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Daddy's Princess Part 7 Changing Of the Guard

Second Stage of Erotica
Sorry for the delay of this chapter. I have received numerous requests to continue this saga. I hope you enjoy it as much as the previous ones. For those of you who have not read the other chapters a number of things that happen here are explained in the previous 6 during her training.

Early Morning

"As I lay here in the early morning, holding my angels body close to mine, my thoughts going over the events of the previous night. This is one of my favorite times of the day as she is all mine to watch as she sleeps in her relaxed innocence." "My little princess, my angel, my pet. At times my need for her is overwhelming as my shaft takes on a life of its own knowing its need to be buried deep inside her. The other is late at night when everything is quiet and she freely gives over to our mutual hunger and need for that final release of the day. I love to watch her cum for me until she is exhausted and slips away into a deep and undisturbed sleep. 

It was truly amazing to watch her years of training unfold in the most natural way. Her bodies response to all the erotic and sensual stimuli of the day and night proves just how well honed her senses and craving for erotica have developed yet she is still naive and innocent of her true needs and what will be her ongoing hunger for this lifestyle. It would be impossible for her to return to a traditional "vanilla world". Her body and spirit were made for sensual submission as she gives of herself without question. 

"She is exquisite and all consuming as she freely offers control of her body to another. It is this most trusting and loving ability she possess which endears her to all that are privileged to be a part of her erotic and sensual adventure. To give over of herself and watch as she is driven higher and deeper into her sensual needs by those that care for her and know her as well as understand what it takes to achieve these sensual peaks."

When properly driven she reaches a higher plain of erotic intensity which allows her to enter her own world and she sees or hears nothing around her. She is only capable of feeling her bodies responses and multiple orgasms. She becomes lost in a simple touch as she softly moans and mews as a kitten until she reaches the apex of her orgasm. Her face becomes radiant, eyes glazed and unfocused, as her body reaches for her much needed release. As she builds to the next earth shattering climax a low unearthly moan begins to escalate as it peaks to a scream of release, her body trembling and shaking as it becomes all consuming. Her body bucking, pumping and driving begging for its reward.

"In all my years and experience I have never known another with her extraordinary gift of total submission. There is a natural shyness and sweetness about her which causes those around her to feel protective and devoted in their handling of her. Slowly and steadily assaulting her senses until she becomes one within her mind, body and soul.

The trust and bond between us is unbreakable and yet the time has come for her to experience the control of another so she may develop a similar trust when I am traveling or unable to protect and provide an outlet for her insatiable cravings."

"I have been selfish in my love for her and have kept her to myself far too long. I understand this mentally however emotionally and physically I find it quite difficult to share her and give over any control to another."

"The exchange of control must be gradual so she is not frightened, confused and most importantly not feeling abandoned in any way. It must feel natural and safe for her to share her submission with another. The man I have chosen for her is someone I respect and trust in all manner of business and life with my most prized possession.... my child." "Although she is not aware of my knowledge, I know she has already developed a strong fondness and trust for him. She has known him from childhood and has had warm feelings for him for several years.... Pierre is that man."

"We have discussed this between ourselves and he swears to protect her at all cost and is honored that I trust him with my most prized possession.. .my daughter." "Pierre has loved her from afar and out of respect has never let on or approached her in any manner other than as a dear friend and associate of mine." 

"My mind turns back to this ray of loveliness I hold in my arms."

"My need to possess her grows as I look down upon my sweet angel. As I gently caress her body running my hands along her back and over her lovely posterior as she snuggles into my chest. I will never have my fill of her tantalizing and responsive body." "As I gently roll her onto her back I lean over to take a lushes nipple into my mouth as my fingers graze across her clit ring slipping into her warmth. Even in sleep her body responds and I can feel her wetness spilling onto my fingers. As yet a third finger enters her I can feel her opening to me and an involuntary raising of her hips to meet them. My hardness against her opening, sliding between her lips, softly pushing against her opening, feeling the electric excitement once again. I can feel her breathing change from soft and sleepy to a quickening breath and a soft moan. My excitement for her causes me to take her nipple between my teeth and pull her towards me."

"Her body, so responsive and sensitive to my touch is now softly grinding against the head of my shaft seeking penetration. Her wetness spilling out onto my shaft as I take her feather light body and place it on top of me with her legs straddling my hips leaving her open to my desires. Even in sleep my angel is ready for me. Watching her face as I inch my way into her I see her eyes open, filled with sleep as she smiles down at me. She truly has the face of an angel and I can wait not a moment longer as I plunge deep into her, driving both of us higher and higher. Controlling her hips with each thrust I can feel her walls tighten and squeeze my shaft. I know she is close to release. A soft moan escapes her lips as she pushes against the shaft slamming into her body as we dance to the beat of our desires. She cries out "Daddy" as her inner walls convulse and I can feel her juices explode over me. No matter how many times we make love the moment of release is more than either of us can control. I kiss and take possession of her mouth absorbing her scream as the intensity of her orgasm overtakes her. Her tongue, dancing and dueling with mine as I feel her body building for yet another orgasm. The clit ring driving her higher and searching for another release. "Yes my pet cum for daddy" as I quickly roll her on to her back, never breaking contact, driving and pounding I can feel our bodies quivering and shaking as we burst over the edge of sanity she cries out one last time..." daddy I'm cumming, oh daddy yes ahhhh".

"As the crest washes over us I wrap her in my arms and hold her close until her body stops trembling." "No matter how many times we make love I can never take for granted the intensity and depth of her reactions nor mine."

"Today we travel to Paris and will stay at Pierre's home for several days. Sir Robert will also be joining us. My pet is quite excited since Paris is one of her favorite cities. She loves the city, old buildings, art museums and all of its Parisian stores. It gives me great pleasure watching her face come alive and animated as she peeks into store windows like a child seeking her new favorite toy."

Knowing her size, as I do, my pleasure is seeking out fine lingerie and erotic clothing for my pet so she may entice our senses.

Pierre has orchestrated a most erotic and sensual evening for our pet. One that will take her to even newer heights of eroticism. We reviewed the night's events together and know she will be well loved and received. My shaft hardens at the mere thought of what delights will be offered to my sweet angel. All who will participate in this evenings festivities will dine with us and observe as well as participate in her preparation as she is plunged into a deeper erotica which will begin at that moment. All have been made aware of her talents which will be exhibited as early as the dinner table and carried on from that moment. My pet is the only participant left in the dark as to what this evening offers to her.

"The four of us make the quick flight to Paris eager to begin our adventure. Each of us with a different task."

Unbeknown to my sweet angel, her wardrobe for the evening has already been ordered and waiting for us to "accidentally " discover. There are actually three sets of lingerie and accessories awaiting us.

The first a silk and lace jade teddy, rich in color, cut out at the breasts and completely cut out at the bottom leaving her open and accessible, rising high on her hips with a matching sheer robe, matching 5inch slippers and an exquisite jade choker to match. She does not understand what the choker signifies only that it is a lovely piece of jewelry. Anyone involved in this lifestyle immediately knows she is taken and belongs to another.

A duplicate of this lingerie in deep plum, matching robe and 5 inch slippers and amethyst choker are also for her evening activities.

The last one is an ultra sheer white diaphanous material which will gently cover one shoulder, a full slit going up one side all the way to her breast and completely open at the back plunging down to her hips. This will be trimmed in a feather light sapphire color to match her eyes and a sapphire choker to adorn her lovely neck. 

As we made our way through the different stores she selected part of a new wardrobe then we decided to have lunch which we enjoyed at an outside cafe. As we sat there enjoying the view of the water I explained that we had one more store to go to which would add to her collection.

The owner approached and said all of the selected items were complete." My princess looked at me as I smiled. Angel these items draped over your lovely body are for my pleasure." "You will see them tonight and not a minute sooner." She laughed and said "Yes daddy". "I always want you to be happy and since you will be looking at them more than I , by all means enjoy your selections."

"It was arranged with Sir Robert that he would pick up the jewelry so she would have no knowledge of her new chokers."

After a full day of shopping and some sight seeing we returned to Pierre's home.

Pierre greeted us at the door smiling. "How was your shopping trip?"

"Wonderful" she laughed. "It is always a treat to shop in Paris and we had a lovely lunch too." "Daddy did his own shopping for me as well but I am not allowed to see it yet."

"If you are not too tired we could take a short drive and I can show you the grounds and surrounding area."

"Oh yes Pierre I would like that very much."

It had been previously discussed between the two men that she should have time alone with Pierre and allow nature to take its course so her comfort level would be soft and easy.

She kissed daddy and went out the door laughing at something Pierre had said.

He kept a running dialog showing her different points of interest. Their conversation was animated and easy. 

He pulled off the road under a large flowered tree offering shade.

"This is my favorite spot and I wish to share it with you mon cherie." As he reached for her hand to assist her out of the car he could feel the electricity between them and knew she felt it too.

In an open yet private area of his lands he took her close to the ledge to see the view.

