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Daddy and his girls, final part

Part of my soap opera, hope you've enjoyed it

As the girls left the bedroom dressed in only bikini bottoms and a towel, but carrying clean vest tops, they heard the front door open.

"It's only me" I shouted.

"Course it is," Jenny said, "no one else has a key".

"What are you two up to ?" I asked seeing my girls walk past wrapped in towels.

"It's a lovely day, we're gonna top up our tans. Didn't think you'd be home yet " Jenny continued as she walked right past me towards the kitchen, and the back door.

"Hello Daddy, " Sky said as she walked past. "I didn't kiss you this morning did I, so I will now."
As Sky leant in for a kiss, the towel she was holding fell, exposing her glorious breasts.

After the initial shock and lovely sight, I did the conventional thing and turned my head.

All Sky said was "Oooops", as she retrieved the towel and looked at her sister.

 Jenny just shook her head and closed her eyes in a way typical of when a sibling makes a silly mistake.

I think I blushed, I have seen Jenny naked thousands of times, I have kissed, fucked and even eaten off of her, but with Sky I still need to keep my desires to myself.

As Sky adjusted the towel, I asked, "Have you girls eaten ?"

Both my daughters smiled silently in their heads and thought the same, "Oh yes, I've eaten", but only Jenny spoke, "not since breakfast Daddy, I was going to take a load of fruit to pick at, as we sunbathed".

"You two go outside, I'll sort the fruit" I said.

As the girls walk up the garden, Jenny said to Sky, "that was funny, you were right"
" I know " Sky replied, "let's see how long we can play him along ".

I watch as the girls walk away, but it's the scene in my minds eye which arouses me.
I play over and over the falling of the towel and the sight of the naked, full, firm breasts of my elder daughter.

I've assumed over the past twenty four hours, when they were encased in her bridesmaid dress, and in the t-shirt and vest top she has worn around the house, that Sky's boobs would be spectacular, and now I know it to be true.

I love Jenny with all my heart, and her body, tiny tits included, is absolutely delicious, but Sky has been blessed with tits which every man, or woman come to that, dream of.

My minds eye stirs the feeling in my groin, and I can feel my erection growing.
As soon as the girls disappear into the private area of our garden, I give them a few moments to settle, then call out, " Jenny, come back, give me a hand with this fruit."

The girls hear my call as they set their towels on the grass to lay on.
Each of my daughters watches the other, appreciating the naked breasts of their sister.

Sky tells Jenny, "Don't say anything remember."

Jenny replies, "I won't, and stay here Sky, don't come up to the house". Jenny puts on her vest top to walk back.

As Jenny walks back alone I release my cock. The view of her sisters tits still playing in my mind.

As she walks back into the house Jenny laughs at the sight before her.

"I saw you looking. Is that for me or Sky ?" She asks, meaning the cause of my erection, and walks right up to me, swaps my hand for both of hers, and carries on wanking me.

"Her boobs are great, you have to agree" I tell Jenny.

"And now, so is her pussy" Jenny informs me, with both hands still working my shaft its whole length.

"Tell all," I instruct her, as my concentration changes from the images in my head, to the sight and tits in front of me. The vest top allows easy access to caress the tiny tits.

Jenny's rhythm increases, wanking me quicker, as she says, "Her pussy is all smooth now Daddy, and we spent all morning playing. I love her nearly as much as I love you".
Jenny stoops and takes my cock in her mouth, but doesn't stop her hands working.

"Did you talk about me ?" I ask, expecting to be told 'no'.

Jenny frees her mouth, but not her hands, and carefully chooses her words.
"Not really", she lied, "I shaved her, then we played on my old bed".

Then remembering about Sky never actually having had any luck with other girls, Jenny added with pride, "she's never been with other girls, I'm her first. Oh, and she's only wanked a few guys from college, I'm sure she said she's a proper cock virgin".
As the sentence finished, Jenny filled her mouth again.

With Jenny's words still in the air, I smiled at the pride in her voice.

The movement of her hands, lips and tongue, soon brings me to a climax. As I continued to tease Jenny's pert boobs, her head only moved back a little. Her mouth never once releases my cock, she just gave it room to fill with my cum, and swallowed it right down.

When Jenny was satisfied I had stopped shooting my load, she stood and kissed me, passing into my mouth the last drops of my cum, our tongues sharing the taste.

