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Daddy Sets the Bar

Sexy daughter moves back home and seduces daddy.
Daddy Sets the Bar

By Reeb

I couldn’t fucking believe it as I sat in my Beemer crying, I had just walked out on my second husband as I had caught him doing something totally unthinkable. I walked in on him with his best friend’s cock in his mouth. He was on his knees, his friend sitting on our couch as he was sucking his cock. I’m pretty liberal about sex but in my eyes, homosexuality is just wrong.

It was so repulsive that I grabbed my clothes, filled a bag and rushed out the apartment door. He was saying something about they were getting ready for a threesome but I wasn’t buying it. When we were talking about fantasies one night after sex, I said that I wondered what it would be like having sex with two men but I thought that was the end of it. I always felt there was something amiss with him but I really was not ready for seeing that.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I sat there in my parent’s driveway wondering what I should do now. I was only 24 years old and now my second marriage was over. I was too young for my first marriage but I fell in love and rushed into marriage which lasted less than a year. I caught him cheating on me with a girl he worked with.

I thought I took things slow enough the second time, two years of dating, the last year we lived together before getting married. We were married just over a year and I come home to find this. I couldn’t get the vision of my husband with a man’s cock in his mouth out of my head. My body trembled with disgust just thinking about it.

It was around 10pm as I tried to regain my composure to approach my parents about moving home again. As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I saw my father through the living room window. My daddy always brought a calmness and sense of comfort to me, no matter what the situation. His strong arms and firm hug were so reassuring.

Daddy stands about six feet two inches tall, jet black hair with a wisp of grey around his temples, steel blue eyes, a short salt and pepper beard and rugged looking but very handsome. His build was athletic as he kept himself in great shape by running, lifting weights and playing tennis. At the young age of 45, he was strikingly attractive if I must say so myself. He had to stay fit as my mother was still quite a beautiful woman and they both were very sexually active.

Both my husbands and almost all of my boyfriends looked like daddy or reminded me of him in one way or another. When I was young, still living at home, I would hear my parents making love in their bedroom as mom was never quiet and I would masturbate to amazing orgasms thinking about my daddy’s cock buried deep inside me instead of my mother.

I was one of two children, my older brother Robbie was the other subject of my teenage masturbation sessions. He was a younger version of my father as far as his looks went. Several times we masturbated and experimented having oral sex with each other but we never actually made love. I know we both wanted to but the timing was just never right.

I watched my father through the window and felt my nipples begin to harden. My tears drying on my cheeks as my right hand dropped down and rubbed my aroused clit through my tight jeans. I could feel my pussy tingling and my juices beginning to flow as my thoughts drifted back in time to my fantasies of long ago. God, he was so fucking handsome. Mom was so lucky to have such a handsome man. I felt a slight degree of jealousy.

Now at 24, I was a young woman, voluptuous and if I must say so myself, absolutely gorgeous looking. I know I sound conceited but I know how easily I can turn a man on and get him hard. I had long shoulder length hair, jet black and wavy, high cheek bones with a sexy small nose, dark black eyes, and a dark complexion from my mother’s Italian heritage. My breasts were a full upturned 35C cup with dark puffy nipples.

I stand five feet six inches tall and weigh around 110 pounds. My long legs are very nicely shaped and I always got compliments on my sexy little bubble butt. My pussy is shaved except for a small jet black racing stripe just above my protruding pussy lips. With my dark complexion, I always have tan lines to some degree or another. I loved getting fucked from behind or riding my man reverse cowgirl style.

My body is in great shape as I am an exotic dancer at a local high class BYO strip club. I make an easy $3K per week dancing and doing private lap dances five days a week. I am also a cheerleader for the local semi-pro football team so money was not a problem, just finding the right man. It seemed like the perfect men in my life were all related to me.

Wiping the tears off my cheeks, I opened the car door, grabbed my bag and walked towards the door like I had done so many times before. My legs trembled as I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks once more. I opened the door to find both my parents standing there looking at me. I burst into a hysterical sobbing as I ran to my daddy, his arms out to console me.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asked as he took me in his strong arms and hugged me tight.

“Danielle honey, what’s wrong?” my mother asked me.

I was crying into daddy’s shoulder as he held me tightly. I could smell his masculine scent with a hint of cologne as I slowly got myself under control. Mom was rubbing my shoulders in an effort to comfort me. Pulling back, I looked deep into his steel blue eyes and suddenly I was balling hysterically again.