"Pierre", her breath hitched, this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen." He held her gently against his body and pointed out some of the not so easy to see animals and other flora of the area. 

Lush, vibrant colored flowered trees covered the area below and the water past it was the bluest she had seen anywhere.

" I can see why this is your favorite spot, it is truly magnificent. I love it here." "It is so peaceful and beautiful it takes my breath away."

He gently turned her to face him and said "You take my breath away mon cherie and you belong here with me." "I have never brought anyone else here." He placed a soft kiss against her lips and was quite pleased to feel her body lean into him and respond to the kiss. He deepened the kiss ever so slightly his fingers in her wind blown hair drawing her closer not wanting to rush her but hoping for her response.

She did not disappoint him, her hands encircled his waist, as she kissed him back and was fully engaged and aroused as his tongue probed her mouth deepening the kiss even further. The fire was ignited in both of them, their breath coming faster, the need building.

It took all of his will power to break the kiss and stand back a bit staring into her eyes mesmerized by her beauty and soft surrender. "If we did not have to return soon I would not let you go so easily my sweet." "It makes my heart happy to know you feel the same way." "Your response leaves no doubt my love." 

She became shy and quiet but smiled up at him. She has had feeling for him for years but never dreamed he felt the same way. This was the only man she had ever loved other than her father yet this was different. She was able to finally put the words together even if it was only in her mind.

"Would you enjoy having a picnic here tomorrow mon cherie?"

"Oh yes Pierre I would love that and maybe you could show me more of your wonderful treasure."

"Yes I would enjoy sharing this with you love but for now we better return so your father doesn't worry."

They drove back both thinking, inside their heads, of the lovely discovery they found in each other.

When they returned she told her father of the beautiful place she had visited and how amazing it was. He smiled and said "I am so pleased you enjoyed yourself my pet.

"Angel I would like for you to rest this afternoon since the dinner guests won't even be arriving until 8:00 for cocktails", dinner at 9:00 so it will be a very late night and I want you to be refreshed."

"Tonight is somewhat of a theme party so we will select your attire later." "Rest for the next couple of hours. "Pierre has arranged for his maid to have your bath ready by 6 or a shower if you prefer, to give you plenty of time to prepare for tonights festivities."

"Who are we dining with tonight, daddy?" "Pierre has invited three couples to join us this evening so there will be a total of ten including us." "He has known them for many years and would like to introduce you to them this evening."

"Come pet I will walk you to our room and I actually expect you to take a nap and rest so you will be fresh for tonight." "As we entered the room a smile and mischievous look crossed her face as she said "Gee daddy I don't think I can sleep right now, I feel restless." I smiled looking into her eyes and said "I thought that might be the case, my pet, so I am here to assist you an ensure your slumber."

My hands frame your face as I lean down to softly kiss you lips. "I know just what to do and what you need love" as I begin to remove her clothing."

"You do daddy?, you ask in your impish way. I prepare the bed, lift you and place you in the center as I take a nipple between my teeth and suck you into my mouth assaulting you with my tongue. A quick intake of breath as you reach for me tells me of your need. "Yes baby, I know" as my lips travel down your body until I reach your clitty ring. My fingers tease your sensitive nipples as my mouth and tongue enjoy your taste. My tongue and lips suck and tease the ring as I slip down lower to taste your essence. I hear your soft moans and feel your hips pushing up to meet my mouth. 

"Mmmm daddy you know just what I need." My fingers enter your sweet kitty and already your juices flow upon them. I remove my fingers as my tongue slides deep inside you, teasing and taunting as you ride my tongue to your first orgasm. I hear you cry out your release as your body undulates against me. I continue my assault, pulling on your ring, sliding my fingers inside you reaching for your sweet spot and rolling and pinching your nipple feeling you build, backing off as you get closer not allowing your release. "Daddy please". I chuckle "Not yet my pet" as I continue to drive her higher, her fingers entwined in the sheets, hips shooting up at my face as she begs for release." "Instead of giving her what she craves I stop, to let her calm a bit, as I watch her hips undulating unable to stop she softly mews "Please daddy, please." My fingers and tongue begin their final assault teasing her sweet spot and her clit as she climbs higher and higher to ecstasy. I suck her clit into my mouth hard and plunge my fingers over and over again until she squirts her juices and yells as she reaches and goes over the top of her orgasm. Her body trembles and shakes at the intensity of her release as I reach around to hold her in my arms and offer the comfort and closeness she needs.

"Do you think you can sleep now baby?" "Mmmmm yes daddy, thank you." I lean over and kiss her forehead and whisper "tonight awaits you my love." She was already drifting off.

I found Pierre in the great room. "I left her sleeping for the next couple of hours." As Pierre handed me a glass of wine he said "Good she will need to be well rested for this evening. Tonight will be more intense, more than she has ever experienced. I would like for them to observe all of her training and complete range of erotica."

"Once we begin she will be observed through a one way mirror as you, Sir Robert and I will begin alone and she none the wiser as to what the true evening is all about. I do not want her to be frightened, nervous or inhibited." "We all want to see her attain the next level and the others will join in once she has gone into her own little world inside her head."

"As her father and protector, I am concerned we are not pushing her too fast."

"I too am now her protector",said Pierre, "and I care very deeply for her and her wellbeing." "I believe you understand the depth of my feelings for her, and one day, with your permission, I would wish to marry her and make her my own." "As previously agreed, you will always have access to her and I gladly share her with you since I know how much she loves you."

"We both realize this transition of control must be accomplished without creating any alarm to our angel."

"Pierre, I will go up and start her preparations for this evening. I have already selected her attire and will gently enlighten her to the beginning activities."

"As I enter the room I find her still sleeping. I sit down on the bed and watch her sleep. There is such a sweet innocence in her face. Her eyes show a deep trust, a child like quality. Even at a heightened sensual peak you can see the wonder and awe in them as she transcends to a higher plain of eroticism. This naturalness is what drives men to want to protect her yet at the same time makes them yearn for her body and soul. She is a true enigma, beauty, brains, trust and innocence all compacted into this petite body."

"I lean over to kiss her as I caress her back and slowly awaken her from a deep sleep." "Angel it is time to prepare for this evening." Her eyes slowly open and a smile reaches her lips as she brings me into focus. "Hi daddy, what a wonderful sleep. I was more tired than I thought."

I spoke softly to her as I began to explain the events of the evening. Giving her some time to absorb the information and to also observe her reaction.

"Angel tonight is a lingerie dinner party. I know you have never been to one but they can be quite fun and enjoyable. All of the ladies will be dressed in sexy lingerie as if they were in evening gowns but dressed for the enjoyment of the men at the table." "You, my pet, will outshine the other three ladies."

"Daddy I don't know these people what will they think of me?" "You will know Pierre, Sir Robert and me. We will all be there for your protection and comfort my love. The only thing they will think is how lovely you are with your waist length pale blonde hair, sapphire colored eyes and beautiful body." "You trust me don't you pet?"

"You know I do daddy it just makes me feel shy knowing they will be looking at me like that." 

"You will sit between Pierre and me and Sir Robert will be right across the table from you so there is no reason to feel shy since you are comfortable with them, yes?"

"Yes daddy this is true."

"It is time for you to shower and prepare for tonight. I will assist you, as always, and I have already selected your outfit." I will leave you to shower and be back shortly with your goodies."

"When I returned a short while later, her shower complete, she was applying some light makeup, completely nude, waiting for my assistance." I walked up behind her and encircled her waist pulling her against me. "You are so beautiful I hate to cover this lovely body", I murmured in her ear.

"We will consider it gift wrapping, only to be opened at the right moment my pet." She smiled and laughed. "Daddy you always say sweet things to me and I love you for it but don't you think you are just a little prejudice?"

"When their eyes catch a glimpse of you tonight you will see what a true gift they think you are angel." "I will not be the only man watching and enjoying you this evening." She laughed, not understanding the truth in my words.

After drying her hair I explained "tonight you will wear it long and straight down your back. If you become shy, it can be a sheer veil for you my pet."

"You will never be left alone tonight. Either Pierre or I will be at your side at all times and I know you trust him as you would me my love."

"Yes daddy, I do trust Pierre and know I am always safe with him."

"Now let's get you dressed and go down stairs. The others will be arriving any moment and we don't want to be too late." 

I sat her down on the bed so I could place each foot through the correct holes of her lingerie.

"Daddy, where is the rest of it?, as she saw for the first time what she would be wearing this evening.

As I worked it up her body, placed it over her shoulders and made some minor adjustments to it, she looked a tad concerned.

"Daddy my kitty and breasts are exposed with no cover."

"It is ok my pet, I have a matching robe to place over it." Walking her to the mirror, I show her. "Angel you look like the princess you are and remember the ladies will be dressed in lingerie as well." I slip the matching 5 inch slippers on her feet.

"Honey I have a special gift for you to wear tonight" as I show her the beautiful jade choker. I clasp it around her neck and move it into place to complete her attire. I also add one more item, a jade colored clit ring in place of her gold one.

