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Double her pleasure, Double her fun!

"Fucking Dickhead!" I mutter to myself over my shot of Jack Daniels.

My boyfriend had just broken up with me... via text message! He hadn't even had the balls to do it to my face. I toss back the shot as I tap the bar, signaling to the bartender that another was needed. 'Desperately!' I thought. I toss back the fifth shot of the evening, then swing around on the bar stool, almost falling on my face in the process. Two strong, masculine arms reach out to steady me.

I look up to see the most gorgeous set of pale green eyes I have ever seen! 'Damn, he is HOT!' I think to myself.

"Are you okay?" a deep, sexy voice asks.

"I am now!" I giggle.

He drops his arms from my shoulders and straightens. 'Damn!' He is massive! 6'4" at least! Broad shoulders, narrow hips. I can tell he is ripped, I can see he has a six-pack through his tight fitting t-shirt. I bet he even has that "V" I love on a man.

"I'm Marissa." I say, holding my hand out to him.

"John," He says, taking my proffered hand and placing a kiss on my knuckles.

"I'm waiting on my brother, but he is running late as usual. Would you like to sit with me while I wait?"

"Okay." I answer. The 'Dickhead' completely forgotten at the moment.

I follow him to a bench at the back of the bar. His low slung jeans fit perfectly on his cute little ass. For some reason I have the oddest urge to grab it and bite it. We reach the bench and he sits, motioning to the spot right beside him.

"So, do you come here often?" I cringe as I realize how lame I sound.

"Occasionally," he admits. "But, I have never seen you in here before."

"No, this is my first time in here." I say. "My boyfriend didn't like me to drink, so I have pretty much been a hermit for the last two years."

"You say that as if he is past tense." He stares at me expectantly.

"Yep! 'Dickhead' broke up with me today... with a text!" I tell him.

"Really?! What a douche!" he says.

"Oh well," I smile at him, "So... Do you have a girlfriend? Wife?"

"Nope!" He grins back at me. "Tonight, I am all yours."

I blush, not used to any kind of brazenness. My now ex was the typical shy, nerdy type. I had to make ALL of the first moves. And, if there were anything more boring than plain old 'Vanilla Sex', that is what he was. Trying not to think about 'Dickhead' any longer, I lean back against the wall behind the bench. In hopes that he would notice my more than ample DD's. I lick my bottom lip. I look up to see a wicked grin on his face. 'Hot Damn!' It worked!

"Wanna dance?" he asks.

"Sure." I say, smiling up at him as he offers his outstretched hand.

We make our way out to the crowded dance floor as the song changes. Enrique Iglesias' "Tonight I'm Fucking You". 'How fitting', I think to myself. Hoping that was where the night might lead us. Our bodies grinding against each other, I feel every inch of his well honed muscles. His body was like that of a Greek God! The song changes again. This time it is N.I.N.'s "Closer". We keep rubbing our bodies all over one another, the only thing keeping us from penetration right there on the dance floor being our clothes.

Suddenly I feel someone pressing up against me from behind, grinding at the same rhythm as John. I look up at John. He grins down at me. He is not the least bit worried that someone was joining our dance. I look up, turning my head to glance over my left shoulder.


John laughs. "Marissa, this is James, my brother."

"Twins?!" I say a little shocked.

"Yes." They say in unison.

"Wow! Okay then!" I giggle to myself.

We dance the remainder of the song, then wind our way back to our little bench. Watching people dance, the three of us make small talk.

"My roommate is throwing a party at our place about a block over, wanna join us?" James asks, cocking up one eyebrow.

"Sounds like fun." I answer, cocking my eyebrow right back at him.

"Let's go then." John says.

The music is loud and thumping as we walk through the front door of James' apartment. He introduces me to his roommate and a few of their friends. We glance around, noticing that there is nowhere to sit. There had to be at least thirty people crammed into this small apartment.

