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Daddy's Little Leelee Chapter 4

The story you are about to read is a complete work of fiction.  None of the events depicted here actually happened.  Any similarity to any actual person, place, or event is entirely coincidental.


Chapter 4

I was in heaven.

For three months, I’d been carrying on an affair with the most amazing woman on earth.  A young woman, heart-stoppingly beautiful, with a smile that could make a man cry with joy and a body that could only be described as “pure perfection.”  My lover was beautiful, smart, sexy, funny, and more desirable than any other woman I’d ever laid eyes on.  Who is this amazing creature, you’re probably asking, and are there any more where she came from?

She’s my daughter, Kimberleigh.  And no, there are no more.  Just her.

After that fateful day when Leelee (my personal pet name for her since she was a baby) and I first found ourselves giving in to our mutual lust for each other, there had been a couple speedbumps but we passed them.  We’d completely abandoned any pretense and just enjoyed the hell out of the fact that we couldn’t get enough of each other.  My little girl was high-spirited and cheerful, and as much as she’d brightened my life just being my daughter, she made it immeasurably better when she became my lover.

Something had been happening to me since that day.  You know how a man’s peak is supposedly in his late teens/early twenties, and his sex drive is supposed to decline after that?  Mine hadn’t.  In fact, since Leelee and I started sleeping together on a pretty much regular basis – I don’t think we let two days go by without finding a way to get my cock into her tight little teenaged pussy – my libido had been increasing.

Way increasing.

For a while, I hadn’t been very interested in having sex with my wife.  I’d just gotten bored with fucking the same woman over and over.  But once my affair with Leelee had gotten underway, I found myself getting more interested in my wife again.  The illicit nature of my affair with my daughter had come to be a tremendous turn-on, and the fact that my wife was the mother of the girl that she had no idea I was fucking really started to get me going.  I started banging my wife regularly again, and while she was initially surprised about the turnabout in my attitude toward our sex life, she was, to say the least, extremely pleased about it.

The other result I noticed was at work.  As an administrator at a local university, I’d had plenty of opportunities to, let’s say, “sample” the student body.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that I took a few of those opportunities.  I had some minor dalliances, one-time things, with a few female coeds; I also had a small handful, three or four maybe, who were my favorites and whose eager young bodies I enjoyed over and over.  But once Leelee and I had found each other, the fooling around with students had pretty much stopped cold.  My favorites got worried when I hadn’t called them to my office in a couple weeks, but it all died down pretty quick – they were the hottest of the hotties on campus and very quickly found other meat to fill their horny little holes with.  I was getting double the pleasure and double the fun at home, so I didn’t really feel the same desire to fuck the hot little coeds that came strutting through my office anymore.

That is, until Courtney came walking in.

She was a brand-new student, a freshman.  Leelee’s age.  Short – about 5’4” – and petite, she had straight light-blonde hair and a pretty face with heart-shaped pink lips.  When she took off her sunglasses, though, was when I felt the blow.  Courtney had the most incredible, piercing, deep blue eyes that I’d ever seen.

Even more incredible, a traitorous little voice whispered, than Leelee’s.

The girl locked her eyes on mine and was giving me such an intense look that I couldn’t help but stare back as my cock started to stiffen beneath my desk.  She smiled, a sweet little smile that somehow had something of a predatory look to it.  I took a deep breath to calm myself.

I wanted this girl.  I wanted her badly.  I wanted nothing more than to grab this little vixen with her intensely sexy blue eyes, lay her out on my desk, and plow the ever-loving shit out of her little cunt until I blew my load all over her. 

I got down to business.  We discussed this and that, went over some paperwork, did all the things that the university actually pays me to do with the students, while the whole time I was thinking about doing the things that the university technically forbids me to do with students.  And the thing is…I think she knew it.  From time to time she’d lift her eyes to my face, gazing into my eyes with that intensity that was drawing me in like a trout on a hook.  I’ll give her trout, I thought.  Trouser trout.  I smiled inadvertently.

After we finished up, Courtney looked into my eyes again as she stood up slowly.  The girl was good, I thought.  Her every movement was almost choreographed for maximum sexual effect.  The way she stood, the way she nibbled the end of her pen.  The way she arched her back when leaning down to pick up her bag.  My eyes were inevitably drawn to her small, tight ass, made even more visually appealing by the tight black yoga pants she was wearing.

She turned to face me and I stood to escort her out of my office.  My cock was aching.  Either Leelee or her mother was going to get the fucking of a lifetime when I got home, I thought with glee.  I was so hard it didn’t matter which.  Whichever one I got my hands on first.
As I was thinking about this, I failed to notice that Courtney had not left the office.  She had, in fact, locked the door and come back to my desk.  I looked up at her with some surprise and asked if there was anything else.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked innocently.

