to watch. The place is crowded,old men,young men,skinny men,fat men. The place smells of sex,there is cum all over the floor.

Before long a cock appears through the hole and Uncle Henry takes and pushes my head toward the hole and tells me to suck it like a good little girl.

I suck on this stranger's cock for a few minutes when he shoots his load across my tongue and in my mouth,my Uncle tells me to swallow it all.

A few moments later,another cock appears,I suck it,he pulls out and shoot's it on my face and lips.

Uncle Henry licks it off of my face and then spits it down my throat.

Yet another cock appears,not through the hole,but the guy is stroking it at the hole. I put my mouth up to the hole,stick my tongue through,to show him where to cum,he then put's his cock up to my mouth,and immediately shoots a huge load.

I moan my approval,as spurt after spurt fills up my mouth.

I tell Uncle Henry,I want a bigger booth and we head to a buddy booth.

These booths have a private room if you want,or in the back there are plate glass windows that everyone can watch through if they want.

The seats are big and roomy.

We get our booth and are soon treated to an older man,65 or better. He walks in,starts to fondle me in my schoolgirl outfit,and I take his semi erect cock into my mouth,it takes him awhile,but he eventually cums.

Uncle Henry tell's me I have an audience. I look up and there are three guys standing outside the window,stroking their cock's through their pants.

Uncle Henry waves them in. All three men come in,two guys around 30 and another around50ish.

I take turns sucking their hard cocks. Making sure I pay equal attention to all three.

One guy pushes away the one I was sucking and shoots his load onto my lips and into my mouth,I suck him dry and immediately return to sucking the other two,soon the old man is cumming,followed soon after by the third.

I am now filled up with cum and horny as hell. I turn to UNcle Henry and unzip his pants,and take out his cock.

He locks the door,and tells me,"remember,don't cum".

I suck his cock,get it nice and wet. I remove my white panties and stradle him on the big bench seat,sliding his cock into my horny ass.

As I ride him up and down,I look out the window and see some guys gathered around,watching,some stroking their cocks. Some try and open the door,but can't and stand there stroking.

Some guys shoot their loads on the window or onto the floor,turned on by what they see.

I so want to cum,but I can't. My Uncle though has no problem. Fifteen minutes later he filling my ass up with hot,creamy jizz.

I get up and put my panties back on,my cock straing to explode,but I know I can't.

He ask's ,me if I want any more and I say no,let's go home.

Saturday afternoon arrives and he tells me he has a special surprise for me tonight.

Around 7:00pm,he tells me to get dressed in whatever outfit I wanted,that we were staying in tonight,but he had a friend coming over.

So decide on black satin bikini panties,black bra,black pantyhose,black heels,brunette wig and a black sundress.

As we are sitting in the living room, the door opens and in walks his twin brother,my Uncle Charles.

I get a queazy feeling in my stomach,thinking,oh no!

But Uncle Henry tells me to relax,that he and Uncle Charles had their first sexual experince together as kids,and conituned to experiment on and off until they both got married.

He said he had told Uncle Charles all about me and that when he could,he should come into town for a weekend.

Uncle Charles lived in Arizona at the time,and I guess this was the weekend he came into town.

Uncle Charles came over and sat on the couch next to me,I was now in between them both.They gave me wine to calm my nerves and we talked for awhile about everything that lead up to this.

Uncle Henry suggests that Uncle Charles take me into the bedroom alone at first so he could have some quality time with me. By now I'm pretty buzzed from the wine,Uncle Charles leads me back into the bedroom where we begin to make out.

His body pressing into mine,I can feel his cock growing against me.He turns me around and unzips my dress,letting it fall to the floor. He takes off his pants and shirt and leads me over to the bed and lays me down.

He continues to caress my body,telling me how Uncle Henry would always brag about how good I was.

I reach down with my hand and start stroking his raging hard on.We continue to make out some more,when I slide down and take his erect cock into my mouth. He and Uncle Henry are identical,so this is familiar territory for me.

His salty precum wetting my lips as I slide them over and down the shaft of his meat.

I continue to suck on him for a good while,when Uncle Henry walks in the room and says,"see I told you he was good Charles."

Uncle Charles can only moan "yes".

Then Uncle Henry turns and leaves the room.

Uncle Charles then pulls me up and tells me to get on all fours,as I do he rips a hole in the ass area of my pantyhose,grabs the lube and squirts a gob onto his cock. He smears it around and then slides my sexy black panties to one side under my ripped hose.

He slides his cock into me and lets out a loud "Oh My God!"

I start breathing heavy as he fucks me,in and out,in and out. Slow,then fast,slow then fast again.

Uncle Henry,soon joins us and positions himself infront of me and I take his hard meat into my mouth. Sucking him long and deep,while his brother fucks me.

A few moments later Uncle Henry lays down on the bed,I get on top of him and slide his cock into my well worked ass from Uncle Charles. Once he is in Uncle Charles comes up from behind me and tries to slide his cock into me as well.

I let out a loud scream as the head of his cock pushes it way into me along side Uncle Henry's cock.

He can really only get the head in,I'm too tight. But they both fuck me this way for about 15 minutes.

Then they decide to just take turns.

They continue to fuck me for about an hour and a half,when they are both ready to cum,they get on either side of my face and jerk their cocks unitl the shoot their their loads onto my face.

Uncle Henry on my left and UNcle Charles on my right. Two nice cocks spewing cum all over my face and lips,this is all I can take. I reach down,rip my hos the rest of the way,pull my cock out of my panties and start stroking like there's no tomorrow. I cum almost instantly. Shooting a huge stream of cum up to my chin. Spurt after spurt,hitting my chin,landing on my chest.

We fell asleep soon after. Around 2am I got up and took a shower and went back to bed between the two of them in only a pair of red satin panties and bra.

Morning arrives,it is 7:00am and I puit on my black sundress over my panties and head out to the kitchen. Uncle Charles is there drinking his coffee and Uncle Henry went out to the store.

We made small talk,then UNcle Charles takes me by the hand and leads me back to the bedroom.

He lays me down on my stomach on the bed,doesnt say a word,smears lube on his now erect cock and slides it back into my well fucked ass from the night before.

He is fucking me nice and fast,my cock rubbing between the matress and my panties makes me cum. About ten minutes go by and he starts cumming in my ass. He gets up and says "I just wanted a quicky" I say "that's is fine".

I get up and head to the shower and he heads back out to the kitchen.

Once Uncle Henry got home we finally did some yard work,follwed by another afternoon of sucking and fucking by Uncle Charles and Uncle Henry. I finally arrived homne around 5:00pm.

And Uncle Charles went back to Arizona the next morning.



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Posted 28 Jun 2009 05:13
Out of this world .... it was very well written. I have a special place in my heart for crossdressers and I love sucking cock.
Posted 03 Jan 2009 12:18
Great story. My 3 favorite things, crossdressing, sucking cock and getting my ass filled..............
Posted 01 Sep 2008 15:51
that story was so good I went and got a pair of my sisters panties from the linin basket and went to sleep with them wrapped around my cock for the night.
Posted 01 Aug 2008 22:23
omg im cumming this is such a great story iv always wantd 2 try it with another man and giv head and crossdress

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