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Dancing on the patio

Our quiet dinner on the patio turns very steamy
Rick is making dinner tonight on the BBQ, he loves to grill and knows I love it when he does the cooking. I light the lantern for the center piece of the table and light the garden candles around the deck. He is happily singing to himself over the food that smells so tantalizing, my stomach rumbles, I cant wait. He plates our dinner and brings it to the table, his eyes meet mine and he smiles that winning smile that makes my heart melt and my pussy drip. God this man is sexy.

We finish our dinner and sit under the stars sipping our wine, when I decide I want to dance with my handsome son. I get up and turn on the music I selected earlier. I look at him and open my arms.

The first song is a slow one, our bodies come together swaying in time to the music, I look into his eyes and smile as I move my mouth in for a kiss. I seductively lick his bottom lip, then lick his top lip tasting him. Oh my God I cant stand this I'm so horny

I pull his shirt from his pants and undo the buttons pushing it down onto his arms, I nuzzle his neck, licking and gently nipping the skin, kissing down his chest, my lips find his little nipples and I tongue them.

Our bodies still swaying to the music. I rub my hands over his hips and around to his butt, giving them a squeeze, I can feel his cock starting to grow through his pants, I trace the shape of him but dont really touch him yet. The music stops, I gently push him a little making him take a step back.

I bring my hands to my side and start rubbing over my shirt up to my breasts, I tweak my nipples and pull them a bit. Then back down my sides to my hips. The music has started again, I am rocking my hips in time to the drum beats.
My hand starts to move towards my mound, and glides over it, then down between my legs making me shiver with delight. He is watching me intently and my eyes never leave my his face.

Knowing what he wants to see, I undo my skirt and slip my hand down inside, rubbing my pussy lips through my panties. They are getting so wet , my pussy drooling anticipating what is to come.

I undo my blouse and turn my back on him, letting it slip from my shoulders but still on my arms, I turn and face Rick, with my blouse pulled closed in front of my breasts. I hear him groan he wants my clothes off.

I let my blouse slide from my arms to the floor, my nipples standing out hard and large, he can see them through my lace bra. I undo the front clasp and let it slide from me. My hands come up and my fingers pinch and tweak them making my pussy spasm and me groan.

I push my pantyhose down and step out of them, he can see the wetness in the satin panties I am wearing.
I pull a chair close to me and put one foot up on it, pulling the panties tight over my pussy. I reach down and drag a nail over the lips, making myself shudder with need for release. I run my hand inside my panties and over the labia.
"Mmmmmm its so wet," I whisper to him.

His eyes are glued to my hand watching every movement, every stroke. His cock is so hard I can clearly see it pushing against his pants. I stick my fingers into my pussy and stroke them in and out a few times, the wet sounds filling my ears the scent of sex in the air. I pull my hand away and groan as I do, I so need release.

I bring the wet fingers to my nipples and coat them with my juices, then I grab one of my breasts and pull it up to my mouth, licking the fragrant nipple, tasting my pussy. I hear a few groans from my son as he watches.

I pull my panties off, and twirl them in the air, then let them fly to where Rick is standing, his hard cock now in his hand and his pants down around his ankles. His eyes are glued to my shaved pussy, it glistens with the wetness my fingers trailed over the mound.

I sit in the chair and spread my legs wide, making sure I am far enough down that he can see clearly. My swollen lips are open like a flower before him, waiting for his cock or his tongue. I reach down and hold the lips apart, and with my other hand I start to circle my clit, teasing myself until I am almost at a point of desperation.
"Do it!" I hear him groan, "Fuck that pussy Mom, make it cum for me."

My fingers stop on my clit, my body shudders, the time has come. I need to cum and I need to cum now. I coax him to come closer to me, I push his hand off his cock, I grasp it and pull it towards my mouth, pushing it past my lips and just inside, oh yes he feels good on my lips mmmmm.

My fingers circle his cock, and my other hand starts working my clit again. My tongue flicking over his cockhead like my fingers are flicking my clit, the faster my fingers go, the faster my tongue works his cock. He groans when my fingers sink into my pussy and the tip of my tongue finds his hole and flickers around opening him a little.

I feel his hands on my head as he thrusts his cock deeper into my mouth. My fingers working furiously in and out of my pussy. Oh my I'm ready to burst, my pussy clenches my fingers and I pull his cock from my mouth for fear that I will bite him.

The waves of pleasure starting to ripple through me I groan as the climax starts. I scream for his cock as it explodes over my fingers.

As my breathing steadies he pulls me to my feet, he pulls one of my legs up over his arm, my hands on his shoulders to steady myself. I feel him thrust his hard cock deep inside me. My pussy clenching him, pulling him deeper inside and holding him. His mouth finds mine as he pushes into me.

"Yessss," I shout into his mouth, "Fuckkkkk meeeeee hardddddd."

I hear him groan, "Mom, I can't hold it long, I want to cum in your pussy, Oh my God MOM I'M CUMMING ."

As he pushes his cock deep inside me and holds it my pussy finally releases and my orgasm floods his cock. Screaming loud, not caring if the neighbors hear. "Rick, Baby, I'm cumming too I'm cumming now oh Fuck."

Fighting to catch our breath, we stand together naked in the candle light, the music still playing in the background his cock still inside me. He puts my leg down and starts dancing with me again.

His cock softens and slides from my pussy, resting between us. As we continue swaying, I feel him start to harden again. He takes my hand and leads me inside. We pick up our clothing as we go and he has my wet panties up against his nose.

Oh yes this is going to be a great night, I think to myself as we head into the bedroom.

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Posted 10 Aug 2011 18:58
VERY SEXY story. you are a GREAT writer KEEP it up SEXY
Posted 31 Jul 2011 21:49
Lovely, spicy & hot.
Posted 10 Jul 2011 11:16
very erotic hot hot hot tks for sharing
Posted 08 Jul 2011 20:56
Sexy erotic and romantic.
Posted 07 Jul 2011 18:14
Excellent. "V=5+++."
Posted 07 Jul 2011 12:30
Wonderful story, Teresa. So erotic and romantic at the same time. I just love way you weave raw sexual energy and tenderness together. That's what really gets us ladies purring. Doesn't it?
Posted 06 Jul 2011 14:14
Oh baby, that was so good. Dragon is right. You have such a seductive way with words. I'll never be able to BBQ again without you popping into my mind.

Posted 06 Jul 2011 09:55
nice story albertagirl you have a great way with words

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