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Daddy’s Grown Up ‘Little Girl’ – 4

Melissa sees Mia as the sister she always wanted and now Daddy has two little girls!
Daddy’s hand felt firm on the back of my head, guiding my progress as I sucked his rock hard erection to the very best of my newfound skills. He was naked having just got out the shower, his body damp from a light toweling and smelling musky and warm. I had shed my pyjama top wearing only the bottom half and prepared for Daddy to send his hot cream gushing over me. We had serious sex last night and this was meant as a little ‘extra’ for him before he dashed off to work.

His cock felt so good between my lips as I tightened my cheeks around his generous girth, my head bobbing rapidly to bring him off as quickly as possible. He had a train to catch and I wanted to make sure he was completely satisfied before he had to go.

I gulped greedily on the first wave but the rest came so fast and furious I had no choice but to direct it over my boobs but I was glad I had relieved him of so much. He had a very stressful and important job and it was my duty to make his life as pleasurable as I could.

“Was that good, Daddy?”

“Just perfect Princess,” he enthused. I got up from my knees and wiped the excess from my front with his discarded towel. “Go and get dressed baby, I’ll be leaving very soon.”

“Yes Daddy,” I turned for the door, still topless when he quickly slapped me on my bottom, urging me to get a move on. The sting from his hand sent a tingle right through me, not least in my pussy. “Ooooh! Daddy,” I shrieked as I left the bathroom. Why had I suddenly got a thrill from getting my bottom smacked?


“You will go and see Mia?” he said half asking half telling. “It’s not like her to phone in sick and I can’t go myself today because of this meeting.”

“Of course Daddy, I’ll let you know if there is something serious.”

“Good girl,” he whispered kissing me on the forehead. “Will you be okay on your own tonight? It will be tomorrow afternoon when I get back.”

“Yes Daddy,” I promised, “now go or you will miss your train.”

“See you tomorrow then sweetheart,” he blew another kiss then was gone.


Mia was making coffee as I sat in her small but very swanky apartment, eying up the place to get a feel of what she was like. Funnily enough if I had a place of my own then this would be it! She came back with two steaming cups then slumped onto the sofa opposite me, dressed in tight faded denims and white t-shirt, almost identical to me. If it wasn’t for her shock of red curly hair against my long straight auburn mane we could pass for sisters!

Mia was tearful and sat opposite me sipping the coffee between sobs. She wasn’t ill in the true sense but obviously unable to work.

“What a mess Melissa,” she began. “Toby has taken everything, cleaned out my bank and savings and left me with a massive second mortgage.”

“Toby?” I enquired.

“My big brother,” she spat. “He was living with me until a few months ago when he went abroad and I realised what a mess he had got into with his gambling. Now they are going to evict me and repossess this place,” she cried, trying to placate herself with another sip of the black liquid.

“Does Daddy know?” She shook her head. “Daddy will sort it out when he gets back tomorrow,” I assured her.

“It’s not his problem,” she sniffed then blew into a tissue. “He has enough on his plate at work without looking after me. My job is to look after him.”

“Mine too,” I found myself saying.

“He really does love you,” she said suddenly.

I stiffened a little, maybe she knew about us. “I know,” was all I could think to say.

“You two are really close, I get that,” she said having another blow at the tissue. “He’s a very special man to me and I can’t bear to think I am letting him down through my stupidity.”

“When you say special?”

“Oh, no, nothing like that,” Mia countered quickly sensing my reasoning. “No, your father wouldn’t do anything like that; nothing can come between you and him. I know what you have together.”

“You do?”

“Yes,” she said evenly. “Me and Toby had the same thing. He is the only man I have slept with.”

“You and your brother!” I wasn’t being judgmental or anything, just surprised.

“I trusted him, he took my virginity on my sixteenth and we have been lovers on and off since then. I can tell you and your father are lovers and I think it’s really great; he’s such a wonderful man.”

I was shocked she knew our secret. “Daddy told me you prefer other women.”

Mia smiled for the first time. “Not prefer, it’s different. Toby was the only man for me so it made sense to enjoy sex with other women, now I guess I will end up a full time lesbian.”

Strangely I had never thought of having a relationship with another woman yet somehow it seemed sort of exciting. “What are you going to do?” I asked casting a look around her place.

Mia shrugged then burst into tears again. I put my cup down and crossed over to her, sitting by her with my arm around her shoulder. Her tears came in a flood and I felt so sorry for her, losing her lover and her home seemed unbearable.

“You will have to stay with us a while,” I soothed. The words came out just as I had thought of it, then I wondered what Daddy would say about that, but the offer had been made.

