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Daughter Seduces Dad Online

My father and I anonymously start talking online and end up fucking.
It was very difficult for my father Ed and me when my mother left us when I was only 12 years old. She was very beautiful and sexy looking, and probably still is. It turned out that she was a real slut and cared more about finding a lot of different cocks to fuck than she cared about us. Dad did his best and made many sacrifices to be the best parent he could. He is smart and handsome with a toned body, and I could never understand why my mother wasn’t happy with him. My name is Ashlee, and I’m now 16 years old and Dad is 40, and we live in a comfortable home in the Little Rock suburbs.

I don’t mean to brag, but I am a very pretty, five feet six inches tall and 115 pound brunette with blue eyes and a great body, and I guess I got my looks from my mother. I was kind of plain looking until the summer before my junior year in high school when I turned 16, but all of a sudden I matured. My tits are a full and round D-cup and I have a gorgeous heart-shaped ass with prominent cheeks. It is fun to see all of the boys, and even many of my teachers and other adults, including women, staring at me wherever I go. I’ve even seen Dad sneaking a peek when he thought I wouldn’t notice. He loved and worshiped my mother so much, and I’m sure that I painfully remind him of her.

Dad has always been a little shy when dealing with women’s issues, but he did approve me getting birth control pills after I turned 16. He certainly wasn’t endorsing me having sex, but agreed that it was better to be safe given how crazy the high school years could be. He followed the lead of my best friend Emily’s mother in most of those types of decisions.

Emily is also 16 and she is very pretty and has a great body, just about like mine. I had never had sex, but had used a dildo of Emily’s to get myself off. Emily was already fucking several of the boys from our school, and even a couple of the husbands of her neighbors. We both seemed to have a lust for older men, and I’m sure that mine was due to my father and I being so close since Mom left us, and him being so handsome and in such great shape. I also felt bad for him since I knew he wasn’t having any sex since Mom left us. Emily was always the wild one and pushing boundaries, and that’s how the events of this story started.

We slept over at each other’s homes almost every weekend, and one Friday night at Emily’s home she showed me a website she had been going to. It was a site designed for older men to chat and hookup with legal-aged high school girls, and she was showing me how much fun it was to chat with horny, older men. She had never met up with anyone from the site yet, but I knew that it was only a matter of time since she was always so horny.

When I got home from Emily’s on Saturday, I went onto that same site and setup my profile using the screen name Amy and my location as Memphis, which is a little over two hours from Little Rock. I just wanted to be anonymous since I wasn’t sure what to expect from the men who used that site. Then I attached to my profile a few revealing pictures that Emily took for me. None of them were completely nude or showed my face, but I did have some in my thong underwear and a skimpy bra, and some others that Emily suggested really got the men excited. One that she really insisted on was from the rear of me in my thong and bending over. You could see my thick, hairy labia parted slightly by the thong, all framed by my tight ass.

I started going onto the site every chance I got, even on school nights, and I was really popular with the men. I got dozens of messages from the men who said they just loved my pictures, but most of them were pretty rude and gross. I went to many of their profiles and they were either way too old for me, with graphic pictures of hard cocks and cum or they would start a message by saying how badly they wanted to fuck me and fill me with their cum. My purpose of going on that site was to have a little sexual fun, but I didn’t like how forward and pushy a lot of those men were. Then one night things changed for the better.

Soon after I signed in, a chat window opened from a man named Frank located in Little Rock who said he was 40 years old. His profile pictures were very tasteful, and he was wearing shorts with a casual shirt unbuttoned showing his bare chest, but no face photos. His first message to me was, “Hello pretty little lady, you are a truly beautiful girl. Would you mind chatting with an older man?”

Finally, I was approached by a nice looking man, as far as I could tell, and he was very polite, especially when compared with the other horny men on the site. So I replied, “Sure Frank, I’d love to talk with you.”

Then he surprised me when he asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s a beautiful, young girl like you doing on this site with a bunch of horny older men? Aren’t you worried about someone taking advantage of you on here?”

This was getting interesting. He was actually being protective of me, and I thought that he must be a really nice guy. Then I said, “Frank, I’ll tell you why I’m here if you tell me first why you’re on here. Aren’t you on this site to find a high school girl to meet and have sex with?”