“Courtney!” I exclaimed.  “What kind of question is that?”

“I noticed how you were looking at me,” she said, “and when you stood up I saw that bulge in your pants.  You’re pretty hard right now, aren’t you?  Is it for me?” She stepped around the desk.  “Do you want to fuck me?”

I turned my chair to face her.  She stood between my knees, looking down at me with that intense gaze.  I finally realized that the intensity I was seeing was lust.  Courtney, it seems, has a thing for older men.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” she asked in a low, sultry voice.  Our eyes met and somehow I knew that I could do it to her, right then and there, I could bend her over and have my way with her and she’d let me.  More than let me.  She’d love every minute.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I stood and pulled her against me, hard.  My aching cock pressed against her stomach as I kissed her roughly, tugging off her sweatshirt.  Underneath she wore only a black lace bra encasing her perky B-cup titties.  The bra soon followed the shirt onto the floor.  My mouth found one of her nipples and she gasped, pressing my face into her chest with one hand while fumbling to undo my belt with the other.

I undid my pants and pulled out my aching cock.  I was hard as hell, horny as a motherfucker, and I was going to fuck the shit out of this erotic little bitch with the intense blue eyes.  Those eyes widened when she saw how big and hard I was.  Then she grinned hungrily and sank to her knees.

Her small mouth couldn’t take me all, but she sure as hell tried.  Her pink lips wrapped around my cock nicely and her tongue swirled around as she sucked as much of my cock into her mouth as she could fit.  It felt good, but I wasn’t in the mood for head – besides, my Leelee had spoiled me.  After her, blowjobs from almost any other woman didn’t quite cut it anymore.  So I picked Courtney up, stood her before me, and unceremoniously yanked her pants down.

She wasn’t wearing panties.

I leaned her back against the desk and dove in, pressing my face into her clean-shaven little cunt.  She gasped as my tongue worked its way around between her lower lips, making sure she was wet enough for me.  She was.

I lifted her hot little ass up onto the edge of the desk and she spread her sexy legs wide.  The whole time, she kept her blue eyes locked onto my face, lust burning in them.  Her cunt was dripping wet and hotter than a furnace.  Without much ado, I grabbed my cock, aimed it at her little hole, and buried myself in her pussy.

She gasped out loud.

I grabbed her hips and started fucking her.  This little slut had gotten me completely and fully aroused, and I had no idea what it was or why but from the moment she’d walked into my office I’d just wanted to fuck her hard.  With some of the others, especially my favorites, there was an element of playfulness in our encounters, even a little tenderness, but with Courtney, it was just raw, animalistic lust.  Fucking for the sheer physical pleasure of it.  And fuck her I did.  Her eyes were wide, her mouth open as she moaned with pleasure, my hard cock pistoning in and out of her hot little cunt.  “Fuck me,” she said, “fuck me hard, fuck me!”

Her little body shook as she came, her hair tossing and her hips quivering.  Without withdrawing from her, I lifted her up and sat back in my chair.  She kissed me as hard as I’d kissed her and started riding my dick, her little pussy sliding up and down my shaft, her hips gyrating as she kept grinding into me.  She threw her head back and shouted “OH FUCK I LOVE THAT COCK!!” as she bounced up and down on my dick.

Good thing our offices are soundproofed.

Courtney rode me hard until another orgasm rocked her.  Her arms went around my neck and she hung on for dear life as her entire body bucked and spasmed.  I could feel her cunt clamping down on my dick as tremors of ecstasy ripped through her.  My balls constricted and I felt the rush of impending orgasm.

I stood quickly, lowering Courtney to the floor.  With one hand I gripped my cock, the other I buried in her hair and turned her pretty face up to me.  She knew instantly what was about to happen; she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to receive my load. That sight alone sent me over the edge.  I growled her name as I erupted, long ropes of hot jizz blasting out of my cock and across her pretty face.  “Ohhh god you little fucking slut yeeeeah take my fucking cum on your face!!” I gasped.  I had no idea where that came from, but it must have been the right thing to say because she loved it.

After using a towel from her bookbag to wipe my spunk off her face, she smiled a pretty smile at me.  The intensity was still in her eyes but it had lessened, somewhat, as if something inside her had been satiated.  “That was fun,” she said in her sexy, sultry voice.  “I’ll be back for more of that.”

And with that, she was gone.


That afternoon, I arrived home to find the house empty.  My wife was still at work and who knows where Leelee was.  My son, Ben, had gone away to college; he’d said he was doing well, he liked his classes, and I hoped for his sake he was banging a different coed every weekend.

It’d kinda suck to be out-scored with college hotties by your old man.