She now wears the jade collar that shows she belongs to me. In her innocent eyes all she sees is a lovely piece of jewelry.

"Daddy this is beautiful. When did you get it? It matches my outfit perfectly." She threw her arms around me and raised her lips to kiss and thank me. "You are more than welcome my pet."

I slip the matching sheer lacy robe over her crotch less and cut out breast lingerie. It stops at the top of her thighs.

"Ready love?" "It's time for you to make your appearance."

"Yes daddy." I could see her nerves and squeezed her hand. "You look incredible and I am so proud of you angel."

'As we walked down the long stairway Pierre took his place at the bottom ,smiling up at her." "The room became quiet as this jade vision made her way down."

"Pierre took one of her hands, placed it on his arm while I did the same, walking her slowly into the room." "Although she did not realize it she was deliberately walked around the room so she could be seen by all in attendance."

"All of the introductions were made and I handed her a glass of champagne to ease her jitters."

Sir Robert approaches "You look absolutely radiant my dear" as he kisses her cheek.

She was taken around the room and introduced to everyone, making small talk with each person. Another glass of champagne was handed to her as she drank deeply. I could feel the tension leave her body as the second glass seemed to do its job.

She was by far the youngest in the room. Everyone else was at least 20 years her senior. Even the women complemented her beauty.

"Daddy, Pierre, I see the other ladies in lingerie but none as sheer or open as mine."

"Ah my love, they must hide their flaws, while you have none, whispers Pierre." He could see that her skin was slightly flushed from the champagne.

"Let us start the evening with a dance, shall we?", as Pierre held out his arm. The others will follow.

"I have waited all day to take you in my arms and hold you close angel." "This afternoon was just a short tease." "Your father has kept you busy all day and now it is my turn to have you for a while." "He could feel her breasts pressing against him and the friction causing her nipples to harden." "I can not keep my hands off of you" as he turned her away from everyone and placed his hand gently on her kitty and kissed her sensitive ear. He could feel the shutter course through her body, her clit adorned by the jade ring to match was teased by him. Her wetness already apparent.

"Pierre I will not be able to sit at your table if you continue."

"Fear not pet, all the ladies chairs have been prepared for this possible event." He chuckled as he said " I should have arranged the men's chairs as well since there is not one soft shaft in this room after you made your appearance this evening." She could feel his pressed against her belly.

"Tonight, after dinner, I would like to show you my special room. It is not a dungeon like Sir Robert has at the castle, however, it is equally equipped for you love."

"Pierre I don't know these friends of yours."

"Do not fear them love, your father, Sir Richard and I will be the ones to offer you the tour." He could feel her calm immediately which excited him knowing she had subconsciously approved the first three. What he didn't say was the others would be waiting and watching the events of her eroticism unfold.

"I can see daddy watching from across the room, a smile on his face as he nods his approval.

"Are you hungry mon cherie?" "Yes Pierre lunch was quite some time ago and I feel the need for some food."

"Dinner is ready let's lead everyone to the dining room so we can end your hunger", he grinned.

I smiled back and agreed. Pierre nodded to daddy and they both took my arms and led me in and seated me between them. Sir Robert sat directly across from me and the other three couples sat in their assigned seats.

Each course was served with the appropriate wine, all French of course, and very subtle.

Just before the entree was served daddy leaned over and touched my shoulder and said "Yes baby now." Both Pierre and daddy each took one of my hands and held them firmly. My eyes grew as I realized what was happening. I looked from one to the other as they both smiled their encouragement and my body began to respond to daddy' s conditioning.

They both continued to whisper encouragement to me as my body began to quiver as an orgasm began to sharply build within my body.

She was so lost in her erotic sensations she was unaware of how quiet the room became as everyone watched this amazing and sensual show.

"Pierre whispering "Yes sweetheart please cum for me, you make me cherish you even more when I see you like this." "Daddy whispering "Yes pet cum for daddy my shaft is hard in anticipation of your release.

Her body shaking and quivering she could not hold back another second as a small moan escaped her lips as the first wave washed over her then another. Her eyes closed and lost in the sensation of her orgasm. She could feel her juices flow unstopped as she continued to orgasm unable to stop the rolling crest.

Both men released her hands as she fell back against the chair trying to catch her breath. She looked around the table and was satisfied no one noticed when she saw everyone eating and beginning to chat among themselves.

She did not notice that the men were subtly rearranging their clothing to ease their full grown shafts. The ladies were subtly squirming in their seats after observing the intensity of her releases.

"Angel I am so proud of you." "You were quite lovely in your release and it makes me want you all the more." said daddy.

Small talk continued around the table as they dined and the wine flowed freely with each course.

One of the gentlemen asked "Are your enjoying your time here and is this your first visit to Paris?" 

"Yes, Paris is always a lovely place to visit. I come here with my father for business and, of course, the shopping."

The ladies around the table agreed the shopping was wonderful and Paris was even more beautiful this time of the year. One of the ladies complemented her attire and lovely choker.

With a slight blush, she thanked her. "I have never been to a lingerie dinner so my father selected this outfit."

Another gentleman said "If I may say, your father has excellent taste my dear." The meaning was multi level and went right over her head.

As the meal was drawing to and end Pierre gave a nod to Sir Robert.

"Gentlemen if you will follow me we can adjourn to the great room for cigars and after dinner drinks." "Ladies you may freshen up down the hall and by all means join us for drinks."

He knew the ladies would be gone for at least 30 minutes to give the men time to enjoy their cigars.

"Pierre and daddy stayed by my side and held me back from the rest of the ladies."

"Come pet, this is the perfect time for us to sneak away and show you my special room" said Pierre.

"I designed this with you in mind angel, I hope you like it." "It is meant to offer you great pleasure and is for your exclusive use."

"Your father's training has peaked your sensual and erotic tastes therefore your greatest joy will come from this room. I hope it pleases you." 

"What about the others Pierre, daddy?" as she looked at both of them not sure what to think.

"Do not worry about them love, Sir Robert is entertaining them and they are quite content with their lot." "They will not be upset by our absence." "Trust me."

As they continued on to the other side of the mansion both men made small talk trying to keep her at ease.

As they entered the room she observed that the walls were completely mirrored numerous candles were placed all over the room. The soft almost non existent lighting, allowed for the flames to dance and reflect their light in the mirrors. It was quite mesmerizing and calming to her. 

"This room is completely sound proof and unavailable to my staff."

What she did not know is that the room along with the adjoining room had speakers and microphones imbedded throughout. Her slightest sigh would be picked up and carried to the secret observation room and the wall separating them was all glass and covered by the one way mirror so nothing could be missed by his selected guests.

Soft music played in the background and the heady scent of jasmine filled the air.

"Daddy smiled at me and caressed my shoulder as he reached in to undo the sheer robe and slip it off my shoulders."

"Angel I have waited all evening for this moment of unveiling." Both men enjoyed the picture she made of wanton and innocents all in one.

Pierre approached and took her in his arms to place a light kiss on her lips. "I can not get enough of your mouth mon cherie", as his kiss deepened.

"Yes, my pet", as daddy leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth.

The two of them created the beginning of a fire deep within her body as each of them continued their assault on her senses. A hand placed on her kitty offered her sweet juices to the fingers caressing her. Pierre dropped to his knees and took her clit ring into his mouth slowly teasing her as her wetness increased.

"Please love, it is time, I can not wait another moment to offer you your pleasure."

Her body understanding what it all meant, the juices flowing to reach her thighs as she was lifted and placed on the bondage table. Her bodies excitement at their preparation was noted and admired by the observers in the other room.

The observers along with Sir Robert commented on her bodies' quick arousal. Her training was admired by all.

Neither man stopped touching or encouraging her body to reach its sensual delights as they prepared her for the evenings festivities.

"Tonight I will place your blindfold and headphones on you while your father secures you to the table and spreader bar angel." "This will be a night of new experiences for you my sweet. You will know you are well loved and cherished."

As he spread her legs wide to receive the spreader bar, he kissed and caressed her inner thigh causing her breath to catch. Her arms spread wide and secured, offering room for movement around her body. Her kitty moved to the edge of the table, knees raised, spread wide and secured by two additional cuffs.

Pierre had already secured the blindfold and whispered in her ear "Tonight you will only feel and taste as your mind clouds over and takes you to your special place my pet." He then covered her ears with the sound of sensual, erotic music.

The patches were placed on her ankles and the machine turned on to start her erotic journey. Pierre and her father each took a nipple to suck and tease as she cried out her need. As her nipples hardened and grew a nipple ring was place on one then the other and snuggly secured, the chain falling to rest between her breasts. Someone tugged on the chain causing her hips to leave the table as she moaned her need. Another took her clitty ring and began to earnestly tug and suck it into his mouth not letting her find her release only to build her torment stopping just before her release.

"Please daddy" she cried out and still no relief, "Pierre please" not knowing which of them had taken control of her kitty refusing to allow her release. As she thrashed on the table restricted by her bonds another tug on the rings, lips on her nipples, driving her higher and higher.

