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Daddy: Coming home to my Baby

A story written by myself, from Daddy's point of view
I placed down my bag as I usually did every day when I got home from work, and hung up my coat as I called out to my angel, “Amy, my darling I’m home.”

Silence. She didn’t reply. That was unusual, there was no note on the table underneath the coat hooks to say she had left the house. I walked over to the stairs to call up in case she hadn’t heard me, “Amy?”

As I called up, I saw a piece of her sexy lingerie draped over the end of the banister. It was a lace thong that I had bought her only a few weeks ago. Looking further up the stairs I saw a bra, she had left me a trail.

I crept up the stairs, and as I reached the top I could hear my angel moaning, “Mmmm, she’s masturbating,” I thought.

More underwear lead me to her room which was the furthest from the stairs, and as I crept closer, I could hear her moans intensifying as she started to gasp for breaths quicker and quicker, and let out sweet soft moans that told me she was about to cum.

I flung the door open, as she started to scream out. She was laid on her back, wearing a pair of black stockings and a black satin bra, her thong laid on the floor. Her back was arched, one hand buried in her beautiful pussy and the other feeling her big boobs through the bra. As the door hit her drawers her eyes darted to me, they were hungry for satisfaction.

Her body looked beautiful, and my cock was now throbbing. She smiled as she saw me pulling off my tie, shirt and then trousers. She slowly moved her fingers in and out of her as she watched me, not wanting to cum alone now.

I was now naked and made the short distance over to my baby as quickly as I could. I had to please her; she couldn’t be left this horny for too long. I knelt at the bottom of her bed, and grabbed hold of her hips pulling her down towards me. Her pussy was wet, as I breathed over her sweet clit I could see and smell cum, she had cum at least once already. The smell of her cum is so sweet, so addictive, one taste and you want more.

My tongue needed to taste her. I buried my tongue deep into her pussy, as my fingers played with her clit. As I stuck my tongue in, there was more cum that hadn’t yet oozed out. I lapped it up. She saw that I was excited by the amount of cum, and how she was still as needy for an orgasm.

It didn’t take long for me to get her into the same state she had been when I walked in, she was soon grabbing the quilt with her hands and biting her pillow, and my tongue danced over her clit, quickly but forcefully, while my fingers gyrated into her tight hole.

Her body started to shake, her back arched, her mouth flew open, and she screamed. Her clit tightened under my tongue, and then all of a sudden a thick load of her cum spurted out. I couldn’t help but lap it up.

I tried to touch her clit again but she pulled away, it was obviously too sensitive to be touched again so soon. My cock was now stiff and throbbing, an almost tingling sensation had filled it while she came.

She got into her knees, her beautiful smile drawing me in. She kissed me “thank you Daddy,” quickly looking down at my cock, before her smile broadened, “I think I need to sort you out now.”

I smiled and nodded, she knew that I needed it to have her special attention.

Unclipping her bra I laid back on the bed, in almost the same position as she had been. She kissed my lips again before making her way down my body to my cock. Her kisses, anywhere on my body, felt incredible. Her lips are so soft, that when they brush my skin it feels like silk. This feeling is even more intense of my cock.

She always starts of an amazing blow job the same way: she kisses the tip of my cock which drives me crazy as she knows it’s the most sensitive part and then licks down to my balls where she kisses them both.

This is when it changes, she now reads the signals I give her, so that she gave please me as much as she can. Today though, she sucked both of my balls, taking as much of them into her mouth, lightly sucking and then popping it back out of her mouth. She does this to both which starts of a strong throbbing sensation at the base of my cock.

She lifted up my balls and ran her tongue up to my ass hole. I moaned, she’d never done that before and it was so sensitive and felt so good.

She giggled, seeing the effect, “I’ll remember to do that again,” she winked.

I nodded, leaning back as her hand took hold of the base of my cock. Her tongue, flat, ran up to the tip of my cock, and then pouted, and ran the head over her lips, as if my cock was a lipstick. “Mmm,” I growled.

This is the bit I love the most, she looks up into my eyes as she does this, and never loses eye contact. She opens her mouth, and slowly lets my cock disappear into her mouth and throat. She always starts off slowly; making sure that it fits. After this, she speeds up, as she knows that I like it when it reminds me of when I fuck her tight little ass.

All of a sudden, when it was deep down her throat and while I was groaning as I was getting close, she stopped. She swallowed. Her throat grabbed hold of my cock, squeezing it, and then let go. “Wow!” I whispered. She did it again. “Mmm, baby,” I moaned. It felt amazing. She then kissed the tip and looked up to me.

“Did you like that Daddy?” she asked, innocently, crawling up to me, her tits swaying slightly.

I didn’t answer, I just grabbed hold of her hips, pulling her down onto my cock .She gasped, grabbing my shoulder. She pulled up and I slammed her back down, so that my cock was buried deep into her tight cunt. Every time I pulled her down, she would moan, clearly enjoying it. She started to bounce on her own now, and occasionally I would pull her back down again and I loved the feeling of her tight hole taking all of my big cock. It fascinated me how she could take it all.

All of a sudden, her body started to shake; she became unable to move up and down as her pussy clamped my throbbing cock. I loved this feeling; it was hold it so tight as my gorgeous girl screamed my name so loud as I played with her nipples. I then felt her warm, wet cum start to make its way down my cock. She collapsed onto my chest, her body limp.

She was done yet though, I rolled over with her. She was now underneath me and this was one way that I could control how much she would take. She loved this position as it meant that I was in complete control, I liked it this way too as I could give her the pleasure I wanted her to have.

My cock squeezed into her with each thrust, and I could feel the walls of her pussy contract around my cock, as her breathing became shallow, and her moans louder. I could feel my balls starting to tighten and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before my cum was filling her.

Seconds later, she screamed for the last time. “Daddy cum for me!”

That was it, I couldn’t hold back any longer, she had got her satisfaction and it was time for me to get mine. My balls tightened further, it felt like that were being squeezed, and then warmth build up in them too. One last thrust, and then I felt the warmth rocket through my cock and out of the tip. It felt like fire, not painful but intense, as I came inside her. Pulling out, I moved from onto of her to by her side.

She cuddled into me, and we were content.

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Posted 24 Sep 2013 13:50
Got me so horny and wet
Posted 12 Jun 2013 07:24
Enjoyable read.
Posted 06 Jan 2013 13:47
Perfect story as always loved it so hot 5*
Posted 29 Dec 2012 10:32
wow got my juices flowing 5+++
Posted 24 Dec 2012 09:34
loved it what a nice story
Posted 23 Dec 2012 12:01
great story.
Posted 23 Dec 2012 09:37
very hot
Posted 23 Dec 2012 08:30
Enjoyed reading a nicely described story scribed by a girl detailing the sensations and feelings of a man. A rather difficult job. 5

Posted 23 Dec 2012 08:04
Very good story Amy. You chose a very interesting perspective. The pace was perfect. The passion was strong but masculine. You achieved your goal. A wonderful way to seduce your man. We can see the love and lust that goes between you. What is next for you?

Posted 23 Dec 2012 07:53
What a perfect story Amy! Loved it!

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