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Dear Diary

Dear Diary
This story and all it contents and names are fictional.

January 1st.

Dear diary,
This is my first diary entry ever, so I suppose I better tell you about myself. My name is Ashley, I'm 19 years old. I have long blonde hair with blue eyes. I think of myself as a very attractive girl. I like to stand in front my full length mirror and admire my naked body and of course play wife myself, I love looking at my pussy when I orgasm, sometimes my juices even spray on the mirror, I lick all my juices off my fingers and mirror. I love to open my pussy as far as I can so I can see inside myself and see my virginity and I really like my tiny bum hole as well, hehe. I really love the size of my boobs, they are a perfect handful for a B cup.

January 3rd.

Dear diary,
I woke up after having a bad dream. I dreamt that my Dad was trying to seduce me. I'm not into incest so the thought of my Dad trying to have sex with me was very disturbing. Don't get my wrong my Dad is a good looking man for his age. He keeps his body in good shape by working out a few days a week. In my dream he was half naked, bare chested and only a pair of briefs on with a huge bulge inside them. I couldn't get over how big it looked, but anyway that's just wrong and hopefully I won't dream of it again.

January 5th.

Dear diary,
I had the dream again last night, but this time Mum was in it. She was laying on my bed wearing absolutely nothing with her legs spread with her fingers on one hand spreading her pussy lips open while Dad finger fucked her. He then went on and asked me to suck his cock while Mum licked my clit. I screamed at that point and woke up shaking and covered in sweat. The weird thing was, I was kinda turned on at the thought of Mum licking my privates while I had my Dad's big, hard dick in my mouth. My Dad's dick is the biggest I have ever seen or heard of, it had to be at least 9 and a half inches long and 3 inches around at his purple head.

I was starting to yearn that dick, I wanted it in my mouth, I wanted it in my hands as I rubbed it up and down that long shaft, I wanted his cum on my boobs, to rub it all over my boobs, to feel his hot sticky stuff splashing all over me. Then their was Mum, she has the nicest looking pussy I have ever seen, apart from mine anyway. She kept her pussy well trimmed and all in all very neat and tidy all over. Unlike me she has some big boobs on her, I have seen her bra laying around the bathroom plenty of times and I have looked at the size of her cup, she is 36 DD.

I just wonder if Mum and Dad actually looked like that in real life.

January 13th.

Dear diary,
Sorry it has been awhile since my last entry, I have been busy the past few days doing chores around the house, shopping, going to the beach with friends and the stuff young girls do. I will be away from home for about 2 weeks while I go and stay at my Aunts. See you when I come back diary.

January 29th.

Dear diary,
I woke up early this morning after having my recurring dream. I don't know why I'm having these dreams but I wish they would stop. I'm sick of waking up covered in sweat, shaking and my vagina soaking wet.

 I decided I'm not going to waste my wet pussy so I reached into my panties and started tickling my clit, as soon as I touched my clit I pushed my head back into my pillow and moaned softly, I just wish that it was Dad tickling my sensitive clit with his hands or even better his tongue.

I arched my back and moaned a bit louder, "fuck me this feels great," I thought.

"Oh Daddy, keep going," I say loudly "Daddy that feels so good, your making me cum."

I can't believe I did that this morning, but it felt so good, it was the biggest orgasm I have ever had.

February 2nd.

Dear diary,
I have masturbated numerous times everyday for the past few days thinking about Mum and Dad playing with me and fucking me, and each other.

I think I need to come up with a way to make my dreams come true and get Mum and Dad into bed with me.

February 4th.

Dear diary,
I think I have come up with a plan that might work. Before they go to bed tomorrow night I'm going to sneak into their room, strip off and jump into their bed and try and fall asleep. I hope I do the plan will work better if I do.

When they come to bed and see me in their bed asleep they will try and wake me, ill stir and open my eyes a little and ask what they are doing in my room. Hopefully they will ask what I'm doing in their bed asleep.