I kicked off my shoes and relaxed in my den.  After about half an hour, the front door opened and shut, then I heard the most wonderful sound in the world:

“Daddy? Where are you?”

“In the den,” I called out to my daughter.  A moment later she was in the doorway, and as always, I felt my heart lurch a bit as I took in her breathtaking beauty.  Leelee smiled her beautiful smile at me, said “Hi Daddy!” and flew into my lap.  I hugged her tight, and she hugged me back.

“Mom won’t be home for another hour or so,” I said in a husky voice.

Her eyes sparkled.  “I know.”  Then she kissed me.  Deeply.

My entire being ached with love and desire for her.  My cock started to stir.

I started nibbling her neck.  She moaned softly, tossing her long, wavy black hair back over her shoulder.  My hands roamed over her body as she took my face between her hands and kissed me again, her tongue darting into my mouth.  I breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of her perfume and of her arousal, which like mine, fired up almost instantly whenever we found ourselves alone together.

Her sweater lifted up over her head easily, her hair cascading back down over her shoulders.  My hands caressed her back as I quickly undid the clasp of her bra, freeing her mouth-watering DD breasts.  “Mmmm,” I breathed, “my daughter has the best tits in the world,” before filling my hands with them and leaning in to kiss them.

She giggled as she deftly unbuttoned and opened my shirt.  “My daddy loves my big fucking titties…and he loves fucking my big titties!”  I looked into her eyes and she grinned that grin that makes me want to flip over backwards and give her the entire world.

She slid down off my lap, dragging her tits down across my bare chest, making me gasp.  She expertly undid my pants and I lifted my ass up as she slid them down.  My underwear followed, freeing my throbbing cock.

She leaned down to kiss the tip, her tongue picking up the dot of precum that was already showing.  Her mouth slowly engulfed me, blowing me with the skill and enthusiasm that made getting head from almost any other woman a waste of time.  Nobody sucks cock like my Leelee.

She turned her beautiful eyes up to me as she slowly caressed my cock with her mouth.  My heart ached with love for this girl, even as my cock ached to be inside her.  Then the took her lips from my dick with a *pop* and grinned up at me.  She took my cock, laid it between her big soft tits, and squeezed her breasts together around it.  She slid them up and down, titty-fucking me and making me gasp with pleasure.  When the tip of my cock would pop out of the top of her cleavage, she’d reach down and give it a lick.

I couldn’t stand it.  I stood her up and quickly undid her jeans.  I slid them down slowly, uncovering her amazing round ass and sexy thighs.  I grabbed her ass hard, kissing her right where her thigh meets her hip, and she giggled and squirmed; that’s a sensitive spot.  I kept kissing her thigh and her hip as she stepped out of her jeans and her thong.  Her pussy was hot, and wet, and ready for me…it always is.

Leelee sank down into my lap, kissing me deeply.  I could feel the heat of her cunt washing down over my thighs.  She slowly stroked her slit up and down the length of my cock, teasing both of us, until the tip found its way into her tight little hole…and with a moan, she sank down onto me.  I breathed her name and we held a moment, savoring the sensation of being locked together.

She ground her hips slowly, a more sensual and erotic mimicking of what Courtney had done earlier.  I kissed Leelee’s neck, loving the way her long hair tickled my face and bare shoulder, as she wrapped her arms around me and rode me.  I felt her pussy caressing me, long, slow, deep strokes that brought me as deeply into her as I could get. 

As the pressure built, her pace increased.  She started breathing faster and faster in time with her movements, her breath hissing in my ear “hmmm…hmmm…hmmm” as she fucked me faster and faster.  I wrapped my arms around her waist, holding her close, as she took her pleasure from me.  Finally she took a deep breath, gasped “oh Daddy…” and came for me.  Her body trembled as her orgasm overtook her.

I let her catch her breath, my cock still inside her.  She flipped her hair out of her face and smiled at me.  “I love cumming for my Daddy,” she purred with a smile.

“I love it when you cum for me too, baby girl,” I said.  Then I kissed her softly.  “And now it’s Daddy’s turn.”

She grinned wickedly.  “Want me to bend over, Daddy?” She knew I loved her ass as much as I loved her tits.  But that always led to her getting spanked, which she really liked, and I wasn’t in the mood for that.

“No, baby.  Stay just like this.”  I kissed her and started pumping my cock up into her.  She smiled, rest her hands on my shoulders, and started grinding on me again.  Her tits pressed against my chest and her hips moved back and forth as I fucked her little pussy, her forehead resting against mine, her eyes open, staring into mine as I stared into hers, our mouths open, our breath mingling.  I reached around and grabbed her ass, squeezing and pulling her into me with each thrust.