He responded, “I just found this site a few days ago while I was surfing the net and it caught my attention. I’ve been divorced for several years and I’m raising a daughter who is about your age. She has blossomed into a beautiful and sexy woman in the past several months and now looks a lot like her mother. I know that it is wrong for me to think about having sex with her, so I thought I might get a little relief by chatting with girls her age on this site. I guess I haven’t really thought through where this might lead.”

I was very impressed with his candor, and felt some compassion for him since his situation sounded a lot like my situation with Dad. So I replied, “Wow Frank, your situation sounds a lot like mine. My mother also left my father and me several years ago and he has done a great job raising me. I really think he is handsome and in great shape for being 40 years old, and because of him I seem to have an attraction to older men. And to be honest, you are the first man who has contacted me who hasn’t been nasty and rude. I think it’s okay to talk about sex after we get to know one another a little, but many of those men are just interested in getting between my legs with no foreplay.”

Then he said, “Well, I really do think you are a lovely lady, and the similarities of our situations are interesting to me. But I also have to be honest and admit that your photos are very arousing to me, especially since your body looks so much like my daughter’s. Given the chance I know that I would really enjoy having sex with you.”

Frank had mentioned his daughter a couple of times so I thought I would try to find out a little more about him and her. I asked, “Frank, I know that most people try to be anonymous on these types of sites, but if you don’t mind me asking, what is your daughter’s name?”

His response didn’t come back immediately because he was probably deciding whether he should risk using her real name, but then he replied, “My daughter’s name is Ashlee, and she turned 16 a few months ago. Why do you ask?”

I sat in my chair stunned. Was it possible that I had been unknowingly contacted by my own Dad? Our situations sounded very similar, and I also thought that Ashley was a more common spelling of my name than Ashlee. So before responding I went back to Frank’s profile to see if I could find any clues. I looked carefully at his pictures and got the answer I was seeking. Dad has a little office in an alcove connected to his bedroom, and that’s where he has a desk and his computer and some book shelves. In his pictures, I could see the book shelves behind him which held some knick knacks that I was very familiar with. Holy shit! I was likely chatting with my own father, and he had no idea he was talking about sex with his own daughter!

After regaining my composure for a few minutes I was able to respond. I said, “I only asked her name since you had mentioned her a couple of times and I was curious. Ashlee is a very pretty name.” I knew that I had to remain anonymous, but I wanted further proof that I was talking with my Dad, so I continued, “I know that a lot of people don’t use their real names on here, and I’m curious about whether your real name is Frank.”

Then he replied, “I’m glad you’re still online. I was worried that you might have left the conversation since it took you a little while to answer. Since you show that you live in Memphis and would never know us, I don’t mind telling you that my real name is Ed. Can I assume that your real name is Amy?”

I obviously had to lie about my name and think all of this through, so I said, “Yes, my real name is Amy, but I need to go for now and do some homework. I have really enjoyed talking with you Ed and hope that I can find you online tomorrow night. You seem like a very nice man, and I’d like to get to know you better.”

Then my Dad replied, “I have really enjoyed talking with you too Amy, and hope to talk with you again soon.”

I immediately went to bed but couldn’t go to sleep for hours. I had to think about all that had happened and decide whether I should continue chatting anonymously with Dad like that. I now knew that he thought I was sexy and he had been thinking about having sex with me, but I had to clarify my desires for him. I woke up the next morning excited about the possibility of having sex with my Dad, and I could think of nothing else all day at school.

After school Emily came over to my home and I told her all about accidently chatting with my Dad on that site. She was excited for me since she always thought that he was pretty hot, so she helped me take some more pictures, but this time completely nude. These photos showed my big tits, hairy pussy and nice ass, and we even took a couple of extreme close-ups of my pussy when my labia were puffy and dripping with my fluids. Then we added those photos to my profile, and I could hardly wait to talk to Dad again that night.

It was really difficult controlling my emotions around Dad during dinner, knowing that he was going on that site looking for some teenage pussy. After dinner I did my homework and then logged onto the site. I had dozens of messages from men who just loved my new pictures, and all of them were telling me how much they wanted to suck my pussy and tits and fuck me. Then around 9:30 pm I noticed that Dad had logged in, so I opened a chat window saying, “Hi Ed. You might want to take a look at my new photos. Maybe you can post some new photos of yourself too.”

It took several minutes to get a reply and then he responded, “Damn girl, you are really putting it all out there. You are simply gorgeous and so yummy looking. I could just eat you up. What a luscious body you have for being only 16 years old! Just give me a few minutes and I’ll post a few more pictures of myself.”