Ill say I was scared to sleep alone tonight, that I have been having bad dreams for weeks and ask if I can stay with them tonight.

I will fill you in with the rest after I try that and see where it goes.

February 4th.

Dear diary my ass, Ashley you have some weird and twisted thoughts going on in your head. I'm not going to tell our parents about this, I want to see if it works or you get your ass kicked out of the house hahaha. If it does work I want to have a piece of that sweet pussy of yours that I have been watching while you have masturbated and if you refuse me I will show everyone your diary.

With love, your big brother, Scott.

February 5th.

Dear diary,
You are such a cunt Scott, reading my personal diary then demanding sex off me when you should have asked. Well guess what Scotty? You can have me after it works and after Dad fills my pussy with his cum, if your lucky.

Tonight is the night ill try my plan, wish me luck.


Mum and Dad are in the kitchen washing up after dinner while I sit in my room, my stomach full of butterflies. I am completely nervous about what will happen. Once they finished in the kitchen they went to watch some tv in the tv room. I waited a few minutes, I started sneaking down the hall towards their room, trying not to make a noise. I got to their bedroom, I have one last look down the hall to see if they would see me but I couldn't see them. I opened the door and walked in.

Now the butterflies in my stomach are going like mad and my pussy was starting to get really wet and aching for a good tongue licking or fucking or even both. I walked around to Dads side of the bed and I slip out of my singlet and boy short undies and hide them under the bed. I climb under the blankets and pull them up, right up to my chin so they can't see that I'm not wearing anything and now ill try and fall asleep.

I had to much stuff running through my head so I didn't get a chance to fall asleep before Mum and Dad came into the room. They don't even know I'm here. I can see them from the light that's coming through the window, they are making out by the door, frantically ripping their clothes off each other. I'm getting really wet by now just watching them taking off their clothes, I can see the outline of Mums breasts and her hard nipples.

I reach a hand down to my really wet pussy and started rubbing myself trying not to make a sound so I could keep watching the show. The moment I have been waiting for, Dads pants are coming off now, I sit up a bit to get a better look. His pants come down to his thighs and his cock came springing out and slapped him in the stomach, "its even bigger in real life." I think to myself. Dad finishes taking off his pants and helps Mum out of hers. I lick my lips with anticipation. Her pants and panties hit the floor even quicker, I can see the curls of her thick pubes.

My orgasm approaching quick, so I rub myself harder and faster pushing me over the edge. I approach the point of no return, I bite down on my lower lip trying not to make a sound as I blow my juices all over the bed.

I must have passed out because next thing I know I'm opening my eyes to see that the bedroom light was on and Mum and Dad are standing over the top of me, looking at me. I looked down and realise the blankets are no longer covering my naked 19 year old, horny and shaven body. I look back at Mum and Dad and smile the sweetest smile I could muster.

To be continued.......

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Posted 09 Aug 2011 13:31
Wow this made me so wet u r a good writer keep it up

Posted 10 Jun 2011 19:49
This is turning out better than I though. What a cliffhanger. You little tease. 5's for you love.
Posted 07 Jun 2011 23:31
Scored with a 3 because: Continue! Please!!
Posted 06 Jun 2011 18:54
Great start. Cant wait to see what happens next... :P
Posted 31 May 2011 12:07
Loved ur story baby it was written very well and was very erotic
Posted 27 May 2011 19:52
not bad at all, can't wait for part 2
Posted 26 May 2011 17:57
OK-you got me going. Now you'll have to send in part 2, ASAP. Who spoke first, and what was said?? "V=5+."
Posted 25 May 2011 12:30
Hot with a very good dreamy quality!!!
Posted 25 May 2011 10:25
WOW! Hot! 'nuf said! LOL
Posted 25 May 2011 09:45
wet, please. part two, quickly!
Posted 25 May 2011 07:52
HOT,HOT,HOT, Ash. Hurry with part two.
Posted 25 May 2011 06:15
great strt keep going love sherri

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