Mia’s face was streaked with tears staining what little make-up she had on. “I don’t think your father would be very happy about that,” she squeaked.

“Nonsense,” I said, “he would be furious if I left you like this. Get an overnight bag packed. You are coming home with me.”


I had never had so much fun! We had the house to ourselves and drank Chablis and ate nibbles and watched several girly films. She was the sister I had always missed and I was loving it. But then it was bed time and I showed Mia to her room.

Five minutes on there was a little knock on my door and it squeaked open. “Sorry Melissa,” Mia whispered. “I forgot to bring a nightie, can I borrow one?”

Mia came in wearing nothing but her panties; I had only my pyjama bottoms on, holding the top over my breasts. “Sure,” I cooed, throwing my top on the bed. If she was topless then so was I. Pulling a flimsy nightie from one of my drawers I presented it to her, she stepped towards me at the same time and we bumped together, almost breasts to breasts.

We giggled, that was the wine, but then something told me to move closer and I did, her warm skin touching mine and then she kissed me!

It wasn’t just a peck but the real thing, lips hard against each other, wet mouthed and tongues fishing between each other’s eager mouth.

“Oh god Mia, this is so weird,” I panted. She began to pull away. “No, please don’t stop,” I squeaked.

Her hand smoothed across my breast, tweaking my nipple and sending a wave of excitement through me. I did the same to her, the first time I had felt another woman, especially there, her silky smooth skin so tender and warm, so different from Daddy’s, not better just different. Her nipples were like little strawberries and I couldn’t resist touching them, my hand exploring her topless area with building anticipation.

Mia’s hand had slid down the front of my pyjamas and found my pussy triangle, her long slender fingers getting closer and closer to my lower curve, the pit of my stomach churning relentlessly as she fingered the top of my slit. We kissed harder, her finger rubbing my clit gently almost taking the legs from under me.

My hand smoothed over the lace panel on the front of her panties, the warm feel of them so different from the feel of my own, sexy and soft and inviting me to delve into them. I slid down her front savoring her tiny wiry pussy fur then finding her clit, rubbing her softly, my finger getting wet from her juice.

Suddenly we were in the centre of my bed and still entwined, our hands exploring the other’s entrance, kissing fervently and snuggling our bodies against one another. Mia was right, this was nothing like being with a man, Daddy was different, hard and dominant yet delicate and fulfilling, she was soft and tender, caressing and exploring, fulfilling in so many other ways. She had pulled down my pyjamas and I eased my legs apart to allow her access to my entrance then her fingers explored my inside sending my head into a spin.

Mia’s other hand guided mine between her legs, directing me to her wet opening then my fingers entered her, feeling her sex pulsating against me. I came first, my insides clamping around her as I let go, and then her juices flooded me, her fiery curls against my face as she nuzzled her lips over my nipples, kissing each in turn. I came again; incensed by the potency of her fragrance and the smell of her hair, then she came face to face with me, our breasts pushing against each other. She was beautiful, her smile glistening with lip-gloss and her eyes wide and loving.

We slept together; she hadn’t needed the nightie, the summer night cloaking us in a warm cocoon, soothed by the aroma of our mixed perfumes and the sweet scent of our sex.


The hot sun bathed us in its comfort as we lay stretched out on the loungers in the garden. Both Mia and I were topless, her by necessity having borrowed one of my bikinis, her breasts being much smaller than mine! The wine had flowed generously between us and neither of us heard Daddy get home.

“Hi sweetheart,” he trilled as he slid open the patio window to emerge in the shadow of us. “Oh, Mia, I didn’t know you were here.”

Mia jumped up desperately looking for her top which was nowhere to be seen so she cupped her breasts with both hands. “Hello, Sir,” she garbled.

“No need for the ‘sir’ here Mia, only at work. Are you any better?”

I didn’t wait for her to answer and jumped off the lounger and threw my arms around him pressing my breasts against his starched shirt. “Oh Daddy, I have really missed you,” I husked giving him a big kiss on the mouth.

Daddy looked at Mia for her reaction but she was smiling and relaxed. “I’m much better now Sir ... er John, thanks to Melissa.”

“Give her a hug Daddy,” I chided, “she could really do with one.”

Daddy looked uneasy at my suggestion but Mia was on her feet and dropped her hands away from her breasts, he opened his arms and she sank into them immediately bursting into tears. I knew Daddy would look after her, his arms enveloping her before kissing her on top of her head. It didn’t seem too bad seeing him embracing another girl in just her panties!


Mia’s story came out over dinner and Daddy was really concerned at her situation, equally surprised at her admission about her brother Toby and her horrible time as an orphan with no Daddy of her own.