I walked down the hall and could see that Dad’s bedroom door was slightly ajar. He must have thought that I was finishing up my studies or was already in bed. I couldn’t see all the way into the alcove where he was at his computer, but I did see several flashes of light that meant that he was taking some new photos for me. Then I quietly returned to my room and waited for his next message.

It only took another few minutes until his next message saying, “Okay Amy, you can check my profile now. I think you might enjoy my new pictures.”

I went to his profile and those new pictures made my pussy wet immediately. The first picture was of his soft, circumcised cock which appeared to be very thick and about seven inches long, and also showed his large balls hanging down past his soft cock. Then there were a series of other pictures of him getting hard, with the final one showing what must have been a nine inch long and very thick cock. Then there were a couple close-ups of his cock head and balls. I had no idea that his cock was that large, and that made it even more puzzling why Mom wouldn’t have been happy just fucking him. Then I responded, “Damn Ed, what a gorgeous cock and balls you have. It would make any woman happy to be fucked with that monster.” Then I thought I’d step it up a little and said, “Too bad we don’t love closer. I’d really like to feel that thing in me.”

Then Ed replied, “Seeing your pictures and hearing you talk like that makes me want to suck your tasty pussy and tits and fuck you for hours. I know that we’re only about two hours apart, but it would still be hard to meet up with our different schedules.”

I thought about his comments for a few minutes and then I had a great idea. It would be exciting if I could entice him to fuck me at home, with a little encouragement from my online Amy character. So I replied, “No, it wouldn’t be easy for us to get together, but maybe I can help you in another way. I’m in a similar situation with my father, and I would really like to fuck him. So maybe I could give you some advice on how to find out if Ashlee would be interested in fucking you. Would you like me to help you fuck your own daughter?”

It took him a few minutes to respond, and I guess he must have been struggling with the concept and ramifications of fucking me. Then he replied, “I have been thinking about having sex with Ashlee, but didn’t have the courage to pursue it. But you have gotten me very excited and make it seem like this could really happen. So yes, I would like your help in fucking Ashlee.”

I was so happy hearing Dad say that he wanted to fuck me, and it was all I could do not to run down the hall to his room and fuck him right then. But I also knew that it would be much more enjoyable to slowly seduce him into fucking me. Then I replied, “Oh wonderful, this will be fun. I just wish it was me getting that nice cock of yours. The first thing we need to do is make you seem more approachable. My guess is that you normally dress very conservatively around the house. So now try wearing some athletic shorts with no underwear, and look for situations where Ashlee can easily look up your pant leg and see that you don’t have underwear on. I’m sure that the sight of your big cock and balls hanging in your shorts will get her attention. Then if that excites her, maybe she’ll start being more revealing to you. Give it a try and let me know how it’s going.”

Over the next few days I noticed that Dad was wearing athletic shorts, and when we were watching TV together, he made it a point to sit across from me with his legs spread. I was able to see his cock and balls, and I let him catch me looking at him several times. Then I started wearing gym shorts from school with very brief, almost transparent underwear and a tight t-shirt with no bra, and he could barely keep from staring at me. It had been several days since I had logged onto the site so I went on to see if Dad was there.

He must have been waiting for me because as soon as I logged on I got a chat window from him. He said, “Hi Amy, I’ve been looking for you to login so we could chat. You idea is working perfectly, and Ashlee has been looking up my legs at my genitals. She has also started wearing shorts with bikini underwear and a tight t-shirt with no bra, and I can see her puffy and hairy labia and big tits perfectly. It’s amazing how much her body looks like yours, and I want to fuck her more than ever. What can I do next to move this along?”

I replied, “I’m so happy that this is working, and you both seem to be enjoying looking at each other. Maybe next you can look in her dirty clothes hamper for her soiled panties. I’ll be that she is getting very wet seeing your cock and displaying herself to you. You can sniff her dirty crotch and even lick off some of her drying juices, and then masturbate using her underwear, where you can leave a big load of cum right in the crotch of those panties. Then you can leave her panties on top of the pile for her to find. Ashlee will then know for sure that you are lusting for her, and you can wait for her reaction. You might also want to check those panties the next day to see if she has done anything with them. If she becomes even more brazen in showing you her body or even rubbing up against, you’ll know with more certainty that she is interested in having sex with you. Try that and then we can talk again in a few days.”

