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Daddy punishes me and my sister

Daddy punishes me and my sister

Sisters sharing a boy leads strict Daddy discipline.
Oh yes, this boy knew how to lick my cunt well. I rode his talented tongue while Kristen bounced up and down on his big cock. Her sexy tits were bouncing and I leaned forward and grabbed them as she rode his cock hard. He licked my dripping cunt till I came hard humping his mouth like a little slut. Kristen was moaning loudly and his hands were gripping her nice round ass and slamming her up and down on his cock. I lay panting from the hot orgasm as I listened to Kristen's moans getting louder. I got behind her and pushed a slim vibrator into her ass and listened to her moans change to screams as she started cumming on his cock. He yelled out loud and shot his hot cum into Kristen’s jerking cunt. We all lay panting on the bed. I heard a cough.

My Dad was lounging in the doorway looking at us with narrowed eyes. The room erupted in people putting on clothes. My Dad still hadn't said a word. My Dad glared at Kristen and me.

“Go to your room girls, I will be in to deal with you in a few minutes.”

We went to our room. I heard my Dad talking to Jeff and a few minutes later I heard his door slam and he drove away. My dad came into the bedroom. I wished he was mad. When he was mad he just yelled a lot and did nothing. This was cold fury.

“My daughters are not going to be the school whores,” he said flatly.

I said nothing. How ridiculous was it to be 17 years old and shaking in my shoes about my Dad being pissed at me. Kristen’s eyes were huge. She tried to explain to him making up some lie about this being the first time she and I had shared a boy, but he interrupted.

“Save it Kristen. I am going to punish you both.”

He grabbed Kristen by the hair and bent her over his knee. He lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. He rubbed her round ass. Then smack! He started spanking her. I was astonished. My Dad hadn't spanked us since we were like 8 years old. Kristen was completely silent. My Dad hit her ass at least 10 more times before she was biting her lip. He shoved two fingers in her cunt.

“Wet. I knew it. Your little cunt is soaking wet for Daddy.”

Kristen's eyes were close. She was humiliated to be horny for Daddy because he was spanking her ass. Her refusal to admit she wanted him, brought more punishment. Daddy's hand got tired and he grabbed a hairbrush and delivered blow after stinging blow to her ass. She started crying, but it was in lust. She was dry humping his other hand. He pushed her off in the floor. Get on your knees slut and wait. I have to punish Kayla too.

“Get over here Kayla. Now.”

Kristen was rubbing her ass and sniffing. I walked over to Daddy with shaking legs. I wondered if it would hurt. He held my hands behind my back and, WHACK. The first blow burned my ass like fire. Daddy wasn't fucking around. I wasn't as tough as Kristen. The third blow and I was yelling out. Then like Kristen an odd tingling in my cunt started. I was getting hot. Daddy started spanking faster, and harder. He was furious. He thrust his fingers into my cunt.

“Just like your whore sister. You are wet and ready to cum.”

Daddy released my hands and I started rubbing my cunt. This seemed to piss him off. He picked up the hairbrush and another burning hit on my ass had me clenching my fists. He rained blow after blow on my burning ass. My ass felt like it was on fire, and tears dripped down my chin, but I was so fucking horny, I didn't know if I wanted him to stop. Suddenly he stopped. He was sweating and angry still.

“Daddy wants to fuck you slut,” he said to Kristen, “but first Kayla is going to lick that boy's cum out of your filthy cunt. Spread your legs you little whore.”

Kristen got on the bed and spread her legs wide. Daddy got my hair and shoved my face into her cunt.

“Clean his cum out of her Kayla. You like being a cum-slut, there is some for you to drink.”

I starting licking her wet cunt. She couldn't help herself. She lifted her ass up and rubbed her cunt on my mouth. I tasted Jeff's cum as it leaked out of her sweet pussy. She moaned in pleasure.

“Kristen you better not cum or I will spank you again.”

She moaned in frustration now. Suddenly I felt Daddy's hands on my hips. He shoved into me from behind. He started fucking me hard and fast and slapping my ass some more. He was much rougher than he usually is. He pounded himself inside my cunt with a fury. As he was fucking me he stuck a finger in my ass and started pushing it in and out with his thrusts of his cock. I kept licking Kristen and she was fighting hard not to cum.

“Did you get his cum eaten out of her,” He asked.

I said that I had and he got off me and slammed into her cunt. She cried out in pleasure. He gritted his teeth and fought to keep control of himself.

“Dirty little cum slut,” he said as he pumped into her over and over again. He grabbed one of her nice big tits and squeezed it hard enough to make her cry out. He pinched her nipple hard and she screamed in pleasure and pain. He stuck his finger in her ass and she came begging him for more.

He pulled out of her.

