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doing tanya then his mum 3


It was only a short drive home but before the car was started, Irene decided to put on fresh lip-stick and spray some perfume on her body, witch caused Simon to cough. “Do you have to do that in the car, it’s a small space.” “Well if someone hadnt smudged my lip-stick before, then I wouldn’t have to.” “You on about me, or what you were doing to tanya.” before she spoke to him she finished her lip-stick, and then turned and looked at him. “Look about that, im so sorry.” “Don’t be sorry if id not seen what I did, then I wouldn’t have taken you.” “Well I think you might have taken me no matter what, it was just time but let talk more when we get home.”

Knowing it was a short drive home, simon had a good look at her long bare legs till he placed one hand on one, but feeling how smooth and warm they felt he shifted in his seat and looked at her. “Everything ok.” “Yes I was just thinking how smooth, your legs feel.” Irene just smiled parting her lips, so he pushed his hand between them. “Don’t think this is the time or place, for you feeling my legs do you.” “Who says I just want to feel your legs.” “Well theres nothing else to feel.” realising what he really wanted to feel, she stopped talking and bit her lip. “Theres not much room for that.” “think I will manage, I mean I only have to do this.” lifting her skirt at the front, he pushed his hand closer and cupped her pussy, then began sliding one finger up and down her slit. Irene was already moist down there, but when he put pressure on her pussy, his finger slipped inside her causing her to moan. “Mm you like that don’t you, my finger in your pussy.” “God yes I do, but stop before I crash the car.” after poking his finger in and out her juicy pussy, eventually he pulled out and seeing how wet it was, he licked it clean witch surprised Irene. “Mm I see im not the only one, who likes tasting juices from a pussy.” Nothing else was said as they pulled into there drive, but as soon as they got in the house things changed right away, when Simon pulled her to him and kissed her hard on the lips. With her against the wall the kiss lasted several moments, till Irene broke away gasping for air but he wasn’t done with her. Letting her get her breath back he ripped open her blouse, and pushing her bra down from her jugs began kissing and sucking her nipples. Soon Irene was moaning with pleasure but when she felt his hand, trying to undo her skirt at the back she decided to lend and hand, and held her breasts for him to suck. Now having both hands free, it didn’t take long for her skirt to fall to the floor, and that’s when he stopped sucking and looked down.

Looking at her shaved smooth pussy for a while, he then dropped to his knees and was about to taste her, when Irene placed her hand on his head. “Didn’t you taste enough of me before, in the car?” “Yes but I want more, I want to make you climax.” hearing him say this to her, she pulled him up and looked into his eyes. “there is only one pussy licker here, and its not you so finger me or fuck me.” being shocked at her words, he stood still just looking at her for a moment, then taking her by the hand led her to the lounge. He knew there was no rush to fuck her and make her climax, as he had already fucked her before and cum on her. But the way she sat opened legs and played with her pussy, Simon lost control of himself and stripped off his clothes, then moved closer to where she sat and dropped to his knees. What he really wanted to do as he looked at her pussy, was lower his mouth and taste her like he did Tanya, but he teased her with his cock by rubbing the head up and down her slit. A few times she pushed forward trying to slip him into her, but all this did was make her moan and groan, as the head slipped over her clit. “Oh god put it in me, I need you now.” she didn’t have to tell him what to do, he knew she wanted him by the look on her face, and by the way she pinched her nipples hard. So placing the tips of his fingers on his cock, the next time she pushed forward he drove into her, causing her to arch her body and moan. “Oh fuck that feels, so big and good.” After letting his cock soak in her juices for a while, he started thrusting banging her body into the sofa and making her tits bounce. This was an erotic sight to see for him, but he couldn’t concentrate on fucking her so closed his eyes, but only for a few seconds as he wanted to see her face. But after a while of pounding her pussy so hard as he was, Irene clamped her legs round his body, and pulling him deeper let out a loud moan and climaxed. With the amount of cunt juices that was flowing out of her, Simon slowed down his pumping to a steady pace.

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