"Come on," Jenny said, all practical, "let's get our lunch or Sky will come looking for us".

As we both wash our hands at the kitchen sink, I ask, "so you girls played, and didn't talk about me at all ?"

"We played, and you hardly got talked about," Jenny lied again.

I don't know what I had expected. I must have hoped for more, but realized that having Jenny is so incredible, but to wish for her sister too, in not very likely at all.

I resigned myself to enjoying Jenny's accounts of their times together.

As we carry the trays of fruits, drinks and a of bottle of sun block, into the secluded area of our garden, Sky is laid on her towel, her naked breasts soaking up the sun.

As Sky sees us, she sits up, smiles, and asks, "I don't need to put this top on do I Daddy ? Its just like the beach really, you don't mind my bare boob do you ?"

"Not at all" I said, but in hind sight, I could have sounded less happy about it.

I see Jenny's smile as I set my tray down. Jenny obviously loves having a new sister.

Sky sees the sun block and picks it up immediately, "Oh, I'll need this" she said.
"I've not been topless at all this year, look how white I am".
Jenny and I both looked.

Sky had plainly been wearing a lot of vest tops this summer. Her body has the classic vest shape, drawn in 'tan line 'white, against a nicely tanned pair of arms, shoulders and cleavage.

Her full, white breasts, has centres topped with what could have been glacier cherries. Her red nipples standing so brightly.
The bikini bottoms Sky is wearing also showed the tell-tale tan lines of a girl who wears shorts a lot.

Sky handed the sun block to Jenny and said, "Do my back Jenn, then I'll do yours", and Sky faced away from her sister.

Jenny was more than willing to follow Sky's lead, for she knew Sky was definitely playing up to Daddy.

Jenny removed the vest she put on to walk back to the house in, took the sun cream from Sky, squirted some onto her sisters shoulders, and proceeded to massage it in.

All this time I am just stood there, not sure what to do.
My two daughters, 17 and 18 years old, are topless before me.
The elder one I hardly know, after all the time she has lived with her mother.
Should I stay, or return to the house ? Convention surely dictates I should not be here.

Despite my glorious relationship with Jenny, to Sky I am just her biological father, who missed out on all the growing up things teenage girls go through.

I have always provided financially for her, but I now know I could, and should, have done a whole lot more.
Besides, despite having just been sucked off by tiny, delicious, 17 year old Jenny, I can feel that lovely stirring between my legs.

Jenny's voice breaks my chain of thought, "there, all done Sky, now do me".

As Sky takes the sun cream, she answers the thoughts going through my head, when she asks "Shall I do your back too Daddy ?"

I know that I should return to the house, but the sight before me is so very erotic, and I convince myself I can control the erection growing in my shorts, besides, they are my daughters, I need to learn to control myself.

"Sure Sky, please do, I may as well join you both," I say as I remove my shirt and sit on the grass.

Sky goes to cover Jenny's back, and immediately sees the all over tan of her sister.
"Wow !" she says, "you've obviously been out here a lot Sis. I never noticed inside".

The bright sun light really did exaggerate, both the tan of Jenny and the white lines of Sky.

Sky has already poured cream onto Jenny's shoulders, so proceeds to spread it around anyway.
When her hand reaches the bikini bottoms of Jenny, Sky playfully pulls the waist band to check how far the tan spreads.
"Yummy Jenn, an all over tan," Sky declares as she looks inside the bikini.

"It's a nice sun trap here, isn't it Daddy," Jenny states.

"It is, " I reply, at which point Sky takes the two or three steps towards me, squirts cream onto my back, and starts to massage it in.

As she reaches my shorts, I expect her to stop, but with a high pitched laugh she screams out the words, "how far does your tan go Daddy ?", and Sky pulls my shorts down, revealing the fact that I too have an all over tan.
At which point Jenny helps her sister wrestle me to the ground. In the process, one of us knocks over the tray with the drinks on.

All three of us are laughing, but even though my shorts are around my ankles, I can still break free from the two teenage girls.
As I escape, I pull my shorts up, still not sure if my behavior is all it should be.

Jenny and Sky are still on the grass, laughing, looking up at me. Still displaying two beautiful pairs of breasts.

I pick up the empty glasses and say, "you girls are terrible together", but the joy in my voice is clear to hear, so more laughter follows.

"I'll go top these up" and I walk back to the house, carrying the tray and empty glasses.