“You are too fucking easy, you little whore,” he said. He stalked over to me and grabbed me by the hair. He shoved his cock in my mouth. He fucked my mouth, showing no mercy. I held my throat open as he had taught me, but he decided fucking my mouth wasn't enough. He dragged Kristen to her knees and shoved his cock down her throat gagging her and making her eyes water. We took turns sucking his cock. I hoped he would cum in one of our mouths, but he wasn't nearly done yet. He grabbed me and told me to get on all fours.

“Daddy, is going to fuck your ass Kayla.” My heart pounded. He had fucked me in the ass before but never when he was angry. My pussy tingled in anticipation even as my mouth went dry. He lubed up his cock a bit and pushed the head of his cock into my ass. I moaned. It was so tight. He was usually very gentle, but he was angry. He swore and pulled out and lubed up some more. Then drizzled lube down my ass crack and fingered it to push lube inside. He pushed the head in again. I tried to pull forward, it was just so tight. He pushed in steadily and hard feeling me clinch up.

“Daddy is gonna fuck your ass Kayla, open it up or it will hurt worse.”

I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart and tried to relax. The throb in my pussy was intensifying. I felt like such a whore with my dads cock up my ass and panting like a bitch in heat. Daddy pushed it all the way in and starting sliding it in and out. He pulled part way out and drizzled more lube on his cock. As he pushed back in I squealed in pain, but my fingers found my wet pussy, and I started rubbing. Suddenly with an angry groan he gripped my hips and started fucking my ass hard. I could hear the sound of the lube squishing as he fucked it harder and faster.

“You wanna be a little cum dumpster Kayla, you and Kristen are gonna be Daddy's cum dumpsters.”

My ass was filled so tight and Kristen came over and shoved her cunt in my face. I licked it hard and fast and her moans filled the air.

“Eat my pussy Kayla, I'm ready to cum.”

My Dad was fucking my ass so hard now I thought I would scream. He was making these noises down in his throat and he grabbed my shoulders to pound it in deeper. My quick tongue had Kristen screaming in pleasure in no time. Her pussy twitched and jerked and I sucked her cumming pussy.

Daddy had abandoned any pretense of gentleness. He grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back forcing my face down and my ass up. He put one foot up on the bed beside me and drove into my ass in a frenzy. I was crying out and yelling in pleasure and pain as my orgasm rocked through my body, and my Daddy shot his hot cum up my tight ass.

“Oh, Kayla you fucking cum-slut, you are Daddy's dirty little whore,” he shouted as he pumped over and over into my asshole blowing his hot thick wad of cum inside. His full weight came down on me. My legs gave out and he lay on top of me breathing hard. He rolled off me.

“Kristen, go and lick Daddy's cum out of her ass,” he commanded.

Kristen licked my ass, and stuck her tongue inside, and then came around and Daddy watched in pleasure as she kissed me deeply and the taste of our two cunts, my ass, and Daddy's cum was in my mouth. Our asses were still red, and I had a feeling they would be sore.

“Are you two girls okay?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy,” we said in near unison.

“Good. You girls are my whores, not the whole town's whores. Understood?” he asked.

We both nodded, and he walked out of the room leaving Kristen and I to recover.

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Posted 19 Jan 2014 11:37
Wow what a lucky daddy love those tits and your stories really make me hard
Posted 15 Jan 2014 23:02
So unbelievably masterful. Definitely infinity level. More please, thank you!
Posted 06 Nov 2013 01:26
I think Kinky becky is jealous
Posted 06 Nov 2013 01:25
Yeah,i only wish i was your
Posted 14 Jun 2013 18:57
I wish I could provide a score that reflects your skill at putting sentences together, your understanding of the importance of varying sentence complexity, and your overall grasp of the English language. After reading your work and the comments, you have inspired me to never write another story for Lush.

Posted 14 Jun 2013 09:51
Your stories (experiences ) always get me excited!great job!!!!
Go do some more and let us know about it.
Posted 14 Jun 2013 07:09
another hot story thank you
Posted 14 Jun 2013 05:29
Hot like all your storie,s & like you wish I could give a 10 for both of you
Posted 14 Jun 2013 04:04
Love your story made me so horny thanks

xxoo Daddy
Posted 14 Jun 2013 00:30
Cum back with another hot story...
Posted 13 Jun 2013 23:12
What a sweet punishment. Just ass fucking & cunt licking. 5
Posted 13 Jun 2013 22:24
Smokin' HOT!
Posted 13 Jun 2013 20:31
Wow! I'm coming...
Posted 13 Jun 2013 20:11
you are a very passionate writer i enjoyed it very much like all your stories
Posted 13 Jun 2013 19:29
Another hot fucking story. You always have me hard and wanting more

Posted 13 Jun 2013 16:51
Wow Kayla!!! Hot and sexy!!! I love your writing style Thanks for sharing 😘
Posted 13 Jun 2013 16:24
Hot assess!!!!!!!!
Posted 13 Jun 2013 14:15
Holy shit what a hot ass story

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