As we moved to the kitchen and sat down at the table, I said, “I caught him cheating on me. I can’t believe it happened again!”

I didn’t tell them he was with another man. I’m not sure why but I let them assume it was with another woman. At first daddy was furious but then he calmed down. Mom was very understanding and was the first to suggest I move back home with them. We all agreed that was the best recourse for the time being.

For the next few weeks, I got settled into my old room and soon a daily routine followed. I worked in the evenings at the club, getting home usually midnight to two in the morning. Mom and dad both worked the day shift so except for weekends, I had the house to myself. I was getting used to nobody being around so sometimes in the mornings I would be lounging around the house in shorts or only my panties and a tee shirt.

One Tuesday morning, I was standing in the kitchen at the sink rinsing off my breakfast dishes, wearing a pair of very short white cotton shorts with nothing underneath and a tee shirt. The tee shirt was very thin and quite comfortable which left my nipples fairly visible through the material. My shorts were so small that my butt cheeks were only partially covered.

Suddenly daddy walked in through the kitchen side door. Both my shorts and tee shirt clung to my body like a second skin and with no bra on, you could clearly see my breasts in their full glory. I suddenly felt vulnerable, exposed and to my surprise, sexually aroused being alone with my daddy with such thin clothes on.

“Daddy, you startled me.” I said in a surprised tone.

“Hi baby, how’s my little girl this morning?” He said as he moved up behind me, put his firm hands on my shoulders and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

With my nipples hardening, looking over my shoulder, I replied, “Great daddy. What brings you home this morning?”

“I forgot my file on the new project we’re starting today so I thought I’d swing home and pick it up. Sorry if I caught you by surprise.” He said as his eyes nonchalantly traveled down my body, taking in every inch of it but lingered on my sexy butt barely encased in my tight shorts.

I was feeling very sexy and got extremely aroused as I turned back towards the sink, feeling my juices dampening the crotch of my shorts. I don’t know why I did it but I arched my back slightly and pushed my butt outwards, giving daddy a better view of my tight ass. I spread my legs slightly so I’m sure if he was looking, he could see my pussy mound from behind.

I could feel the seam of my shorts pulling upwards into the crack of my pussy. The pressure on my aroused clit was extremely pleasurable. I’m sure daddy could see my labia spread apart as more of my juices dripped inside my damp shorts. I was so fucking sexually excited knowing I was turning on my precious daddy.

I looked over my shoulder again and found daddy just staring at my ass, his mouth open and as I looked at his crotch, I could see a huge bulge between his legs. I shifted my weight to one side as daddy licked his lips before he realized I was looking at him.

“How soon do you have to get back to work daddy?’ I asked softly hoping he would rip my shorts off and fuck me right then and there.

“Uhhh, I’ve got to go baby. I’ll see you later, ok.” He stammered out, knowing I caught him checking out his own daughter.

“You want a cup of coffee before you leave?” I asked him.

“Not today baby………I have to get back to work. See yah.” He said as he turned his back to me and started to leave. With his back to me, I could see he was trying to adjust his hard-on so he could walk better. I laughed inside.

After he left, I was so fucking aroused that I rushed upstairs to my room, quickly peeled off all my clothes and within minutes my fingers were strumming my swollen clit to a very intense orgasm. As my orgasm consumed my body, my mind reminisced to all the teenage fantasies I ever had about my handsome daddy.

As I laid there imagining stroking, sucking and feeling daddy’s hard cock deep inside me, I decided that I had to seduce him, I had to see and feel that huge cock. By the size of the bulge in daddy’s pants, I knew his cock was larger than Robbie’s. Robbie’s cock was a good 7 ½ to 8 inches long and fairly thick but daddy’s was definitely larger. I had to find out what mom has been enjoying all these years.

All kind of devilish ideas traveled through my mind but with our different work schedules, the weekends would be my only opportunities. I had to wait until mom wasn’t home and since she worked every Saturday morning, I decided this Saturday I would get things started. What I didn’t realize was that daddy couldn’t wait until Saturday to see his sexy daughter again.

For the rest of the week, my mind and body were in a semi state of sexual euphoria as I anticipated what could possibly happen. I saw my daddy’s hard-on so I know he finds my body pleasing to him. Every guy at the club started to look like my daddy. My pussy was soaked by the end of the night just thinking about my sexy father.