"Well, wanna go hangout in my room? I got a couch we can chill on." James suggests.

"Okay." I answer, wondering if I was a little insane for going home with strangers. But one look at them and I didn't care. We walk down the hall, James opens his bedroom door, allowing me to enter first. I walk over to the couch, choosing the middle cushion. John sits to my left, James to my right.

"Let's watch a movie." John suggests.

"I got a good one on the DVR I've been wanting to see." James says, turning on the TV and starting the movie... A stupid macho action film.

John puts his arm around my shoulder, rubbing my arm. I am suddenly aroused with the thought that he is into me too.

"Can I kiss you, Marissa?" He whispers in my ear. I nod my head in response. His lips meet mine in a sudden burst of heat. Our tongues touch, exciting me further. I moan softly. He reaches down to cup my breast in his left hand, rubbing and teasing my nipple. I feel his other hand on my right thigh, gently rubbing then sliding upwards. Then it dawns on me... With John's arm still around my shoulder and one on my breast...It had to be James touching my thigh... OH GOD! I think my panties are soaked, I'm so aroused! I have never had a threesome before, but it has always been a secret fantasy of mine to be with two men at once. I groan a little louder as James reaches my core.

John breaks away from the kiss to look into my eyes. With a lust-filled, wicked grin he says, "We like to share... EVERYTHING!"

I gulp. 'Oh Fuck! Is this really happening?' I stop the thought quickly. 'Just fucking go for it!' I think to myself.

I turn around and kiss James, as John lets out a little moan of satisfaction. James continues rubbing me through my jeans. I feel Johns lips on my collarbone, hand still caressing my breast. John reaches down and pulls at the hem of my shirt. I pull away from James' lips to allow John to remove my shirt. Both of their heads dip down, each taking a bra covered nipple into their mouths.

"Oh, F-f-fuck!" I manage to stammer, as I feel the nibbles and sucks all the way to my clit. They both moan simultaneously. John releases my breast from his mouth, and stands up. James follows. They both offer a hand, wanting me to join them. I take the outstretched hands.

John turns me to face him, kissing me a little roughly. I like it. I feel James come up behind me, unhooking my bra as he nibbles my shoulder. I drop my arms from Johns' neck as James pulls my bra down, letting it fall to the floor. John reaches down, unbuttoning my pants slowly. James reaches around, cupping a breast in each hand. John bends down, pulling my pants to my ankles. I steady myself on his broad shoulders as I step out of my heals and jeans, kicking both to the side.

I let go of John as he stands up, pulling his shirt over his head. I feel James' hands leave my breasts, looking over my shoulder I see him removing his as well. 'God, they are glorious!' I think to myself as I reach down to trail my hand down John's abs and over to the "V" that ran down into his low slung jeans. I grab the button of his pants, undoing it. I then unzip them, and a large, hard cock falls out. 'Damn, no underwear.' He is totally commando... and totally shaved! John kicked out of his shoes, grabbed the waist of his jeans and pulled them off. I turn to repeat the process on James. To my excitement, James is shaved and commando as well.

Here I am standing between two of the world's most beautiful men in only my red lacy thong. I smile, slip my thumbs under the edge of my panties and slowly slide them off. I turn to John, he grabs my hips and pulls me to him, kissing me senseless. I feel his erection pressing into my belly. James walks up behind me, takes a breast in each hand. His throbbing cock is between my tight, round ass cheeks. I moan into Johns' mouth. He breaks the kiss and bends down to his knees. I gasp.

I feel a warm, wet tongue glide between my silky folds. I spread my legs a little, giving him access. I cry out as his tongue makes contact with my clit. 'Oh God! I'm gonna cum!' I think to myself. I lean my head back against James' massive chest, tilting my head to the side to kiss him as John continues lapping at my now dripping pussy. Then it happens, wave after wonderful wave of exquisite pleasure rush through my body.

"Oh Fuck!" I groan into James' mouth.

