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Daddy's Princess In Training Part Four

Daddy escalates daughter's training
Daddy had been on an extended business trip and was due home today.

He called from the plane saying he would be home in an hour and to let me know he purchased more toys and equipment for my continued training.

Daddy seems determined to escalate my training since I have always been so sensually responsive to his lessons.

The night before he left town he had a doctor friend over for dinner. We all laughed and had a great time while having drinks in front of the fireplace.

Daddy turned to me "Baby you trust me, don't you?" "Yes daddy, of course I do." 

"I had Mark here for more than just dinner tonight, baby". "Honey please don't be embarrassed by this conversation taking place in front of Mark."

"Your clit is very sensitive and Mark has agreed to do a minor procedure on it to intensify your pleasure even more" Would you like that baby?" Blushing I said "I think so daddy."

Daddy picked me up and carried me into the bedroom, laid me down and removed my skirt and panties. Mark came in a few short minutes later.

"Mark is going to add a lovely piece of jewelry to your clit my angel. It will sting for a bit but should be completely healed in a day or two". "I will be here right by your side the entire time." "Are you ready my sweetheart?" I nodded yes.

Daddy held my hand and stroked my face and forehead as Mark prepared my clit. I know I was beet red with embarrasment as I could feel his fingers raising the hood from my clit.

"I am going to spray something very cold on it to minimize your discomfort." The next thing I knew he had inserted a gold ring to my clit much like you would when having your ears pierced. 

Daddy thanked him, walked him to the door and poof he was gone like he had never been there.

"Are you ok angel?" "Yes daddy it hurt just a little". "I am so sorry my angel but I promise it will go away quickly."

That was two weeks ago and now daddy is finally home.

I hear the car pulling up the drive and the keys at the door. I ran to the door just as it opened and threw myself into his arms. We were both laughing as he scooped me up and whirled me around.

"I missed you princess". "I missed you too daddy". "It seemed forever".

Daddy bent his head down to meet my lips as my arms circled his neck. The kiss deepened with our pent up desire and smoltering need.

"Oh baby, you have no idea how much I have missed you". "I can't make these long trips without you anymore" as he held me high against his chest, burying his head against my breast sucking and nibbling me through the material, too impatient to wait.

Daddy carried me into the bedroom and as I slid down his body and touched the floor I could feel his raging hard need for me.

I immediately reached for his belt and slid his zipper down. He sat down on the bed as I released his throbbing cock and placed the head into my waiting mouth.

"Oh princess you alway know what daddy needs". "Yes baby" as his hands moved my head to match his need.

Daddy lifts me up and places my head over the side of the bed and slowly begins to feed himself to me an inch at a time. My mouth is sucking him in as fast as he will let me.

"Easy baby, I don't want to hurt you". "Oh yes baby mmm" as he slides more of himself down my throat. He's half way down my throat as I suck him in further.

"Oh sweet baby girl no one has ever sucked me like you can". I can feel him pumping himself deeper into my throat. "Baby girl, yes suck your daddy". He slides all of homself down my throat and waited to make sure I can breath.

My tongue flat against his cock swallowing him down just like he taught me.

"Angel girl I am going to fuck your mouth this afternoon like I am driving myself into your wet pussy". Daddy pumped and plunged his cock into my mouth over and over again. I could feel his balls filling and tightening, almost as hard as his huge cock.

"Princess I can't hold out much longer". "Daddy needs to cum in your beautiful mouth". "Are you ready for it angel?. "Two weeks of cum waiting to shoot down you throat baby". I nod my answer as I feel daddy stiffen. Daddy is holding my head in such a way that I don't choke on all of it.

"Yes baby, yes he yelled" as he shoots load after load down my throat. "There is more coming baby, I can't stop aggghhhh". I am trying to swallow as fast as I can but my mouth is over flowing. "It's ok baby take what you can don't worry about the rest". 

My clit was so hard and swollen I came with daddy. Just pumping air like he taught me.

I swear daddy came for five minutes. LOL In six years I have never seen daddy cum that much. I don't know who was more surprised.

Daddy slowly pulled back out of my mouth still moaning from his release. "Oh honey I don't want to leave that lovely mouth of yours" as he continued to lightly pump my mouth. Everything completely drained from daddy into me. 

As daddy was catching his breath he began to remove my t-shirt and shorts and laid me on the bed. I was drenched and my juices were running down my legs. 

Daddy opened my slit and placed two fingers inside me as he placed his lips over my new clit ring. I was so excited that he was able to get a third finger inside me almost right away.

Daddy reached for my g-spot while sucking the ring and gently tugging it with his teeth.

"Baby when you cum this time it will be like nothing before". "I'm pressing harder on your g-spot this time and you will squirt gallons my love". "Don't be afraid." "It will feel like you have to pee but you won't."

His teeth holding and tugging the ring he banged against my spot until he felt the first wave begin to shoot from my body. Holding the ring in place with his fingers he leaned down to catch all of me squirting into his mouth.