For the next few days, daddy found some reason to come home every morning around 10am. Each day I greeted him as he came into the kitchen. On Wednesday I was wearing a pair of sexy panties and a tee shirt that barely covered the bottom of my breasts. My panties were a light blue sheer laced cheeky cut type which if you looked hard enough, you could just make out the line of my butt crack.

If you looked closely from the front, you could see the dark jet black hair of my racing stripe. My pussy formed a sexy looking camel toe which left little to the imagination. They felt so sexy on me and I was sure daddy was pleased with them. The material was soft and sexy feeling on my sensitive and smooth skin.

Each day I got to see the effect of my sexy body had on him as he got a huge throbbing hard-on. My body reacted the same way as my nipples hardened and pressed out against my tee shirt. My juices flowed and dampened the crotch of my sexy Victoria Secrets. We talked, drank some coffee and both acted as if nothing was going on but we both felt the intense sexual energy in the room.

On Thursday, I got just a bit bolder and wore a pair of very sheer white laced panties. They were cut in such a way that three quarters of my butt flesh was exposed for daddy’s view. My panties were so sheer that daddy got a pretty good view of my smooth ass and tight pussy. He was extremely aroused as he didn’t seem to even hide the fact that he had a huge hard-on and I caught him rubbing it through his slacks several times.

Friday morning, I woke up and decided to push the issue just a bit farther and slipped on a long tank top tee shirt that barely covered my smooth tight butt cheeks. My tee shirt exposed the sides of my breasts perfectly. As I looked in the mirror, my swollen nipples poked through the cotton material providing such an erotic sight. Oh daddy will love this.

As I looked through my dresser drawer at several of my sexiest panties, I suddenly got a bold idea, no panties today. Daddy would love see my bare ass as I bent over in front of him or reached up into the cupboards for his coffee cup. Yes, daddy would definitely enjoy my sexy body in all its glory this morning I thought as I headed down to the kitchen.

“Hi Dannie, how are you feeling this morning?” He said as he walked into the kitchen. His voice trailed off as though he was saddened that I wasn’t giving him a view of another pair of my sexy panties.

“Fine daddy, would you like a cup of coffee today?” I softly replied.

“Sure baby, that sound great.” He said as I moved over to the counter.

I heard him gasp for air as I reached up into the cupboard for a coffee mug. My tee shirt moved upwards exposing my gorgeous sweet nude ass to my handsome daddy. I stood there bare footed on my toes, acting like I couldn’t find the right cup for nearly a minute, giving him ample time to enjoy the view of my tight ass and tanned butt flesh.

After giving daddy a great look at my tush, I found a cup and poured him a cup of coffee. I sat it on the table in front of him and looked down at the massive rod trapped inside his pants. His cock was so hard and thick as it throbbed. God, his cock had to be a good nine or ten inches long but what impressed me most was the thickness. It was nearly as thick as my wrist and just looking at it made my body and pussy tingle.

I followed his eyes as they moved upwards to my breasts as the thin material of the tee shirt did little to hide my swollen dark nipples. My plan of seduction was working as daddy’s face was flush red with sexual excitement. His eyes were straining to see more so I moved in real close and whispered in his ear, allowing him to look fully down inside my tee shirt.

“Would you like cream with your coffee daddy?” I asked as seductively as I could.

“Yes baby girl, cream would be fine.” He nearly stuttered as he spoke as he didn’t take his eyes off my sexy tits.

I walked over to the frig, swinging my ass as sexily as I could and opened the door. Earlier I placed the cream all the way in the back of the middle shelf. I locked my knees and bent over, pretending to look for the cream. My tee shirt lifted up once more, exposing my sexy derriere to my daddy. Again I heard him gasp for air as I reached around looking for the cream.

“Ahhhh fuck baby…………..” he moaned out softly.

“You ok daddy.” I said as I looked over my left shoulder, the twisting motion pulled the tee shirt up higher on my butt.

I turned back, “It has got to be in here somewhere?’ I laughed to myself knowing daddy was extremely aroused.

I knew daddy could see my pussy from behind, my cunt lips were glistening with my juices as my heart was pounding in my chest. My nipples ached as they were swollen so fucking hard. The friction rubbing against my tee shirt sent waves of pleasure directly to my extremely aroused pussy. Shifting my weight from side to side, ever so slightly was giving daddy the most erotic view he ever had of his little girl.

“Ah, here it is daddy. I found it.” I said as I spun around towards him.

