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Daddy Watches Me: Part Four- Licking Between My Legs

I yelled out, I'm going to cum daddy! So fucking cum for you!
A week had passed since I had masturbated for daddy and he had masturbated for me, but the moment in the shower with him was still fresh in my mind. I could still feel daddy slamming my eighteen year old body up against the shower wall. I did have a bruise on the small of my back, but after a week, it had dissipated. However, the bruise was well worth it.

I had not touched my pussy since that time and now it was beginning to itch with a frenzy for my daddy's cock. It wanted to wrap around his long length and feel the erotic ridges inside its wetness. However, it was begging for something less intrusive. My pussy wanted to be banged slowly and methodically this time. I knew just the way to start it.

Since mom worked nights at the hospital taking care of patients, it would be so easy to stain the sheets with daddy. She would never know. I began to watch the clock for daddy's arrival from work. I had an hour, so I decided to take a shower and get ready to greet him at the door. When I did, daddy would be so surprised. I was going to be naked.

As I shaved my pussy smooth, it got wet just thinking of having daddy inside it again. My wetness helped glide the blades over my skin also. It felt so fucking good. With the five blades running over my soft mound and outer lips, I was going to be as smooth as a baby's bottom.

I did not even have plans to dress after cleaning my body. I went straight into my room, grabbed the cocoa butter and also the shea butter, and immediately applied it to my freshly shaved rite of passage. The coolness of the lotion made my body quiver. My pussy was going to be nice and soft for daddy. Not to mention wet.

After I had pampered my tender slit, I glanced at the clock on my wall. It was getting closer to time for daddy to come home from work. God I could not wait. The liquid immediately began to form inside my fleshy cleft. It was just waiting to drip for daddy. Knowing me, I would make a puddle inside the doorway as I opened it to greet him when he arrived home.

Naked, I walked down the stairs to the living room and sat on the couch, the one where daddy watched me pet my pink kitty, and looked out the window to watch for his car. I should have grabbed a towel though. I was beginning to leak on the cushion. Mom was going to freak when she saw the stain. There was nothing I could do about it now. It was simply too late. I'd just tell her I spilled some juice. Mom would never know it was vaginal. But I would and I would know the reason why!

Just as I was pondering that, daddy turned slowly into the driveway. I jumped up off the couch, and sure enough, my contribution had soaked into the fabric of the cushion. I chuckled a little then ran to the door. I listened closely for the slam of the driver's side door and daddy's footsteps on the sidewalk. When I knew daddy was close enough, I opened the door and struck a pose, my long arm on the door jam and my legs crossed gingerly. My small breasts jutted out in perky fashion and just enough of my delicate perfectly smooth line between my legs showed. It was the most erotic pose I ever made.

Daddy immediately dropped his briefcase and while he tried to shield me from being seen by passersby, he smiled that sexual smile I had seen a week ago. I could tell he was more than just surprised.

"Ella! Damn girl you have spunk!" Daddy exclaimed loudly.

"No daddy, you are the one with the spunk. Mine's clear, sticky, and all natural instead!

"Yes, and this time, I intend to taste it! That is, if you let me?"

The thought of having daddy's mouth on my vertical lips squelched the itch it had for his long hard cock and sent my personal river flowing. Just when I thought he would only want to fuck me, he wanted to with his tongue instead. God our relationship was growing even more. I was going to enjoy feeding daddy from my personal fountain. Really, I was.

"Oh daddy! My pussy is yours for the drinking! I will most definitely provide you with such sweet liquor."

"Oh how I know it! It lubricated my cock so well in the shower. Now I intend to get drunk off of it!" Daddy said and picked me up in his arms and slammed the door behind him as he took me to the living room.

Daddy laid me down on the cold hardwood floor and before I had time to ready myself, his head was between my legs. His tongue was gliding slowly through my sexual crack tasting what was leaking out of it. His tongue was so warm as it parted my tender fold. I was so glad that I had shaved my pussy smooth for him.

Daddy's nose touched my clit after he had brought his mouth back up through my smooth wetness. I shivered as my clit rubbed against his facial cartilage. I felt the flap of skin that normally covered it fold back slowly as my clit elongated itself. I was so glad that God made us women with such a sensitive love button. Without it, I was sure that sex, given penetration or oral, would not be any good. My vagina was okay, but my clitoris was the sexual life of me. It hat served me very well.