"See, fun !" Sky tells Jenny as I disappear out of sight. "And I see what mum meant, Daddy is way bigger than the guys from college," and still more laughter.

Sky continues, "Did you see, he was getting hard, looking at our tits Jenn ?"

"Course he was Sky, Daddy gets hard all the time".

"If I wasn't here, would he fuck you Jenn ?" Sky inquires.

"Probably, we fuck or suck or play most of the time" Jenny replies, now not holding anything back.

"When he comes back, after a little while, I'll make an excuse to go for a while, and you can fuck him, ok Jenn." Sky plans. " Judging by his boner, he needs one," she adds, and again the laughter.

When I return with the drinks, both girls are sat on their towels chatting, but stop talking as I settle down.
"Try not to knock these over, " I ask. "They're the last ."

Sky is next to speak, "oh pass the cream," she asks Jenny. The sun cream had landed nearest to where Jenny is sat.

"I still need to do my front, and white bits," Sky adds, "its ok for you two, all tanned and lovely".

 Sky puts the cream on to her hands and starts to massage it onto her perfect, firm breasts. I am watching way too closely, and I see her watching me and smiling. Her hands work in circles, protecting her whole boob, and all surrounding area.

 When she is happy enough cream has been applied there, Sky starts to apply more cream to her groin and thighs. Time and again she works her fingers beneath her bikini bottoms, ensuring she protects all the paler areas.
I happen to glance at Jenny, her gaze is shared between me and her sister. Jenny will look at Sky, then at me, then back to Sky.

 As soon as Sky finishes with the sun cream, she lays back on the towel, but then immediately sits up again.
"It's my fault about the drinks," Sky states, "I'll nip to the shops and get some more."
 "Don't be silly", I reply, "I'll go later".

 Sky insists and after a few minutes of gentle banter, which includes Jenny offering to go with Sky, Sky insists she knows the way, having past it, in the drive home yesterday, and it is only about ten minutes walk down the road, Jenny and I give in to Sky, and let her fetch more drinks from the store.

 After going into the house to dress more appropriately, Sky nips back to where Jenny and I are still sunbathing, and says, "I'm off now, won't be long, shouldn't be more than half an hour." And Sky disappears out of sight again.

 "I saw you enjoyed that" Jenny states.

 "Enjoyed what ?" I ask.

 "Sky, with all the sun cream. I saw you watching, I noticed your cock, I can still see you're ready for action."

I look down, as Jenny and I are alone, I ask, "So what are you going to do about it ?" Knowing full well what the answer will be.

 Jenny stands, removes her bikini bottoms, her naked, smooth, tanned, pussy, looks like it too has been enjoying the show, I can see her juices have moistened her tiny cunt, ready for action.

 She walks to where I'm laying, and simply pulls my shorts off. My cock had settled down a bit during the argument about going to the store, but as I look down, I am pleased I am just about ready to fuck my tiny seventeen year old daughter, as she starts to lower herself, guiding my cock the last inch or so into her tight, but well used pussy.

 As Jenny moves slowly up and down, I feel her tight pussy, grip and harden me still further. Jenny's tiny tits calling out for my hands.

 All thoughts of Sky disappear as I caress, the gorgeous little tits I love so much.

 Jenny continues her slow rising and falling, trying to extract from me another load of cum. The smile on Jenny's face brightens even more, I think Jenny has just had another little orgasm. Her eyes widen, her mouth shows how lovely she is feeling.

 "Guess who never went to the shops ?" I hear behind me.

 My mind panics, I tilt my head back and see Sky. I'm sure my face has an expression of horror, and I look at Jenny, expecting the same, and seeking advice, but no, Jenny is still smiling, still trying to maintain her rhythm, despite my natural reaction to move apart and cover up.

 Jenny pushes my chest down with her hands, and simple says, " I think this is going to be fine Daddy."

Sky pulls off her top and shorts, and says, "Sorry Jenn, I did intend going to the shops, but when I saw Daddy getting hard as I put the lotion on, I changed my mind, but didn't tell you my new plan."

 All I can think of is the word 'plan'. What plan ? How long has this been planned ?

 As Sky now removes the bikini bottoms, revealing to me the newly shaved pussy, and with Jenny now back in the rhythm, her tight cunt working my cock, I see that maybe I have died and gone to heaven.
 Both my beautiful teenage daughters, not only love each other, but love their Daddy too.