“Can she stay with us Daddy?” I said getting really excited at the prospect. “Please, please Daddy.”

“Of course you can stay Mia, as long as you like, until we sort this mess out.”

Mia jumped to her feet almost tipping over her bowl of fruit and lunged at him throwing her arms around his neck. “Oh thank you Daddy,” she squealed with obvious relief. “Oh god, I’m so sorry... Sir... I mean... John.” Her embarrassment was total and she was about to run from the room.

“Don’t go honey,” he said gripping her arm.

“No, please don’t go Mia,” I added. “There is more than enough of Daddy for both of us and I think you should also call him Daddy.”

Mia melted and Daddy pulled her to him, sitting her on his knee. “You will stay here and we will sort things out, I promise, now I am feeling bushed, it has been a difficult two days of endless meetings so I’m off to bed.”

I could see that Mia’s dress had ridden halfway up her thigh and Daddy had been stroking it gently as he spoke, it wasn’t hard to figure he had feelings for her, and she him! Strangely it didn’t bother me, I knew Daddy would always love me but he was a man and I wanted to make sure he was happy.

“Daddy,” I started, both of them looking towards me, “why not take Mia to bed with you tonight?”

That stunned them; neither spoke but froze looking tentatively at one another.

“I know you both want that, I can tell,” I added quickly.

Daddy’s face reddened at my proposition. “I don’t think that would be the right thing to ...”

He didn’t get to finish.

“I do,” Mia spluttered, “I would really love that... Daddy! But are you sure Melissa?

I nodded happily. “I know you will please Daddy.”


Within ten minutes the sounds coming from Daddy’s room told me I was right and I tip-toed upstairs to bed. His door was wide open and Mia was calling out like a she cat on heat. I had to take a peek.

Mia was in the centre of his bed, the same spot I had occupied a few weeks ago to relinquish my virginity, Daddy was kneeling between her outspread legs and both were naked. He had his hands beneath her waist, lifting her slightly off the bed and pushing her down onto him, her arms slung around his neck for support. Daddy’s full ten-inches were embedded inside her, his bottom tight and urgent, acting like a piston thrusting his length back and forth, Mia letting out a shrill squeal at each ‘in’ stroke.

Neither saw me as I quietly made my way to my room. I should have felt jealous but I didn’t, I knew Daddy would love me just as much as before and Mia deserved a Daddy of her own having missed out on so much love.


Mia had climaxed amid a deafening scream before falling silent and I was just about to get off to sleep when my door creaked open and Daddy stood in the void.

“You asleep sweetheart?” he said softly.

“No Daddy, come in,” I whispered sitting up in bed; he was wearing only shorts and sat on the edge beside me.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay... you know with Mia?”

“Yes Daddy, was she good?”

“Yes sweetheart,” he said before moving swiftly on. “I just wanted you to know you are my little girl and nothing will ever come between us. This thing with Mia is good but if you change your mind just let me know and we will go back to how it was Princess.”

“Oh Daddy you are so sweet and thoughtful but I really don’t mind, you need another woman other than me and I know you love me and Mia is perfect. Anyhow she is the sister I always wanted.”

“You are so precious baby,” he said stroking my hair. “Mia is sleeping, probably tired after all the weeks of worrying about her brother and her finances.”

I pulled back the duvet and he climbed in, his hot musky smell heightening my sex. My hand delved into his shorts and held his cock and he began to grow instantly. Luckily I had half expected him to visit me and had gone to bed naked, his lips kissing mine before finding my nipples. His cock was still wet from Mia’s juice which excited me even more, my hand massaging him back to full hard before leaning back to accept him.

“Oooooh Daddy,” I breathed, squirming beneath him as he mounted me. I pulled his shorts down to just below his jewels and parted my thighs wider to gain more of his length. He was awesome, just fifteen minutes or so ago he was bringing Mia to a climax and now he was doing the same to me. I clung to him like a limpet as he fucked me to the edge of my senses and we let go at the same time.

Daddy slid from my bed and pulled up his shorts, leaned over and kissed me goodnight then went back to his room.


“Right young ladies,” Daddy said wiping his mouth after breakfast, “I’m off to work,” then looking at Mia, “you, my girl, will have today off but you will be at work tomorrow, and you, Melissa, will help Mia sort the details out with her bank and let me know so I can square it up. Now off you go and get dressed and no sunbathing until you have both done your chores. Neither of you are too big to go across my knee.”

“Yes Daddy,” I squeaked.

“Yes Daddy,” Mia repeated.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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