I screamed my release "Daddy oh daddy Yessssssss".

I don't know how long I came but it seemed never ending.

Daddy picked me up and placed me on my pillow where I promtly fell asleep. 

Several hours later I woke to see daddy watching me sleep. He looked like he was deep in thought. Daddy usually has answers to most things so I couldn't imagine why he looked so serious.

"What's wrong daddy you look so serious"?

"Honey I've been thinking about US, my traveling and your training". "Today showed me, selfish as it may be, I can't be without you for such long periods of time".

"I missed you too daddy and I don't like when you travel that long either".

"I have had everything planned regarding your training". "I don't want to rush you along too fast and make you feel uncomfortable or scared". "I want you to always know you are safe in whatever I choose for you." "It is important to me that you always feel safe, nurtured and protected by me."

"I do daddy".

"Please trust in my words and deeds that I only want what is best for you and what will ultimately give you the most pleasure and happiness." "I see you have questions in your eyes that I can't answer right now". "At some point in time it will all become clear but this is not that time".

"Can you be comfortable with that answer for now my sweet?" "Yes daddy."

"If we both agree to your travelling with me then I must accelerate your training in order to keep as close to the time line I have set as reasonably as possibe."

"If you agree we will start the more concentrated training tomorrow". "Yes daddy, I agree."

"Honey you don't necessarily know what you are agreeing to." "It's OK daddy I love and trust you." "I know whatever you may do or choose it will always be in my best interest daddy."

"Ok honey let's relax tonight and we will continue tomorrow." "You will need to be fresh in the morning since it may be a long day angel."

"If all goes well then we will head for England in 10 days." "If not, then we will try to be ready for the next trip."


I woke the next morning on my back which is unusal since I always sleep on my side. I began to stretch and realized I couldn't move my legs.

I looked up and saw daddy staring down at me smiling.

"Good morning princess" "As you can see you have a new toy to get use to." "What is it daddy?" "It's called a spreader bar honey and it is designed to keep your legs spread wide open so you are easily accessible to me." "What do you think angel?" "Well I like being open to you daddy."

"Yes I can see that baby you are getting wet" he chuckled. "Today we will review all that you have already learned." "We will see if anything needs to be fine tuned."

"Today you will not talk you will only listen to my voice and feel all of the sensations running through your body, agreed?" "Yes daddy."

"The only two exceptions are when you are cumming or any sexual noises that escape your lovely mouth my sweet." "The other is if you become frightened or unsure you may tell daddy and I will explain and reassure you."

"We will start with your blindfold pet." as he raises my head to put it in place.

"We will begin with one of my favorites" as he leans down to softly kiss my lips and run his tongue along my lips. "Mmmm baby, you always taste so good."

He deepens the kiss, his tongue pentrating my mouth as he explored the entire inside...cheeks, teeth, the roof of mouth and then the meeting of our tongues as they begin the age old dance of dueling desire.

My mouth can't get enough of daddy. It is our only physical contact and I can feel my pussy begin to throb with need.

Daddy takes his tongue and slowly moves down my neck, taking little nips, as he goes to my shoulder, arm and outer breast area. He runs his tongue around my large aurioles without any contact to my nipples. This is driving me insane. 

"Oh daddy please mmmm." "Yes baby all in good time."

He steps away from me and I can hear him taking things out of his large leather case, quietly moving around my body until he has all that he wants in place for this lesson.

In the mean time my pussy is in great need and my juices are flowing freely in anticipation.

"Sweetheart this is another one of your new toys." I can feel him sticking a patch like thing on each of my ankles and hear a very soft hum coming from that area. I can feel a gentle sensation but nothing more.

Without warning daddy licked my nipple and my hips jump up off the matress reaching for release.

"Yes baby now" as he barely touched my shoulder. I went wild grinding and pumping my pussy in the air. I could feel my clit orgasm as my body trembled. I cried out "Daddy I'm cumming agggghhh daddy." 

"Very good my angel, you passed the first test." "You were able to cum without stimulation." "When we are in a crowd you will be able to cum when I say your trigger words and touch your shoulder." "I so look forward to watching you cum like this and see if any one else notices." "We will practice this at many functions whether you are in a crowd of hundreds or sitting at a quiet dinner party." He laughed and said he was looking forward to the quiet, staid dinner parties of England.

"I had four new pieces of jewelry made for you baby girl." "Three new gold clit rings, each slightly heavier then the other." "The difference is the weight." "One has diamonds, another is emeralds and the third is rubies with the rubies being the heavier weight. "Rest assured none will hurt you angel." "They are designed only for your pleasure."

"You will discover what the fourth one is soon enough my sweet." 

Daddy laid down next to me gently running his finger tips along my body giving me goose bumps. I could feel my tummy and pussy tightening as he feathered kisses along my belly.

"Little one you body is incredibly sensitive to touch." "I love that about you." "You were made for erotic delights which I take great joy in providing you." 