That night I masturbated myself to a huge climax, thinking about fucking my Dad, and the gusset of my panties was soaked with my thick pussy juices. I put my panties into the hamper and went to bed, and before long I heard Dad going into my bathroom to get my panties. I waited about 20 minutes and then heard him come back into the bathroom to replace my panties, and I rushed in there to get them. He left them right on top, and the crotch was filled with his thick cum. I had never done anything like this before, but I leaned down and licked and sucked his big cum load from my panties, and I just loved the taste and texture of it. I put the panties back into the hamper and fell into a satisfied sleep. In the morning I was sure that I heard Dad go into the hamper again, and then I got dressed and went to school.

When I logged onto the site that night, a message was already waiting for me from Dad. He said, “Oh shit Amy, you were right again about those panties. When I picked them up the crotch was soaked with Ashlee’s juices, and I licked and sucked them until none of her juice was left. Then I did as you said and I masturbated with her panties and left a big load of cum in them. Then this morning, I looked at the panties again and all of my cum was gone. That was so erotic, and I just love the taste of her pussy, and I can only assume that she also ate my cum. If I had the chance I’d stick my whole face into her tight, wet pussy folds.”

I replied, “It’s exciting and pretty clear that you are both now aware that the other has a sexual interest in you, but we need to find a way to take this further. Maybe she’ll leave her bathroom door open a crack when she takes her shower, hoping that you’ll be watching her and you can let her see you looking in. Then when you take your shower, she could watch you. Maybe you can try it tonight if she hasn’t had her shower yet.”

After logging off I immediately went to take my shower and I left the door open enough for Dad to look in. I was in the shower nude, seductively rubbing my soapy tits with one hand and rubbing my pussy with the other. I was stretching and bending to give Dad the best views possible. Just as I was rinsing off I looked toward the door and know that he saw me looking at him. Then I got out to dry off and Dad went back to his room. I soon heard his shower running and I went down the hall and found his door open slightly. He was also putting on a show for me by jacking his hardening cock and rubbing his low-hanging balls, and I wanted him badly. Then when he was rinsing off, he looked at the door and saw me watching him. I then went back to my room, and was looking forward to the next night when I could chat with him again.

The next night was Friday and Dad’s message was waiting for me when I logged on and he said, “Wow Amy, you really seem to know a lot about this. Ashlee and I observed each other in the shower, and her body is a stunning vision of beauty. I just want to hold her and caress her and suck every inch of her lovely body. I’ve never felt this strongly about any woman, including Ashlee’s mother.”

As I read his message my pussy was soaking wet, and I wanted to be with Dad so badly. I decided that I had teased him long enough, and I was ready to let him know that Amy was really his Ashlee and I wanted him so much. I replied, “That must have really been hot seeing each other in the shower like that, and I’m sure that you want to fuck your daughter more than ever. So Dad, just come down the hall to my room and I’ll introduce you to Amy. We want to feel your strong body and cock in person, and I want you to feel the voluptuous body of your daughter. Please come now before I lose my courage to do this.”

I wish that I could have seen the look on Dad’s face when he received my message, but didn’t have to wait long as he entered my room within less than a minute of receiving my message. He was wearing his athletic shorts with no shirt, and he came and sat on the bed next to and held my hand. Then he said, “My goodness Ashlee, you really startled your old Dad with that last message, and I couldn’t have been more surprised or pleased. Oh baby, I love you so much, but why all of the pretending to be Amy?”

My reply was lengthy and I explained how Emily got me started on the site, and then after finding out that he was my Dad, I had to find out if he really had an interest in having sex with me. As I continued talking Dad lay down next to me on the bed and hugged me to him, and I was wearing only my underwear and a very thin and revealing bra. Then I said, “Sorry for tricking you Dad, but I just had to find a way to see how interested you were in me. Emily helped me a lot, and she also thinks you are hot and she wants to fuck you too.”

Then I rolled over on top of him and kissed his lips, pushing my tongue into his mouth. He kissed me back just as passionately, and I found myself pushing my pubis against his now hardening cock. We broke our kiss for a moment and he said, “I’ve just got to see you beautiful body up close.”

