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Daddy's Little Girl

Sylvie's eyes widened as she saw her Daddy's huge cock stare at her waiting for her
Sylvie John son was a twenty year old student from North London and lived with her Daddy since she was born.

One evening she sat in front of the TV in the front room with just a pair of black hot pants and white tight top that made her 34D breasts even bigger. She sat alone as her Daddy had gone to the pub for a drink. There was nothing on TV so she placed one of her Daddy's secret porn dvds into the machine and pressed play.

A couple of hot californian naked girls came onto the TV screen and began kissing, sucking each other's nipples. They were making sexy moans and groans.

As Sylvie watched more she felt herself being turned on by lesbian porn. She felt her left hand touch her pussy over her hot pants and began rubbing. She found herself putting her hand down her hot pants and rubbing her hot, wet pussy as the lesbians on screen started licking each other's pussies.

"Sylvie, what are you doing?" Her daddy was home.

Sylvie looked up embarrassed. Red faced. She quickly pulled her hand out and switched off the tv. "I'm sorry, I'll just go now," she said beginning to get up but her Daddy stood before her - a lustful look in his eyes as he stared down at her long, slender legs.

"Don't go," he said. His eyes travelled along and down at her gorgeous slender body to her breasts and felt himself shamefully getting sexually aroused. He glanced down at his crotch area and saw his cock twitch inside his trousers and a bulge started forming. "Sylvie, honey, could you do your Daddy a huge favour?"

She didn't like the way her father looked at her that lustful look that men get when seeing a attractive woman. "What's that, Daddy?" she asked innocently.

"You couldn't possibly take off your top and let me suck your breasts?"

Sylvie gasped in horror.

He glanced down at his growing erection now around ten inches long horny and ready for some love actuon. "Please, honey, suck my cock."

She watched wide eyed as her daddy unzipped his trousers and his huge rock hard dick stared back at her. Sylvie got herself together and tried to run but her Daddy grabbed her arms.

"Be a good girl, Sylvie, and suck your daddy," he said, as his cock twitched with horniness.
"Daddy let me go. No, I won't!" She pushed past him and ran up the stairs to her bedroom and hid under her duvet.

Her bedroom door creaked open and footsteps walked in.

"Sylvie, please, honey," her daddy begged.

Sylvie her head back up and switched the lamp on and saw sadness in her dad's eyes making her heart melt. She got out of bed and hugged him. Her breasts crushing against his chest and his dick digging into her.

"Oh, Daddy, I would do anything for you," she said.

"Help me then, angel," he said.

She nodded and knelt down and took hold of her Daddy's hard rock cock in her mouth and moved her head back and forth.

Mr Johnson pressed his hands down on her head for her to go faster as he moaned with pleasure as he felt himself building up to an orgasm. He cried out as he ejaculated inside his daughter's mouth.

Sylvie pulled away, "OK, daddy, now go," she said.

He nodded and left closing the door.

She took off her hot pants and top and got back into bed switching the light off.

At around half past four in the morning, Sylvie's door opened softly and her Daddy came to her and gently pulled back the duvet and stared lustfully down at her naked body. His dick became rock hard. He ran his fingers up her legs feeling how soft they were. He got on top of her and his weight made the bed creak.

Sylvie woke up. "Daddy, get off me!" she cried, beginning to push him away.

Her daddy's fingers teased around her clitoris area beginning to stimulate her.

She began to moan pleasurable.

He began rubbing her clitoris in circles, clockwise, anti clockwise, in fast motion. As he felt her pussy getting wetter he inserted two fingers up it slowly and then out again.

Sylvie was hot. She was horny as hell. She wanted sex. Her hands cupped her breasts and squeezed one breast as she getting hotter.

Mr Johnson felt his daughter's sweet wet pussy getting wetter and wetter underneath his fingertips making him harder. He took out his fingers and licked her sweet juices. He thrusted his ten inch rock hard cock inside her pussy and moved back and forth fast. The motion moving rapidly.

The bed creaked and squealed loudly and banged against the wall.

She felt herself coming as her breathing increased and her heart pounded until she let out a loud cry as her body quivered as she came.

Her daddy came ejaculatinginside her sweet pussy.

Mr Johnson stood up and kissed his daughter's forehead. "Good night, sweetheart, and thank you."

"You're welcome daddy," she said sweetly.

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Posted 06 Jun 2013 19:09
Damn, I love Daddy daughter stories. I did think it rushed a little bit, but you still got my panties wet.
Posted 26 May 2013 13:46
I thought it was a good story keep up with your writing love your stories
Posted 28 Jun 2011 11:05
It was a good story, but need to work on your writing skills a bit more yet.
Posted 27 Jun 2011 11:15
hot an lustful....more details but good
Posted 26 Jun 2011 16:28
I loved your story,,,well done.
Posted 26 Jun 2011 02:49
I thought your sorry was good so thank you
Posted 25 Jun 2011 05:55
Regardless of other comments I liked the story.Maybe it was a little fast but that happens sometimes in real life.Keep up the good work,you have the makings of a great author over time.
Posted 24 Jun 2011 15:59
Scored with a 3 because: Very fast and not enough detail
Posted 24 Jun 2011 10:38
Scored with a 3 because: Story needed more explanation, and the pacing felt really rushed
Posted 24 Jun 2011 08:07
Scored with a 3 because: Weak plot.

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