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Daughter Invites Dad Into Her Personal Life

Dad learns the secret life of his daughter and her husband


The phone rang as Tim was getting out of the shower. “Great, just my luck,” he thought as he quickly grabbed a towel and ran to the phone.   He picked up the phone as he dried himself.   “Hi daddy,” the cheerful voice on the phone said.   “What are you up to?”   It was Tim’s daughter Emily.   Emily was 24 years old and married her high school sweetheart, Jeff.   “Hi baby, I just got out of the shower.   What’s going on,” Tim asked.   Emily’s voice sounded excited when she told Tim that the swimming pool she and Jeff had installed was finally finished.   “We’re having a few friends over next weekend to break in the pool and I want you to come over,” Emily said.   Tim thought for a moment and asked, “Will your mother be there?”    Tim was referring to his ex-wife and Emily’s mother, Janice. The divorce was final and they bitterly fought on the alimony amount. Tim thinks he’s getting screwed and he welcomes any opportunity to avoid seeing Janice.   “No way dad,” Emily giggled.   “I wouldn’t invite both of you here at the same time.   Besides, mom will be on vacation next week.”   “You mean I’m financing a vacation for her.   Great, just what I needed to hear,” Tim said in his best smart-ass tone of voice.      “Oh daddy, stop it.   Besides, I’d prefer to have you here over mom.   I think she screwed you with the alimony,” Emily tried to console her dad.   “Anyway, you’ll be happy to know that Alana is going to be here.”   Tim thought for a few seconds and a smile came to his face.   “Alana the exhibitionist,” Tim asked.   “She’s not an exhibitionist, she’s a nudist.   There’s a difference.   She likes to be nude,” explained Emily.   “I don’t care what you call her,” Tim quipped.   “As long as she gets nude in front of me, I’ll be there.”   “O.K daddy,” Emily said in closing.   “Be here on Saturday at one and don’t forget your bathing suit. Love ya,” Emily said as she hung up.  


Emily met Alana in High School and they became close friends.   Tim thought back on the several times he came home and found Emily and Alana topless in the backyard.   Tim could look and Alana’s nude body for hours.   She had blonde hair and had a figure that rivaled pin up girl Betty Page. Tim pictured Alana’s full breasts glistening with suntan lotion as she basked in the backyard.   He never told them to put clothes on, but Janice often did.   “Put your bathing suits on,” Tim thought back on Janice’s high-pitched voice.   The kind of voice that when she yelled gave you goose bumps.   “Thank goodness she won’t be there this weekend.   Maybe I’ll get a full afternoon of Alana’s ample breasts,” Tim thought.


The weekend soon arrived and Tim packed his bathing suit and a towel.   He was never one to arrive at a party empty handed so he also brought a bottle of whiskey.   Emily and Jeff enjoyed whiskey as well, so he always tired to bring them a bottle when he went over to their house.   Tim arrived at one o’clock sharp and let himself into the house.   He heard talking and music coming from the backyard and as he made his way through the kitchen, he saw plates of food and numerous bottles of alcohol.   From the kitchen Tim looked into the backyard and saw several people he didn’t know.   Then he saw Alana.   She was just as he remembered her.   Her long blonde hair fell over her shapely tanned body.   Alana’s breasts were practically falling out of her string bikini and Tim was certain it wouldn’t be long before she bared her breasts.


Tim walked into the backyard holding his whiskey bottle and bathing suit.   As soon as he stepped out of the house, Emily called out,” Hi daddy!”   She ran toward him with her arms outstretched.   Emily gave Tim a hug and a kiss on the cheek.   When Emily stopped hugging him, Tim looked at Emily’s bathing suit.   It was a one piece that was cut high along the hips.   Her nipples pushed the fabric outward and it was clear Emily already had begun drinking whiskey.   Jeff greeted Tim with a handshake and with a wink said, “Alana’s been waiting for you.”   “She has,” Tim inquired.   “Ya.   I guess she has a thing for you and when she found out you and Emily’s mom divorced…well, let’s say she’s interested in you.”   Tim thought for a second.   Could it be true?   She’s Emily’s high school friend.   She could be my daughter!   While Tim thought, a pair of arms wrapped him from behind and put him in a hug.   Before he could turn around, he felt a pair of breasts pressing against his back and a voice said, “Hi Mr. Niles.   I’ve missed you.”   Tim turned around and was face to face with Alana.   “Hi, Alana.   How have you been,” Tim asked her.   He couldn’t keep his eyes focused on her blue eyes and he found himself looking at Alana’s body.   He couldn’t help but think of the times he’d seen her topless and how good she would look if she was topless right now.   “You’re as pretty as ever,” Tim said.   “Oh, you’re a sweetheart.   And you’re as sexy as ever,” Alana replied.   Tim was taken aback.   How could she think I was sexy, Tim thought.   Before Tim could respond to Alana’s compliment she turned and walked away.   But as she wiggled her ass in slow sexy walk, she looked over her shoulder and grinned at Tim.  


