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Daddy Watches Me

I spread my pussy lips open. . . felt my cum flow out in clear spurts. . .
The day daddy came home early from work and caught me spread eagled on the couch, my shaved smooth pussy dripping on the towel underneath me, I thought I was going to die.

An eighteen year old daughter was never supposed to let her daddy see her naked. Mine not only saw me naked, but also saw the best of me. I thought my life was over as I knew it.

There was not anything I could do though, other than to close my legs and cover my tiny breasts the best I could. In my mind, I had been caught.

Then daddy sat down in the chair across from me. He did not say anything at first. He just smiled and stared. I had almost cum when he walked in and I could feel my inner moisture leaking out of my pussy through tight folded legs. My clit was pounding and my vagina was beginning to ache since I did not have release.

Still, daddy just sat there staring at me.

I did not know what to do. I could not move. It was like I was frozen in time. I was naked, embarrassed, and in total sexual discomfort. I just wanted to finish myself off. My tiny nipples were hard under my palms as I covered my 32A's from my daddy's eyesight. I could feel the pulse of the rushing blood in them as they stood erect against my moist hands. I pressed into my chest slightly, trying to conceal it from daddy, just so I could keep the feeling inside me alive. I closed my eyes just long enough to reel in the slight pleasure.

Then daddy said, "Ella, let me watch you."

I felt a rush flow through my veins and opened my eyes quickly and stared back at my daddy sitting there. I was shocked, but also excited at the same time of letting my own flesh and blood, the male half of who made me, want to watch me get off. The sensation inside my body now began to pound.

"Please, Ella, let me watch you please yourself," daddy said as he lit a cigarette and leaned back into the chair.

I did not say a word and I could not move. I just sat there on the couch, feeling the rush of excitement overpower me at the thought of my daddy observing me feel what was between my legs. My mind became jumbled with many questions, but the one that kept playing over and over, "Was this something I really wanted?"

It was the one questions that stuck the most. As the hot feeling traveled through my veins, I had my answer.

Without saying a word, I relaxed my body, first removing my hands from my breasts, revealing them to my daddy once again. My little mounds with their small peaks perked naturally with stimulation. I could feel the coolness of the living room's air float over them, sending hot tingles through my body. My nipples were so hard and so erect, I had to feel one of them again. So, slowly, I circled one with my finger. I leaned my head back and enjoyed the moment. So did my daddy.

I ran my other hand down my stomach, calming my nerves enough to allow me to unclench my legs at the knees to spread them slowly and reveal my smooth pussy. Now sticky, my labial lips stuck together in my somewhat dried, leftover natural residue. Knowing that I was going to have to pull my pussy lips apart, excited me and started the process all over again. I was not aching anymore.

Before I knew it, I had spread my legs wide and I was running my finger through the middle of my bulging labia. Slowly, my labia parted, my finger getting coated with sticky stimulation that had formed there earlier, along with renewed wetness. I looked up and my daddy was steadily watching me pet my kitty.

At that moment, it felt normal to have daddy watch me.

There was a new sensation inside me from being watched. It was an exhilaration of being enjoyed without being touched by the one watching. It did not matter that it was my daddy watching me. The feeling stinging my body told me I would have the same reaction even if it was not. However, I knew I had daddy to thank.

I was his virgin masturbater.

It became easier to feel myself. I had no problem letting my hand float over my engorged bulbous vulva now. I was ready to make myself cum for daddy. I wanted him to know what I looked like when the sexual juices flowed out of me. I wanted him to see my pussy ooze the clear fluid that exited my body. I wanted him to know that I enjoyed my body just as much when I was not having actual sex.

Sometimes I actually enjoyed it even more.

I took my fingers and spread my ruffled lips, exposing my wet pinkness. I knew it was glistening now. I could feel the warm fluid build up inside it again. As I spread my tender flaps gently, I could feel the air cool the entrance to my vagina. The cool air of the room drifting over it made it constrict slightly. It felt wonderful. It would feel even better if my vagina was gripping my finger.

The moisture inside my hot canal could not wait to soak my finger. I watched my daddy's eyes as I slowly moved my finger to the hot entrance of my body. He was enjoying every movement. I began to show him how I toyed my vaginal opening with my fingertip before stuffing it inside. Around in circles, letting my natural nectar coat my fingertip, I smeared it around my hot hole and also up and down along my fleshy vertical contour.

I wanted my daddy to see how sensually I could touch myself; how I prepared myself for my own finger. I wanted him to see how my body reacted as I inserted my finger into myself enroute to making myself cum.

As I looked at daddy looking at me, I could not help but wonder if he ever watched mom do this, and if he did, did she get this wet? Did she tease him like I was doing now?

Maybe this is why daddy was enjoying it so much. He was able to observe his two ladies, at separate times, enjoy themselves. It made sense to me. Just thinking about that made me wetter. I knew it was time to shove my finger inside my body.

