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Dee and Me

When little sister calls, big sister is there to take her in

The ringing phone shook me from my daydreams, when I answered it, I was met with a very tearful, very distraught younger sister. Her husband has done it again, he got drunk and laid into her. I told her to pack up the kids and come on over right away before he could do worse. With in a half hour, she on my step ringing the doorbell.

Dee is the youngest in our family, Mom had 9 of us, unfortunately Dee never got to know her. I was the oldest child living at home so, after school and on weekends, I got the privilege of raising both of my younger sisters. Both girls are fiercely independent but they are both my babies. Dee has always been closer to me than any of my other siblings, maybe because Mom died right after giving birth.

Now here was my baby, standing at my door, trying hard not to let me see the bruises and welts on her face and neck, left by the abusive ass she was married too. I asked where the kids were, she has 4, they were in the car, all very hungry, all very tired. After feeding them, we settled them in the den with pillows, blankets and a movie. Dee and I went to the kitchen for coffee and to talk. I know her story only too well. I have heard it before…often, so I asked only what set him off this time. My anger boiled as I listened and watched her tears streaking her beautiful face.

After she cried herself out, I suggested she go into my bathroom and have a hot bath, I would straighten up here and lock up then find her something to wear. The problem now was I have a one bedroom condo, and that means Dee has to sleep with me. Oh well it wont be the first time my little sister has crawled into my bed.

I checked on the kids they were all asleep, I turned off the movie, and went into my room, my gaze was drawn to my bed. Where I spent the early part of my evening with Charlie. Oh my, how that man can make me squeal with sexual bliss. The sex was, as usual hot and oh so good. I don’t remember ever cumming so much. I love when he gets playful and ties me up then has his way with me.

Dee chose that moment to come out of the bathroom wrapped in a skimpy towel, she never was bashful at all. She asked me what I was thinking about, I was all flushed. I explained that Charlie and I had been in here earlier and I was just remembering the fun we had. Blushing I went and found her a night gown, and got myself ready for bed. I told her that the kids were all ok, and she should get into bed too, tomorrow was going to be a long day for her.

I watched as she finished drying her body, her tits were still full and stood proudly on her chest, if I have to guess I would say she is about a 44D, even after 4 kids she puts me to shame. Her nipples were hardening because of the cooler temp in my room, and I was so tempted to reach out and tweak them. What the hell where did that thought come from?

She stood and dropped the towel and I could see her body, yes a little on the pudgy side but still beautiful. Her legs long, ending at that perfect bubble butt, oh my god my pussy is starting to get wet watching my sister dress for bed, is that normal?

She turned towards me and I see the perfect shaved pussy, my mouth started to drool. I have never been with a woman, but it’s clear my body wants to get with this one. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath, watching my sister in her nudity, and when she parted her legs to dry herself I gasped. She looked at me kind of funny and asked if I was alright. Oh yes, I am, my mind forming a plan as I grab for the moisturizer I wasn’t ready to let her get dressed just yet. I hand it to her and grab the brush, she always loved for me to brush her hair.

I straddle behind her and pull my nightgown off, if there is a chance I will be able to cuddle this lady, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. As I’m brushing I ask her questions about the night and she starts to cry again, I put the brush aside and wrap my arms around her. What a bitch I am, when I have someone close that I want, I will use any thing at my disposal to get them. I pull her back against my chest and hold her kissing her cheek and her neck, telling her that I am here for her always. My hands begin massaging her breasts and find her hard nipples, I tweak them now, and she asks me what I think I’m doing.

I can’t help my self , I have to touch her, I have to feel her body laying against mine, I have to taste that sweet pussy. I apologize to her and tell her that I got carried away. I asked, did it bother her that I was touching her. She said, it kind of did but … but it did feel good to be touched so lovingly, and not like she was a cheap whore. I scoot backwards on the bed and pull her back so she was laying flat, I crawl beside her and I kiss her, that perfect first kiss, not pushy but my lips brushed hers, testing to see if she would push me away… she didn’t, in fact she pulled me closer to her.