The afternoon progressed nicely as Tim poured whiskey shots and it didn’t take long before he found himself in a lounge chair next to the pool.   Alana, Jeff and Emily were next to him and they were all talking about Tim’s divorce and the fun Emily and Alana had in high school.   The sun was warm and Alana decided to relive her high school days by removing her bathing suit top.   As she sat forward to untie her bathing suit top, Tim watched Alana’s breasts bounce to freedom.   At that, Emily decided to go topless, too.   “But since I’m wearing a one-piece, I’ll have to remove the whole thing,” Emily giggled.   Emily stood up and pulled her shoulder straps down and her hard nipples were now exposed to the sun.   She continued to pull her bathing suit down until she was nude.   Tim looked at his daughter and couldn’t believe how pert her breasts were.   Her belly boasted the beginnings of a four pack and her pussy has the smallest landing strip he’d ever seen.  


Not to be outdone, Alana said, “Well, if it’s good for the hostess, it’s good for the guest.” She stood and removed her bathing suit bottom.   Alana’s pussy was cleanly shaven and she had no tan lines.   Tim looked at his daughter lying next to her best friend and his dick began to get hard.   He’s seen both of them topless but this seemed different.   For one thing, he has never been so close to them while they were nude.   Secondly, when they were in high school they seemed like two innocent girls doing something crazy.   Now, it’s way hotter.   Tim looked at the other guests and saw that most had also shed their clothing.   The ones who weren’t totally nude were at least topless.


Jeff leaned over to Tim and said, “Kind of crazy, huh?   Looks like you and I are the only ones totally dressed.   If I take my bathing suit off will you remove yours?”   Tim looked at Jeff inquisitively and before he could answer Emily said, “Go ahead dad!   Why not?”   “Ya, Mr. Niles.   Come on and join the fun,” Alana chimed in.   Emily and Alana clinked shot glasses and each had a shot of whiskey.   Tim grabbed the whiskey bottle, took a swig and while wiping his chin said, “Why not, precisely.” He stood and pulled his bathing suit off.   His penis was erect and both Alana and Emily were looking at him.   “I can see why mom was attracted to you,” Emily giggled.    Tim was a little embarrassed and sat on his lounge chair.   After several minutes, Tim didn’t even care about his being nude, but he certainly noticed all the other young ladies that were nude, especially Alana.   Alana couldn’t keep her eyes off of Tim either.   The sun was going down and some of the guests had left while others went inside to find a “quiet place.”  


Alana stood and took Tim’s hand and led him into the spa.   Jeff and Emily soon followed.    “Having fun daddy,” Emily asked.   “Well, it’s all kind of new to me.   I wasn’t aware you guys were so free,” Tim replied.   Emily put her head back and closing her eyes said, “The spa feels wonderful, doesn’t it Jeff?”   Jeff replied by kissing Emily on the lips.   Tim watched them kiss for a few short seconds when he felt Alana’s hand on his thigh.   He turned his head to look at her and his lips met hers.   Alana’s mouth opened and her tongue forced its way into Tim’s mouth.   As they kissed, Alana’s hand found its way to Tim’s hardening dick.   Tim suddenly remembered his daughter and son-in-law were right next to them.   Tim opened his eyes and while still kissing Alana looked at Emily and Jeff.    Emily had her elbows on the edge of the spa and her breasts were now out of the water.    Jeff was licking and sucking Emily’s tits while Emily had her head thrown back.  


Jeff’s cock was fully erect and he watched for several seconds as Jeff licked Emily’s tits.   Emily seemed to enjoy this immensely and he flashed to how his ex-wife Janice also enjoyed her nipples being played with.   Like mother, like daughter Tim thought.   Tim’s thoughts were broken by Alana’s breathy voice saying, “Sit on the spa edge.”   Tim immediately complied and once his cock was out of the water, Alana took it into her mouth.   She proceeded to give Tim the best blow job he’s ever had.   He looked over at Emily and Jeff and saw Jeff still sucking Emily’s nipples but Emily watching Alana suck Tim’s cock.   He felt awkward for a second but as Emily watched she seemed to get more into Jeff sucking her nipples.   Emily sat on the spa edge next to Tim and spread her legs.   Jeff knew what to do and he began to lick her pussy while Emily watched for a little while longer as Alana sucked Tim’s cock.  


“What would Janice say”, Tim thought to himself.   Her daughter and ex-husband both receiving oral sex at the same time in the same pool.   It was this thought that made Tim cum into Alana’s mouth.   Alana didn’t miss a beat as she sucked every drop out of Tim’s cock.   As Tim came, Emily grabbed the back of Jeff’s head and rubbed her pussy into his mouth and let out a moan.   It was clear she was cumming.   Both Tim and Emily relaxed while Alana and Jeff were still horny.   Tim and Emily got into the spa while Jeff and Alana sat on the edge.   It was there turn to receive oral pleasure.   Alana put her feet on Tim’s shoulders and Tim happily licked Alana’s pussy while Emily sucked Jeff’s cock.   Alana began to moan as Tim circled her clit with his tongue.   Then she stopped which caused Tim to look up at her face.   He saw that she and Jeff were engaged in one of the hottest kisses he’d ever seen.   Their tongues were intertwined and Alana’s hips began to move at a quicker pace.  