I curled my middle finger into the opening to my wet slit, just enough for my fingertip to enter slightly. I looked at daddy as I slowly shoved my finger all the way inside, moaning as I did. Finally, after all this time, I could see the bulge in his pants start to form. It took him long enough to get hard. I was beginning to think he could not react and that was why daddy wanted to see me masturbate; that it was the only way he could get off now.

I was wrong.

The moment I saw daddy's manhood stirring, the feeling inside me sprung with full force. In slow meticulous movements, I began moving my finger in and out of my pussy, drawing daddy's attention to it. I knew he could see the tight grip my vagina had on it. It was just what I wanted him to see. My pussy was so hot inside and my internal combustion chamber slowly wet my finger causing it to slide back and forth with ease. I could actually feel my orgasm forming quickly. I was going to cum hard and fast.

My breasts became ultra firm, my nipples extremely erect, and my clit poked out and pounded with each beat of my heart. The sensations of my spasm began to travel faster through my body. I needed release and the best way for me to get it was to feel my quivering clit.

I slid my finger out of my hot wet pussy and I was sure that daddy saw the contours of my vertical fold follow my finger out. My finger was drenched with my pussy juice and before I felt my clit, I brought my finger up to my mouth and licked it. With a moan from tasting myself, I saw daddy's bulge become fully erect inside his pants. I could tell my daddy had a magnificent cock. To tell the truth I really wanted to see it.

After having sucked my sexual fluid from my finger, I once again placed my hand between my legs and slapped my pussy hard. I groaned long and hard from the sting I gave myself. It made more of my core dribble slowly out of my pink orifice. I wet my finger with my hot liquid, drew my hand to the top of my tender slit, and felt my hot pink knob gently poking out. It sent tingles over my skin as I began to rub over my sensitive clit. I leaned my head back into the pillow propped against the arm of the sofa and let the feeling overtake me.

Up and down, side to side, around in circles, I varied my finger's movements over my sensual spot. I could feel my tender fold move in each direction as I did, sending electrifying jolts through my whole body. I could literally feel my vaginal opening getting bigger and spreading wider as the contractions of my orgasm neared. The hot fluid inside my cavity was getting more pronounced and began to leak out of my body even more. I did not even have to look at my daddy to know he could see it slide out. I heard his moans which actually sent me over the edge.

I tried to hold it as long as I could, but my body would not allow me to do so.

My pussy was convulsing wildly, and my clit pulsed under my finger. I pulled on one of my tiny erect nipples hard which caused me to yell out as my orgasm spewed. I spread my pussy lips open with my fingers and felt my cum flow out in clear spurts all over the towel underneath me. The hot flow kept exiting with each pulse my cervix made outward. The wave of tingles rushed over me as I began to now massage my small mound as the feeling subsided. When my cervix made the last pulsing movement, I slid my fingers over my slice, massaging it with precise dedication, feeling just how drenched it had become.

The slickness that had been driven out from deep within my body felt wonderful as I slowly spread it over my now puffy pussy lips. My mound was even tender and glistened with my stickiness as I drug my fingers over it.

Slowly, I closed my legs, sat up on the couch, and looked at my daddy sitting there in the chair staring at me with pure lust. I could see his cock throbbing through his pants and it was hard as a rock. It was just begging to get out of its confinement.

I sat there in the pool of my own cum, and felt the air of the room cool my sexually perspiring body. I felt the beads of sweat trickle between my small breasts.

As I ran my hand between them, daddy watched and reached for the button of his pants and said, "Now Ella, it's time for you to watch me."

Then daddy stood up, pulled his shirt over his head and then dropped his pants.

He was not wearing any underwear and his erect cock sprung from the waist and immediately stood out in front of him in full attention. Before he sat back down, I saw the drop of precum form on the tip. I had excited my daddy in more ways than I knew.

Now I was going to watch my daddy prove just how much.

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Posted 07 Nov 2013 22:04
Talk about HOT. Wow does not say enough!
Posted 31 May 2012 09:35
Posted 16 Mar 2012 03:30
Posted 15 Mar 2012 08:10
Another superbly erotic and well written story.
Posted 13 Mar 2012 04:00
mmmmmm very hot
Posted 09 Mar 2012 09:25
It reminds me of....... hmmmm
Posted 08 Mar 2012 10:33
Wonderfully erotic story ........ will there be a part 2?
Posted 07 Mar 2012 21:57
Excellent story... created erotic images in my mind... very HOT!!
Posted 07 Mar 2012 18:06
Oh what a lucky Daddy indeed to have his daughter diddle herself for their mutual pleasure!!! V=5
Posted 07 Mar 2012 16:05
good story felt like i was there!
Posted 07 Mar 2012 15:25
very erotic, and imaginative!! liked it a lot! more like this please!!
Posted 07 Mar 2012 13:01
Wow, what a cool story. Loved how it was written and how you covered everything. Definitely erotic and a turn-on. Lucky dad!

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