A finger, no a vibrator, pressed against the entry to her rose bud creating even more need within her body.

She felt fingers caressing her cheek, turning her head towards them. The hydraulic table moved ever so slightly to allow comfortable penetration of her mouth. Two finger pressed against her lips encouraging her to open. Hungrily she opened her lips to meet a tongue plunging deep into her mouth. Sucking, teasing creating more for her body to crave.

As daddy gently entered her mouth an inch at a time, Pierre continued his assault on her soaking wet kitty. She mewed and moaned as she tried to take more of him deeper, her body gyrating against the table as he eased more and more of his shaft down her throat.

She sucked and licked his shaft as if she were famished. He held her head in place as he slowly began to use her mouth for mutual pleasure and relief.

The others had now entered the room needing to watch and hear her up close as they began to remove their clothing. Talking freely, knowing she could not hear their comments or see the desire building in their eyes.

Pierre placed two then three finger inside her kitty as her inner walls grabbed on to them. The vibrator entered her rose bud causing her to suck even harder on the shaft in her mouth.

She could feel him harden and stiffen in her mouth as he pumped faster and faster as Pierre took her clit between his teeth , driving the vibrator in and out at the same pace as the shaft in her mouth. 

Pierre removed his fingers and quickly entered her kitty with his hard shaft. Her walls squeezed him tight as she raised her hips to receive him even deeper. 

She was beyond reason as her body trembled and quivered. As Pierre entered her, the orgasm she had been refused, became over powering and completely out of control as she felt her fathers shaft shoot load after load of his juices down her throat as well as Pierre's shaft tighten in answer to her squeezing walls. All three gave over and yelled their much needed release.

Even after her intense release her body continued to undulate still in need. A pair of lips took possession of her kitty and clit while others took possession of her nipples as she continued to orgasm one wave after another, yelling, moaning, calling out until her body had been momentarily sated.

She lay on the table panting trying to catch her breath. Pierre raised her head and held her as he offered a drink for her parched lips and throat. She drank it all and he laid her back down.

He motioned for quiet as he lifted the headphone "Are you ok my pet?" "Yes Pierre, thank you."

Her father spoke gently in her ear "Do not fear my pet, we will be adding additional restraints on your chest and waist to avoid your being injured as the table will be turned sideways for your next pleasure." "You will not be able to move and your legs will be spread wider but they as well as your arms will stay attached to the table for your safety."

The hydraulic table slowly turned to the left and placed her in a sideway position. The two sections holding her legs were slowly moved outward to spread her wider. The next move was the table slightly retracting about 18 inches, leaving her rosebud and kitty fully exposed and her knees raised to allow full access to the lower portion of her body. The table could be raised or lowered depending on the height of the person needing entry to her. Extra cuffs were added to her upper thighs for her comfort. She was virtually suspended on the table.

The three couples moved closer to the table and disbursed to their particular area of interest. Sir Robert stood with Pierre and daddy discussing her protection once things started.

It was decided that the three of them would begin to heighten her senses and allow the others to come into play as she began to enter her own space within her mind. She would be lost to eroticism and sensual excitement not realizing they had entered her world.

And so it begins.........

Pierre caressed her face as he leaned in to kiss her. She felt the electricity now as she had earlier in the day and knew it was Pierre kissing her hungry lips. His kisses deepening, her mouth opening to accept his tongue as he completely devoured her. His tongue running along the inside of her mouth as he gently took possession of her tongue sucking it gently into his mouth, owning her mouth. The fire built quickly within her as she felt hands caressing her kitty and clit ring. A gentle tug of her nipple rings caused her body to jump and moan as the sensation went directly to her kitty. A tongue, tasting and teasing her clit, the ring gently being sucked into his mouth as fingers entered her kitty walls reaching her sweet spot. The electrodes on her ankles doing their job keeping her on edge as the three of them teased her body elevating her excitement and need.

As the assault to her senses continued she felt her kitty walls tighten and spasm at the intensity of it all, her need to taste and be touched overwhelming. She cried out as the first orgasm exploded and washed over her only to immediately be followed by another and another rolling over her taking control of her body, each stronger than the last. She screamed as the last one hit her quivering, throbbing body. Her senses were now under constant assault with no reprieve. All she could do was feel her body respond having lost all control. Hands and mouths and all the sensations they brought to her kept driving her higher and higher into her own world inside her head.

She was talking, pleading unsure of what she said or did only left to feel the divine pleasure they continuously gave her.

A short pause only to be followed by intense release was all she knew.

It felt as though a mouth was on each nipple sucking, biting, teasing with no relief. She felt her cheeks being spread and the illusion of a moist tongue licking and penetrating her rosebud. A hard shaft was placed at her lips as well as her kitty and rosebud. It seemed that all three penetrated her at the same time. She felt her clit being sucked and licked all at once, a shaft placed in each hand giving her something to squeeze and stroke. Her body was overwhelmed and awash with one sensation after the other pushing her deeper inside her own world. 

Her body being forced to orgasm over and over again, her body thrashing about shaking and trembling with each stroke taking all of them deeper and deeper. Moaning, crying out through the shaft in her mouth, sucking him deeper and deeper.

Her mind was on over-load and could not conceive this sensual assault to her body. Her kitty walls tightening once again which also tightened her rosebud and mouth as she gyrated and orgasmed again and again unable to stop. She felt him shoot his juices down her throat as the other two shot deep inside her over and over until nothing was left in them. Her body still driving and releasing she was unable to stop her orgasms and soon the two shafts in her hands were gone and she felt two other hard shafts enter her kitty and rosebud. Somewhere in her mind she knew this wasn't possible but it didn't matter she needed them, craved them, had to have them. Bucking , pumping, driving her body beyond.

Crying out yelling her release over and over, her body demanding more that she could physically handle yet unable to stop.

The two shafts filling her kitty and rosebud hardened and stiffened even more as they pumped and plunged into her faster and faster. losing control they shot deep into her yelling their own release, spurred on by her bodies driving need.

Her body collapsed in exhaustion as she panted and cried out begging daddy and Pierre, not making any sense.

They had everyone step back from the table and held her tight in their arms, removing the headphones so she could hear them softly and gently talking to her, slowly bringing her back down to this time and place.

"Are you ok angel?" "Yes daddy" as her breathing began to return to normal. "Are you sure baby?"

"Yes daddy, just very tired ." "I was even thinking funny things that I knew couldn't be real."

Pierre brought some champagne, to bring her around, and she drank it rapidly asking for more which he promptly provided. "This time sip it mon cherie I don't want you to get sick." "Let's try some water since you seem very thirsty.

She drank her fill and fell back against the table completely exhausted.

"I don't understand why I feel so tired and weak daddy." "Angel we have been in here since 11:00 it is now almost 3:30 in the morning.

She seemed shocked to hear how much time had passed. "But daddy it doesn't seem possible that much time has passed."

"Angel you were in your own little world where time doesn't mean anything." "I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you this evening." "You were incredible."

Pierre said " You were so beautiful in your need that we may have let it go on too long." "My only excuse is you were magnificent." "My desire for you blinded my common sense and I hope you will forgive my selfishness."

"Mine as well pet."

"It was truly amazing. I have never experienced anything like tonight. It felt as though there were hands, mouths and shafts all around me, one right after the other." "It was the best night of my life", she smiled weakly. "Are you going to take off my blindfold daddy?"

Now comes the hard part he thought as he looked at Pierre not sure how to handle telling her.

Pierre started to speak and said "We wanted tonight to be very special for you and to help you reach your next level of eroticism." "Do you believe and understand that your father and I care very deeply for you?" "We would never do anything to hurt you. We wish to bring you only happiness and true pleasure."

"Yes Pierre I know the two of you love me and want what is best for me but what does that have to do with tonight?"

"The dreams you had while you were lost in your world of pleasure were true my love."

"I don't understand."

"In order to give you the pleasure and happiness you are now feeling it was necessary to include others to participate in giving you all of those incredible sensations of erotica and sensual freedom."

"Our dinner guests were mesmerized by your beauty and sensual aura and wished to partake of you and offer you great pleasure."

"Oh Pierre, she blushed deeply, how will I ever face them again?" 

"My sweet you have nothing to be embarrassed about. They too adore you and think very highly of you. Their only wish is for you to accept them and develop a comfort with them as they wish to spend more time with you if you will permit." "They wish to befriend you not just in this environment but in all aspects."

"Oh Pierre I don't know what to think."

"Are you angry or upset by what I have told you?" "I couldn't bare to think I have hurt you in any way."

"No, I could never be angry with you or daddy." "If I am to be honest, as I said earlier, this was the most amazing night of my life." "I think I am more shocked at myself for not knowing or caring that others pleasured my body. I was so deep in my feelings I thought I imagined it all."

"Your body was made to be worshiped and adored. We only want what is best for you and offers you the most pleasure."