Daddy leaned over and took a nipple in his mouth gently licking and sucking it with great relish. He grazed it with his teeth and my upper body and hips shot up from the bed.

Daddy held me down laughing. "If you keep this up I may have to secure the top half of you too." 

He leaned over to the other nipple giving it the same treatment. My nipples were standing straight up begging for attention. 

"Honey here is your other surprise" as he took the first nipple between his teeth I felt something cool go over the nipple then he repeated it on the other one. I felt something fall on my chest.

"This is to keep your nipples hard and sensitive my sweet." He took my fingers and placed them on my nipples so I could feel the rings then guided them to the small attached chain. He gently tugged on it and I could feel the nipples respond.

"Oh daddy mmmm these are exciting my nipples." "Yes baby that is what they are designed to do." "I want you to play with the chain while I play with the rest of you my pet."

"You are doing exceptionately well honey." "I am so very proud of you." "So far all of my concerns for your reaction to everything I am teaching you seem to be unnecessary ."

"Baby I am going to continue now." "Remember you must keep playing with your chain." "Your nipples are the gateway to your pussy and erotic little body."

Daddy took possession of my mouth while he reached between my legs to insert a finger into my pussy. I was wet and so ready he immediately added another. I could feel him running his finger down my slit all the way to my rose bud, as he called it.

I stiffened as his finger began to enter that virgin hole. "Easy honey just relax I won't hurt you." "It is just foreign to you." Daddy slowly re-entered a little at a time as he began to lick my pussy. He sucked my clit ring into his mouth and my hips raised to meet him. At that moment daddy slipped his finger farther and held still all the while working my pussy.

When he felt the muscles relax he was able to get his entire ring finger inside me. This went on for some time then I felt him starting to slip another one inside as well.

"Baby I am going to gently stretch your rose bud the same way I do your pussy." "If you are afraid or it hurts tell daddy."

In the mean time my pussy was on fire with need of his cock. Daddy plunged three fingers into my pussy and knew I was now ready for him.

"Baby you are always so tight it makes daddy crazy." Just then daddy grabbed the spreader bar and brought me to the edge of the bed. He placed it over his head so it rested against his back, my legs high in the air.

"Baby daddy is going to fuck you just like this." As he entered my pussy he held and spread my my ass cheeks open to him. He ran something along my slit where my juices were flowing.

"Honey relax this will feel so good" as he took this tiny vibrating dildo and inched it into my ass all the while softly talking to me, stroking the inside of my pussy with his huge cock and tugging on the clit ring.

I was going wild.

"Baby do you like the way my cock slides in and out of you while the vibrator fills your other hole?"

"Do you feel the friction against the thin membrane of separation?"

By now I was pretty far gone, grinding against his cock and really getting into the dildo in my ass.

"Oh daddy my body is going wild please don't stop." "I'm cumming daddy." My body was totally out of control as it gyrated and grinded against him. My body was trembling and shaking as I came again and spasm after another.

"Daddy omg I can't stop cumming." "Daddy help me please" as I came again.

Daddy shut off the vibrator and slowly removed it while he was still inside me. He also removed the patches from my ankles.

"Baby you are experiencing a somewhat out of body sensation." "Easy baby easy.", as he slowly brought me back to sanity. He held me close and waited until my trembling subsided, slowly easing out of me.

As he laid me down on the bed he began to remove the spreader bar. "Did I do something wrong daddy?" "No angel, you did everything so right." "I am taking it off because you have had enough for today angel." "Honey you far exceeded my expectations."

"Angel daddy is so proud of you." "I can't even put into words how you have made me feel tonight."

"Daddy wants you to rest honey."

"You must be starving, I know I am." "We've been at this for hours baby."

"Tomorrow is another day." "I am concerned you are pushing yourself to hard in order to be ready for the trip." " I won't be happy if you hurt yourself angel." " I love you too much to put you in jeopardy." 

"We are done for today."

"Tomorrow is another day and you know we will continue".......

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 05 Feb 2012 17:46
daddy takes such good care of his princess 5 all the way
Posted 01 Nov 2011 16:28
this was a great story. i came twice while reading it nice work
Posted 24 Sep 2011 15:57
I cant get enough of your stories , i wish i was 16 once again and had a Daddy lik that , ty
Posted 07 Jul 2011 01:25
how i would love yo have a daddy like him
Posted 24 Sep 2009 14:45
to quote an olie but goodie song "It's gettin' better al the time...getting better all the time" I do find my self so wanting to be daddy....and have such a wonderful little girl *hehe*
Posted 20 Sep 2009 15:44
Wonderful story of desire and submission, simply wonderful.
Posted 18 Sep 2009 12:08
Absolutely outstanding !!! me and my throbbing cock thank you for this great story.
Posted 18 Sep 2009 07:21
Posted 18 Sep 2009 06:41
they keep on getting better. how soon for the next?

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