Daddy was rubbing his huge thick cock through his slacks but quickly stopped as I turned around. I knew I would be fucking him soon as the lust on his face was becoming nearly unbearable. As I poured the cream into his coffee, I stood back and leaned forward, giving daddy a good view of my tanned cleavage once more. He was reaching the breaking point.

“There yah go daddy, how’s that for service?” I asked him giggling.

“With this kind of service, I’ll be sure to be here for coffee every morning from now on.” He replied with a devilish smile.

“Ok daddy, It can be our private time together.” I replied in a sexy little girl voice that I know daddy cannot resist.

As daddy sipped his coffee, I stood back toward the counter facing him looking deep into his eyes. As he watched my every move, I reached upward as if I were stretching and as my tee shirt pulled up, he saw my naked pussy for the first time. His eyes widened as he stopped in mid sip and just stared at my cunt, all wet and juicy as I was aroused as much as I’d ever been in my life.

“God Danielle, you are so fucking beautiful!” he said softly as he stood up and walked towards me.

“Why thank you daddy. You are very handsome yourself.” I replied softly as I lowered my arms.

He set the coffee down on the counter and moved close to me. As he put his strong arms around my waist, pulling my body into his until my hard nipples pressed into his chest and his hard cock pressed into my pussy mound, he leaned down and kissed me softly on the cheek. He pulled back and looked deep into my dark eyes as his pressed his cock harder against my pussy, leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips.

It wasn’t a kiss of a father and daughter, but one of lovers getting ready to make love. Daddy’s right hand was on my hip, caressing me softly as his left hand reached up under my tee shirt and cupped my breast. He rolled my swollen nipple between his fingertips as I moaned out softly with pleasure. I had him now, no way to turn back now I thought.

I suddenly sensed a bit of fear and guilt in his eyes as he pulled away from me, realizing the lust he was feeling for his own daughter. He was torn between his sexual lust and the moral rights and wrongs of society. Until that moment, I thought we were going to actually make love together right there in the kitchen.

“I’ve got to go baby. God, you are so beautiful.” He said as he turned and walked out the door.

“I love you too daddy.” I said softly as he stepped out the door.

I couldn’t believe he resisted me again. I thought for sure I had broken his will for morality and would give in to his male lust. I had him so hard and aroused that he actually pressed his thick shaft against his own daughter’s pussy mound. He felt my naked tit flesh, caressed my erect nipple. How could he resist?

Again I was so aroused that I pulled the tee shirt over my head and stood naked in the kitchen as I fingered my soaking wet pussy to an intense mind blowing orgasm in what felt like only a few seconds. My knees weakened as I slid to the floor, my body shaking all over as I pictured daddy’s thick cock in my mind. My heart pounded with excitement but I had this yearning to feel daddy’s cock deep inside me. My fingers just weren’t enough anymore.

My shift Friday night was a good one. I made so much money in tips as I was dancing like a woman possessed. I was so fucking hot and horny for my own father that I had every guy in the place so turned on that they all wanted to fuck me right on the stage. I was even giving a little extra by rubbing some hard cocks during my private lap dances.

It was late when I got home, around 3am so I quietly slipped into bed. As I lay there, I once again fingered my wet pussy thinking of daddy. I fell asleep with my fingers inside me and woke up that way around 9am Saturday morning. As my slumber passed, I laid there thinking about what I could do next to seduce my daddy.

I got up and slipped on my silk robe and headed to the bathroom. As I got to the bathroom door, I heard the shower running. I knew mom was at work so it had to be daddy. Reaching out, I slowly turned the door knob, finding it unlocked. I opened the door as quietly as possible and with the door open about two inches, I looked inside.

We have a lightly frosted glass shower and bath stall so I could see daddy getting his shower. My pussy grew wet by the second as I watched him shower. He was running his soapy hands all over his body with his back towards me. As he turned, his back to the cascading water, I was shocked as to what I saw. His cock was rock hard, standing out firm and long, curved up slightly as he actually stroked it a few times.

My body was trembling with excitement as I watched daddy stroke his long thick shaft. He was moaning softly as his circled fingers glided up and down his soapy rod. I reached into my robe and began to rub my swollen clit in time with his firm strokes. My nipples were swollen huge and erect as I slipped off my robe and stepped inside his bathroom. This was my chance and I wasn’t going to let it slip by this time.