"I am so tired I think I could fall asleep right here. I am not upset just puzzled and confused by my own feeling."

Before he removed the blindfold he made sure no one was in the room other than the three of them. He didn't feel this was the right time for her to come face to face with them until she came to terms with these new feeling.

They turned the table upright and began to remove her blindfold, patches and cuffs as well as the extra straps holding her down. 

"Daddy lifted me into his arms as Pierre draped my robe over my body and kissed me goodnight."

"I care deeply for you my sweet and hope you will still allow me to take you on our special picnic tomorrow."

"I smiled and said yes Pierre I wish to go tomorrow."

"No one will wake you. Your body needs sleep and there is no rush" as he smiled at me.

"Daddy carried me to bed and helped me undress since I was too tired to remove anything and would have gladly slept in what I was wearing."

"Are you sure you are ok honey?" "It would break my heart to think I had failed you in any way and lost your trust."

"Daddy you could never fail me and our trust is not broken. I love you daddy. I know the two of you did what you thought was right for me. I truly enjoyed tonight but would never have had the nerve to knowingly do it."

He smiled down at his pride and joy, relieved no damage had been done. He leaned down to kiss her and said "Goodnight baby I love you with all my heart."

"I love you too daddy, goodnight." She was out before her head hit the pillow.

He walked down stairs to meet Pierre and was immediately handed a cognac. "You look like you can use this my friend." He thanked him and said "I thought we might have pushed her too far too soon and I must admit I was fearful of damaging our relationship."

"I too was concerned. I don't want to hurt our relationship and must admit to you and myself I do not want to risk losing her. She has become too important to me."

"I find myself in a very unusual situation." he chuckled "I have enjoyed chasing women, wining and dining them, making love and truly enjoying the fairer sex. Moving on to the next one that caught my eye. Now I fear I have been caught by your lovely and beautiful daughter and the need to know she feels the same way." "The moment you allowed me to touch her, make love to her that one night back in the States, she has been the only woman I have thought about, wanted and truly desire."

"The irony in it all is a lovely, innocent and naive slip of a girl has managed to do what all the sophisticated women of Europe were unable to accomplish. I am afraid she has taken possession of my heart. I feel the strong need to protect, nurture and love her." "I have not been with another woman since the first night I made love to her nor does my desire seek another. She has ruined me for any other. I see her face before I sleep and wish for her during my waking hours."

"This is an extremely odd conversation to have with her father yet I believe you are the only one that can appreciate and understand my dilemma."

"Yes, I do understand what it is like to love and need her. The fact that she has been trained for loving yet remains innocent in her needs, only to accept what is offered without question, makes her even more desirable. Her trust and innocence must always be safeguarded to ensure she does not change or become jaded in any way."

"I need time with her, my friend, to develop our relationship along with complete unwavering trust." "Will you offer me what I need?"

"As you know, I will be leaving here in a few days. My intention was to take her with me to teach her the business in Brazil. Since there is still much for her to learn here in the Paris office I will leave her here under your protection and guidance. She will remain a guest in your home and I will give you the time you ask for. I see the love you have for her and will give you the time to see if she returns the depth of your feelings."

"You will be together virtually 24 hours a day, between work and her staying here." 

A quiet "thank you" is offered by Pierre.

"Pierre one thing you must realize, her hunger for her daddy will always be with her. There are certain parts of her that will always belong to me alone no matter how much she may love you."

"Can you live with the knowledge that I will take her body, use it well, and return her to you as if nothing is different?"

"We share her now, I will not interfere with her needs. It only makes her more desirable to me knowing her capacity for love and erotica. I am drawn to her body as well as all other parts of her."

Her father climbed the stairs and headed for their bedroom, removed his clothes and laid his long frame next to her body. Sensing him in her sleep, she rolled over and snuggled against his chest. He held her close through the night knowing he was losing a part of her. "She is entitled to her own life, children and yet he mourned the piece of her he was losing." "I love her too much to hold her back from the life she deserves even though I know it's within my power to do so." 

With this last thought he fell asleep with her head against his shoulder and cheek against his chest, his knee between her legs. 

Next Day

He woke a few short hours later feeling her body moving and snuggling deeper into him. He knew she was still tired, he knew not to disturb her, he knew he was being selfish, he knew he could not resist her....... .he knew...... yet it still wasn't enough to stop his strong need of her.

His arms already encircling her in sleep, her lips against his shoulder, he softly caressed her cheek, moved her head ever so slightly to place a kiss on her lips. As his need deepened, so did his kiss. Her mouth opened slightly as he slipped his tongue inside kissing and running his tongue over her lips. His hand slowly moving down her body reaching for her ring to taunt and tease her, knowing that her body will soon give over to her need of him.

His head dropping lower to catch a nipple gently between his teeth as he drew her into his hot waiting mouth. His fingers searching for her entrance as he inches down and enters her. Softly playing with her slipping two fingers then three into her as he feels for her sweet spot. He can feel her wetness washing over his fingers as he intensifies his play. He feels her pushing against his hand needing the contact, riding his hand and fingers. He slid down her body until his mouth was directly over her clit and gently sucked her ring and entire clit into his mouth all the while his fingers exciting her as her wetness slips into his mouth letting him know of her need.

Her body pumping against him, soft moans escaping, as he brings her to her first orgasm. She cries out and sighs. "daddy".

His shaft is hard and throbbing, in great need of her warmth, he lowers himself into her kitty walls as her eyes open, he slowly penetrates her, in and out of her, pumping himself deeper and deeper, losing himself in her tight walls, taking control of her body. She wraps her legs around his waist as he raises her knees higher against her chest needing to be as deep inside her as possible. He can feel her walls tighten and quiver and know she is ready to orgasm again. He increases his strokes, harder and faster driving her over the edge. Hearing her sweet words "daddy, yes daddy" as she squeezes my shaft.

"Driving me over the edge pumping, plundering her body until I bury and hold myself deep inside her as I feel my shaft shooting once, twice, three times yelling my release as the last one just keeps coming." She is feeding off my excitement as my juices shoot deep into her as her walls tighten once again and I can feel and hear her release, as she cries out. We are both suspended in this release climbing higher and higher as the waves of orgasms take over . Both of us pumping wildly against the other until there is no more."

"Wow daddy that was intense", she laughed as she panted trying to catch her breath. 

He could see the show of dark circles under her eyes re-enforcing the fact she needed more sleep.

"Shhh go back to sleep angel and wake when you are ready." He kissed her and left the room so he wouldn't be a further distraction. She promptly fell back to sleep. 

Several hours later she made her way downstairs, a touch of sleep still in her eyes.

Both daddy and Pierre were sitting at the table drinking coffee as she entered. "Good morning", she said to both. "I'm starving." They both grinned and greeted her.

"There are all kinds of breakfast goodies on the side table, may I prepare a plate for you mon cherie?"

"No thank you", as she headed for the food. Plate piled high with everything, she sat at the table.

Pierre laughed, "For a tiny girl you eat like a man." Daddy laughed and said "She needs her strength. She has always been able to eat like this and doesn't gain an ounce."

"I better tell cook to prepare a large basket for our picnic today", he laughed. 

Sensing a need in him she asked "Daddy what will you do while we are gone?"

"I have to go to the office for a meeting and conference call. The trip to Brazil also needs to be finalized." "It is now a good time to bring this up angel. I've been thinking since you have so much yet to learn about out Paris operation, it might be in our best interest if you stay here and work with Pierre and learn as much as you can. You will remain a guest in his home which will make everything easier. You won't need a driver and security will not be an issue."

"I would be worried about you in Brazil. There are some rough areas and people there and I can't be with you the entire time."

"What do you think about this arrangement pet?"

"It does make sense, daddy, I do need to finish learning about this office. How long will you be gone?"

"About a week no more than ten days and you will be in good hands." "As president, no one has more knowledge of the company than he and I can count on him to teach you and care for you in all ways."

"I will miss you daddy." "I know pet and I will miss you too."

"Sir Robert is returning to England today and I will be leaving for Brazil tomorrow." "Today is your last full play day, he chuckled, so if I were you I would see and do as much as possible." "Enjoy the sights, relax and enjoy your picnic." "We will enjoy our last evening together and I will be back before you know I'm gone."

She thought about it and knew his decision was final. "In that case I will run up an take a shower, dress and come down to begin today's adventure." "Pierre what time do you wish to leave?"

"As soon as you are ready angel, say an hour?" "The winds are up today so you will need to bring a jacket."

She left them to their coffee and conversation.

"Pierre I have never left her in a situation like this. I am counting on you to watch over her, protect her and guide her." "She is my most prized possession, one I love with everything in me." "I confess I am in conflict over this decision but feel, in the long run, it is in her best interest. I love her enough to allow her to test her wings and find what she needs here."

"I give you my word she will be treated with the utmost respect and care." "I too care deeply for her and only want what is best for her." "I can only be loving and gentle with her since that is what she is about. Her innocence and sensual eroticism are a complete contradiction which mystifies and tantalizes me all at once."