Jeff glanced at Emily as she masterfully moved her head up and down Jeff’s shaft.   Upon seeing how experienced Emily was at giving head, Tim began to get another erection.   He saw Emily watching Jeff and Alana kiss.   Emily’s hand moved below the water line and she began to rub her pussy as she continued to suck Jeff’s cock while she watched Jeff and Alana kiss.   Tim was now fully erect as he continued to lick Alan’s wet pussy.  


Tim wondered if it would be too forward to move his hand under the water to Emily’s pussy.   The thought of this taboo act seemed to heighten his arousal.   He slowly moved his hand and gently brushed her hip, trying to make it look like an accident.   Then he did it again.   The third time he touched her hip he kept his hand there for a few seconds and Emily didn’t seem to react.   Tim moved his hand to her belly and again stopped.   Emily seemed to turn her hips toward Tim.   Then she took Tim’s hand and put it on her pussy and began to rub her pussy with his hand.   Tim couldn’t believe it.   Once Tim’s hand was moving in a rhythm Emily liked, she removed her hand from Tim’s and grasped his hard cock.   Emily began to move her hand back and forth as she masturbated Tim while he ate Alana’s pussy.   Tim continued to rub Emily’s pussy as Emily sucked Jeff’s cock.   Almost as if it were timed, all four of them seemed to orgasm almost simultaneously.  


Once Jeff and Alana were back in the spa,     Emily excused herself, dried off and walked into the house.   Tim also excused himself and followed Emily.   Emily was in the kitchen reaching into the refrigerator.   Tim felt like he had to say something to Emily.   The last thing he wanted was to make her feel awkward.   “Baby, do you have a second,” Tim asked.   “Sure dad.   What’s up,” Emily responded cheerfully. “Wwwell,” Tim stammered.   “I hope you didn’t think I was too forward.   I got lost in the moment.   The last thing….” Emily interrupted, “Shhh.   It’s ok.   I put your hand there, remember?   Please don’t think any less of me.”   “I never could baby,” Tim said as he hugged Emily.   “This was quite a party.   Is this common?”   “Well,” Emily responded, “Jeff and I are swingers.   We have parties like this sometimes.   Sometimes other people host.”   Jeff thought for a second as he never imagined his darling daughter would swing.   “Has your mother ever been to one of your parties,” Tim asked slyly.   “Heck no,” Emily chuckled.   “Alana really wanted you here and if I have to be honest, so did I.   Just seeing you having a good time got me excited.   So when you put your hand on my hip, I wanted so much to help you have fun.   You deserve it after what mom put you through during the divorce.”   Tim and Emily held each other in a loving embrace.   It didn’t matter they were nude.   The love they felt for each other at that moment made nudity seem natural.  


Tim and Emily walked back outside and found Jeff and Alana in the missionary position on one of the lounge chairs.   “Are you going to be ok,” Tim asked.   “Oh ya,” Emily replied with a giggle.   “This is what we do.”   Tim smiled and said, “OK, baby.   I’m gonna get going.”   He put his bathing suit on, gave Emily a hug and let himself out the front door.   As Tim drove home he received a text message from Emily.   “Thanks. It meant a lot for you to be here tonight.   Love you,” is all it said.     Tim drove home realizing Emily opened up a part of her life that she didn’t need to.   He wondered where the future would take him, but he knew one thing: life’s going to be a lot more fun without Janice.

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Posted 13 May 2013 21:19
Very hot story. One of your better ones.
Posted 01 Nov 2012 09:21
Fabulous story!! I was hoping dad and daughter would be more intimate, but maybe that's for later stories... 5+
Posted 22 Mar 2012 23:51
Great story can't wait to see what is in the future
Posted 12 Oct 2011 18:56
this is a fun read,,,like it a lot,,,,a 5 of course!! that dam janice,,,she was never any fun! lol!!
Posted 07 Jun 2011 02:17
that story was very hot. Excellent. Can't wait to read the next part now
Posted 26 Nov 2010 05:27
I cant wait for part 2! Extremely well written (if it would'nt be for the formatting)
Posted 25 Nov 2010 18:34
This is my kind of story. Keep on writing.
Posted 24 Nov 2010 08:50
Posted 08 Dec 2009 06:32
Wow! What a hot story....
Posted 03 Feb 2009 19:29
Very HOT story! I was hoping father and daughter got together in the hot tub in front of the others, that would have been smokin HOT! I still gave you a "5" for a great story. Thanks!
Posted 04 Sep 2008 09:32
yes thanks for sharing. keep up the good work
Posted 15 May 2008 19:02
The story is okay, but it's badly written. Would love to have a crack at re-writing it.
Posted 07 May 2008 20:07
Loved your story! Hope there is a chapter two.
Posted 07 May 2008 16:50
Sure wish I had a Daughter who would look after me like the one in the story,really wonderful,please write some more along the same lines.
Posted 06 May 2008 20:22
mmm i luved it

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