John stands up, licking his lips. "You taste wonderful," He tells me, "like peaches and cream."

I smile, grabbing his face I kiss him. I taste my pussy on his lips and tongue. He takes me by the hips, lifts me up, and wraps my legs around his waist. The broad head of his nine inch cock pressing at the slick opening. All at once, in one hard thrust, he buries himself to the hilt. I cry out as another orgasm takes over my body. He starts to thrust slowly.

I wonder to myself where James had gone. Then I feel his soft, moist tongue... rimming my asshole. It is a new sensation for me, I have never had anyone do this. I shudder as I feel a finger replace his tongue. Gently massaging, then pushing a little. My puckered little hole opens for him, taking his finger to the first knuckle.

"Ohhh," I moan softly, enjoying the feel of his thick finger probing me. He starts to move it in and out at the same rhythm as John's slow thrusting. Soon, he has two fingers inside my tight ass.

As soon as I feel him remove his fingers, I feel the head of his thick cock softly pushing at my waiting hole. Slowly, little by little he pushes, stretching me to accommodate his girth. I feel a gentle 'POP' as the head is completely inside me. He continues the slow push, inch by inch until he is balls deep in my stretched asshole. He begins to match Johns pace. I feel so 'FULL'. I have never had anal sex before. I had only tried it once with my vibrator, but was to scared to enjoy it. I know now that I want to do it again... and soon!

With both of my 'Gods' inside me fully, they start to quicken their pace. Soon they are both slamming into me. Harder, faster. I can feel the orgasm building. Faster and harder still, I am on the precipice... almost... James reaches around, taking a nipple in each hand. Squeezing them between his thumb and forefingers.

"FUCK!" I scream out as the most explosive orgasm I have ever had wracks my body. I shudder, clawing at John's strong shoulders, knowing I have brought blood. He smiles. I glance over my shoulder, James is smiling too.

John drops my legs to the floor and pulls out of me. James slowly pulls out of me too. John drops to his knees pulling me down with him. He puts his hand on my shoulder, urging me down further, until I am on my hands and knees. He wraps his hands around his cock, rubbing it against my lips. I open wide, letting him fuck my face. James is behind me again, I groan as he sticks his cock back in my still stretched asshole. He is pumping hard and quick, as John continues shove his dick down my throat. I reach between my legs with one hand to rub my clit.

"Mmmmpf!" I mumble as I come yet again, with a mouthful of cock. I suck harder.

"Oh, Fuck!" John screams out as he fills my mouth full of delicious cum.

"Fuck, Yes!" I hear James cry out as he quickly pulls of me, pumping his throbbing length with his fist. I feel the warm jets of his cum hit my ass as he reaches his orgasm. We fall to the floor, a heap of tangled arms and legs.

Sweaty and sated, I ask, "What are you boys doing tomorrow night?"

I can't help but smile as my 'Gods' reply in unison, "You!"

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Posted 30 Jun 2013 20:13
Very good story had me horny
Posted 12 Jun 2013 06:15
Hot story.
Posted 24 Jan 2013 08:34
Great story. I look forward to a sequel.
Posted 23 Jan 2013 14:17
Thank you for a very erotic short story. A sequel, their answers to her question, I eagerly await. Very well written with an excellent literary command of the english language. Kudos!

Posted 22 Jan 2013 04:26
Beautifully written. Your first person narrative allowed us to feel her excitement. Wow.
Posted 21 Jan 2013 15:30
Really enjoyed this story so well written with lots of descriptions, hope you write a second chapter to this soon, well done 5++++

Tim x
Posted 18 Jan 2013 20:57
Great story
Posted 18 Jan 2013 16:22
very good, made me hard 5+
Posted 18 Jan 2013 16:14
Im Jealous!! I want that to be!
Posted 18 Jan 2013 11:51
Fuckin' HOT story!! Loved her quick recovery from being dumped and the delicious prospects that await her... 5++

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