My hand now freely playing with her nipples, they are so big and hard, I cant wait to get them in my mouth. I pull my lips off hers and kiss my way down her chin, down her neck, giving her time to stop me If she chose, but she never tried, she closed her eyes and moaned gently. I kissed across both breasts, and the sensitive flesh beneath them, teasing her just a little more, but I had to have those nipples in my mouth. Licking over the tip of her nipple then blowing warm air over it making her shiver and her nipples grow even more. I capture one in my lips and suck it fairly hard opening my mouth and taking as much of her breast in as I could. Then flicking the nipple hard with my tongue, she moaned louder. I pulled my mouth closed over just the nipple and grasped it with my teeth, oh yes I love the way that feels so I want to share it with her.

Lifting my head just a little, I look at her face until she opens her eyes and I tell her, I’m going to make love to you tonight, you can stop me anytime before I get to your beautiful pussy, but once I get there, its mine and there will be no stopping me then. She closed her eyes and smiled…I wonder if she has been baiting me all this time. My mouth leaves those perfect mounds and slowly begins the dance across her pudgy belly and down to the center of her being. I am drawn by her pussy, I feel her quivering as I get closer, her legs spreading on their own allowing me entrance.

I look up and see she is know resting on her elbows watching me, her eyes urging me onwards, I kiss her lips and ask what she wants me to do. I hear her whisper don’t stop please don’t stop. I crawl between her legs and wrap my arms around them forcing them up and back, her pussy opens and the aroma hits me. She smells so fucking sexy, my mouth touches her and my tongue forces her lips even further apart. I got the first taste of her juices. Oh my god I am hooked my tongue starts moving on its own lapping at her opening, taking all I can find there. Her pussy tastes every bit as good as it looks. I run my tongue over her clit and she jumps and groans. I look up and she is pinching her own nipples… yes I think she had planned this all along. I take her clit in my mouth and suck it hard flicking it from time to time with my tongue and she squeals. I push two fingers inside her and start to fuck her wet juicy pussy slowly… the wet sounds are music to my ears, driving my tongue and mouth even harder on her clit. I want her to cum.

Her moans and groans tell me she is close, my teeth close over her hard clit, just holding it in place. My tongue flicking relentlessly, her hand is now on my head holding me in place, she is begging me to let her cum. I push my fingers harder inside her fucking her cunt, the juices running out over my knuckles and down my wrist. Yes she is ready to cum. I start sucking her clit like it was a hard miniature cock, my tongue working it, my mouth sucking hard. She is screaming she is going to cum, oh fuck I need to taste my baby’s nectar. I pull my mouth from her clit and force my tongue in with my fingers lapping at her. The thumb of my other hand now pressing hard on her clit rubbing it in circles. Cum baby, cum for me, let me taste you. Her hips thrust up as she clenchs down hard on my fingers and tongue, yesssss her cunt is convulsing around me. I feel my tongue and fingers getting coated by that hot sweet juice, my reward. She cums a lot, heavy like I do, and it takes a while for her to lower her hips. I gently clean her cunt and suck her lips into my mouth to clean them good too.

Oh my god she has the sweetest cunt. I’m thinking this isnt the last time my baby sister and I will be making love. Kissing her lips I get on my knees, my own cunt wet, but it will keep, tonight is about her. She needs to know I love her in all ways. I kiss my way back up her body and lay beside her, taking her in my arms I hold her, as she gently weeps. We both know she cant go back to that ass that she is married to. When I can find my voice, I tell her let me talk to Charlie, he will know what to do, how to proceed. We will sell this condo and get a bigger place for all of us.

She was nervous about me talking to Charlie, but I told her, are you kidding, Charlie will love this. He will have the two of us anytime he wants, and trust me little sis, he is good at what he does. He will know what to do to keep her husband at bay, he has a very good Lawyer.

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Posted 13 Sep 2013 10:26
Well written. Made me hard.

Posted 15 Aug 2013 14:24
Mmmm such a sexy story. Your description of your sister, I could see her in my head. Beautiful story!
Posted 20 May 2013 17:58
Excellent. Will there be more to this story? Don't stop now. "V=5++++."
Posted 04 Dec 2012 12:46
Really good. Hope to see more of you and your stories.
Posted 03 Dec 2012 09:11
Awesome story, I just wish I was Charlie ........
Posted 03 Dec 2012 04:41
Very good
Posted 03 Dec 2012 02:53
I truly enjoyed this story, thank you for sharing it.

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