Now it was going to get an oral workout. Not to mention my pussy. Daddy was already nibbling on my minora and it felt fucking awesome. He was chewing on my inner flaps just enough to send tingles of delight all over my body. It was the first time any guy had nibbled my pink flaps like that. I was sure glad it was my daddy.

I moaned so loudly as daddy now tickled my majora with his lips, tracing up them, switching sides so carefully as he went. Clenching my fists tightly from the feeling of him pinching them slightly with his lips, I combated the spasm inside me that was already wanting to form. My body had never reacted like this with other guys. It never wanted to orgasm as fast. Daddy obviously had the magic touch. Just as he had in the shower.

However, I did feel more of my core slip out of my pink fissure as daddy slid his tongue back down through it. When he reached the bottom, more began to flow out and daddy did not hesitate in catching it as well. I felt the tip of his tongue enter my vagina the least little bit and collect my sexual formation on his taste buds. I glanced down at daddy and he was looking at me at the same time. Slowly, I watched as he gulped what had slid out of me and swallowed.

"Oh...oh... Daddy, that was fucking hot to see!" I said as I watched his throat slide up then down, taking my hot core inside his body.

"It was Ella. So hot, rich, and wholesome. You taste just as sweet as you look!" Daddy responded and immediately began tasting me again.

I could not hold it off this time though. As soon as daddy's tongue hit my clit, the spasm ignited my sexual fuse and the spark followed its trail through my body quickly until it had reached its destination between my legs.

I yelled out, "I'm going to cum daddy! So fucking cum for you!"

"Cum for me Ella! Cum for your daddy! Let me drink from your erotic fountain!"

As daddy said that, my body began to shake, the muscles in my legs began to spasm, and my breath escaped my mouth in pulsing waves. I felt my vaginal muscle tighten and my pussy lips engorge as daddy quickly tickled my erect clit. My pussy felt like it was actually exiting my body as the contraction hit and pushed outward, and with it, my cum gushed all over daddy's chin and spilled all over the hardwood floor. I groaned as my body tensed and expelled its clear goodness.

"Oh shit! I made... Oh God... A mess! I've never cum like that before, daddy. That felt so fucking intense!" I said through wheezing shallow breaths.

"Your pussy looked so pretty as it pushed your luscious liquid out of it Ella. And your clit, it was oh so hard and hot as it pulsed a cumming rhythm upon my tongue!"

"All for you daddy, all... for... you. No guy has ever pleased me like you have. You know just how to touch me," I said as my body began to come down from a raging delight. There was no way I was up for more like last week. Daddy had worn me out with his tongue and my body responded with intense satisfaction. And I thought it would be his cock instead!

Daddy could tell that I had an orgasm beyond all orgasms. He knew not to even try and touch me sexually at the moment. My body actions told him that I was completely satisfied.

My body was so limp that I could not move. However, I was able to move enough to lay on my side and curl up into a ball. Daddy got up as I laid there in a sexually satisfied heap with my eyes closed. I never heard him come back. I had suddenly fallen asleep.

When I woke up, the living room was dark except for the faint light from the hall, and I was warm and cozy, having been covered by a blanket from the hall closet. Daddy had covered me up and just left me there to rest and recharge. I smiled at the thought of his caring for me. He really did love me.

And I really did love my daddy. With all my heart.
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Posted 11 Jun 2013 08:32
Ah, certainly wrote about the joy squirting from the woman's perspective - what several have told me. Certainly nothing like that!
Great writing - please keep it up - no pun intended.

Looks like I have more of your stories to read - Thank you!
Posted 19 Mar 2012 07:42
hope theres more where these came from all were hot
Posted 19 Mar 2012 02:29
just like 1-3 ...4 is hot and leaves you wanting more
Posted 18 Mar 2012 20:30
Defiantly a 5 or 6 No other way to grade this story
Posted 18 Mar 2012 14:32
i could ask for more but i wont.... that was great
Posted 18 Mar 2012 10:56
Another incredible story. I liked how it was written, sensual, erotic and wishing for a taste.
Posted 18 Mar 2012 09:27
hot hot hot.....more soon please...

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