As I moved closer to the shower door, I stopped in my tracks as daddy moaned out softly, almost inaudible, “Oh yes Danielle, stroke daddy’s cock, hmmmmmm, yes baby, that’s it, yesssssssssssss,”

Oh my god, he was masturbating thinking of me. Our daily morning coffee breaks had definitely worked but would he let it go all the way. I looked in the mirror at my sexually aroused body, my dark puffy nipples pushing upwards on my tanned breasts. The swollen part of my nipples was lighter and pinker than the dark areolas. My whole body trembled with lustful excitement as I could feel every sexual nerve ending in my pussy tingle with desire for my father. No way could he resist this time.

As if in a trance, my hand reached outward and with my eyes focused on daddy’s thick cock, his hand slowly sliding up and down the full length, I slowly slid open the door of his shower stall. As the cool air suddenly hit him, his eyes opened and he stopped in mid stroke, his eyes locked on mine at first but then slowly moved down my naked body.

“Dannie, what are you doing?” he asked as his eyes devoured every inch of my aroused body.

“I thought I’d join you daddy. You know, save water and shower with a friend. Only in this case it’s with my handsome daddy.” I said laughing as I stepped into the shower and closed the door behind me. I know it was a corny line but it was all I could think of at the time.

His cock looked like it got even larger as he still held it in his hand while he examined his daughter’s, my gorgeous body. I felt so hot and sexy as I knew I had him this time. There was just no fucking way he could resist me again. I did a slow turn, letting my body get completely wet and when I faced daddy again, I leaned forward, my left breast pressed lightly into his hairy chest as I reached around him and increased the water temperature slightly.

I stood back up facing daddy, his hand was moving very slowly up and down his thick shaft as he said, “Baby, we really shouldn’t be doing this. What if your mother catches us?” he pleaded.

“Daddy, now you know mom won’t be home for hours.” I said as seductively as I could.

“I know baby, but why me, you’re so gorgeous you could have any man you want.” He said softly as he was gasping for air.

“Daddy, let’s just enjoy each other this morning, ok?” I asked as I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up my hands.

Once covered in lather, I held the bar of soap as my hands softly lathered daddy’s hairy chest, shoulders and abs. I moved in close to him, pressing my hard nipples into his soapy chest as I lathered his shoulders then moved down his back. His body was so toned, muscular and solid. I could feel his hard cock, throbbing and pressed against my belly, pushing up between us.

“God baby, you have such a beautiful body.” He said as his firm hands caressed my back and slid down, cupping my soft butt flesh.

“Thanks daddy, you have a great bod yourself.” I replied as I matched his move and caressed his small ass cheeks with my soapy hands.

He stepped back slightly and cupped my soft breasts with his rugged hands, gently caressing my swollen nipples as he said, “Danielle, your breasts are perfect baby, just perfect.”

His right hand went back to stroking his thick shaft. God, it was so fucking hot to see my daddy stroking his huge cock right in front of me. I reached out between us to touch his gorgeous cock, my hand circling his as we both stroked his long thick shaft together. It was the most sexy and erotic thing as our fingers intertwined as they slid up and down his soapy shaft. Daddy closed his eyes and leaned back, allowing my small hand full access to his swollen cock.

I slowly and gently stroked my daddy’s thick cock. He moaned with pleasure as my small hand circled his huge cock head. God, he was so fucking aroused as his cock head was enormous, swollen and throbbing. Even through the lather, his pre-cum was oozing out, lubricating his gorgeous cock.

“God Danielle, that feels so good and god knows I’ve dreamed about this moment for years now.” Daddy panted out between his heavy breathing.

“I thought about this too daddy.” I said softly as I rolled his huge cock head between my soapy fingers.

I pressed my body into his, my soft breasts and erect nipples pushing into his abs and lower chest as we caressed each other softly. His long hard cock felt so good, hot and throbbing in my small hand as I stroked it very softly. I moved my swollen nipples from side to side against his chest hairs. My clit throbbed and my juices were flowing freely now as I was aroused to a high sexual state equal to any before in my life.

Looking up into daddy’s eyes, he dipped his head as I tilted mine upwards. Our lips met for the first time and as I closed my eyes, I felt his large firm hand moving from my soft butt cheek around and cup my pussy mound. Daddy’s thumb strummed my hard clit as he slipped two fingers inside my pussy. Our tongues chased each other as we kissed, me stroking his thick cock and daddy rubbing my soaking wet pussy.

“Baby, we really shouldn’t be doing this. Are you sure this is what you want?” He said as our eyes connected and we both felt a strong bond of love and lust for each other.

