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doing tanya then mum


Simon had been working in a local shop for a few weeks, it was only helping the owner out stacking selves, and a few odd jobs about the place. But he found when ever she was about him, he couldn’t help but look down her top at her breasts, which were nice and large. He didn’t know quiet how big they were, but with the looks of them they were big ones, but not like his mums which were a 34dd. He knew this as many times he had check her bra, as it sat in the laundry bin and still warm from her breasts. But now he had someone else to think about, but he knew if ever he was caught by her, his mum would find out as they were close friends, that’s why he got the job in her shop. Tanya was in her late 40s, she had a great body for her age, her hair always up in a bun, and dressed smartly in make-up and perfume. Being attracted to an older female, wasn’t something he had planned it just happened, when his 19 year old hormones took over.  Many nights he lay in his bed thinking about her, thinking how her breasts would look in the open, was they really as big as he thought, and how would they look when he shot his load over them. But while working so close to her as he was, he hat to try and put his thoughts to one side, but it was hard to do when she so often bent in front of him. But one morning when he arrived for work, tanya was coming out the store room carrying boxes, so he went to help but she stopped him. “its ok I can do it.” he wasn’t taking no for an answer, so took the boxes from her and put them on the counter, but when he turned his eyes logged on to her nipples poking out her top. “that’s why I didn’t want you to help me, I didn’t want you seeing me like this.” taking his eyes from her breasts and nipples, he looked at her and smiled just as she turned away. “im just going to the office, open up in half an hour.” leaving him to unpack the boxes she was gone out of view, but he thought he had upset her by looking at her breasts, so decided to go and apologise to her. As If this got back to his mum what he saw, he knew she would go mad at him. But when he got to her office and saw he door ajar, instead of knocking he walked right in and caught her topless, with her fingers pulling on her nipples. He couldn’t beleve what he was seeing, but when the cool breeze hit her she turned and caught him, so he shot out the room. Now back in the shop he stood waiting for her, with his heart almost pounding out his chest, as he knew he was in for it big time. After what sempt like a life time she appeared, and moving to him stopped what he was doing and looked at him . “you’re a norty boy watching me like you did.” he was about to apologise, when she cut him off, by placing a finger onto his lips.

“let this be our secret no one has to know what you saw.” “but I want to say sorry, that’s all.” “what you sorry for, cause you had a good look at my breasts, im sure you have seen breasts before.” “well yes, but I didn’t mean to spy on you.” “look I didn’t expect you here so soon, im always bra-less first thing then I put one on before you arrive.” this was to much information for him, so he began unpacking the boxes again, but tanya stopped him. “that can wait a while, I need to sort out, our little problem first make sure it don’t get out.” “im not about to go telling anyone, like you said let it be our secret.” “mm you good at keeping secrets arnt you, even the one about you looking at your mums bras.” it had been a long time since he had done this, but for her to know about it made him turn and face her fully. “it was only one look, then I put them back.” “they are big to look at arnt they, is that why you felt her bra.” “No I don’t know why I did it, just curious that’s all.” “and her knickers, have you seen them as well” “why are you interested in her, and what I did before.” “well if someone touched my bra and knickers, id say they wanted more than my underwear.” “but I never seen her knickers, nore touched them.” “oh your missing out there, there will be no pubic hair as she shaves.” “yer right and how do you know that, its not as if she is going to just show you.” “when we used to go out at night, we would dress at mine and id see that shaved pussy, as she never wore knickers and what a site it was.” his mum was a lovely woman to look at, and thinking about her not wearing knickers, made him move and hide his erection from tanya. Seeing how she was effecting him about his mum, tanya decided to go further and push more buttons. “so you never cum in her bra then, just felt it in your hand.” “yes and I wish hadnt now, then you wouldn’t know about it.” “oh theres nothing wrong with that, I like the idea of you feeling her bra, bet you could have filled a cup with your cum.” “and if I had done that, I would be looking for somewhere to live.” moving round to where he stood, she dropped her hand to his groin and gave him a feel, and feeling he was erect she smiled parting her ruby red lips. “you know my bra is the same size as her bra, and with the feel of this id say you need some relief.” tanya was now rubbing up and down harder on his cock, till he eased back from her. “we carnt do this, its not right.” “nore is wanking off feeling her bra.” placing her hand back on his cock, he let her carry on as there was no use in stopping her, but when he felt her pull his zip down he let out a moan. “mm you know whats coming next don’t you.” before he could answer her, she pushed his trousers to his ankles, followed by his boxers and looked down at his erect cock. “oh my, arnt you a big boy.” still looking at his cock, she began licking her lips all over with just the tip of her tongue, then looked back at him.