 Sky places a foot either side of my head and slowly kneels down, as her pussy settles on my mouth, she tells me, "Here Daddy, lick me, you"ll see everything will be alright."

 My panic over, I see a million possibilities ahead for us, and start to enjoy my elder daughter too. As I begin to explore the delicious tastes of Sky, the girls kiss the Sky starts to explain.

 "I really thought I could tease him for a few days Jenn", I heard Sky say. I could not really see much but I'm sure my girls were caressing each others tits as I was in each of their pussies.
 "But when I saw his cock, I thought how lovely it was compared to the guys at college. Plus it means we can have more fun too". I feel the girls lean and kiss each other again, as both the pussies giving me pleasure raise slightly for a moment.

 "Do you want to swap places ?" Jenny asks.

 "Yes please, I think I do Jenn", Sky replies.

 For a moment I feel out of the whole conversation, but as the pussy I have my tongue in, and the one gripping my cock both move up and out of my reach, I am composed enough to think clearly.

 "Are you sure you want this Sky ? Jenny said you're a virgin, is that true ?" I ask.

"Technically I suppose so Daddy, but I've used mums rabbit many times, and my hands have been exploring up there for years, so I'm sure nothing will hurt."
 The girls are holding hands as they move above me. They both free one hand to caress their sister with. For a full two or three minutes they stand above me, kissing and caressing each other. One hand each, always locked together. The other gently touching and exploring the other sister.
 I can not tell who is reassuring who through their touch, that everything will be alright, but the sight is not only erotic, but extremely tender.

 One of them, I can't tell which, breaks off their kiss, and parts their hand, and they both now position themselves above me.
 Sky lowers herself first. As her pussy nears my cock, Jenny stoops to guide it into her sister. Jenny takes hold of it, as Sky pauses what must be six or seven inches above me, as Jenny is able to move my cock just touching the pussy lips of her sister.
 There is a second when all three of us can feel my cock find the opening to Sky's vagina, and Sky descends onto my cock.
 I slide right in, not a hint of resistance. The warm tight pussy taking the whole length. I reach up desperate to finally feel the pert tits of my 18 year old daughter. No less beautiful than her little sisters, but more to caress.

 As Sky starts to move up and down on me, Jenny stays standing, kissing her sister, and competing with me for the full firm boobs.
 I move my hands away, and take hold of Jenny's legs, pulling and manipulating them, until Jenny is aware that I want to get my mouth around her pussy, as Sky fucks a cock for the first time.
 Jenny manages to maintain the kiss with her sister as she moves and lowers herself onto my face. Before my lips and tongue touch their target, Jenny releases a small stream of her juices right in my mouth. Jenny is so turned on right now.

 Sky tries to build up a rhythm. I don't know if it's the lack of experience or simply that her mind is more on kissing her little sister, but I need to take control of our fuck.

 I raise my body slightly, so that I can dictate the rhythm.

 Grabbing hold of Sky's ass, holding us a few inches off the grass, I can now move, in and out, fucking one daughter. Sucking the pussy of another. Both girls kissing and caressing each other.

 When I feel the welling up, inside my balls, I thrush upward, exploding my cum inside Sky. I keep my back arched, not allowing my cock to fall one millimeter.

 I feel another torrent of fluids from Jenny's pussy, she too has orgasm-ed. I can not tell if I have made Sky cum too, but I'm sure in the coming days, Jenny and I , will ensure her sister discovers the pleasures of love.

 (Ok, this is it for the time being.
 I hope you, dear reader have enjoyed my tale.
 I am pleased to discover that I can write about a subject I enjoy reading about, and I hope what has turned into a 'soap opera', kept you interested.
I may write more short 'one off' accounts of my characters adventures, I may even add characters. Please feel free to offer advice or criticism, as you feel necessary, either in comments or message me.
We're here to have fun, so enjoy.)

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 01 Apr 2014 11:55
A very good series. I loved them all. A good build up for the finale. Keep them coming.
Posted 23 Mar 2014 10:36
Love hot..
Posted 19 Aug 2013 09:57
I read this part first, very hot! Can hardly wait to read the others.
Posted 23 Aug 2012 08:32
love sisters shareing...

Posted 05 Aug 2012 16:48
luved every excerpt.
Posted 19 Jul 2012 22:30
loved it

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