“I know daddy, but I want YOU, I want you NOW.” I said softly as I dropped to my knees in front of him.

I was eye level with the biggest and most beautiful cock I had ever seen in my life. It was as thick as my wrist, slightly curved upwards, huge veins running up the sides and his cock head was extremely swollen and purple. My hand again circling his shaft and as I softly began stroking it up and down, he rolled his head back and moaned out softly.

“Oh god baby, I’ve thinking about this all week long. Hmmmm yesssss!” he moaned out softly.

I turned daddy sideways so the cascading water rinsed the soap off his massive rod. As he turned back towards me, hot water flowing over his back, I looked up into his eyes which were consumed by loving lust for his sexy daughter. As our eyes were locked on each other, holding his gorgeous cock with my right hand, I reached out with my tongue and slowly swirled it around his throbbing cock head.

“Oh fuck yes baby girl, yes, suck my cock, hmmmm yes, that’s it, oh god yesssssssss.” He moaned as he watched me begin to suck his perfect cock.

Daddy’s cock was so big I could hardly get his cock head in my mouth. I had to concentrate to relax my jaw muscles in order to slide his thick shaft farther in my mouth. I was only able to get about two inches into my mouth at first. His cock was the thickest I ever tried to suck. Actually daddy’s cock was the biggest I had ever seen up close in my life and I’ve fucked quite a few men.

I did my best to swirl my tongue around his huge cock head. I could taste his pre-cum mixing with my saliva as he moaned with pleasure. Gradually I was able to take more and more of his thick shaft into my mouth. After a few minutes of working his cock deeper and deeper, I finally got a good six inches in until I felt his cock head hit the back of my throat.

“Oh god Dannie, you suck daddy’s cock so good baby.” He moaned out as his right hand cupped my left breast and his soapy fingers toyed with my swollen nipple.

My nipples are so sensitive and seem to be directly linked to my pussy. My juices began to flow as I sucked daddy’s thick cock and he caressed my nipples, occasionally pinching them hard. The pain increased the pleasure until I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to feel that huge thick cock deep inside my pussy soon.

I swirled my tongue all around daddy’s thick shaft. Slipping his cock head from my mouth, to give my jaw muscles a break, I cupped his shaft in my lips and glided up and down the sides of his cock. I slipped my lips over his cock head and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. As I withdrew, I swiveled my head from side to side until only his cock head was still in my mouth.

“Ummmmmmmmm yes baby girl. That feels so fucking good baby.” Daddy moaned out softly.

Daddy was now pinching, pulling and squeezing both my swollen nipples as I sucked his huge rod. The sensations from my nipples to my swollen clit was building and consuming my body. If he continued what he was doing to me, I would soon be cumming to a very strong and intense orgasm. I had cum many times in my life from only nipple stimulation. My older brother knew how to get me off that way as he did many times when we were younger. I had to feel him inside me. I needed to cum feeling his thick cock deep inside my tight pussy.

“Daddy, fuck me please daddy.” I begged him as I stood up, turned around and leaned against the shower wall, arched my back to give him a full view of my glistening pussy mound from behind.

Looking over my shoulder, I could see daddy’s eyes locked on my sexy ass as he stroked his throbbing cock once more. The lust and desire in his eyes consumed him as he looked up and down my lithe body. I dropped my right hand down between my legs as I reached for daddy’s thick cock as he stepped forward.

As daddy gripped my hips, I pressed his cock head against my labia, spreading them as his shaft slid up over my erect clit. I gasped for air as daddy’s cock touched my pussy for the first time. He pulled his hips back slightly and as he moved forward this time, I pressed his huge cock head into my opening. God, he was so thick, I thought he was going to split me in two as his shaft slowly slid deeper inside me. On each inward thrust I could feel my pussy muscles stretching. God, he was so fucking thick!

“Oh fuck yes daddy, your cock is sooooo big! Ummmmmm, shit, oh my, yessssssss daddy, fuck me, fuck your horny little daughter, yessssssssssss!” I moaned out loudly, unable to control my lust any longer.

Daddy finally had the entire length of his thick shaft buried inside me as he held still for just a few seconds. The temperature in the shower was nearly unbearable as the hot water flowed over our sexually aroused bodies. My pussy was completely filled. I had never felt such feeling of complete sexual satisfaction as I did that very moment.