"Yes, she is a most unusual creature that may only come around once in a life time." "Hurting her is like pulling the wings from a butterfly. She would be damaged and destroyed."

She came bouncing down the stairs her long blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail causing her to look much younger than her 22 years. Both men groaned and smiled.

She is mature in so many ways, her intelligence and wit constantly surprise her business rivals which causes them to under estimate her abilities. Watching her work her magic over them to get what the company needs is amazing to see. They seem to agree to things no man could ever get past them and yet they do not begrudge or have hard feeling at what she has managed to accomplish. You can see them walk away shaking their heads and can only laugh at their confusion and respect for her. 

She went to her father and kissed him goodbye then turned to Pierre saying "I'm ready to go."

He grabbed the basket and her hand and led her to the car. "Where would you like to start your adventure little one?"

"I wish to see everything" she laughed "but I will leave it to you to select the best places for today."

"Fair enough" as he drove off. They kept the conversation light and easy. He did not want to probe her feeling regarding last night until she was ready but knew it had to be discussed."

He drove into town showing her some of his favorite places, promising to return another day to the ones she liked best.

He drove toward his favorite spot high on the hill, only stopping when she would become excited about something she saw. She was animated and relaxed and was enjoying her adventure on the outskirts of Paris.

When they finally arrived to their picnic destination he took her hand turned it over and kissed the palm, smiling "I am so happy you love this spot as I do." He went around the car to assist her and could not resist a soft easy kiss. She smiled up at him but he did not press any further.

They wandered around the dirt trails seeing and appreciating the different types of beauty the area had to offer. She could not get over what she saw and was mesmerized by its hidden charms.

"Thirsty? We have wine and mineral water in the basket.

"Yes I am and yes to both" she laughed. 

They headed back and Pierre laid out the blanket and table cloth, unwrapping the food and uncorking the wine as he handed her a bottle of mineral water. 

"Mmmm it is nice and cold" as she drank deeply.

"Cook had it on ice. She thinks of everything." "It seems we have lots of goodies here. Wine, cheese, pate, bread, crackers, chicken, salads even dessert." "She did this all for you angel. She too has fallen under your spell."

"Too?" "Who else is under my spell?" she giggled The wine warming and relaxing her.

A serious look crossed his face as he said "I think you know I have fallen under your spell. I enjoy spending time with you, talking, watching you enjoy each new thing that crosses your path. It is like seeing them for the first time when I see them through your eyes my love." "It is something I have never done before in all my years."

He could see the shyness in her eyes as he spoke of his feelings for her. "No matter how many times I have touched you, loved you, this is different. Having you all to myself in these lovely surroundings makes me want you all the more." "Please don't let my words make you shy. I have known you for many years and my fondness has grown with each passing year."

Before she panicked and withdrew, he gently took her hand slowly drawing her towards him. He could feel the electricity between them and knew she felt it too.

His hand gently reached for her as he drew her face closer, still holding her hand, he kissed her lips. He could see the shy desire in her eyes. He knew this was different for her, no father for her to fall back on, only the two of them. He did not want to move too fast in fear she might pull back.

He deepened the kiss, looking for a reaction, she leaned forward to allow the kiss to deepen. He could feel her heart beat quicken as he held her wrist. He wanted to keep her a little off guard, and broke the kiss and replaced his mouth with grapes, feeding them to her one at a time.

As the food between them disappeared he slowly moved closer until they were only inches apart.

"I believe I need to steal your cook" away she laughed.

"No need angel, she is always available to you. She will spoil you for anyone else's food and you will be forced to stay here, addicted to her culinary delights. He smiled at her and could feel how relaxed she had become.

He poured the last of the wine handing her the glass in exchange for a kiss.

"Mmm you taste like wine and pate. You make me hungry all over again." "Feed me sweet angel", as he closed the gap between them. Kissing her, taking her into his arms, his movements slow and deliberate as he nibbled at her jaw only to move back to her lips. Feeling the slight surrender of her body, as it leaned into his, he deepened the kiss and let the chemistry and surroundings take them within themselves.

He heard a soft moan escape her lips, pressing her a little farther, his hands traveling and discovering her on a new level. Touching and tasting her taking her deeper into her senses. Letting her up for a moments air only to take her diving deeper and deeper into the sensations only he could offer her.

Needing to taste and feel the heat of her skin, his tongue tasting her stomach as he moved up along her ribs to her delightfully sensitive breasts. He heard a sharp intake of breath as he took a nipple into his warm waiting mouth. He watched as her eyes began to cloud over giving over to the sensations he caused within her body.

He artfully removed her clothes long before she was aware of it. She was lost in his kisses and hands moving all over her body. His fingers reaching for her clit ring gently tugging on it as his teeth grazed over and took possession of her nipple.

Her body arched as she cried out her need. Her hands in his hair pulling him closer. His fingers dipping into her kitty, he could feel the tightening of her walls and knew she was soon to be lost to an orgasm.

Just as she was about to have her release he stopped momentarily, took her face in his hand and said I want to see your eyes as you cum for me angel. I want you open to me in all ways my love.

This is the first time I will see those beautiful eyes cloud over and know it is me you are seeing, me you are making love with, no blindfold to hide behind my pet.

He watched her eyes as she became lost in her release, his mouth covering her as she exploded and soaked his fingers with the juices they created.

She cried out his name. "Pierre" as he took her even higher, plunging his fingers deep feeling her walls squeezing his fingers tight as he forced another orgasm from deep within her.

She was truly amazing as he watched her. Each release longer and harder than the last. He took possession of her mouth tongues dancing and dueling to the age old call of seduction. At this moment he entered her, trying to hold back, driving slowly and deeply inside her. The need to possess her overwhelming. He stared into her eyes as he drove his shaft deeper, faster, harder, losing control as her body quivered and spasmed washing her juices over his hard shaft.

Her body pulsing, raising to meet each stroke of him, matching him stroke for stroke. Her moans and mews reminded him of a kitten as her teeth grazed and nipped at his shoulder. Her nails like little claws as he could feel them graze his back and still he drove her higher.

He could feel himself tighten and knew he could no longer hold back as his thick juices shot deep within her. Her cries driving him as he continued to shoot into her again and again. He could feel her walls tighten as she had yet another strong release. Riding, pumping her body gyrating against him unable to stop on the waves of her release.

She continued to cry out. He could not make out everything she said as she was lost in the euphoria of her releases. He held deep inside her allowing her to continue her wild ride.

"Pierre, oh it is too much I can not stop, you are driving my body crazy." He took her mouth as he absorbed her screams during her final releases.

He eased her back to reality, held her in his arms stroking and caressing her back and arms as they tried to catch their breath.

Neither spoke for a while, words were not necessary. Pierre raised himself on one elbow and stared into her eyes.

"We belong to each other. I've know this for some time and now, my love, you know it too."

Shyly she said "I have had feeling for you for a long time but did not realize you saw me as anything more than my father's child."

He chuckled. "You have given me some difficult times my love and he recalled their horse back ride in England. Do you remember when I helped you down and your body slide against mine as you dismounted? I was so afraid you would discover my hard shaft and give myself away."

"Is that why you acted so funny and were in such a hurry to return to the castle?" "I thought you might have been upset with me and just wanted to return as quickly as possible."

He threw his head back and laughed out loud. "No my sweet I was upset with myself and the situation I was in, wanting you but not being able to touch or have you drove me a little crazy."

"If we stay here much longer I will need to show you again just how I feel."

He handed her a wash cloth and a bottle of water so she could clean her self." She stared at him.

He smiled. "I could only hope you would feel for me what I feel for you." "I didn't want to leave you unprepared."

Wanting to offer her a little privacy he gathered everything and took it to the car as she dressed.

The closer they got to his home the quieter she became.

"What is it little one, what causes you concern?"

"I think you know", Pierre. "Your father?"

"Yes Pierre, I love him very much."

"Before we discuss him may I ask a question?" I know this is a lot to take in but do you have any answers regarding us, my sweet?"

"That IS the part of the problem." "How can I love and be loyal to both of you?"

"I am French angel", he chuckled. " I know, as he does, you have a different kind of love for each of us. Neither of us wants you to be torn or uncomfortable. There will never be a rivalry between the two of us where you are concerned. Neither of us are young boys vying for you attention. We know you have a place in your heart for both of us and you are not to worry your head over it."

"We both love you enough to make any adjustments that are needed. You will never be placed in the middle or experience an awkward moment." "We both know you will make love to each of us, maybe both of us at the same time and we are content with this private arrangement."

She just stared at him in total disbelief. "You mean you both willingly accept this?"

"Yes." "If things progress between us, as I hope, then you will ultimately live with me as my wife." "Your father will continue to travel as he has always done. When he comes to Paris or you feel the need to spend time with him then you shall travel to be with him." "I will miss you and await your return as shall he."

"Your father leaves tomorrow and I am sure the two of you will wish to spend your last evening together. Other than dinner I will not see either of you until tomorrow morning before his flight."