And then he unfastened my bra and pushed down my panties, and I was lying naked next to him. I also reached down and pushed off his shorts, and his massive cock swung into view. Dad then started sucking on my breasts and alternating between my very stiff nipples, while I began stroking his cock. He felt huge in my hand and I could feel the veins and his throbbing thickness. I then had an overwhelming urge to taste his cock, so I turned around in the bed and took his cock into my mouth as I pushed my labia to his face. I was on top of him grinding my pussy into his face and I was taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. I was also fondling his huge, hanging balls. We pleasured each other orally in this 69 position for about 10 minutes, and then Dad said, “I’m getting close to cumming baby, and I want to shoot my first load into your beautiful pussy. I’ll bet you are so tight, especially if this is your first time.”

I then explained to Dad that I had lost my hymen to one of Emily’s dildos, but his would be my first cock. I rolled over onto my back and Dad turned around and moved between my legs. He pressed the huge head of his cock against my labia, and my lips slowly spread to take in his girth. He was very gentle with me, moving slowly back and forth pushing a little bit more of his cock into me with each stroke. I liked the way he was so gentle with me knowing that it was my first time, and I could feel his love in every stroke. He leaned down and sucked my breasts as he finally bottomed out in my young pussy, and I could feel him pressing gently against my cervix. It was so wonderful having my pussy filled with the cock of a man that I knew loved me unconditionally.

Now that he knew I was able to handle his big cock with no pain, he began to fuck me like a man possessed. The thought that he was fucking his own daughter must have been over whelming to him. I had been having almost continuous orgasms after he bottomed out in me, and I could tell from his heavy breathing that he was close to cumming in me. Finally, he pushed himself all the way into me and cried out, “Oh fuck my baby girl, I’m filling you with my sperm and shooting it right into the mouth of your cervix. It a good thing you’re on the pill, or I would surely be impregnating you.”

I could actually feel his cum forcefully shooting into me, and I held onto him tightly as his throbbing cock finally finished shooting its load and started to soften. Dad stayed on top of me, just letting his cock soak in our combined juices, and then he surprised me. He pulled out and quickly turned around in the bed, and began sucking our combined fuck juices from my pussy. His slimy cock was right in front of me, so I also began sucking him clean. We continued sucking each other until his cock started to harden again, and then he turned back around and fucked me again. I guess that he was making up for several years of having no pussy.

After our second fucking we cuddled and kissed in my bed, and finally went to sleep side-by-side in one another’s arms. I slept soundly but in the morning I was awakened by Dad pushing his big cock into me again. He smiled at me and gave me a kiss and then said, “Good morning baby. Don’t mind me, because I just have to experience a little more of that sweet pussy of yours. You are so beautiful and sexy and I’m so in love with you.”

We fucked twice in bed that morning and then took a shower together and fucked again. I was surprised that a 40 year old man could have that much sexual stamina, but I guess the thought of fucking my sweet, tight teenaged pussy was enough to keep him going. We then we had a leisurely breakfast and talked about everything that had happened. I mentioned again how much Emily also wanted to fuck Dad, and he said he was willing if it was okay with me. So I had Emily over for a sleep over that night, and we all slept together and fucked in Dad’s bed.

Dad and I soon started sleeping together most of the time in his room, and we were having sex almost every day, even sometimes when I was on my period. It was also part of our normal routine to provide oral sex to one another whenever the mood struck us. I was happy with my role as Dad’s lover, and could have almost lived with him as his wife for years to come. But Dad wanted me to have a normal life with a man my own age, so I eventually got married to a boy I met in college, and we now live close to Dad in the Little Rock area.

The interesting thing is that although I love my husband and we have started a family together, I still enjoy my visits to Dad where we fuck and suck one another until we are exhausted. Emily is also married and lives in the area, and she still stops by for some of Dad’s big cock from time to time.

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mmmm very hot story,makes you think it would be great to do
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Ok love the story and the end is great
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Excellent story got the juices flowing
Posted 25 Oct 2012 11:20
Ed, that was pure nasty porn at its finest. I loved it. Hope you enjoy knowing that you made me masturbate all over myself.
Posted 25 Oct 2012 07:24
Wow! I'm thinking that my gorgeous Louise may love this also.
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Holy Fuck that was good.....have to cum back for another ;}
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That was awesome. Gotta love a story that keeps you wanting to read more and more

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Great story was very original...luved it!
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DAMN that was HOT!!!
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loved the story and can see how it could happen as well
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Thanks. You did it again. I love all your stories.
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i'd love to be Ashlee any
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OMG!!!! Such a hot story!! Wish I could have been your Dad!!
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Another Smokin Hot Story!!! Thanks Ed

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