She pushed me back, leaned her hands on my chest, smiled, and started bouncing her ass up and down.  I loved that.  We’d seen a porn star do that once – occasionally my daughter and I like to mix in a little porn with our fucking – and I’d mentioned how hot it was.  The next time Leelee and I were together, she demonstrated that she’d mastered the move just for me.  So she bounced her ass up and down, fucking my cock with her pussy, smiling her wickedly mischievous smile at me, and I just enjoyed the ride.  I reached up and played with her tits, sucking on her nipples and squeezing their firm young ripeness, until I felt the familiar tingling in my loins that signaled an impending orgasm.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around Leelee’s waist, pulling her down against me, crushing her tits against my chest and pressing every inch of her body against mine.  Her thighs straddled my hips and her lips came down on mine with a fierce desire that I easily matched.  I fucked my daughter’s hot little pussy hard, pumping up into her harder and harder until I felt the rush.  I pushed myself balls-deep into her, arching my back and moaning in the back of my throat, as my cock exploded and pumped blast after blast of the very seed that had made her into her pussy.  As I came, I felt her shaking and her cunt spasming as she came right along with me.

We lay in each other’s arms for a while, catching our breath.  I idly toyed with a strand of her hair as she breathed “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, baby,” I whispered back.

After a few more minutes, Leelee said “Daddy?”


“Did you meet Courtney today?”

I would have sat bolt upright out of surprise, except doing so would have dumped Leelee onto the floor.  “Courtney?” My mind raced.  Other than my wife, which Leelee didn’t care about, I hadn’t fucked anyone but her in months.  “Um, I met with a student named Courtney today, yeah...”

I heard the grin in her voice.  “Blonde hair, tiny, reeeeeeeally intense blue eyes?”

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“She’s a friend,” Leelee answered.  “When she told me where she was going to school, I told her she had to come see you and nobody else.  Told her you were my daddy and you’d take good,” she stressed the word ‘good,’ making it sound like an innuendo, “care of her.”
“Oh,” I said, at first relieved.  Then I got seriously worried.  Courtney was Leelee’s friend.  Which meant there was a chance that she’d tell my daughter that I’d fucked her.  Which meant Leelee was going to kill me for cheating on her.  Listen to me, I thought with manic seriousness, I’m going to get in trouble for cheating on my lover who’s also my daughter, who I’m already cheating on my wife with!

“Yeah,” she said, sounding impish.  “I said you’d take gooooooood care of her.  Did you take goooood care of my friend, Daddy?”

“Uh…I got her all squared away with school and stuff, honey, if that’s what you mean.”

“Is that all?  You just did her school stuff? That’s not fair, I told her you’d take care of her.”

“Honey,” I said, “of course I did her school stuff.  That’s what I do.  What else would I have done?”

“Oh,” she said.  “I was wondering if you fucked her.”  My jaw dropped.  “Cuz Courtney and her boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago, and Courtney’s a total cock-fiend, she used to make her boyfriend fuck her like four times a day, and she hasn’t gotten any since they broke up and it’s killing her.  And she always says how hot you are, and she digs older guys anyway, so I told her to go see you and turn those eyes of hers on you and you’d take care of her.”

Wait.  The horny little nympho I’d banged in my office that afternoon was my daughter’s friend…whom my daughter had sent to me specifically so I’d fuck her?

My mind reeled, taking this in, then the corners of my mouth slowly crept upwards.  God I loved this girl.

Leelee looked up at me, watching the grin spread across my face.  “You did fuck her, didn’t you, Daddy?” she asked playfully.

“A gentleman never kisses and tells,” I said loftily.

She giggled.  “I know, and I know my Daddy is a gentleman.  The best gentleman in the world.”  She snuggled into me.  “It’s ok, though, Daddy.  I know you did her anyway.”

“Oh? And how would you know that?”

“I could taste her on your dick,” she said wickedly.

I took a second to process that.  My daughter recognized the taste of her friend Courtney’s pussy on my dick.  But that meant…

The realization must have been visible in my eyes because she giggled again.  Before I could ask, she answered the question.  “Yup, I do know what Court’s pussy tastes like.”

My eyes must have widened or something because she blushed a little.  "What can I say?" she teased.  "You saw what those eyes of hers can do."  I chuckled.  Then she dropped a gold brick on my head.  “She can come,” emphasis on that last word, “to your office again, right Daddy?”

“Baby, as long as it’s ok with you” I said, then kissed her nose, “your friend can come see me whenever she likes.”

“Oh it’s ok with me,” she said.  “In fact,” another mischievous grin played across her beautiful features, “maybe one of these times I’ll come with her.”

Forget the fact that it would mean revealing our secret to an outsider.  I decided to worry about that at another time.  For now, I’d just revel in the idea of a threesome with my gorgeous daughter and her little blonde sex-bomb of a friend.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: god I love my daughter.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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