"I will have you all to myself for the next 7-10 days and I intend to make good use of that time my pet." he grinned. "Remember angel, you are mine after tonight. I intend to love you and use you well just as your father would if he were here."

"Your father intends to leave all of you favorite toys with me so I may please you in every way. I so look forward to our time in the bondage room. It excites me greatly watching you being teased and pleasured until you become lost inside your head. Blinded to your location, left with only your body demanding your multiple releases until you need to be brought back to earth. I don't know if I would feel comfortable leaving you out there until your needs are met. I don't know how much your body and mind can take, although extending your pleasure a little at a time could prove quite delicious." "Last night you were used for close to four hours and two of them you were lost inside your head."

She blushed profusely, her hands fluttering in her lap as they neared home.

"Angel I do not say these thing to make you feel uncomfortable, I only want you to know that I enjoy your time there as much as you do." "I know you are shy and don't talk about it so I will respect your feelings and only offer myself as your protector and lover, my pet."

He leaned over, took her hands in his and gently kissed her. "You are magnificent and I adore your eroticism. It draws me closer to you.. .we are one."

The look of relief covered her face as her color settled down to rosy cheeks.

He acted as if the previous conversation had never happened. " Angel when we are finished at the office tomorrow I have a lovely treat in mind for you. Remember the jewelry store we looked at today?" "I ordered something special for you and it will be ready when we arrive." 

"I enjoy being with you Pierre it is not necessary for you to buy me gifts."

"My sweet I have more than I can spend in this lifetime and it gives me great pleasure to spoil you with little trinkets that catch my eye and remind me of you." "It would delight me if you would accept it since it so reminds me of you."

Twenty minutes later they arrive at home and he told her how much he enjoyed their day and looks forward to many more. He caressed her cheek and smiled. "You are very special to me angel I only want your happiness."

Se smiled and said "I always enjoy my time with you Pierre, even when you tease me, she laughed.

"Your father is waiting for you, go, enjoy your time with him. It is now 4 PM we will dine at 8 PM. I will see you at dinner."

He deliberately lagged behind so she would not feel any awkwardness and could freely greet her father.

As she entered the house she found her father in Pierre's office talking to a business associate. He motioned for her to stay and shortly concluded the call. Knowing her as well as he does he immediately noticed a pensive look on her face. He was not surprised although concerned since he felt he knew what caused her feelings. He had previously discussed this possibility with Pierre and how it should be addressed. They were both in agreement and knew her father was the only person to handle this issue and ease her dilemma. 

He immediately came around the desk and took her in his arms and kissed her forehead. "How was your day angel?"

"It was nice daddy. We went into town then took a drive to the top of Pierre's property and had our picnic." "Daddy something happened up their and I'm not sure how to tell you." With tears in her eyes she said "Daddy I feel as though I have betrayed you. I love you so much I don't want to do anything that would ever hurt you or disillusion your feelings and thoughts of me." 

Seeing the pain in her eyes tore at his heart. He was angry with himself and a little at Pierre since he now felt they should have talked to her before it happened. She was still dealing with the events of last night and now it was compounded with today's events. It was more than his child could deal with and he blamed himself for the tortured look on her face. Things were being thrown at her too fast and she was not emotionally equipped to handle it all. She had always been protected and now she stood before him overwhelmed by the events of the last 24 hours.

"Come sit down and we will talk sweetheart." "First of all I could never be disillusioned or hurt by anything you would do." "I should have talked to you this morning before you left and maybe you wouldn't be feeling so upset."

"Honey, let me take a guess at what is upsetting you. You and Pierre made love today and you feel like you cheated on me, right? 

Her eyes shot up and looked at him as the color deepened in her cheeks. "Yes daddy."

"Angel, I've know you have feelings for Pierre for some time and I also know how he feels about you. He would have never approached you without my blessing angel. It is normal and natural to have these feelings. You are a young woman, you should fall in love and want to have children, which is the one thing I can not offer you." "If it will ease your mind I picked him for you and hoped you would care for him." " You deserve the best and I trust him with my life. Do you think I would let just anyone get close to you if I didn't feel they were good enough or right for you?" 

"This was an error in judgement on my part angel and for that I deeply apologize. I have caused you unnecessary pain. It breaks my heart that I have put you in this position and hope you will forgive your father." He gathered her in his arms and held her close. "I love you angel and nothing could ever change that."

"When I leave tomorrow I need to know you are ok. You will have me in your life for as long as you wish to share our love, as well as Pierre. " "I know how confusing this must be for you since it is a highly unusual triangle of love. You are not an ordinary young woman. Your sensual erotica is part of what makes you who you are. If you should choose to marry Pierre it will not change anything between us. Has Pierre not given you any assurances pet?

"Yes daddy he did. He said you would come back here or I can travel to you whenever I wish. He said he understands our love and would not want to interfere in any way."

"Good." "While I am gone I wish for you to continue your time in the bondage room as if I were here. The only difference will be that Pierre will see to your needs, whatever they may be or whatever he chooses for you my love." "It is something you need and you body requires so I would be disappointed to learn you did no treat him as if it were me having you and expanding your training my love." "You are too special and your bodies needs are too great. It would cause you much restlessness and unhappiness to try and live without your special releases pet."

"Angel, why don't you go upstairs have a shower, relax and think about what I have just said. I love you and nothing has changed between us." "If you like, I can delay my trip for another day or two to give you more time to adjust to this new transitional period. I would like for the three of us to talk over everything and relax together so that you will truly understand and to also assure myself you are comfortable with this new arrangement."

"I went upstairs a short time later and could hear the water running. As I heard her turn the water off I went in with a huge towel and wrapped her tightly, arms and all. I leaned down and kissed her sweet mouth."

"Daddy I hoped you would come for me."

"Always my pet as my kisses deepened." I knew she needed this as much as I did. Her for assurance, me to assure her everything I said was true. "To be quite frank, I need my baby."

"I love you angel", as I picked her up and carried her to the bed. Raining kisses over her face, deliberately keeping her tightly wrapped in the towel, she can only receive what I have to offer her. As I remove my clothes I plunder her mouth, my tongue deep, dueling with her tongue. Knowing her captivity is heightening her senses even more, I soon replace it with my shaft.

"Take me angel", as I inch my way in a little at a time, penetrating her mouth deeper each time. I can hear her soft moans as her tongue slowly licks under my shaft all the while sucking me deeper. My need for her is great and I know I will not last long this first round for she is sucking me as if she was possessed. Her head in my hands I guide myself in and out of her warm wet mouth. Driving deeper and faster, her moans louder as I feel the tightness in my shaft readying itself to empty deep in her belly. I raise her head slightly so she will not choke on my juices. "Angel I can not hold back much longer. You are taking away all of my control. Here baby it is all yours" as I start to shoot my thick juices down her throat, deep into her belly, one wave after another. Her mouth overflows as she tries to swallow as much as possible. I slowly remove myself from her and take the towel to wipe her of the excess. 

I gather her in my arms, her body free of the towel, as I slowly take a nipple between my teeth and suckle her oh so sensitive breasts. My fingers reaching for her clit ring, pinching it to create even more urgency. Her body pressed against my fingers I plunge them into her wetness driving her need higher until I can feel her walls tighten and know she is close to her first release.

"Daddy" she cries out as I feel her wetness shoot over my fingers. I immediately plunge three fingers into her kitty reaching for her sweet spot, my thumb on her clit and her nipple being grazed by my teeth. As her intense release takes over I take possession of her mouth to absorb her screams as she squirts her heavenly juices over my fingers and onto my hand.

Her response has caused my shaft to swell once again with need for her. I plunge my hard shaft deep inside her causing her to shutter as she accepts me. Slowly I move in and out trying to make it last, knowing the intensity of the day, last night and this moment in time will not allow for this. She drives her hips up to meet my every thrust, crying out and moaning her need for another ride to the stars. As our bodies crash against each other, both reaching for the crest of the wave, I can feel her body quiver and shake as she grinds her kitty against me pumping her hips faster driving upward to meet each stroke until the explosion erupts and we ride up and over the crest of love.

As we lay there in the after glow, holding each other close, she softly says "I love you daddy." 

I look at my angel and respond " I love you too princess and always will." "Nothing can ever change my feelings for you pet." "Sleep now angel. Rest for I have plans for you this evening." I chuckled. 

While she slept he went down stairs to have a drink with Pierre and to discuss all that had happened over the last 24 hours.

They spoke of the three couples that enjoyed her immensely and of the women that had enjoyed her as well. "She has no desire for women what so ever so that part must remain a secret between all of us. Please explain to them they may enjoy her in any fashion they desire but she is not to know the women are bisexual and love her kitty and breasts. Actually, I observed her reactions while the ladies were enjoying her and the intensity of her releases were very strong. A woman knows what another woman truly enjoys." "This will benefit you and the other men as she is taken higher by them while all of you thrust deeply into all of her openings." "When do you plan to have them over again?" "My suggestion would be within 24-48 hours of my departure." "She will generally need your attention both in the morning and evening since her body has been trained to crave this and her needs are much greater than she even knows."