“your going to make someone very happy with that thing, any room for an older lady like me.” simon knew what she was getting at, but when he didn’t answer her right away, she placed her hand on his bare cock. “if it makes you happy you could think im your mum, sucking and playing with you, think how those tits would feel round your cock.” “I got more chance of shooting my load over yours, than feeling or seeing her breasts.” “sounds really good to me, shall we go to the office.” before he could say anything to her she turned, but with his trousers round his ankles he found to hard to walk, so before she moved away he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. His move on her was now or never, so when her lips was inches from his, he kissed her hard and forced his tongue into her mouth. There kiss only lasted a few moments as she broke off breathing hard, but in that time he had felt her big breasts threw her clothes, then pushed his cock forcefully towards her. “I want you here tan now no where else, so show me those tits.” “mm words after my own heart.” easing back from him she let him watch as she undid her blouse, but when it came open and seeing her big tits in her black bra, his cock swelled more. But when she went to unclasp it at the front, he pushed her hands away. “leave it on I love the way, it pushes your tits upwards. Doing as she said she looked down at his cock, and seeing it had grown even more smiled at him. “so what now, what you want to do.” “I want you to suck my cock, take it in your mouth and make me cum.” “oh god, iv not had that done in ages, you might have to pull out before you cum.” now it was his turn to smile at her, but as he did he pushed her down on her knees, and holding his cock pressed it to her lips. It didn’t take long to slip in side her mouth, but when she did he began pumping in and out, as her lips clamped round his tool. But being to big for her she pulled out, and sucking on the head looked at him. “take your time and think im your mum, with her lips tight around your cock.” when tanya carried on sucking his cock, thoughts of his mums bra and big tits shot threw his head, so he began pumping once more.


But this time tanya was ready for his big cock, and went with his thrusts almost down her throat at one point, so when the head was just in her mouth she bit it. Feeling her do this he pulled his cock out her mouth, then moved back. “what the hell you doing, you bit my cock.” “oh stop moaning and get it back in my mouth, I havnt finished sucking yet, and when I do I will tell you to pull out.” hearing how she sounded like his mum, telling him off he slipped his cock back in her mouth, but this time when she sucked he closed his eyes. Visions of his mum on her knees in front of him, made him get closer to shooting his load. So when tanya felt his cock swell in her mouth, she quickly pulled him out and wrapped her fingers round him, and wanked him off at speed. “mm that’s it big boy shoot on me, let me feel that hot cum on my tits.” he didn’t need asking again, and letting out a moan of pleasure, his cock twitched and he fired his load onto her. The first blast that shot out landed on her breasts, but thinking he had finished cuming she opened her mouth to suck him, and that’s when she got her first taste to his cum. But as soon as he blasted into her mouth, tanya quickly pulled away and got up. “I said not to cum in my mouth you dirty boy, your going to pay for that now lay on the floor.” “what” “you heard me, lay on the floor.” seeing how angry she sounded he did as she asked, but looking up at her he saw her lift her skirt to her waist, and there was his first look at her bare pussy. Placing her legs either side of his face, she lowered herself down with her pussy in line with his mouth. “now im going to cum in your mouth, see how you like it.” opening her lips wide as she could with her fingers, she rubbed her pussy up and down his mouth. But when he tasted her juices on his lips, he began pushing his tongue in and out of her like a cock. “mm that’s it. Lick my pussy till I cum.” there was no way he was going to stop licking her out, he loved going down on a female and making her climax. But as he pushed his tongue as deep as he could in her, tanya let out a loud moan. “oh god yes don’t you dare stop, im fucking close im gonna cum.” as soon as she started to climax in his mouth, he couldn’t beleve how much she flooded out, so swallowed as much as he could till she stopped. But as she got from him with her legs trembling, she pulled him up and kissed him hard, so there juices mixed in each others mouths then parted from him. “your mum don’t know what she is missing, not having you lick her out you were great.” after straightening her clothes and making sure she looked ok, she went to freshen up in her office, leaving simon to get ready as well.

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Posted 22 Sep 2012 20:10
you need a spellchecker and an EDITOR - punctuation all wrong
Posted 14 Oct 2010 23:00
Posted 25 Jul 2008 04:22
fucking hot, going straight to part 2 now, well done m8, loving my hard on reading this.
Posted 13 Mar 2008 05:11
y3eiyvsjty emxqexgmdooy51 j7htnmnye7wijmp
Posted 13 Feb 2008 12:05
Try using spell-check

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