Daddy’s huge cock was going to ruin my pussy for every man to follow. No wonder mom moans and screams so loud when he’s fucking her with such a massive cock. Again I was jealous of mom, but now she was going to have to share daddy with me. I was determined to give daddy the best sex he ever had in his life so he wanted to fuck me every chance he got.

As daddy held my hips, he pulled his cock out until only his cock head remained inside, held me there a few second then slowly thrust forward until his thighs pressed against my soft ass once more. I had never felt as sexually alive as I did fucking my daddy in that shower. In and out, deeper and deeper, harder and harder until soon he was firmly pounding his huge cock inside me from behind.

“Oh yessss daddy, fuuuuuck meeeee, yessssssss, ughhhhhhhhh, so big, cock so big, oh my, yesssss, fuck me daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” I moaned out uncontrollably.

Daddy was encouraged by my moaning and begging him to fuck me harder. His strong hands gripped my hips hard as he pounded and punished my pussy from behind. I was feeling like I was going to black out, getting light headed as my orgasm began to flood my body. I started shaking and trembling all over as my body went through wave after wave of orgasm while daddy continued to thrust his huge cock deep inside me. I could barely stand it any longer when I heard my daddy say he was ready to cum.

I wanted to see that gorgeous cock shoot his cum out all over me so I quickly spun around and dropped to my knees. Daddy pushed his thick cock between my large tits and I quickly figured out what he wanted, to titty fuck his daughter. I pushed my huge breasts together as the lather acted as a great lubricant. Daddy was thrusting his long rod between my tits, occasionally holding his cock head at my lips were I could lick at his purple cock head.

“That’s it bay, lick daddy’s cock. Yessssss gonna cum soon baby!” he moaned out.

“Cum for me daddy! I want you to cum all over my tits daddy!” I begged for his cum.

It didn’t take but a few seconds as his cock head swelled up even larger as he arched his back, pushed his huge cock through my breasts and started to cum. His first spurt of white hot cum shot out so hard, it flew up and hit my forehead and landed in my wet hair, trailing down across my face, over my nose onto my left breast.

His second spurt of his hot cum landed right on my left cheek, across my mouth and trailed onto my right breast. I flicked my tongue out to swirl some of daddy’s hot cum into my mouth. His eyes widened as he saw my licking up his salty cum. Seconds later a third, fourth and fifth spurt of his steaming hot cum covered my face and tits. I licked up as much as I could since this seemed to really turn daddy on. I found out later mom didn’t like the taste of a man’s cum so seeing me lick up his seed was very exciting to him.

“Oh yes baby girl, drink up daddy’s hot juices!” He moaned as I opened my mouth, tilted my head back as he milked the last of his juices out in my mouth.

I was so fucking aroused I wanted to fuck daddy the rest of the day. We quickly cleaned ourselves up, rinsed off, dried each other off and moved to my bedroom. Daddy laid me back on my bed and proceeded to give me the best pussy tongue lashing I ever had in my life, bringing me to the edge of orgasm over and over again. Finally, he climbed on top of me and fucked me senseless until he blew his seed deep inside me.

After bringing me to two more mind blowing orgasms, I climbed on top of his huge cock and rode it until I climaxed two more times. I was in sexual heaven and my daddy sent me there. We snuggled for a bit then we started all over again. That morning my daddy gave me nearly a dozen glorious orgasms. Daddy was the best fuck I ever had in my life.

I was exhausted as I feel asleep for a few hours, naked on my bed, covered in sexual lustful sweat. I was having many sexy dreams about my daddy and must have dozed off for a couple hours. As I woke up, I smiled as I knew I pleased daddy and he would be back for more. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice.

“Hey there sis, looks like you and dad had a good time this morning.” My brother Robbie said as he entered my room.

I could see my brother’s hard cock outlined inside his loose fitting shorts as he pulled his shirt over his head and dropped his shorts to the floor. He walked over to me, still lying nude on my bed, holding his thick cock in his hand as he pressed it into my open mouth. I couldn’t believe I was still horny but my pussy was still aching for more.

What I didn’t realize is that daddy and Robbie were planning on fulfilling my sexual fantasy of having two men, who weren’t twinks, in a threesome. As I sucked my brother’s hard cock, daddy soon entered the room and slid his thick shaft inside me once more. After my first threesome, I slept soundly for hours and my tight pussy and asshole was sore for days. Nothing will ever compare to having my daddy’s cock deep inside my pussy and my brother’s cock deep inside my ass at the same time.

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