"She will receive more than enough attention from me as my need of her is great. I can not seem to get enough of her lovely body. Her sensuality and eroticism are like nothing I have ever experienced in all of my 38 years", he chuckled. "We both know I have had more than my share of the fairer sex and yet they cannot begin to compare to our angel."

"If you were not leaving I would not have been satisfied with just this afternoon but I did not want to tire her out" he laughed. "As you suspected her feeling for me are strong and I truly believe we have a future together, thanks to you." "I love your daughter very much and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her. She will be well protected, loved and adored by me for the rest of her life."

"She has conflicting feelings of loyalty to me. When she returned she was visibly upset and we had a long talk this afternoon. She felt as though she had betrayed me and I explained this was not the case. She would never have made love with you if her feelings for you weren't strong. After her shower I showed her in no uncertain terms this was not the case."

"I told her I could delay my trip for a day or two if she needs me here during the transition period. She seemed relieved to know she had that option. If I do end up staying then you will take possession of her with her seeing my approval of your love and control of her." "We will see how tonight and tomorrow morning go before I make the final decision." "Neither of us wants to see her hurt or disillusioned in any way." "If she needs more time to be eased into this transition I am prepared to do whatever it takes to make it more natural and comfortable. Her body will give over but it is her mind and emotions which may need more time." They both agreed.

"Depending on how this evening goes, at dinner, will determine whether we will take her to the room together and I will have you take control of the events. It is important for her to see my approval in the change of control. If she needs me to stay to complete the transition then I will." "I will keep her with me tonight, as usual, and we will finalize the transition over the next couple of days." 

"Pierre why don't you go up and check on her and wake her for dinner. She will know it is done with my approval and should begin her acceptance of our arrangement." 

Pierre quietly walked into the bedroom and watched her sleep. Her face was relaxed and she looked so sweet and desirable. Her hair spread over the pillow, the sheet only covering her from the waist down. He gently sat on the bed and stroked her cheek. He could not resist leaning over to take a nipple into his mouth. He heard a soft moan and smiled thinking this is what I will wake to every morning. She will offer me great pleasure every day of my life. "Angel, it is time to wake up. You must be starving after today's activities", he chuckled. 

She slowly woke. As her eyes opened all she could see was him. She smiled "Mmm hello Pierre I had such a good sleep." 

"You needed it pet but now you need food so it's time to get up. It is not necessary to dress for dinner tonight since it is only the three of us." "In fact I know exactly what you shall wear. He went into her closet and came back with a short sheer white robe. Both your father and I shall greatly enjoy your attire this evening pet."

"Mmm yes Pierre" I need to take a quick shower."

"I will wait for you angel" as she hurried off to the bathroom.

He heard the water being turned off and went in waiting with a large towel. As she dried off he slipped her arms through the sleeveless robe and led her downstairs to a smaller dining area.

"I have never seen this room Pierre."

"It is meant for intimate dining only. Since it is just the three of us it is perfect for tonight my pet." 

She was placed between the two men, thigh to thigh, pressed close between them as they ate and drank champagne, her favorite. Each of them softly touching and caressing her throughout the meal. 

Pierre reached over and untied the sash to her robe as his hand slipped in and rolled a nipple between two fingers while her father placed a hand on her kitty gently tugging her clit ring. The conversation continued as if nothing was happening. They could hear her intake of breath and feel the slight shiver that ran through her body as it responded to their teasing.

"Are you enjoying your dinner angel?" With slightly shaken breath she answered "Yes Pierre very much."

"When we are alone, or just the three of us, this will be our dining room."

"Yes pet, I love having you between us knowing we are creating a driving excitement inside you and, in turn, you will gift us with your lovely body at the end of each of these meals" said her father.

As they enjoyed their desserts and wines Pierre and her father would take turns feeding her the delectable sweets while the other would place some on different parts of her body and dine on her nipples, clitty, lips and any other part of her they desired.

Her faced was flushed as her nipples stood erect and her kitty offered her fluids to them showing her need was rising.

Without a word Pierre picked her up and carried her to the bondage room and gently laid her on the table. "My need for you is strong my love and I will use you well tonight."

"I too have a great need for you my pet and your body will quench my thirst and desire for you as no other can." said her father.

"I love you both and as always my body is yours to use as you wish."

They both looked at each other and smiled over her as they began to secure her cuffs and spreader bar. Pierre kissing her as he places her blindfold in position and secures her first cuff then the other while her father kisses and licks her inner thighs and secures her to the bar, he spreads her wide, as his tongue and lips play with her clit ring. Raising her knees up high to secure her in place with cuffs, her body already thrashing around at the attention she is receiving.

They each take a nipple and suck them until they are fully erect and place her nipple rings on and secure them, dropping the chain between her breasts.

"Tonight my pet there will be no headphones since we want you to hear us and know what we are saying to you at all times. You will offer each of us what we desire when we desire it and how we desire it." "You belong to both of us now my love and we wish to share in your love", said her father.

"You are a most desirable creature my love and we are both proud to say we love you and share this special relationship. I am most pleased that you love us both enough to share us with yourself", said Pierre.

"This is our moment of truth and commitment to each other for all time, my pet." "Do you agree to this angel'?

"Yes daddy, yes Pierre."

Their attention, touching, licking tasting her the entire time always keeping her on edge as they speak softly but with great intensity.

Pierre took possession of her lips, kissing and slowly teasing and penetrating her mouth, their tongues dancing, her need building all the while her daddy teasing her clit ring as he sucks it deep into his mouth, fingers entering her kitty to reach her sweet spot.

They could feel her body quiver as it responded to them. The walls of her kitty tightening as her mouth sucked Pierre's tongue deeper into her mouth, her need great.

"Daddy I can't hold it back" and they could feel her body give over to her first release.

Knowing that each release is stronger than the last they continue to assault her senses driving her to the next.

Pierre breaks the kiss as she cries out her need for contact. He replaces his lips with his shaft as it touches her lips she opens to him like a little bird waiting to be fed. He inches in a little at a time and begins to thrust in and out, as he hold her head in place, treating her mouth as if it were her kitty driving deep only to back out and tease her over and over. Her mouth sucking and licking him as moans escape her . He tugs on her nipple rings as her clit is receiving the same treatment.

Her kitty is suddenly penetrated and her body shakes and quivers as her hips rise up to meet and grind against him. Her movements are limited to what they will allow, driving her higher and higher she can feel Pierre harden even more as she can sense his fluids rising up to shoot into her needy mouth. As he cries out his release and shoots deeply down her throat she hears and feels the driving hard shaft in her kitty plunging, plundering her body forcing her higher causing her to tighten her walls as they spasm and suck him in deeper until she can feel the hot thick fluids splashing against her cervix.

Pierre places the chain in her mouth as he has softened enough to allow room and he continues to pump her mouth with his shaft causing the nipple rings to tighten and torment her sensitive nipples. Her body shaking as she cries out her release again.

She can hear them encouraging her, driving her mind as well as her body until she screams her release.

They switch places while giving her a small rest and begin all over again, each man taking of her body what they most want and need while giving her what she craves, the erotic and sensual demands of two lovers touching, penetrating and plundering her body for mutual satisfaction.

Her body is rearranged and the table rotated to allow for their final sensual assault of her body. One lays beneath her and spears her onto his shaft as he raises his knees and spreads her legs even wider, leaving her rose bud, fully exposed, as the other shaft slowly penetrates it. Alternating they drive into her forcing her body to reach for the ultimate release as her nipples and clit rings are pulled and tugged while they pump in and out of each love channel.

Her body gyrates and pushes back and forth as she cries out, spasms ripple through her, and in turn them, as she involuntarily tightens her body wild as a nipple is between his teeth intensifying her desires and needs. The three of them yelling out their individual releases as they keep taking her to another and yet another until her body collapses over him.

They gently remove their shafts as she lays there panting and mewing still caught up some what in the sensations they have created in her body. She is held high in the arms of one while the other brings her one more trip over the crest. Her body completely rigid as it locks onto her release, her arms thrown around the neck of the one holding her while legs are wrapped tightly around the head of the man bringing her that final release.

She is carried to her room and gently placed in the center of the bed, blindfold still in place as they whisper to her of their devotion and love. The blindfold is removed as they watch her fall asleep. Each kissed her and left the room.

As they each had a cognac they discussed their thoughts of the evenings events. Both feeling she had accepted the new situation much better than earlier in the day.

"I will leave tomorrow but give her the morning with me to say goodbye." "She will be yours for the next 10 days." "They will be critical days allowing you to set control while I am gone." "She seemed to accept it tonight but knew she still had me to fall back on. It is up to you to gently start the change of control."

"I agree and will handle her carefully. We will have another get together with the couples to force her to rely on me." 

"That is a wise choice." I have a long day tomorrow so I will turn in. Take care my friend, goodnight."

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