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Daddy Part 2

Eden loves her Daddy and showed it, now he's showing he loves her too.

I lowered my mouth over his, my fingers continuing to stroke his hair. He returned the kiss, his arm holding my waist tightly, the other supporting my head. It wasn’t a sensual kiss at all; it was like when I kissed him as a little girl; tender and loving in all aspects. In that moment when I felt so helpless and lost I wanted to be a toddler again. I wanted to be carefree and able to snuggle against my father and sleep in his arms without the worries I had.

I struggled to pull my lips apart from his, but soon enough I did, resting my head on my Daddy’s shoulder into the curve of his neck. He held me tight enough that I had a hard time breathing, I didn’t care. I loved every minute of it.

Soon though, my Father twisted my body to the right, laying me on my back against the bed. I looked up at him with flushed cheeks. His lips curved into a soft smile, his fingers stroking my heated flesh. I was at a loss for words, but thought I should say something to him. I remained quiet, watching him move over me. His knees were bent on either side of me; I chewed on my lower lip, wondering what he had planned for me; for us.

Either of his hands was flat on the bed to either side of my head. He was watching me, his left hand cupping my chin, his thumb rubbing against my trembling lower lip. I was trying to compose myself as I starred up at my beautiful Father. Oh, I want you… Please Daddy Take me…

He lowered his mouth over mine, his arm bent to rest against the bed. I whimpered quietly, my hand reaching up to slowly wrap behind his head. My fingers curled lightly into his hair, he had the tightest curls I’ve ever seen. He continued to kiss me, laying his body lightly on top of mine. It didn’t matter to me if he put all his weight on top of me; I wanted him so badly I’d willingly take the pain.

“Baby girl…” He whispered as his lips parted from mine.

“Yes Daddy…?” I shut my eyes, afraid of what his expression would tell me. I didn’t want him to deny me… to send me away when I wanted him so desperately.

“If we go down this road… we can’t turn back.” I nodded slowly, I knew that, but it didn’t matter, I didn't want to turn back.

“I know Daddy.” My eyes fluttered open, his face was contorted in the most loving expression I’d seen on his face yet. I gasped softly as he came down to place his mouth on my neck. I moaned roughly, my hand within his hair lightly pulling. He slowly chewed on my pale skin, a groan passing my lips as I started to bite my lower lip. Slowly my Father pulled off me, sitting up and pulling me into the same position. I starred up at him, his fingers curling under the hem of my swim top. He started to pull it up, I moved my arms up and it came off. My breasts were bare and he gasped quietly at the sight of them.

His hand trembled a bit, reaching for my breast. Taking his hand I gently rested it on my right breast. I moaned quietly, my nipple was hard against his palm. He moved his hand in a circular motion, making soft cries part my lips. He pushed me back against the bed, biting my lower lip, his index and thumb tweaking my hard nub. My arms were wrapped around his neck, moaning as he lightly tugged on my lip.

He released my lip, lowering his mouth onto my nipple. “Oh, God!” It felt so amazing, my body shuddered, my hands moving to either side of his face, pushing him down a bit more. It feels so amazing…

His mouth kissed down my stomach, reaching the band of my shorts. He slipped his fingers into the band, pulling them down my hips. I lifted my ass off the bed, letting them slid off my smooth legs. I was naked, starring at my Daddy with my big blue eyes. He gave me a half smile, parting my legs, positioning himself in between them. He looked down at my pussy, biting his lower lip.

“Is it pretty Daddy?”

“Yeah Baby…” He answered without moving his gaze from my glistening entrance.

“How does it taste?” I lightly pushed my hips up, offering him my virgin hole. He lowered himself down in between my thighs, his hands pushing my legs even farther apart. His mouth fell on my clit first, sucking gently and then roughly. I moaned loudly, my hips bucking as my hands were running through his hair. He groaned, his tongue licking my wetness. Moving to kiss and bite my thighs before he pushed his tongue into my pussy.

“Daddy!” It was the loudest gasp that could have come out of me; my back was arched off the mattress, my fingers curled tightly into his hair keeping his face in position to have him eat me out more. He lightly chewed on my pussy lips, my hips bucking uncontrollably as I neared an orgasm. I whimpered softly, my body quivering as my Daddy realized what was happening. He was licking faster at my inner folds, sucking on my clit as his finger slowly pushed into my pussy.

I screamed with an orgasm, my Daddy wrapping his arms around my thighs, holding his mouth on my clit, sucking hard. I begged him to stop, my skin was burning and I needed a moment to recover.

“Oh Daddy, please stop! Please!” was all I managed to get out, he slowly stopped, pulling his mouth away from my dripping pussy, realizing he’d taken me a bit too far. He lay on his side beside me, kissing me tenderly on the lips; I could taste myself on his mouth. I whimpered softly as he pulled my body to his, my legs bent and closed as he pressed me to his chiseled chest.

“You taste sweet baby.” He answered my earlier question.

I blushed, quietly responding. “Thank you Daddy…”

“I love you Eden…” He gently grasped my left hand, looking down at the ring he had given me.

“I love you too Daddy.” He smiled, kissing the ring on my hand.

“This won’t be a promise ring after tomorrow night.”

“Maybe not to refrain from sex… but if can be a promise that you’ll love me forever Daddy.”

“Okay Baby, it’ll be a promise that’ll mean I love you forever; my precious baby girl.” He gave me a squeeze, pulling the thick blanket over our bodies, both of us drifting off to sleep for the night.

To be continued.

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Posted 17 Mar 2013 05:18
Oh my gosh just keeps getting better and better
Posted 09 Sep 2011 09:56
omg i can't wait i need the next part
Posted 03 Sep 2011 15:54
Excellent. Keep teasing us.
Posted 02 Sep 2011 18:04
Hot. The build up is is putting a strain on them both, but not to rush. they have plenty of time. "V=5++."
Posted 02 Sep 2011 00:31
A great story of incest. Most important is not the incest, but how the dad & daughter move towards incest. Charater building & interplay of the characters is masterpiece.
Posted 01 Sep 2011 12:15
WOW! Great! Thanks for sharing!
Posted 01 Sep 2011 11:18
Posted 01 Sep 2011 09:40
Oooooh, that was hot. Can't wait for the next one.

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